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mridulm847 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Through the last 5 years, KITES has been slammed for lots of reason,which are baseless to me, because once you see the film, you will love it..

A story of love, tragedy, excitement, sorrow, it had all.. Why still people can't get it, is not understandable.

Okay I am not blaming them, to me a film which have good story, good acting and x-factor are good film.

KITES had it all. It is simply awesome.

I will not mention the story here,as either you all know it, or you are not interested.

Hrithik was superb. Strong performance from him. Barbara was equally impressive. Rest casts did justice to their role. Good location and good music.

A must-watch.
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Tranquily Frenetic?
iimraann8 September 2010
Boy; after so many disheartening feedbacks from my friends; I actually enjoyed the movie. Hrithik; truly is the most charismatic actor of India. Barbara Mori's acting; her expressions; her smiles all are fabulous. She was great in the movie. I like the background scores and songs are also good. The best segment of the movie was about the dilemma of the protagonists and their snapping out of it. How two people could be entwined; purely due to feelings; traversing region, language; be it their destiny; is beautifully portrayed. Although; I didn't like the ending, but it is believable; as it is not necessary that things ought to end happily. Also, Hrithik's dance, at the movie's preamble is great; as all of us are aware of this talent of his. Surely, the movie doesn't tell a completely unique or 'not seen/heard before' kind of love story; but the direction, great acting and the composing elements like scenes, landscapes, cinematography and music does make it worth watching for a great experience, when you are completely free and in a blue/romantic mood. Great Movie; 10/10.
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This is GOLD, only watch the INTERNATIONAL English Version
ChrisTreborn17 May 2010
I am not into dumb Musical movies, especially Bollywood ones and when I got the Chance for Special screening of Kites, I simply turned down. But I decided to give a try for it's International Version crafted by the XMEN 3 LAST STAND director Brett Ratner.

I expected a mediocre typical Bollywood Stupid Musical Dance movie, but this one broke the mold. This movie will be remembered as the Trendsetter of Hindi films in the International Grounds.

It is a Rollar Coaster film, but with a Heart. I don't want to spoil all the story but it reminds me some of the movies like Stallone/Sharon Stone's Specialist, Mr & Mrs Smith, Bonnie & Clyde, even a Hindi film Daud, but all those stands down in-front of Kites.

I don't know how the Hindi version would look like, how the conservative audience react to Kites. With some Intense Physical scenes and unique narration which really required for the story material, I think this movie is going to be a "Love It or Hate It" category.

The thing I don't like in this movie is the Love story itself, because it's too aimed for Female "Twilight" Audience who worships Romance. Other than that it's a Total Adrenaline movie, with great cast and good locations. The main leading man Hrithik Roshan I think is a well trained actor, with great physique and fight/dance abilities. This could be his "Enter The Dragon" in Hollywood.

Also I have to give credit for Brett Ratner for his experimental Remixed version for the Movie. With no Reshoots, just with the Original and unused material he made the perfect Crossover Product for an Asian film. By hiring composer Graeme Revell the movie got a new dimension and a fresh soul. The action scores and emotional themes heard in the movie were so brilliant, it definitely going to be Graeme Revell's best work after Daredevil and Freddy vs. Jason.

My recommendation only watch the International Cut. It's more cooler, edgy and Real. It is much shorter than the Asian version I heard and much stylish. Also it got no Dumb Song dance numbers (except the last one, which was done brilliantly by lead actor Hrithik Roshan).

Anyway I give this movie 9 out of 10.

Kites = The Next Level
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Never forgetting moment..outstanding performane
saifalikhan-4752623 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I am glad to watch that movie this time...nice story..outstanding acting by hrithik and barbara
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After 9 years
nadeerakodippili23 July 2019
After 9 years i watched it again. honestly it was a great movie. i don't know why people blame it so much. it is better than movies release with same boring, predictable stuff on nowadays. does language barrier was to blame?? i don't think so.. wish they made that movie not in 2010 but 2017 or 18.
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Cant Believe this movie is flop..Really ?
deepjyotibora-167616 June 2021
Watching it in 2021..Really Indian Audience had no good choice on films when it Released..New generation will definitely love this movie..very good and fresh touch..i can't believe that this movie is box office flop..why..
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One Step ahead from Indian Movie
artaddicted0424 June 2010
I've watched hundreds of Indian Movies, honestly most of them too disappointing when it comes to action and visual effect, Kites bring new breeze, the plot maybe usual and classic ( people who fell in love would do anything ) but since this is an Indian version the story is quite melancholy but not excessive i'm enjoying this movie very much, to describe the movie in one word so kites is "beautiful" If you are a huge fan of some nut thrilling/action movie like Saw,Rambo,Texas chainsaw and so many kind of them then you should go far away from this movie, but if you love something like romantic but combined with action then this movie is a good choice for your weekend entertainment
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Don't believe low ratings
irishichandra15 September 2019
I usually don't write reviews. I'm writing this as i saw low rating for Kites. It's one of the finest films that I've seen. It's definitely one of the best Bollywood films. You'll love it too. Go for it.
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Kites, fantastic
e-mailloos31 May 2010
It's a Hollywood bollywood combo, but great! Main Indian audience won't like it because 90% is English and Spanish. Hrithik was SuperB in the movie and Barbara 2. It's a movie that wont gain great box-office achievement in India, but will be appreciated by many Hollywood critics. Rakesh Roshan was great as a producer and Anurag is one of the best in Bollywood. Thumbs up to them! Also, the screenplay is wonderful... Never seen such a screenplay in a Bollywoodmovie besides Black. Kites is one of a cult movie among movies as Black, MariGold etc. Just go and watch! If you don't want a ordinary Bollywood movie. It's pasta not biryani.
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Pathetically Disappointing ....!
naman-avastol21 May 2010
First things first, you would have heard the phrase: 'Only Style, No Substance'.. Kites changes that phrase into 'Only Hrithik, Nothing Else'.. Touted as the stylish bollywood film ever with loads of drama, action and thriller.. But it had NOTHING except a few scenes which do bring smile on faces but were not strong enough for people to say cheers for the movie.. Even Dhoom:2 was bad but Hrithik carried it off well on his own, but Kites is worse and this time even Hrithik's enigmatic charisma can't do any good to this film.. Starting from story, screenplay and acting everything was poor.. Anurag Basu who previously directed Gangster and Life in a Metro gave his worst this time.. Hrithik initially was not up to the mark but then as the film paced he got better and better but like i said his heroics can't save the film this time.. Barbara Mori was good but not best like everyone said.. The bad man Nicholas Brown was at par with Barbara..The extremely talented Kangana Ranaut was wasted! Even Kabir Bedi didn't get scope this time.. His role had to be creepier but he acted like a novice and was nowhere in the second half of the movie..

Here goes the stupid plot:Dance Teacher Hrithik Roshan acts to be in love with Kangana Ranaut so he could use her wealth to live his life but his destiny turns his life upside down when he comes face to face with Kangana's Brother (Nicholas Brown)Tony's fiancée Barbara Mori. He realizes that Barbara is only marrying Tony for money just like him.. They both fell in love and the usual betrayal takes place in a typical bollywood style.. Kabir Modi who happens to be Kangana's Father and the owner of a prestigious Casino in Las Vegas who also is a Gangster does nothing and his Tony becomes mad after the ran-away couple that he just travels around the globe after them shooting around with his men..

The second half of the movie is so moronic that one wonders why is he still sitting in the theater watching this stupid movie.. The response if the audience was so bad that as soon as the exit door was open people started leaving their seats abusing the film badly.. No one even bothered to watch the last scene and the end credits! Hrithik does his stunts well in the song 'Fire'.. He is completely pokerface in the song and is busy in performing the dance stunts that he even forgets to bring a smile on his face.. He is totally expressionless in the song.. The music is above average is different from past movies of FilmKraft productions.. The only thing which is commendable in the movie is the cinematography..

To conclude I would just say this is the WORST HRITHIK ROSHAN MOVIE till date.. Save your money and time and invest both in some other work.. HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED.. And this time the Roshans are not going to have the last laugh.. They had said that this is a landmark film and will touch those heights which no other bollywood movie has ever had, but what the hell! In fact they should say sorry to all the people for creating such a big hype about the movie which is nothing but a below average mediocre bollywood masala..

My Rating: 3/10; (I would have given 2 but being a huge Hrithik fan I felt pity and gave an extra point)

Thanks & Regards
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Kites fly high, but not this time.
Peter_Young25 June 2010
I'm terribly disappointed by Kites. I expected to see something that is both romantic and light, but this film is awfully clichéd, heavy and melodramatic. The script is very poor and the story is generally uninspiring and at points does not even make sense. Anurag Basu's direction is inconsistent. The narrative is filled with flashbacks and some sequences are devoid of words, resulting in a very confusing development which distracts from the main proceedings. The music is good in parts. None of the songs is particularly memorable but some of them are enjoyable when played in the film. The movie does have its moments. Some action sequences are entertaining and so are some of Hrithik and Barbara's scenes together. Which brings me to the next point and it is the lead pair. Sadly, their interaction was not brought out very well. At points I wondered if there was something else to their relationship and sometimes I struggled to understand why they actually loved each other so much, and that was not clear to me from what I saw on-screen. Their relationship was poorly executed by the director. Hrithik Roshan is okay. There is something sincere about his performance but overall he is not very convincing and at points looks way too pretentious. Barbara Mori is extremely attractive but she too seems lost in this lingual mess. Kangna Ranaut is criminally wasted in a role that is clearly just a favour to the one who actually launched her career in the industry. Nicholas Brown is bad as Tony. The film's ending was supposed to be moving but instead it looked corny and stale. Kites is a one-time watch and there too it falters too many times. It sadly lacks the power to captivate and excite and is overall a forgettable film on all accounts.
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A Nutshell Review: Kites
DICK STEEL21 May 2010
Kites takes its name from the notion of two beings seemingly carefree without a worry, dancing in the sky in their freedom, only that the harsh reality of life meant someone else is pulling the strings from down below, making them nothing but mere puppets in the whole scheme of things that is called Life. So sets the premise of star crossed lovers who have to jump through plenty of hoops just to get together, and given that romances usually tug at your heartstrings when they make you feel and shed a tear for the characters.

But in true blue Bollywood fashion, there's always a little time for song and dance, since Jay is a drifter in Las Vegas trying to carve a living through 1001 jobs, with the one he loves most being a dance instructor which doesn't pay a lot, and supplementing his income through green-card schemes by marrying illegal immigrants in a scam set up by his friend Robin (Anand Tiwari). As chance would have it, daddy's rich girl Gina (Kangana Ranaut who disappears to make way for Mori) has the hots for Jay, and the latter only reciprocating because of her money and legacy of her casino-owning father.

Enter Natasha, the fiancé of Gina's brother Tony (Nicholas Brown), who also is set to marry the casino scion for the sake of money, never mind his constant ill-treatment and bad temper, and soon we have everything set up for the lovers Jay and Natasha, who go way back because of that green-card scam, to decide if they will risk everything, including their initial prime motivations of striking it rich the easy way, for true love, despite not being able to communicate directly except through broken, halting English phrases, since she's Mexican, and him Indian.

Told in non-linear fashion separating two timelines present and past through a series of flashbacks, this technique actually managed to draw plenty of emotions at the last major sequence where all is revealed about a key character, which is delivered brilliantly so much so that you'll be hard pressed not to reach for a tissue. It's shot in a peculiar fashion as well though with plenty of close ups on its beautiful leads, that offers plenty of opportunity to milk those symmetrical facial expressions in a very in-your-face fashion, which I suppose nobody in the audience will mind having to gaze at good lookers anyhow.

Hrithik Roshan's performance is almost flawless, but somehow I felt that his Jay is one of his weakest cinematic personas thus far. Opportunities to show his toned body comes by the by the bucketloads (and makes those struggling to fight flab extremely envious), and so does the chance to dance, being one of the best dancers Bollywood has to offer. He demonstrates once again he's Mr Flexible, and his dance number opposite Kangana Ranaut actually sizzles, with Ranaut actually showing that she can dance to the demands of a Hindi film heroine.

The revelation of the film though, as I mentioned, still belonged to the charismatic presence of Barbara Mori, who is likely to gain plenty of adoring fans from the Indian continent for her heartfelt portrayal as the drop dead gorgeous heroine who's vulnerable, yet able to show who's boss by wearing the pants in the relationship. She's no flower vase, having to take charge most of the time especially when Roshan's Jay goes into puppy dog mode, and frankly, in my opinion, her Natasha has him all wrapped up around her little finger. Mori makes the character believable, has moments where she injects natural comedy, and possessing a smile that is able to disarm the most stern of demeanour. I'm certain that most reviewers will find positivity from her performance even if they somehow adopt a lukewarm response to the hype surrounding the film which is basically a simple love story told in a roundabout manner.

Even if it clocks in at 130 minutes which is short by Bollywood standards, Anurag Basu still managed to throw in so many sub plot and elements into the film, that it pretty much travels at breakneck speed from start to finish unfolding in quite an expected manner. Action sequences in the film somehow had a ring of familiarity to them, and sadly none of them excites or puts you at the edge of your seat, being nothing more than peripheral for the major love story. Basu seemed to champion cars smashing against cars followed by noisy explosions, and exploits this so much that it becomes generic and a formulaic yawn. The action sequences needed to be more imaginative, just as how main villain Tony has to be more than a one-dimensional caricature to add to that sense of menace and danger.

It's reported that two versions of the film were shot simultaneously, one with the language predominantly in English, while the other in Hindi, the former for the Hollywood and Western markets. So enter director Brett Ratner who's re-editing it for a more "international" audience which promises no dance sequences and a lot more sensual scenes than what's shown here (where a simple kiss can raise eyebrows), while yet keeping true to the nature of the story, with Hrithik Roshan even moved by this version. I don't mind sitting through another round actually, just to compare and evaluate if the Ratner version is superior. Here's hoping the DVD will come with both!
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That is called being impetuous
littlecup10 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I like the movie. It ain't bad like others describe. Ever tried watching Babel. You know there are times when we've gotta be impetuous and need to have some adrenaline rush. It feels good. There are some guys who only want some family sentiment, some monkey dance, and happy ending. They are hypocrites. They wanna live far from reality. Somebody said that Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away. This movie follows this rhythm. Sometimes everything is not happy and despair does teach us guide us in a new path.

The performances are good and the chemistry is good. Hrithik should have bettered himself in some scenes like at the bar & making jokes while robbing a bank. There are some goofs though. Barbara is gorgeous and performance is good. Anurag has done good job. But, the only fault is that they should n't have released in India. Like I said, they want some monkey dances and some nonsensical goof romancing with a stupid chick and some opposition from parents and happy ending. It takes few more ages to let them grow out of it.

Overall, It has some adrenaline rush,romance & good ending.

I would give 8/10 as its made by an Indian trying to catch up with the world cinema or more simply real cinema.
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Kites : This kite will fly high!
rajandey22 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, I see a lot of negative reviews, one thing in common of all those negative reviews is the fact that their location is India, all the positive reviews are coming from western countries. I believe it is quite true when I say that the Indian audience were somewhat annoyed because they had to read the subtitles throughout the movie, the Indian audience is simply not used to reading subs throughout their own Bollywood film, it's alright when they have to read it during Hollywood movies. That point was a boiling point for them throughout the movie, secondly... I believe they were surprised that there was nothing Indian in this movie besides the Hindi language, I mean ; no sarees, no cultural stuff, no touching feet or whatever.. I can understand that these people can't admire the movie anymore for what it is.

I personally loved the whole concept, it is a new, fresh, original movie coming from India. Hrithik Roshan is always a good choice, though I didn't like his previous few movies (Krrish, Dhoom2, Jodhaa Akbar) I absolutely connected with this one and loved his performance. Barbara Mori is a discovery, I think this is the first time she has got such international exposure, now new doors will open up for her either in Hollywood or Bollywood, I would like to see her in more movies! Some say that the music was just bad, I wouldn't say that, the music is perfect for a Kites kind of movie. I don't expect Rajesh Roshan making songs like he did for Koi Mil Gaya, Krrish, Karan Arjun, Kaho Na Pyar Hai etc. Zindagi ek pal, Dil kyon yeh mera, Fire, Kites in the sky... all these tracks gel very well with the scenes, especially because there is no lipsyncing (which im a big fan of!). Nicholas Brown is another discovery, this guy can act, although I believe Hindi is not his language he tried to speak it well for his dub sessions. Kabir Bedi was powerful. Kangana Ranaut looked a bit weird in the movie, and I don't understand what is wrong with her voice or her English. She was good in Fashion, but I don't understand her being in the movie. She hardly has 4/5 minutes altogether.

The cinematography is simply mindblowing, the movie took us to various locales which we have never seen in a Bollywood movie before. Therefore the funnily done action chases (with funny i mean it was a little pathetic!) were looking a bit real and cool. Anurag Basu has set a new trend, a new standard, just like movies in the past few months have already done; Dev D, Wake Up Sid, 3 Idiots, Rocket Singh and now Kites. Anurag has grown more as a director, his last movies weren't bad, but I couldn't quite connect with them. Kites did the trick!

My only complaint about this movie is; did the cars in the action scenes really need to explode directly when they touched another car, or banged into one? When Hrithik released the cars on the roads to attack the police, couldn't the police hit the brakes? You could clearly see that the cars were rolling towards the police, and they didn't do anything! The action scenes revolving around the chase could have been a lot better. In the ending when Hrithik shoots everyone with his machinegun, in the rain... i stared towards the screen through because that shot was just BEAUTIFUL. The rain, the silence, the background score.. wow! So there the action factor was hiked up a little bit for me.

All in all, if you want to enjoy the evolution of Bollywood, the maturing of Bollywood, the new Bollywood. Be sure to watch this movie! Kites is all good, and will soar high in the sky!
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namashi_121 May 2010
'Kites' is everywhere... it's created a tremendous hype! Does it meet those gargantuan expectations? Is it worth it? The answer is finally here: Sadly, the answer isn't anything great. 'Kites' belies those huge expectations.

'Kites 'suffers from poor writing, thus it destroys its chances. It's a letdown. Coming directly to the acting, Hrithik is the life of this lifeless venture. The superstar is in top form, leaving you awe-struck with perfection. Barbara Mori looks maddening, and acts well. Kangna is wasted. Kabir Bedi has nothing to do. Nicolas Brown is quite good.

In short, 'Kites' didn't fly, they've crashed!
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Gives You the Same Feeling As Awarapan Did
creedreaper21 June 2010
This was a pretty cool movie, a different and unique prospect in Hindi Cinema for the first time. Maybe I'm a little biased because being Indian guy I myself really like Hispanic/Latin girls a lot.

This movie leaves you in some puzzles which I guess the story writers didn't seem to give any importance to for some reason because I kept wondering whatever happened to that situation etc.. Action scenes could've been better.

There were many parts that could've been better as I did not enjoy seeing Hrithik being a wimp, his comeback after what happened in the story should've been as appealing as his character in Doom 2, A Tough/Masculine risk taking thief with lots of charisma.

This movie also had some similarities between the Hollywood movie "A man apart" starring Vin Diesel and offcourse the bolly movie Awarapan starring Emran Hashmi and Ashutosh Rana. After this movie ended I felt the same feeling I got after watching Awarapan.

Overall I really enjoyed it. Barbra Mori was very beautiful and their Chemistry really did work. I just hope more Latin actresses get involved with Bollywood because this concept is Brilliant.

So go see Kites!
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A great disappointment of the year...
hbdave_7721 May 2010
So here I'm out of theatre watching this year's one of the keenly awaited film of the bollywood in Hindi version and predicting that neither the mass nor the class will like it and it would be surely box office disaster if mouth publicity will reach quite early to the audience.

Now let me tell you first why mass won't like it: Number one it's lifeless and without any sort of substance in story or presentation in anything conventional or non conventional. Almost 70 % of the film is in mixture of Spanish-English and the common audience hasn't yet cultivated the habit to follow Hindi subtitles throughout the film to understand a simple routine love story. Remember K. Balachander's 'Ek Duuje Ke Liye' where two lovers don't understand their regional lingo ended their lives at sea shore and we feel so sad for poor Vasu and Sapna in our first viewing. This poor version severely fails to deliver any intensity to the pairs of lovers. By the way are they lovers is still a big question. Nobody care a damn for the ill fated pair of glamorous desi-international kites even in tragic end here The film don't have a single peppy Hrithik dance number (for which he's quite popular) nor fine action sequence (showing car chase isn't action sequence in my opinion esp. when it seems so ridiculous) And so its not 'paisa vasool entertainment' even for popcorn money, forget the ticket!!!

Now let me come to class audience who join cinema hall to watch it for Director Anurag Basu whose last film 'Metro' was really impressive. The screenplay, tug of tangled emotions and lifelike characters made his 'Metro' quite near to heart. Here Basu quite miserably fails to deliver any of these things. It's in the second half where film starts irritating you to the limit till the end. Basu-Roshan Inc. tries to make it an international product with Spanish actress, foreign locales focusing style and nothing else. The film randomly copied the sequences of Hollywood films from 'Casino', 'Bonnie & Clyde' to 'Road to Perdition.' Why don't they copied the whole films for that matter, Bhatt camp is at least doing that for common audience!! Poor Bollywood!!! Creativity and originality is questionable affair in bollywood.

The only thing worthy of attention its Hrithik and Barbara's chemistry which looks so immensely beautiful on screen but hell they're supposed to!!! But what about performance, well the director and producer papa don't care much about it. I doubt Hrithik's style and charisma won't work this time. Though I must say its Spanish beauty Barbara Mori whose presence with all her innocent and natural expressions let you bear the film till the end. Thank god the film is just two hours affair…I'm adding one more point for that in ratings. Highly Not Recommended.

Ratings- 4/10 (Watch it at your own risk!)
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amitojha23105 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Kites is a far better movie than most of the movies made at present. It may not have gained commercially but it did gimme a joy that such movies are being made.The acting was good. Barbara is cute can't blame people who thought she couldn't act because we are fed on diet of melodrama.Felt bad for the distributor's who couldn't make money.The exhibitors may have felt the heat but I belong to a minority that loves cinema as an art more than business.Kites had good cinematography,the screenplay was good except the second last scene where Hrithik gets shot by Kangana.The songs were fine.As to whether the film had a concept well yes its the same romeo and Juliet story.So stop thinking about the concept.The only thing with the movie was that the audience couldn't empathize but i felt the same with revolutionary road too.So people we are in the transition phase of the Indian film industry....Enjoy the journey..We are heading towards a bright future!!!
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Absolytely Fantastic! Jai Ho...
goreanspank1 June 2010
For the first time I watched an "Indian" perform to the Hollywood standards, yet keeping its Indian viewers happy...

It was like a 'gel' between a 3hr Hindi action flick and an 'good' Hollywood movie...

Others have tried, 3 Idiots, Monsoon Wedding and many more, but this flick truly made it in my opinion...

Barbara Mori, complimented Roshan's performance, and well it was Great Chemistry and just an enough dose of everything a action/love story flick has...

Hats off to everyone who made this happen...

it was really time well spent after the last movie i watched "House Full", which should have been named "House Full Of S h i t" ...

Will look forward to Anurag Basu's next flick... it takes guts to stray off the normal commercial flick's and well, this is one viewer saying, it paid off buddy...

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dancer who marries woman for money, so they can get green card, falls in love with a woman who he cannot have
syyranoo10 February 2012
I have watched a movie with Hrithik Roshan

not some long time ago, and he is a brilliant actor and dancer.n this movie, 2 people fell in love, and although they were both in seek for money, they realize love is more important than everything else and the fight for each other.

Acting of both lead is so amazing, u can feel their emotion..he speaks Indian and English ,and she speaks Spanish, so thay cannot understand each other perfectly, but there is a language of love.

This movie is worth watching every minute, u will be amazed by beautiful cinematography and beautiful story, not like other Indian movies..

beautiful, beautiful movie...
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'Kites'- style & substance packed in two hours
sid-chem-iit20 May 2010
Hrithik Roshan's movies have gained the stature of uncommon events as of late. His last release came when I was in my second year and now I am nearing my graduation. All said, this guy doesn't disappoint a bit.

Kites has a simple story with a fascinatingly beautiful soul. Two lovers and their strife for peace and bonding, when none understands the other's language. Kudos to Anurag Basu for keeping this movie away from bollywood clichés and giving it a truly international treatment, unlike some other filmmakers out there who produce so called 'crossover cinema' which turns out to be quite the converse. The length is crisp and though the second half could've been better, the amazing chemistry between Hrithik and Barbara keeps you riveted till the very end.

In performances, Hrithik is quite the maverick at his cool conman turned lover act. Effortlessly oozing charisma, he has indeed kept upto his fans' expectations. Barbara is a delight. Unlike other foreign models who come to India for the skin show and currently rule the roost so as to say, she is beautiful yet articulate throughout the movie. The supporting cast is able.

Technically, this has to be one of the best movies I have seen. Rakesh Roshan as always has left no stone unturned to give kites an international look. The cinematography is awesome with quite a lot of camera work a-la Guy Ritchie genre movies. The background score is soothing like a gush of cool breeze, and especially the end is very well done. I might get a chance to catch the international version as well, and if I do, no probs with watching Kites again!
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This Kite Does Not Soar Up To Expectations, But It's Alright
GirishGowda23 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this film first day first show, and it was the only show they screened for this weekend coz of some altercations between the distributors and Karnataka commitee. I was incredibly excited to see it, as were many of you. If you were expecting a miracle on screen like me, be happy with a brawny, super sexy Hrithik Roshan instead. Director Anurag Basu didn't really need to share credit for the screenplay - the film has none. The story in a gist - the boy runs after anything that glitters, even if it's marrying immigrant women to help them get their green card and charging a fee for it. The same boy meets rich, spoilt girl and her even richer family and falls in love with the girl's brother's fiancée (!!!) and they elope. That's the story of the forbidden love between Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori.

This was Bollywood's ticket to make Hollywood look up and notice our industry, but it falters big time. Accepted that Hrithik Roshan looks like a demi-god (that will only get him noticed there), but somehow, that doesn't make up for the shortcomings in the rest of the film. Even the most closely cropped closeups, those rippling muscles, the dreamy green twinkle in his eyes and the sole dance number with his fluid movements won't help this fail soar sky high. Barbara looks beautiful when she smiles and undoubtedly, her chemistry with Hrithik proves that language is no barrier. There's very little she does except look beautifully confused or innocently distressed.

The film falters for more reasons than one - the villains are awful. An under-utilised Kabir Bedi and an avenging brother, Nick Brown, are just not evil enough. A word of mention here about the girl Hrithik thought was his golden goose - Kangana Ranaut. In a guest appearance, she, once again proves to be the best actress Bollywood could opt for the role. While the first half of the film drags through, the second half is a cinematographer's delight - moving all over the stunning Mexican landscapes. Strangely, the action packed second half doesn't have much action to boast of - save the chase scene on the Mexican highway. In fact, it's tragic that too many of these scenes bear stark resemblances to the Wild West films or even, some dark Bollywood counterparts. It's upsetting that with all the effort, money and hype behind Kites, the film ends up being an ambitious love story stretched way too far. Just like all the Roshan films, this one too is only for Hrithik. All other characters have been painstakingly paled down to let him rise and shine. Still, good for an one time watch. Enjoy.

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Worse than you can expect .... Bakwaas hai Bhai!
shariq_forever25 May 2010
This movie is all about good looks only. Good looking Hrithik Roshan and good looking Barabara. The visuals and cinematic effects and lighting combination are very good. Hrithik and Barbara's performance are also excellent. I think the writer and director are inspired by some Max Payne kind of video games. And tried to give the same type of effects in the rain, and flashback and memories, and the way of story telling. The worst thing is its story, and the very unnecessary garbage kind of Action scenes. The climax is sooo boring that one wants to quit the show before its end. And the End is also very disappointing and flawed. The movie maker has satisfied himself fully by experimenting a lot of techniques, and by portraying very depressed and lonely emotions. But the movie is not able to entertain any sane person. The story line is too DUMB and weak. Kites has no resemblance in the movie. Kites title has also been chosen just like that. And finally Hrithik should tell us whether he is a body builder or dancer. He looks so odd when he dance with such a muscular body and an alien hand. Most of the scenes are like director is trying to shoot for a modeling agency like Wills Life Style, and not a movie.
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An enormous bore with Hrithik being the only ray of light.
amarv22 May 2010
My review is for the 130 minute Indian version.

Some of the reactions that I observed in the theater. At the 80 minute mark, the person adjacent to me is whispering in a tired voice "Oh my God! how much more time is the movie going to last?" At the end of the movie, I saw a group of friends waking one of their friends. There are uniform sighs of disappointment from the audience by the time end credits started rolling. You may guess now in which direction this review is going to be.

I saw the trailer of Kites a couple of months ago and was not at all impressed by it. So I went to the screening with a bit of low expectations. But the movie was worse than my already lower expectations.

If the purpose of the movie is to entertain the audience, then the movie failed miserably. The romance between the leads appeared very forced to me. I love love stories but this romance didn't touch my heart at all. Baring a couple of scenes, the comedy too appeared as if it is placed because it has to be there. As far as the actions sequences goes, I don't know how many of my fellow movie lovers felt they are good but I felt more thrilled while playing NFS than watching these action pieces. Since when does American police cars have become crackers which explode at the slightest crash? Every day you can see at least one movie in HBO or Star Movies whose action sequences are better than these. Are there many dance sequences in the movie? Nope. There is one at the beginning which by now should have been present at YouTube or some other such site.

I couldn't believe that 4 people are involved with the story and screenplay. I can guess their initial thought process here. Rakesh Roshan got the idea about a love story where the lovers don't understand each other's language. Then he commissioned others and they wanted to make this love story an epic with great romance and great action. But neither of them, especially the romance part is not at all interesting and the worse thing is that it is boring. I think that on every page of the script, there is only a poster of Hrithik and how to cash his name and nothing else. Basically what you have in the movie is a romantic scene - action scene - romantic scene - action scene. After a while it really is a torturous experience to hear the dialog between Hrithik and Barbara and I was thinking "Oh no! not another romantic dialog please".

You know your supporting cast acting was bad when Kabir Bedi gives a robotic performance. It is also time for Kangana Ranaut to say no to such repeat roles of psychologically damaged woman. This is some serious talent caught in an image which is damaging the career.

So what are the good points of the movie. Undoubtedly Hrithik Roshan. This is a Hrithik show allover & he is fantastic. Nobody in his generation in Bollywood has his screen presence. In the single dance sequence of the movie, he dances superlatively. His performance is also very good. Much has been written about Barbara Mori. She is beautiful no-doubt and she is good in her role. The music is average fare but the cinematography is good.

I strongly think that it is high time Hrithik comes out of his 'khandaani' films (films that have anything to deal with Rakesh Roshan) and select some good subjects outside. It feels bad to see the wastage of such a talent. Most of his films depend on his style but style is temporary. I'm very sure that Mithun Chakraborty was a style icon in 80s but who cares about his films and style now except the judges and contestants of Dance India Dance. The style of Hrithik is going to be outdated in 20 years and so would be films such as this or Dhoom series because by then more trendy movies and some other cool hunk will appear. One should admire Ranbir Kapoor for his job as far as selecting the movies is considered.

This movie is strictly for girls or gays who are absolutely delirious & crazy about Hrithik. Since I am neither of those, Kites didn't work for me at all. A movie could be anything but boring which Kites sadly is. I really hope that the 90 minute international version being released next week isn't as boring as this although I'm not very optimistic about it.
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Once again a big movie plays with the viewer's precious time and money.
bobbysing26 May 2010
Frankly speaking,I also had my own doubts for KITES, but never did I expect such unconvincing, feeble and non-interesting project coming from the house of Filmkraft productions lead by the midas man Rakesh Roshan. How could he even approve of such spineless film with Hrithik Roshan at this crucial time of his career, when all the other major stars of Bollywood are coming up with consistent hits in the recent years.

For me, KITES is a big disaster from the very word Go, cause it simply fails to take you in and entertain. To be specific, there is not even one scene in the whole movie which impresses you or stays with you while walking out of the theater. It starts with a shocking scene where Hrithik is shown badly injured and then goes into the flashback explaining the reason about his current state. First he is shown as a selfish brat, who starts romancing Kangna Ranaut only because she is the daughter of a big Casino Owner Kabir Bedi. And later he finds his true love in a Mexican Girl who majorly speaks Spanish and is also wishing to make it big in Las Vegas.

Theme-wise KITES is a die-hard romantic movie, but that's only the weakest department of the film because the romance shown on the celluloid, completely fails to impress or touch the viewer's heart. Actually a romantic movie works only when the audiences also fall in love with the loving pair, playing their innocent games on the screen. But here, neither the Hrithik-Kangna romance, nor the Hrithik-Barbara love angle makes you feel for the couple suffering in all those painful situations. Somehow the characters in the storyline are not able to relate with the audiences and till the end they keep on functioning as some alien people playing their assigned part in the script. Not even once the movie makes you sit straight or feel the emotion with your eyes filled with tears. And if a romantic movie cannot generate such kind of impact among its viewers then it surely is a failure for everyone associated with it, right from its director to all the actors and script writers.

KITES is no doubt a costly venture, shot entirely in foreign outdoor locations with beautiful unseen landscapes captured magnificently by the Cinematographer. It has some high quality action sequences too which are at par with the Hollywood standards. And along with that it has the Greek God of Bollywood romancing a charming Spanish actress Barbara Mori who has also given some hot steamy scenes with Hrithik in the movie.

But here the million dollar question is that, "Is this what a common man is looking for in one of the most awaited movies of the year? Isn't it a responsibility of the makers to entertain us along with these additional added elements in the script? Do we visit the theater only to see some new foreign locations and few good action scenes on the screen or we are there seated in the hall, simply to get entertained and forget our other worries of the life". I think we are sure there to get entertained and that's where KITES fails miserably.

The director's overuse of the Spanish language (with Hindi Subtitles) remains the most irritating factors of the movie along with its same old routine kind of storyline which has nothing new to offer till the climax. Music, which always used to be a strong ace in all Filmkraft productions movies, is not that impressive if compared to Rajesh Roshan's previous works. The songs are not able to strike the right connect with the audience in absence of some interesting proceedings happening on the screen. Moreover, the film appears to be too long, even in its short duration of around 2 hours.

Performance wise, Hrithik is fine but he is not able to make a relation with his viewers mainly because both his romances with Barbara and Kangna appear to be flat without any depth. His act doesn't have any novelty which used to be a key feature of his every new movie. But he simply excels in his last scene crying at the hill top. Barbara Mori looks stunning, but again fails to create an emotional aura around her simple act. Also her Spanish dialogues after a while turn intolerable. Kangana Ranaut is simply wasted and I couldn't understand what forced her to sign this movie for such an unimportant character. Now I also get it, why she was not used in the film's promotional campaign? Kabir Bedi, Nick Brown and Yuri Suri are strictly routine.

Looking at the track record of Hrithik Roshan, Rakesh Roshan and Anurag Basu, a very polished, well worked upon and entertaining movie was being expected from the trio. But sadly, I have to admit here, that KITES falls way short of what was being projected by the Roshans. And since they are also releasing this movie in the West in English, so it seems that they may have made this venture only to launch Hrithik Roshan in that part of the world as a leading man with foreign looks.

If that was the real intention behind making "KITES", then I would only like to say that be it West, East or anyplace else, movies are meant to provide Entertainment along with their other added flavors. If you fail to entertain your own Indian audiences then you can never be successful in entertaining the viewers residing in any other part of the world.

In short, KITES is unexpectedly a forgettable venture from Filmkrafts productions and Hrithik Roshan. It's once again a proved example of how big projects play with their viewer's precious time and money.
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