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After Dark Horrorfest 4....
SunnyLyn_8026 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Part of the After Dark Horrorfest 4 list of movies, The Graves... As the credits begin, you notice Bill Mosley and Tony Todd are in this movie... don't get your hopes up. With my experience, the After Dark Horrorfest films are either a hit or miss... there is no in between. The Graves would be in the category of "miss", as in "miss this movie". The beginning starts out OK, with two sisters going on the road in AZ for a little last minute adventure before the older sister leaves for NYC. They are in search of the world's largest thermometer (???... I have no idea); however, they come across a small town that features a deserted ghost town, complete with a self-guided tour. After that, the movie goes completely downhill (if that's even possible), with an even more stupid ending. There are scenes that don't make any sense (a man dying in a minute with a simple stab in the leg; however, the older sister gets stabbed in the chest right by the heart and somehow manages to live). I couldn't even follow the ending.

Bottom line... don't even bother with this one. I gave it a "pity" 3/10 for signing Bill Mosley and Tony Todd.
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So disappointing I don't know where to begin....
Incoherentbastard8914 February 2010
This movie was absolutely horrible! It broke my heart too because I was really up to watching it with my all time favorite vocalist Randy Blythe, and two other great actors, Tony Todd and Bill Mosely. But seriously it hurt to watch this! It was if it was thrown together overnight, the acting was cheaply done even Tony Todd's parts but I don't blame the actors. I blame the director! It had no thrill or suspense to it, it didn't even resonate off any suspense when they built up the moment to try and keep you in suspense low and behold nothing happens......I would not recommend this to anyone its not even good to watch for a good gory B flick.
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Horrorfest, why have you forsaken us?!?
anguspage1229 April 2010
Wow……and to think that all of the movies in the After Dark Horror-fest would be somewhat, oh I don't know…enjoyable? Because of what I had to deal with this first film, The Graves,……well, it wasn't pretty.

The Graves, a miserable little turd fest of a film, is about two girls, Meghan and Abby, going on a last trip together before Meghan leaves for New York. They go to comic book stores (which, I'm sorry, these girls look like they've never set foot in a comic shop in their lives) and talk about how Lady Death is the most awesome comic book ever…….really? (And don't worry, this is only one of the many faults of this movie.) They then stop in a diner (which is so far out of the way that the first girl to die in the original Nightmare on Elm Street is stuck waiting there), and they're lead to Skull Mine, which is said to be a ghost town after some brutal murders took place there. And then, guess what? Everything goes to hell……what a shock….

My first point is Brian Pulido. I should just stop there, but I'll guess I'll keep going. If you don't know who he is, he is one of the WORST comic book writers from the 1990s and the 2000s. He's responsible for writing such terrible comic books such as Lady Death (which I referred to before) and Evil Ernie. So when I heard he wrote, directed, and produced this piece of utter crap, I already knew it was going to be terrible. He doesn't have a clue what he's doing and he should stop thinking he can do anything creative.

And some of the acting in here is atrocious. You have your two female protagonists who can't act their way out of a wet paper bag. I mean, they have scenes where they are just SO melodramatic in scenes where they're in total danger! Also, you have Tony Todd……..really? Tony, why did you chose this? Did your wife need a new car? Did your daughter need more money to get into the collage she wanted? I mean, you were the candy man! Your cartoon-styled acting in this is so bad, that I almost broke down and cried.

Now, if there is anything redeemable about this film, it's that Bill Mosely (yep, Devils Rejects Bill Mosely) plays a guy called the "Pig Man", who is just a guy who puts on a fake pig nose and likes to kill people. I have to say that whenever he was on screen, a shimmer of light helped me get through this film.

But, all in all, there is almost (almost!) nothing to like about this film. It's not scary, it's not funny, it's not dramatic, It's not anything! And if it weren't for Bill Mosely, I would give this film a flat out zero.
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And the winner is..........
e-hall20924 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Well does anybody know where i can find the maker of this movie i want to ask him if he can give me the hour and a half of my life back that was wasted watching this complete and utter trash. So that you don't have to waste your precious time i will explain the story to you. Two dumb ass girls visit an old gold mine in a weird town full of dubious looking people while on a road trip. When they arrive at the mine they get chased by a killer (i say chased basically they are running he is slowly walking but always only seems 2 steps behind). They kill the first man by stabbing him in the leg with what looks like a snorkel, amazingly he is dead within 1 minute and that's the end of him. They then stand outside the mine entrance waiting for a ride from another stranger in this town they know no one. Shock horror the person who stops to help is only in on the killings and is the brother of the man they just snorkeled to death. After about an hour of running round in a circle the girls kill the second man and get away. They drive to the town where they were advised to visit the mine only to get captured by the towns ppl. These girls really are having a bad day and just don't seem to getting a break. In the end these 2 girls end up killing the whole town by themselves. To sum this film up i would say it has a rubbish plot line, horrendous acting and the maker should be banned from anything to do with the movie industry for the rest of his life. I would however recommend this film if you are deaf and blind and have a spare hour and a half to waste. I think that it took me longer to write this summary of the film that it did to make it.
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Heislegend17 February 2010
There is one rule in movie watching that seems to always...and I mean spot on. That rule is as follows: if you see Tony Todd's name in the title, you're about to be seriously underwhelmed. I can only think of one instance where this deviates and that was the movie Hatchet, however he was in it for all of 20 seconds hence his name was not in the opening credits and was therefore not in violation of the rule. Anyway, enough about that...moving on.

While The Graves isn't horrible, it's certainly middle of the road in pretty much every way. On the upside it's got Bill Moseley (who can do anything from big budget flicks to the lowest of low budget crap) and the phenomenally hot Clare Grant. On the downside, well, just about everything else. This is one of those movies that's not exactly unoriginal but still fails to be the least bit engaging for roughly 95% of the time. The film just doesn't really seem to know what it wants to be. It starts off veering towards a backwoods stalk-and-slash type of movie and then ends up in kooky religious cult territory. Either way, I wasn't exactly involved in the story. I guess if you're up for a movie with a bit of cheese (or happen to be somewhat drunk) this might appeal to you. Otherwise it just feels sort of bland.
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Extremely disappointing
nick-7972 November 2009
To put my comment in context, I love a good B movie, such as the Tarrantino's "Deathproof", or Peter Jackson's "Braindead", so I approached the film expecting to enjoy it.

I watched this during the "Grimm Up North" horror film festival in the Printworks in Manchester, UK. I could find nothing about it to recommend it. The acting was poor and the plot obvious, lacking any twists. The film completely failed to generate any sort of suspense, shock, or in fact, horror! All in all, extremely disappointing.

I actually enjoyed the short, shown prior to the film, much more than the feature!
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CeaSerin20 April 2010
A better name for this awful movie would have to be "Hack." You know how bad acting takes you out of the movie? Well, in the case of "The Graves" EVERYTHING takes you out of the movie. Bad acting, bad writing, bad directing, stupid story, and no reason whatsoever to waste your time with this.

I would say that Brian Pulido should go back to comics but he's not good at that either.

It's a waste when someone is given the talent to be great at something yet no drive to follow through. It's also a waste when someone is given the drive for accomplishment but only floods the market with garbage.
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The Graves
Scarecrow-881 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
In the desolate remains of Skull City Mine, located in some godforsaken place in Arizona, two sisters find themselves in a whole heap of trouble. It was just supposed to be a tourist stop, a diner waitress informing them of the mine, how it was reputed to be haunted by spirits. What the girls do find is a psycho blacksmith with a giant hammer he uses to bludgeon the skulls of those who visit the mine. Yep, they spend the whole movie just trying to stay alive. Megan and Abby were simply on one last trip together before separating. Megan, on her way to New York City with dreams of success and a bright future. Abby, anguished at the fact that sis is heading off to the big city, leaving her behind. While Abby has always depended on big sister for strength and guidance, Megan will need her to grow up as they face insurmountable challenges.

You see something evil lives within the area of the local town of Unity at the old mine and it feeds on souls with the deranged priest and his flock obeying it's command to bring it tourists as sustenance. This demon or whatever carries within a stench that causes those who breathe it to assault each other like foul beasts. The demon has one desire and that's to feast on the souls of those at the point of death.

Tony Todd is the crazed priest who believes the demon is Jesus and his followers are mindless sheep answering to his will to lead souls to be eaten. Bill Moseley is, you guessed it, a lunatic after the girls and having fun during the hunt, wearing a pig snout and grinning from ear to ear, taking his time as Megan attempts to keep Abby safe from harm(Abby falls into a hole knocking herself unconscious).

Most of "The Graves" consists of Abby and Megan trying to evade one psycho after another. I have a feeling Moseley will never have any problems finding work as long as there's a demand for madmen. The additional plot of flies, stench, nutty townsfolk, and an evil that eats as souls cry out in terror upon the moment of death, was a bit too much for me personally to take seriously, but maybe others will feel differently. Even Todd, who can normally create menace with the most lackluster of parts, is hard to watch as a priest constantly howling to the heavens for his savior.

The movie's title is actually the last name of the heroines, who are in peril at several points throughout the movie, tied up or in dire straits, but the screenplay finds amusing ways to rescue them when there seems to be no hope. The leads are cute and they match each other which I found adorable, their tight jeans and black muscle shirts..good casting as they resemble each other(I certainly would consider them sisters if I saw them out and about).

For some reason, "The Graves" simply lacked real, palpable menace, and I never really felt that the girls would bite the bullet, mainly because the film kept finding ways to release them from certain doom. Maybe it was the sunny Arizona setting that was unable to evoke a sense of dread. Or, the performances were uninspired and the cast was going through the motions..when Moseley's routine even fails to deliver, the jury's out and the verdict may be quite unkind.

Many might recognize Claire Grant, who portrays Megan, as the gorgeous creature from Mick Garris' second Masters of Horror entry "Valerie in the Stairs" also starring Tony Todd. Jillian Murray is Abby, with Amanda Wyss(80's regular in movies such as A Nightmare on Elm Street and Better Off Dead)as a diner waitress who suffers a grisly fate. A great deal of the violence happens off screen or just out of frame, with most of the carnage established in our mind as blood squirts and splatters to recognize victims' gruesome demises.
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Some graves should be left undisturbed
paul_haakonsen15 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I have sort of mixed feelings about this movie.

THE GOOD: Well for starters, it is nice to see a horror movies that is filmed in daylight. Not all horror movies have to be taking place at night. The idea of a demonic entity stalking the lands was alright. And of course two horror icons (Tony Todd and Bill Mosely) were in the movie, although neither had much to work with. I thought it was good that you never really saw a physical manifestation of the entity, I mean who is to say what a demon looks like or not. Better to be kept in the dark, and that part worked well for the movie.

THE MEDIOCRE: The special effects were not overly impressive, but not downright crappy either.

THE BAD: The supporting cast and extras seemed like they didn't really want to make this movie. Their acting was horrendous. And how does one die from having an iron pipe jabbed through the thigh and die within less than 2 minutes from that?

The overall impression of this movie is below average. It is really a shame that Bill Mosely and Tony Todd are not allowed to fully show off their skills here, which is a shame, because Mosely is carved out for roles like this. From the cover, the movie looks interesting, but I was not overly impressed with it. Despite being labeled as a horror, there are no thrills or scares in the movie. Sure you will be kept in some suspense, but the movie is not a roller-coaster of thrills and screams!

I will not be disturbing these graves again in the future.
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What a pear shaped loser
jfgibson7310 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
There really isn't any reason for this movie to have been made. I don't really expect the average horror film to actually be scary, well made, or very original, but it should find some way to entertain. The Graves was just SO clichéd and uneventful, that not only would I recommend against watching it, but I really don't want to watch anything else by the writer or director ever.

Two girls stop in a deserted town and pay to take a tour of the historic remains. Crazy religious locals torture and kill anyone who stops there, so the girls are pursued. A few other innocent victims die, but the girls kill their captors and escape at the end. There was something about demon possession and the taking of souls, too, but I lost interest by then. I still liked the two actresses in the lead roles, but I would rather see them in something halfway memorable. I will think of this movie any time I consider how most horror movies have nothing scary or tense about them. Total suckfest.
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Please give me the time spent watching this film back.
stuart-jimmy-iii30 June 2012
I truly wish that I had had the foresight to read a review before watching this film. Tony Todd's presence couldn't even get more than a 1/10 from me. I watched this film 2 years ago and still remember the title of it only so I can use it as a cautionary tale to friends. I have watched my fair share of films, and a decent amount of them were poorly written and acted. However, this film takes the cake as being so terrible that not even the poor quality of it can produce a laugh. I feel like the people who spawned this film had to say something to the effect of "Hey everyone, let's take two semi-attractive women with no acting experience and give them a garbage script, Tony Todd, a camera we no longer use and all of the pocket change we have on us right now, and see if we can't turn a profit."

If this film actually somehow did turn a profit, I think it was somewhere in the range of 4 McDoubles-20 Chicken McNuggets. If it made more of a profit than that, I'm going to be shooting films all weekend. I think a movie of me making wookie noises at a cut out poster of Liam Neeson will sell better than this piece of trash. I'll call it Nell.
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The 80's called, they want this movie back.
infomage14 February 2010
Let's start at the beginning. After the beautiful co-stars endorse the director/writer's real life comic book, twice, we are treated to a screen hogging banner advertising a website. Needless to say, the credibility deficit was pretty humongous at this point. What follows is not only cliché hack and slash, it's old cliché. Let me guess: the writer/director has a mullet?

Seriously, if you can get around the obnoxious self promotion and style fax paux, you still won't find much of anything redeeming. The characters seem lumbersome and unmotivated, probably because they are, and the edit does little to take the edge off some seriously dry performances. Normally 'big character' actors like Todd and Mosely seem to waiting for direction through most of their scenes.
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Strange mix of expertise and amateurishness
TdSmth528 May 2012
It's fairly common to see B-and-below-movies with a decent script and some good ideas, but lacking in resources that turn out a disaster. The Graves on the other hand seems to have plenty of resources to hire established actors and get good equipment, but script and direction are lacking.

Two sisters, one very dominant over the other, end up driving around Arizona, stop at a diner, and decide to go visit the local ghost town and mines. As soon as they get there some guy kills a tourist. The girls run and are found since their chaser is always nearby no matter how fast they run and how slow he walks, but then they kill the killer. Only to meet his brother who's just as crazy. They have to run and hide from him. One oddity is that all the killed people are attacked by a swarm of flies.

Later we find out that the town is under the yoke of some crazy pastor who sacrifices all these tourists to "the savior" which is the swarm of flies, for the sake of the town's prosperity. Ultimately, the girls will have to confront the town people, but a strange thing happens in the relationship between the town and the savior.

The Graves has an impressive cast- our two very attractive leads, and horror icons Todd and Moseley. The movie looks great, is mostly filmed during the day, the colors are gorgeous. Eventually of course as things unfold, they happen at night. Locations are also excellent. And the movie is also pretty gory at times and those scenes are also very well made.

The story, though, is remarkably unfinished. So many things don't make sense and force the actors to do nonsensical things. But the story had potential, had a more experienced writer gotten a chance to revise it. The direction, too, isn't up to par, and you see takes that are very odd and that you don't usually see in films.

With the resources and enthusiasm they had available, the producers should have hired an additional writer and an established director and this movie could have been pretty good. As it is, it's your slightly-below average 'run and hide from a crazy redneck killer' movie, of which there are just a few too many. American horror really needs to start thinking of new ideas.
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um, uh, hmmm, ooooook, yeah, sure.
toyman196723 March 2010
I am writing this review to ask one thing..............what the @#$% was this mess about????? This is the first of the After Dark Movies To Die For that I have watched so far this year and what a way to start!!! Complete and utter CRAP!!!! Each year I look forward to these movies but with each year they get worse. Yes, I do watch them all and I should stop with this one but I won't. I guess I like torturing myself with worthless movies. I just got done watching Brothers with Jake However-You-Spell-His-Name and Tobey McGuire and that was such a great movie that I gave it a 9 and I go to this. So this is what Tony Todd, Candyman, is doing these days. For all those reading this review, PLEASE SKIP THIS ONE!!!!!!
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A Film With So Much Potential That Just Deflates
gavin69427 October 2012
Two inseparable sisters' visit to a remote mine town turns into a mind-bending fight for survival against menaces both human and supernatural.

I had moderately high hopes for this one after the first ten minutes. Although I was a bit annoyed by the use of the hand-held video camera (this never works in movies, why add it to one if you do not need to) and the blood effects are so obviously the work of a computer... the sisters were likable enough and we are almost immediate thrown into a killer-chasing-victims mode.

I also had a few hopes because of the inclusion of Bill Moseley and Tony Todd. This is not Todd's finest work, but it is always nice to see him on screen. Moseley, on the other hand, has done a large amount of low-grade horror and his performances vary greatly depending on the project. Here, he throws himself right into it and I have to say it might be his best work since "Devil's Rejects".

The problem with the film is that while it is wonderful how fast it jumps into the action, it cannot keep up with the pace it set early on. It shifts gears and slows down part way through, and once we start focusing on the cult rather than the murderous brothers, it just loses a lot of the fun and becomes a weak story with little behind it. I feel there was more going on, and this could have been examined, but it just was not done.
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Wow-This Film Reached New Levels Of Suckdom...
EVOL66614 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I got this one from Redbox the other nite cuz i'd seen pretty much everything else from there that I had any real interest in. I really should have saved my dollar. 

Two sisters take a road-trip to Arizona to see the world's biggest thermometer (?) because one of the sisters is moving to NY. They end up in some hick village and are stalked by the locals. Then what started as a sub-par 'deranged rednecks' film abruptly turned into a sub-par supernatural-horror film. I really have nothing else to say about the content of this mess...

Everything sucks about THE GRAVES. The storyline is stupid, the acting (while not the worst I've ever seen...) is pretty bad, and the FX (both the gore and 'supernatural' scenes) are atrocious. Bill Moseley does an OK job with the crap he's given, and Tony Todd is unmemorable in his role. Honestly, I can't think of anything I've ever seen Todd in since the original Candyman where his role stood out. A complete lack of nudity from the attractive female leads rounds out my overall disappointment with this dull, un-scary, poorly made garbage. The only thing I slightly enjoyed was the 10-seconds or so in the beginning that featured an over-dubbed 'live' performance from the band CALABRESE. I like them a lot so I'll give the film a pretty generous 2 points for their involvement, and for the passable performance by Moseley. If it weren't for the heavy narcotics that rendered me unable to take the disc out, I would've turned this off after the first 15 minutes...2/10
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Worst Horrorfest movie yet? Maybe.
lovecraft2316 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Everyone knows what "After Dark Horrorfest" is. Every year, Lionsgate and After Dark films release eight films into select theaters for a limited time. While there have been some real winners from this line up-"The Gravedancers", "Reincarnation", "The Abandoned" and "Mullberry Street" for example-by the time the second Horrorfest came around, we started getting movies that one is amazed got any sort of theatrical release. For every winner in Horrorfest, there will be mediocre to disappointing movies like "Tooth & Nail" and "Dying Breed", to really awful fair like "Lake Dead" and "Slaughter." Well, you can add "The Graves to that third category, as it may be the worst Horrorfest movie yet.

The Graves sisters-Abby (Jillian Murphy) and Megan (Clare Grant)-are two comic book, punk rock (well, as the director sees punk) and horror loving girls aka. two girls you will never meet in the real world. Well, Megan is headed to ASU with a marketing degree, so as a last hurrah, they decide to go looking for a fun roadside attraction. They instead end up going to Skull City Mine, a Ghost Town. Of course, it's not really abandoned, and soon the sisters find themselves fighting for their lives against a psychopath named Caleb (Bill Moseley) and a religious cult lead by Reverend Abraham (Tony Todd.) Can they survive? What's with the supernatural evil living in the town? Why should we care? How on Earth would stabbing a man's thigh kill him?

"The Graves" is nothing more than a failure. Writer and Director Brian Pulido is a horror comic book veteran (he is the creator of "Lady Death"* and "Evil Ernie"), but for a guy with such a pedigree, his movie comes off as rather clueless as to what makes horror movies like this work. The whole thing feels too much like Pulido was thinking to himself "well, horror fans like this in horror movies", but that he had no idea as to what makes such movies work. In fact, the whole thing feels artificial, as if it comes from somebody who has no understanding of the genre, but wants a quick buck. That's last part obviously isn't what Pulido intended, but that is how it feels.

It also doesn't help that our protagonists are completely bland and obnoxious. The film wants you to like the Graves sisters, but they are so dull, unrealistic and annoying that you keep hoping for the whole movie to come to a merciful end. Even worse amazingly, are the performances from Moseley and Todd. Here, Bill just plays another variation on the psychopathic killer he's played in far superior films, only really bad. It makes you wish he would have played someone else. Todd meanwhile, is so over the top and overacts so much that it becomes laughable. The fact that these two beloved genre veterans are even in dreck like this is depressing as hell, especially with the underwhelming performances they give.

I wish I could say "The Graves" is worth watching, but it's not. Instead, it's a cheap, superficial imitator that clearly wants to be loved, but lacks any of the elements that makes horror like this fun. Instead it's a headache to watch, more appropriate for Hot Topic shopping kids than genre fans. Avoid.

*At one point, the Graves sisters start going on about their love of Chaos Comics, one in which pretty much plugging "Lady Death" in a groan inducing bit of shameless self promotion. What the hell Brian?
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This is everything you don't want to see in a film
kinney8226 January 2014
I watched Val Kilmer's The Traveler before this, and thought that was bad. No, this is bad. This is a prime example of a terrible film. There are no positive, redeeming factors to this film. I give credit to the two leading ladies, they do a good job in their parts. But everyone else in this film and the writing/directing is just absolutely horrid. I can't believe films like this get funded and created in Hollywood. I sometimes think myself or a neighbor should go write and direct a movie, as unqualified as we are- neither are the people behind this film. You could grab a random person off the street who could outdo this work.

It's the type of waste of time that you fear when you pick a film to watch. I'm amazed people this unfit to make a film are able to get funding, put this out and make a dime on it at all. Hollywood needs a serious reboot all around and this is why.
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One word "non-sense"! One of a few movies that I turned off my TV in the middle of the movie.
SacLeung15 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The whole movie had no sense on anything. Here are a few examples of millions non-sense: 1) A walking murderer had the same speed as two running girls, and just right behind them. 2) One of the sister just stood there waiting for her sister being stabbed, but not doing anything to help her. 3) Even the sisters were running in the same speed and only 1 foot away each other, in a sec, they lost each other. 4) An unshaped tool could stab someone's leg, and the guy just died from leg wound after 10 secs. and so on...

The director has no sense of making movie... Not talking about he needs sense to make a movie, but he also needs to learn some common sense in life. It just like a movie from a 10 years old boy.

I couldn't bear all the non-senses, and had to turn off my TV. This crab maybe only exciting to the director himself.
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Was surprised, better than I expected.
brokensilent4 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I went to see this with my mom because first off, it takes place in our own home state and secondly, we've associated with a couple of people making the movie. When it first began, I wasn't impressed. The girls recording each other was making me nauseous and wary of the quality of film. It was only the for a little bit, thank goodness. Once we got through that rocky start, it was a fantastic movie with lines from the killers that'll have you snorting in laughter, believable and lovable heroines, a mad preacher who's voice still gives me goosebumps (in a good way), and a location that made me giggle cause I've seen it :P. When the source of all the trouble was finally revealed, I thought it was kind of silly but the very ending of the movie wrapped it up in such an entertaining package that it became kind of cool. I loved this movie and both my mother and I will be owning it when it comes out on DVD. Well worth seeing at least once if you're a blood and gore horror movie fan. Plus, it's got Bill Mosley in it and well, who plays a psychotic killer better than him?
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"The Graves", brought to you by a whole bunch of talentless hacks.
Boba_Fett113812 June 2011
The more cheap modern horror I watch, the more I start to realize how badly the genre needs to redefine itself once again, since it simply just isn't working anymore. Really, people seem to have no idea what good and creative to come up with anymore, with as an ultimate low example of that this movie.

But no, it's not just simply the lack of creativity or originally that kills this movie, it foremost is it's extremely weak approach to the genre. It's incredibly disturbing how terribly ineffective this movie is made. The movie absolutely does not manage to build up any tension or create ever a good feeling of danger. Things just happen in this movie, without any proper and required build up to it. As an horror there are absolutely no redeeming qualities about this movie. Even the bloody violence mostly happens off screen, or it's too dark to see really anything. Director Brian Pulido should just stop and realize that he doesn't has the right required talent and knowledge required, for this genre at least.

It's also especially ridicules how this movie is lacking in any good scary or powerful villainous murderers. Seriously, there is no way you could convince me that they were anyone that couldn't have been fought of with a piece of rock or a piece of wood or metal, that were literally all laying around everywhere. There is absolutely nothing threatening about the villains in this movie, which quite frankly also makes this a bore to watch.

And man, why throw in a supernatural theme as well, that just isn't in tone with any of the rest of the movie. It's just so totally random but on top of that, it also adds absolutely nothing to this movie. This movie was already extremely bad as a straight-forward slasher but they actually managed to make things worse by throwing in the supernatural elements. Well done! What an accomplishment...

It also doesn't help much that the two leading ladies of this movie aren't that compelling either. They are not well written but also really not played well by Clare Grant and Jillian Murray. Their fear of things just never comes across as convincing. Some of their actions are also just incredibly stupid, though the script is of course to blame for that really.

A great lesson on how NOT to make an horror movie.

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More SyFy Channel Fodder
Vincent_B30 January 2011
This actually appeared on SyFy Channel. I am going to assume they only muted out the few words that I didn't hear and that was pretty much it. So I won't blame the channel for a poor edit. Pretty lame movie at the start quickly introducing us to two hot sisters who are supposed to be into comic books. Then we see them in the punk goth club for one last night out before they take a road trip heading towards more boredom than anything else.

The plot "borrows" from many older movies where young adults breakdown, visit, and otherwise go where angels fear to tread. This is as old as the traveling salesman jokes. Tony Todd makes a few appearances in this movie, but he is not portraying anything scary as he has in his other movies. His character is more like a clown than a monster. I can only imagine his need for money and hope that no one actually watched this movie was his reason for taking the role.

You can't feel anything for the characters since they never really develop during the movie. There is no sense of suspense, no horror, no chills, or thrills. In fact, one scene between actress Clare Grant and Bill Moseley in a school house has no impact on the movie as it really should. I wasn't quaking in fear that anyone was in danger. It felt more like a practical joke, as if Jillian Murray should have walked in and said, "Are you scared? Well you shouldn't be, because you're on Scare Tactics!".
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Bill Moseley is always amazing!!!
drahulrajjsd4 August 2017
My favorite character is Caleb, played by Horror Legend Bill Moseley, who is always amazing in his performances playing badass characters. In this film, he wears a pig snout, chasing and slaying folks and he's just so frightening and incredible with his scary and cool quotes. One hell of an awesome fun ride!!!
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This movie...
CinderFall28 August 2016
had to be taken from the CIA so they would stop using it against terrorists. It's cruel and unusual torture!


That aside, I'm probably being way too generous with a 5. This was not a good movie, y'all. I'm not going to get too into the movie because other reviewers have done a number on it. I'll just give my .02

The movie starts off promising, the title sequence feels reminiscent of Grindhouse films. Then it keeps going. The sisters Abby (Jillian Murray) and Megan (Clare Grant) Graves are unbelievably hot and they love comic books! What's so wrong with that? HAVE YOU EVER SEEN 2 HOT GIRLS GUSH ABOUT COMIC BOOKS?! Anyways, they have one last get together before Megan moves to New York. So they try to go to someplace in Arizona, and end up in Unity which is a town full of strange characters. They're told about Skull City Mines and they go check it out. Hijinks ensue.

I'll give my reasoning to a 5 now.

Plot: This plot is everywhere and nowhere. It has a lot to offer, but barely gives it. Two girls have fun, then they don't, but then demons? I'd give the plot a 2/10 for the good Children of the Corn vibes.

Characters: Really good chemistry between the sisters. Becca is also a good character. The villains are believable, especially Moseley. I'd give them a 7/10 for good characters.

Acting: Surprisingly well done for a B-movie. The actors were great in their roles, except for Tony Todd. It felt like he wasn't acting to his fullest potential. 7/10 for great acting, Todd takes away from it though...never thought I'd ever say that.

Special F/X: Don't EVEN get me started on how much I hated the digital blood. I can't rate this low enough, so I'd have to give the special F/X a 1/10 because they managed to actually get blood on their actors!

Setting/Cinematography: Not as good as past entries, but it's also a well done camera work. The setting is really amazing, even for a desert it looks breathtaking. 6/10 for this.

Now, after doing the calculations, the score would come out to be a 4.6. I normally round up my numbers, which would give a 5. The movie is really nothing special, it just needed a few things for it to be good. Like; F/X, a good plot; but that was already covered. This was not my least favorite of the bunch, but it sure as hell isn't my favorite of the ADH4. In fact, to this day I have yet to watch Dread and Hidden (which are supposed to be the best).

I want to say this movie is underrated, but it should have a slightly higher score than 3.7/10. That's just too mean for this movie.
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THE GRAVES should be buried. . . at least 6 feet under
conniemorrow16 November 2010
I had to register just so I could review this.

I agree with the reviewer that said they wanted back the hour and a half of their life that they wasted watching this. I was, however, disappointed to find that I could not give it 0 stars. Awful is not really adequate to describe this movie. The only good thing I can say about it is, at least the female characters were not totally helpless. Aside from that. . . the Arizona scenery was nice? The acting was poor. The stupid storyline was definitely lacking. It was convoluted and contrived. There was really no suspense or tension, kind of necessary in a horror movie.

Mostly though, the theme of "crazy, evil religious people" killing people is kind of offensive and a really tired and ineffective plot device.
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