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Needed some work
supermellowcali17 July 2022
Not a bad setup but a common plot without explanation of the motives behind behavior, e.g., why one character sold drugs, why the dealer (the one excellent performance) had the problem with getting his money on time, why the hero had a hero complex, why he had the distractingly weird fake hair that makes it hard to take him seriously... so much left out from the character development, and none of them is likeable. I couldn't really appreciate the nonsensical divide between the "Mods" and Rockers either... as if any one of them was modern (nah not really), or as if that's some kind of fixed rule everyone there knows. Not much to redeem this one: A producer wanted to play the hero so he made a low budget action flick pretending to have some kind of insight but struggling to create a story with genuine conflict or motive.
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daisycooper-8629517 July 2022
That was s**t.

Unconvincing characters and honestly the worst acting I've ever seen. The one star is generous to be honest.

It was described as 'a gritty British drama'. Gritty!? When you've got 'this is England' to compare the film to its laughable! Laughed through the whole thing. I feel embarrassed for the makers of the film and everyone involved. I've watched episodes of Neighbours that were more gritty than this film.

I guess in a way the director's a genius because it really was spectacularly s**t.
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abeshoori18 July 2022
Shocking acting. Not an ounce of charisma or chemistry between the cast. It reminded me of early Grange Hill acting. Wooden at best.

The fake hair on the 'hero'... Blimey!

The one star I've given is obviously the lowest possible, but I would say it deserves that one star because we had a jolly good laugh every time the characters spoke.

The villain was actually very good, but everyone around him dragged him down.
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Low budget but nice little Mod drama
info-591822 July 2022
There's been a few mod based drama's released recently, and this is probably one of the better ones. Its a bit of a crime flick, but it has some personal drama, a bit of romance...and scooters.

Jake Henderson as the main mod Terry (also the writer), and the Bad guys Jack Parr and Nick Cornwall all did some nice acting, the younger leads weren't quite as good. Overall, most of it is respectable, and some decent dialogue. It is clearly restricted by budget (made for a tiny 50,000 pounds), but even so, I've seen movies with ten times the budget that were absolute rubbish.

Worth a look if you like skinhead mod dramas, or 80's retro flicks.
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Utterly awful
jdee-9145015 July 2022
The acting was so wooden and I've seen better from high school drama clubs. The continuity was awful and they obviously only had budget for one joke! An hour and a half I won't get back!
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Rock n' roll action flick
ppccaarr15 July 2022
Really enjoyed this rock n' roll action flick set during the Quadrophenia era in Great Britain. Well cast with strong performances and a terrific soundtrack! So much to like about this film!
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Superb film, we'll worth a watch!
jayolding21 July 2022
I have been looking forward to the release of this film for a long while, I was invested in a minor way in this movie from the start as my scooter was used in it but as that was sadly dispatched quicker than a Star Trek bit part actor on a landing party i decided to dry my eyes and press on, the story was good, the performances were great, some obviously better than others but we need to remember that some of the actors are relatively new to their craft and this was their first major rolls, so I'm ok with all the acting, this was made on a budget in very challenging times and not financed by a big studio so again what has been put together is a well a presented film, great story, great performances and a soundtrack that I wouldn't mind in my record collection.

I've read a few of the negative reviews and all I can say about those is, I'm looking forward to watching the projects that the author's of those have put together, I'm sure they'll be available to watch anytime soon!!! This is escapism at it's finest, I really enjoyed it. Well done to everyone involved you all should be proud of what you've created. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
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nice mix of humour and grit
Angelic2320 July 2022
Very British feel to this film, combining fresh youthful charm with the darker underside of their experiences. It shows how easily they can get caught in violent situations and quickly find themselves out of their depth. Also the genuine friendships and loyalties of the characters. Great soundtrack, high energy and some gentle moments. The period is well recreated, with all the fashion and interior decor of the time and place (like looking at old photos that seem funny now). Good performances from the cast, with the younger members showing vulnerability as well as enthusiasm. The well observed violence and nastiness of some of the scenes is balanced by the lightness of other scenes making it feel hopeful rather than heavy and depressing.
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Very good movie!
lorenzocerveri20 July 2022
A very good story, intriguing! Really loved the characters, especially Leon and Terry.

Mason was pretty bad ass, wish we could have dug deeper into his history tho!

It recalls some Tarantino's vibes in my opinion and I totally loved it, killer soundtrack and beautiful picture.

A very well made low budget movie.
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Bringing back the 80's
willachampkin21 July 2022
A well made British film, Was quintessential to the era with the grit and the mood set throughout.

Some really beautiful acting that saw a range of incredibly well played parts, definetley want to see more!

For a low budget British film it was incredibly well made and written to suit the vibe of the 80's

As a major plus, the soundtrack fitted perfectly, with some amazing songs that kept the flow of the film.

Loved it.
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My 1st ever posted review
MMEADE9218 August 2022
The opening was right to the point, with what this film would be about. Leaving you knowing right from the get go, what the plot/story was going to be about. Although I'm sure editing cut out some Dialogue, I felt that early on some of the actors lacked real human emotion. The 1st big problem playing out with the added loss a family airlume would be a lot more scary and upsetting.

So the plan for what was needed to be done, was thought of so naturally quick. Which then gave a clear heading of the journey ahead As this was going to be our heading it could of done with more dialogue and character conflict. So it lead me to be uninterested in the story of Frankie, Leon and Millie.


As Danni's entered and we got to find out who she was and her part in all this was unfolding I found myself quickly wanting this to be the main story, the emotion that you feel for her painful life, and the middle ground that she walks inbetween the Mods and skinheads, with the added issues at home. Well makes me very intrigued and genuinely attached to see this character and those she's involved with story's play out.

The only early on issue with this movie is that it starts with the 3 least interesting main characters, so the excitement and connection to this movie isn't really there. Untill Danni arrives and I see her character development happen with the added entrance Terry, I'm getting pumped for the inevitable fights backing my early favourite characters.

As the film goes on I still found myself wanting certain parts to be done with, so I can get back to Danni, Terry & Mason story. However with the progression of the story it brings me intrigued with Frankie, Leon and Millie not with themselves, but how Frankies family airlume, and how it will connect everyone.

Making this object more interesting than some characters. Eagerly trying to anticipate when and how this connection is made.

The Sound strack is brilliant. However during certain scenes (let's say real talk time/ heart to hearts) i always thought that just the sound of the Conversations, with a little bit of background noise makes it that much real. Leaving room to make me feel like I'm right there with them in those moments.

Other small tangible items make little connection, which then leads me to breaks out of interest of what's currently going on. Key example is 'Danni is thinking of new hobbies to do during a real heart to heart coversation. As Danni is mentioning that she is interested in music, and would like to learn how to play the guitar. I have no real back knowledge of her brother, how he also liked music and played the guitar.

So this big Key moment in Danni's character development falls short of making a connection.

The end of the film had me fully focused, and glued to my seat to see how everything goes down. The bulid up, the locations, the music had me in a state of this is now a must watch, and I had to know how this would all play out.

When wrapping up the final conclusion which takes part some time after the big events. I still didn't really care what happened to Frankie, Leon and Millie. But what I cared and had to know about, was how two other character endings. So much so that I would definitely want to see a Mordern way 2. Focused on those two with maybe cameo appearances of the other three.

Overall I very much enjoyed The Mordern way. With 100s of world ending movies, CGI effects, I loved how this real life down to earth, normal people problems movie was a fresh yet welcoming reminder that nothing beats a pain easy watch film with good characters you can truly connect with.

Stand out performances from Grace Long ( Danni ) Who really hit this character out of the park. Making me want to be part of the film just to help her through her struggles, then cheer for her once she had.

Jake Henderson ( Terry Harrison ) Great side of aggression balanced with gentle heart character. When Terry got mad I would be encouraging him to let loose as if I was right beside him Jack Parr ( Mason ) A villain is only a true villain when The audience can't wait for you to get your comeuppance, and wow ! Jack Parr played Mason as well as Jack Gleason played King Joffrey. I couldn't wait for karma to come back around.

The way certain characters developed had me genuinely hooked on wanting to know more about them. Which made me think at the end of the movie I would of loved a longer run time to get this character knowledge.

The clever use of the British history was n how Mod life style has become a bench mark in todays Society.

Dress smart, stay fresh, look after yourself and enjoy life. Is very much one of the main pillards of the current times we live in.

Story telling = 7/10 Character development = 8/10 Plots = 7/10 Soundtrack 9/10 Acting 6/10 Scenery and outfits 10/10 Camera angles 7/10 Dialogue 7/10 Movie lore 5/10 Run time 6/7

Overall I would rate this movie 7/10.
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not so modern made...
ops-5253526 July 2022
And the cast aint the most smashy news either, so unless youve been either of the kind of hudlums and villains portraied in this just wihin feature length british drama , you can easily make a pass.

Even though i had an issue with punks in edinbourgh in the late 70's shoving a finger to some walking by the bus i sat on, never even imagining it would stop at the next corner, i had my heart hurdling up my jaws, but faithfully nough the bus drove before the lot caught the bus, never ever after have i shown my fingers to anybody from public transportation.

This is fairly spoken just another semi newie production stuff, the stakes are higher than the means, and its far to much chatter and less action than expected.but it highlights the abuse and powerty issues of great britain in the past very well, so a 4 and a farewell comes from the grumpy old man.
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esprit1-597-42619830 July 2022
Possibly the worst attempt at a film I've ever had the misfortune of paying to rent from Sky.

Wooden acting, historical inaccuracies, lacklustre plot, weirdly fake accents (I'm from London!) anachronisms-r-us.

Apart from the above it was ...

Nah, still absolute 💩.
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