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Enjoyable, philosophical, unspectacular, but full of seasoned talent.
jdesando1 November 2013
"The love of our private friends is the only preparatory exercise for the love of all men." John Henry Cardinal Newman

Last Vegas is promoted by some as a geriatric Hangover; it's not quite. It's rather a sometimes poignant if lighthearted comedy about friendship and love with a dash of philosophizing about growing old. Three sixty- something buddies have a bachelor party in Las Vegas for their equally aging buddy who is marrying a babe over half his age.

The usual bachelor party tropes are there: swimming pools, buxom girls, extravagant digs, gambling, drunken partying, and pappy love, among others. But lacing through this usually freewheeling, adolescent humored romp of a cliché are some thoughts about their 60 years of friendship and what it brings and demands.

Most importantly is the rivalry between Billy (Michael Douglas) and Paddy (Robert De Niro) over the girl who got away from Billy and married Paddy. How her death affects their friendship is touching if not overly sentimental but real as it continues to color their lives to this day. How it shapes the weekend and Billy's marriage takes the film beyond Hangover and Bridesmaids.

Absent are scatological humor or retching; those staples of current buddy comedies are not in the least missed. Each other friend has his issue as well: Sam (Kevin Kline) his true love for his wife, who gives him Viagra and a condom for the trip; and Archie (Morgan Freeman) his over solicitous son. Director John Turteltaub and writer Dan Fogelman treat the hang-ups with gentleness, never extending to slapstick the important challenge of each life brought into relief by the trip.

Last Vegas is a diverting enjoyment, most of which is watching highly successful actors as if they've worked together forever, when in fact they never did. Movie magic and friendship themes make this a comfort film among too much glitz on other screens.
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Surprisingly funny and awesome movie with surprising little twists that kept it fresh!
tabithazietlow00417 October 2013
I got the chance to pre-screen Last Vegas. I had to practically drag my boyfriend to the movie theater because he said he was not interested in seeing the movie but the tickets were free so he eventually caved.

The movie is what a movie should be, entertaining. Morgan, Kevin, Robert and Michael were so refreshing and funny together, they really played off of each other well and because of that the film moved along at a great pace. I hate when movies drag on and fall flat in the middle and that's when I start checking my watch to see how much longer the film is going to trudge along. Sometimes movies seem to stall in the middle and the drag on but this movie is almost two hours long and it moved along so seamlessly that the time just flew by.

This isn't a movie that's going to win any Academy Awards, it's not Shakespeare nor will it solve some huge social problem, it's just good fun that everyone in the audience enjoyed. If you are looking to just go to a movie for pure enjoyment and forget about the outside world for a moment, go see this movie, you won't be disappointed.
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Attitude, not age, matters!
msims111 October 2013
Without being nasty or vulgar, LAST VEGAS is humorous and heartfelt. This movie celebrates friendship, especially among four friends who have known each other for more than 50 years. The camaraderie exhibited by these stars is enviable as well as appreciated. They have enjoyed much and suffered much in their lives, apart and together. The movie doesn't dwell on the negative, but it does unfold at a comfortable pace. The actors are perfect for their roles, and each relishes the part he plays. The supporting actors are able to enjoy their time on screen, whether it is for five or fifty minutes. This movie is about family, too, and grown children might understand their parents better seeing this film with or without them.

This is definitely a movie for mature audiences - children will not understand some of the jokes, and parents will become red faced explaining them. In fact, children will probably want to avoid this movie at all costs. Young people from 18 to 30 may not appreciate the depth of the friendships exhibited by these four friends, and they may misunderstand the difficulty of these "old folks" performing some of the day to day antics that they take for granted: dancing, drinking, picking up women. Getting old is neither easy nor fun, but it beats the alternative!

Some may refer to this as HANGOVER on Viagra. I prefer to think of it as "HOW TO ENJOY OLD AGE WITH A BANG." Or maybe it's a first - not last - hurrah to be repeated annually by anyone over 60.
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Very funny!
mombot24 October 2013
This is a straight up comedy and full of great one-liners. Saw Last Vegas as a free pre-screening (full house with applause at the end)this evening and originally had just planned to wait for the DVD. Thought that it would be another half baked comedy. I was wrong. It's definitely worth the price of your large drink and tub of popcorn.

There is a message to this movie: life your life to the fullest and don't be afraid to get old. Of course, it's easy when your those four great actors. Freeman, Douglas, Kline, and De Niro give one of the best ensemble performances in a movie that I've seen in a while. Everyone plays well against each other. These guys must have enjoyed working together, because it shows. Good casting and chemistry.

Decent story and writing; some predictable moments that are elevated to another level are pulled of because some things done or said that were surprising. You'll know when you see it.

Mary Steenburgen is wonderful. Still a lovely woman and her character adds a dose of "heart" when it's needed. A terrific performance from her as well. Just the right kind of singing voice for the part.

Pacing was perfect. I didn't feel like I'd been siting in a cinema for very long. Score was well done (good job, Mark Mothersbaugh!)and enjoyed the cinematography, too. Big moments were spectacular and the little moments intimate.

If I could rate this, I'd give it a solid 9/10.
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Douglas,De Niro,Freeman and Kline Are Simply Having Fun
Desertman842 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Last Vegas is a comedy that features an ensemble cast of four legendary actors namely:Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, and Kevin Kline.It is about four old men who have been friends for close to sixty years who decide to throw a bachelor party for the only one of them who has remained single that is planning to get married.Mary Streenburgen co-stars.It was directed by Jon Turteltaub.

Despite of its tag line that states "It is going to be legendary",it is definitely far from it.The Academy Award winning actors are obviously working for a paycheck and having fun being together in the set.Nothing more.The comedic scenes barely would elicit laughter to the viewer. One positive thing about it though is that they try to make do of what the material offers to make sure that it is far from being one bad movie.With regards to the performances,there is nothing really worth mentioning except the fact that the actors are definitely having fun with their characters.As for the screenplay,it was more like of a get together among old friends who celebrate their friendship of being together.As for the themes of unresolved issues,old age and friendship, it presents nothing original and it is obviously clichéd and predictable.Overall,it is basically a movie about four old men having great time together at Las Vegas.
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What A Delightful Movie!
patsworld7 November 2013
Now this is the sort of movie Hollywood should be making! All the talent in these older actors and actresses and it's being wasted by far too many tasteless, unfunny, crude movies that you either do not want to see, or if you are foolish enough to be roped into attending, you regret with every inch of your soul. In this one, each and every part was cast to perfection. A plot that made sense, fully fleshed out characters you like, and just fun, fun, fun. Tell you, there were more people in the matinée my friends and I went to see than for any movie we can remember seeing in a long time. And all of us left the show smiling. This one is a keeper. Would actually love to see a sequel to this, set a year or so ahead. I can think of several older actors/actresses to be in the film, in addition to these delightful players. I'm hoping Hollywood is paying attention. Sometimes they do it right and use the real talent. The Best Oriental Marigold Hotel was one. Quartet was one. I could name a few more, too. And this is one. Looking for a nice break in some of the bleak stuff being offered? Here it is!
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The Hangover pushing 70
DarkVulcan293 November 2013
Four childhood friends who where like a good old gang back in the day, now 58 years later they all(Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas, and Kevin Kline) have grown apart and living separate lives, and all pushing 70. But get a call to go to Las Vegas, for a friends engagement. Will these four old friends have the time of there lives?

All the great actors here have great chemistry and appears to be having fun being in the film together. The Las Vegas setting is awesome, and seems to take on a life of it's own. It was also very funny seeing the adventure and misadventure these guys get themselves into. It's also quite heartwarming, an enjoyable film for men and women.
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Wonderful Movie. Laughed the whole way through.
thevandy3 November 2013
Wonderful Movie. Laughed the whole way through. Way better than TheHang over. A Must See. Take your wife or friend they'll Love it. Kline, Douglas ,Morgan Freeman,and De Niro -- What a crew. The 2000's Rat Pack. We are all still the quoting the movie lines. Not just for the older audiences. I saw many young college students laughing there butts off. Smooth story with frequent laughs. If a critic rated this Bad, I will not give heed to another of his or her reviews. By the way: Mary Steenburgen is beautiful. Last Vegas is an entertaining movie with a lot of truthfulness, and it gives all of its actors - all legends and Oscar winners - real moments to dig in and play something amazing .
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If u r too young to love this movie just wait.....
namaste-sali2 November 2013
Lost Vegas was the most uplifting movie I have seen in ages. Being of that 'certain age' I found it poignant and refreshing.

All the cast were magnificent. Mary Steenburgen was a pure delight. I know she has taken up music lately and brought it to the screen! De Niro was great as the crusty widower with a chip on his shoulder. Morgan Freeman was, as usual, bigger than life. Kevin Kline is always a joy to watch (I've never forgotten his roll in A Fish Called Wanda!). And last, but certainly not least, Michael Douglas was spot on with his depiction of a person resisting the aging process.

If you think this movie is not perfect, you are probably too young to appreciate getting older. Buy the movie and hang on to it until you are in your 60' will appreciate it then, for sure! All in all, if you want to feel good, really good, after seeing this movie head out the door today and enjoy the ride!
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Genuinely Warm and Funny with a Dash of Morality
Snook Shop22 October 2013
While this is not just a movie for the "over 50" crowd, it definitely plays toward them. It was definitely much funnier than "The Guilt Trip," and not quite as predictable. The actors were, of course, playing the roles they were made for (and I wish Kevin Kline would do more, along with Morgan Freedman.) I will say, Michael Douglas looked awful, primarily because his skin tone was so orange. The beginning riff on Kevin Kline's life was hysterical, and his final action (or lack thereof) you saw coming a mile away. However, the secret story between DeNaro & Douglas was good, and I wasn't quite sure in the beginning which way Mary Steenburgen was going to jump. (By the way, is it a law in Hollywood that all actresses must get a face lift?) Anyway, if you want a "feel good" movie with a good moral message and many a chuckle plus a few gaffaws, go see Last Vegas.
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insufferable waste of good acting talent
arbyuu29 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
the script is at once, dreadful and unbelievable. Sam's wife (Kevin Kline) hands him a Viagra and condom as she drops him at the airport and tells him to go, "get it out of your system". And that is how this piece of trash starts out. It does not improve. Got two hours to burn? take a walk, read a book... watch Two and A Half Men if you crave some base humor, because this movie is worse. What a tragedy, that these great actors tainted their career by appearing in this disaster. I used to expect decent entertainment if De Niro or Kevin Kline were involved. No more, but I suppose anyone can be bought off for the right price. I am floored by the 6.8 IMDb rating for Last Vegas. Have the ratings been stacked by 13-year old kids?
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Very realistic and true! If only Douglas repeated what he did in reality!
Yasmin_071 December 2015
I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I wish there were more scenes of the characters as children. I am not in the age bracket of the actors, but could compare my own friendships with theirs. I love when movies show and even promote realistic relationships.

I hate how Paddy didn't get the girl and was even told that his wife only stuck with him because his first choice said no. It left a bad taste in the mouth. There should have been at least 2 older ladies in the film. one for each of them! I loved Morgan in this film also. Very funny. You will find there are some great one liners in this film.

Age is just a number... for everything EXCEPT true love. You can start something new everyday. A new business venture, going back to study, travelling, you name it! But there is something very endearing about couples who choose to grow old together or with someone of their own generation. I think Billy and men like Billy (was), ARE fearful of growing old. And then some are just straight up jerks! All in all, a great film to watch with friends.
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Old guys, getting older and fighting it every step of the way.
ddam07671 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
With this "A" list of actors how can you go wrong in plunking down a couple bucks and forget about life for awhile. All the crap that is being put in movie theaters and being pushed off as movies -- this is a movie you can feel good about and laugh at. Baby Boomers will like this movie. It pushes a lot of memory buttons. Good actors pull it off without a hitch. They take you by the hand and show you that growing older is not an option but growing old is -- there is nothing as comforting to the soul as old friends -- and new love cannot replace mature love. This movie also gives women a glimpse into struggles men have in getting older. Watch with a discerning eye and enjoy storytelling that makes you laugh and appreciate life all the more. Way to go Hollywood-- you finally got one right.
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Friendships Are Forever
buckikris3 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I rented this movie over the weekend; and it did not disappoint. It has an all-star cast of De Niro, Freeman, Douglas, and Kline. The film starts out in the 50's about 10 minutes of it, going back to their childhood; then 58 years later the laughs begin. I watched it with my mom and she loved it. A story of 4 childhood friends that get together to throw their friend a bachelor party in Vegas. This is one of the best comedies I have seen in years. It's a movie that everyone will enjoy, young, middle age, and old. What is so great about this movie besides the laughs, is the lesson they all learn before going home. I look at this film and say to myself you are never too old to have a great time.

Kris L. CocKayne
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An OK movie to watch
Marcus Au29 November 2013
This is definitely not another lets go to Vegas, party and end up in trouble movie. The movie is about friendship, life and how our life passes so quick that one day we think "where did it call go"? Movie also reminds us that the most important thing in life are friends.

The cast is promising - freeman, De niro etc. They do not disappoint and the movie itself is enjoyable. Definitely watchable but not the best one out there at the moment. Easily followable and you do not have to think that much.

Overall the performances are average, the story itself is nothing special.
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Cashing in
Ely Brettaigne26 January 2014
My wife and I began watching this with enthusiasm; we respect and love the main actors in this film, but after 45 minutes, we had had enough and left the theatre out of respect for our memories of their other great films.

It has a nice concept, older guys having a blast in Las Vegas, but it constantly has the impression that lots of scenes were filmed apart, and put together to make it look like they're all together. When they are together they gel well enough, and they deliver their lines, fulfill their roles... That's it. It's mildly amusing because it is set up. It doesn't flow naturally.

The best parts of what I saw in half the film were the lead actors; the worst are all the other actors who aren't strong, and are clearly trying to not take the spotlight as if it might take focus away from us having to focus on the main cast.

It is a film about De Niro, Freeman etc., not about the characters they portray. It's just another excuse to get lots of famous people together for fun.

It's not terrible, it just isn't good.
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For the old and the old at heart
vincentlynch-moonoi22 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
For the old and the old at heart...and that's a good description of me...and why I liked this movie.

First off, you've got 4 wonderful actors in the lead roles: Michael Douglas is terrific as an oldster who is about to marry a much younger he can keep his young image. Robert De Niro has, perhaps, the best role here as an old man whose wife has died and whose soul has died; Vegas gets him out of his frump. Morgan Freeman...what can one say about him; is there anything he can't do. Kevin Kline is a favorite of mine, but somehow he just didn't seem old enough here...although he plays his role well.

Then, you've got a fine supporting cast: Mary Steenburgen is swell as the woman who brings De Niro back to life and tempts Douglas...bringing up to date the old rivalry of two friends. Jerry Ferrara is pretty good as a young swinging single who isn't any too clever...but adds a lot to the story. Romany Malco's role here doesn't get a lot of screen time, but he is rather engaging. Why did Michael Ealy take such a small role as Freeman's son; he's capable of much more! And then you've got a pretty decent story: Four old friends (and I do mean old) who have known each other from their teens to their 60s head to Vegas to celebrate one of their upcoming marriages. Douglas is trying to recapture youth. Kline thinks he is ready for marital infidelity (with his wife's permission). De Niro has lost his zest for life and holds a grudge against Douglas. Freeman isn't quite ready to be truly old...even though he son treats him as if he should be in a nursing home. Will Douglas marry the young thing, or will true love be discovered? The first third of the movie was funny and interesting. The last third gets down to the drama that makes the film meaningful. The middle third gets a little old (so to speak) as one tires of the continual stereotypical jokes about old people. But, sitting in the theater, the audience was clearly enjoying this film with plenty of laughs-out-loud.

There are life lessons to be learned here, and this is a film worth seeing.

Side note: I don't find Vegas -- as portrayed here -- as someplace I'd like to visit. It just seemed decadent and not-real. Made me wish there were some references to Dino and the Rat Pack! But then again, I'm old!
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Old, tired and a bit sad - this should've stayed in Vegas.
shawneofthedead19 January 2014
Surely it comes as no surprise that Last Vegas has been billed as The Hangover for the geriatric crowd: a lustful, booze-soaked, testosterone-fest for a quartet of elderly actors from 65 to 75 years of age, struggling to pull off a last hurrah both on screen and off. The saddest bit about the whole thing is that every single one of these actors deserves considerably better; the consolation is that there's still quite a bit of fun to be had from watching the foursome navigate their way through the lights, lust and life of Las Vegas.

Childhood friends Billy (Michael Douglas), Paddy (Robert De Niro), Archie (Morgan Freeman) and Sam (Kevin Kline) have grown up, grown old and grown apart. Separated by distance, failing health and - in the case of Billy and Paddy - a decades-long feud, the quartet reunite in Sin City for the most unlikely of reasons. Swinging bachelor and successful businessman Billy is finally getting married to a woman half his age (Bre Blair).

In our youth-worshipping culture, it's nice to see a film that places four old blokes and their concerns front and centre – but you'll almost certainly find yourself wishing that the script could have been stronger and tighter. What these four veteran actors have to contend with is a plot that requires them to leer at considerably younger women – the moment they buy their way into judging a swimsuit contest is particularly appalling and awkward – and toss around jokes about aging that themselves feel old and tired.

The sole joy of the film is derived from its four lead actors, who are so good at what they do that they manage to enliven even the most stereotypical of characters and situations. Douglas and De Niro handle their moments of dramatic rivalry with grace. The two bicker and push each other into pools with a verve the script doesn't deserve, and they both spark awake all the more when Diana (the lovely Mary Steenburgen), a lounge singer who reinvented herself late in life, catches their attention. Freeman and Kline, meanwhile, clown around amiably in the background, both somehow managing to squeeze a little emotion and depth out of poorly-written parts.

In that vein, Last Vegas passes the time in an inoffensive manner: it's not as egregiously bad as you might think, though it's a trifle more embarrassing for the four stars than their fans might like. Nevertheless, for a film that places notions of old age and death so firmly in the foreground, it's hard not to feel that the entire project – fun though it might have been – wastes the efforts of its stars, energies that could almost certainly have been better invested elsewhere.
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Don't think of it as a movie, its more of a vacation- their vacation
db-beurylaw20 February 2014
Frank Sinatra pioneered the idea of having a great Vegas Vacation-at someone else's expense. George Clooney perfected it. First you get some of your big-name friends, Dino, Sammy, Joey and Peter and make a movie in Vegas. It has to be a comedy-drama. Not a true comedy because that requires work on timing and getting the comedy just right. Not a true drama because it requires intensity and effort. More of a light drama. With these guys (Freeman, Douglas, Klein, Steinbergen and DeNiro, Academy Award winners all) they can effortlessly shoot every scene in one take, two at the most. The result is mediocrity at its worst. It is neither funny nor dramatic. Everyone is walking through the motions, so they can continue their vacation. Atyour expense. People will pay to see it because of these fine actors' history of fine work. This is not fine work. They are on vacation and you're paying for it.
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Old geysers thinking they are funny
convincing6018 November 2013
This is possibly the worst movie I have ever seen in my life, it's such an unfunny pile of crap and it should be nominated for worst comedy of 2013. In the past 10 years, I've probably seen more than 200 movies at theaters. This is the first movie that I've ever walked out on. 45 minutes in, I couldn't handle the torture anymore. This is the most unfunny piece of garbage I've ever seen. Although, I did get a good chuckle when about 50% of the audience had left before the halfway mark.

It's hard to meet the minimum post-length requirement for this movie, because there isn't much to say about it.

I didn't find anything clever. Nor did I find them funny. I did think some of the set designs looked okay. This film is a huge waste of time, don't bother wasting you're money on this garbage Just avoid this. It's not even worth a rental. Don't waste your time on this garbage
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The Hangolders.
ultimatt13375 January 2014
I went to see this film the second day after release and i wasn't sure if it would be decent... but it was hilarious! It is The Hangover old people's edition with lots of old age jokes that kept me and the whole cinema laughing all the way through!

I can see why Robert De Niro and Morgan Freeman accepted this film because they were brilliant! I had no idea Freeman could play a funny role and Robert De Niro surprised me too with his great role!

I feel all ages will love this as it is clearly meant for everybody to watch. The only problem I found with it was that it had one of those cheesy childhood plots where they link it with when they are older ruined it slightly for me but it had to have some form of a plot so i didn't mind at all.
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Unsatisfactory would be an understatement
I'm Batman1 March 2014
I watched this film several days ago, choosing not to review the picture immediately after viewing with the mindset that I may appreciate it more with enough time to process it properly - but the more I process it in my mind, the more I realise just how terrible this movie really was.

Entering the theater those few days ago, the expectation was not originality, unpredictability or even a decent performance from cast members (of which there were none). The sole expectation was a fun and entertaining movie that wan't thinking about awards season when being written, but was instead thinking about its audience members and how to keep them engrossed for what turned out to be a very frustrating 105 minutes.

The main issue is the lack of variety - specifically in the screenplay, plot and most of all the jokes. The assumed chemistry between the actors and the jokes that should have worked so well as a result of this were nowhere to be seen. Comedy that did amuse was nothing unexpected due to the main humor already shown in the trailer and all other jokes borrowed liberally from better films of a similar genre. This resulted in the visual gags coupled with shots of the vegas strip standing in as the driving force of the film.

All in all Last Vegas is a movie that never seemed to really get going, making the experience feel short, but for all the wrong reasons. News of a sequel already in the works? You must be joking.
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Is 2 too much?
radhrh26 January 2014
How many stars do you give a movie that makes you squirm with embarrassment for an hour before you turn it off? I think that 2 was too much for this frankly embarrassing effort at screwing a few grey dollars out of the coffin dodging community.

How much fun would you have going to Las Vegas with your grandparents? Probably not much, but it would still be far better than watching this contrived and lumbering wreck of a movie shuffle on its zimmer frame from one cliché to the next.

You can't argue with some of the acting talent on show here, its just a shame they didn't exercise any judgement before signing up for this. I can't believe the visceral force of nature that drove movies like Taxi Driver and Good Fellas should be reduced to this. And please for the love of all that is Holly do not show us Morgan Freeman "dancing" ever again.

If you are desperate for geriatric laughs then check out Bad Grandpa, Last Vegas is the kind of movie that will make you hope to die young.
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The number one bad time movie of 2013 or of any year.
PWNYCNY20 November 2013
This movie is a combination of Husbands, The Hangover and Cocoon with all the good parts left out. It is like the Frankenstein monster - a combination of parts haphazardly put together, this time to create a mockery of a movie. If this movie was a living creature, it, like the Frankenstein creation, would be pursuing its creator to the ends of the earth, demanding to know why it was created. Nothing saves this movie. When a story is based on the belief that to validate ones life, one should drink, smoke, fornicate, dishonor ones marriage vows, risk ones health, and basically waste time, then it's a sure thing that something is awry. And when a story has one guy wanting to talk another guy out of getting married to a younger woman who loves him, then look for that red flag which means danger! According to this movie, a 70-plus year old man with money wanting to marry a 31 year old woman is not necessarily good. RED FLAG! The story is so contrived that it gives one cause to wonder why anyone would want to make this movie in the first place. You have four guys getting together in Las Vegas; one guy harbors animosity toward one of the other guys, that guy describes that other guy as a best friend. These kinds of nonsensical inconsistencies run throughout the movie, making watching this movie drudgery. This movie may set the record for the most worst performances by major movie stars in one movie. The movie's attempts at levity are insipid and misplaced and the actors looked tired, like the script. And the biggest cliché of the movie is the setting itself - in Las Vegas. One has cause to wonder how much the city of Las Vegas paid the movie producers to advertise Las Vegas in the movie. The personal values promoted by this movie are so destructive as to render them humorless. There is nothing funny about an elderly person going missing on his son with whom he lives, or of a so-called friend wanting to ruin another man's relationship with a woman as a way of showing that he cares. The format of this movie - four elderly men getting together for one last fling - had comedic potential, but instead fails as it gets bogged down in silly dialog, contrived scenes and blatant commercialism in which nobody comes out looking good. The one good feature of this movie is Mary Steenburgen who, at age 60, is hot, and easily gives the best performance.
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It really is not for me
WakenPayne12 January 2015
I really don't know why I sat down and watched this movie. Maybe it was the cast and that's it. Either way, while it isn't as bad as other comedies released today (what with gross-out humour and... that's it, maybe having 30 seconds of "endearment" so the audience leaves the movie with something other then that) There still is a lot of problems with this movie.

So after Michael Douglas proposes to his young-enough-to-be-daughter girlfriend at a funeral, he decides to have a bachelor party in Vegas with his childhood friends. Each having to cope with their own perks of old age. So when they get to Vegas "hijinx" ensues.

Now, this could have been funny. They managed to get actors who can actually do comedy but the problem is the material they had to work with. Half the time the jokes revolve around "They're old" and I get why they chose to go at that angle but it also creates another problem of me thinking these characters are not really characters. They are archetypes of all the stereotypes that can fit into the category of "old man" and while that may strike a laugh because "I know someone like that!" then can they do something other then "wait a minute, you mean you open curtains via touchscreen?" I mean even though I hate touchscreens there has to be more material with this situation then this.

But really, the movie is not bad enough for me to rate it any lower then a 4/10. There are story arcs, even though you maybe able to predict the ending the second they're revealed with some of them. And it does have a few rather endearing moments. I guess the acting of those scenes pull through enough, again considering the material they have to work with.

So I think that this movie may have a taste that unfortunately isn't mine. As much as I did rip apart the humour, like everything in the reviews I type, it's all subjective. So while I admit that I did not like the movie if what you're looking for is a very light hearted movie that has a couple of endearing moments (and if you like half the jokes revolving around the fact that they can't keep up with today's generation) then this maybe for you.
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