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Quality B-movie
healerbyproxy29 May 2012
First off, it's a B-movie horror flick. If you are not into the Bs, don't watch them. If you are, you will like this. Plot: Not too shabby. Plot twists are surprisingly well written and not nearly as transparent as usually found in Bombshell B-movies. Characters are reasonably well developed and identifiable. Acting: Again, surprisingly good out of the lead characters. T&A: Low. B-movies expect a certain amount. In this instance, the setting and situation involved in the climax of the plot (not spoiling) really demands at least a wee bit of gratuitous skin. Cinematography: Average. Nothing spectacular, but still normal. Overall: And I say again: If you like Bombshell B-movies it is worth your time. If you do not like them; you won't like this, because this is B-movie essence.
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Surprisingly enjoyable little exploity. The first 30 minutes, or so, anyway.
Someguysomwhere14 January 2011
This movie is about a career-minded-relationship-fearing female cop who goes undercover in a high school as a high school senior to protect female students. Several have gone mysteriously missing and the authorities are understandably very concerned. It later turns out that the girls are being kidnapped and forced to fight each other for the sport and profit of their captors as well as their rich and diverse clientèle.

Along with the woman (Maggie/Kate) who is undercover as a student the movie centers around a clique of 4 girls.

Meet Brittany: She's (S)hallow, (S)elfish, (S)poiled, and (S)nobbish. And those are only the S's folks; she's also V's. (V)ulgar, (V)ain, and (V)acuous. I could go on. But more importantly I'd like to give her a big "F" here (No, not that. Okay, that too.) for "FUNNY" to watch --under the influence or not.

Meet Brooke: Brittany's sidekick. A beautiful stereotypical dumb blonde. But everything is relative since the clique she belongs to are all in some respects and to varying degrees challenged in this department. So I guess that makes her the dumbest of the dumb.

Meet Lauren: Somewhat innocent and insecure. Just wants to belong and get-a-long, it seems. Possibly has more depth than all the others but dare not show it. Knows how to creatively use that middle finger though, so that 3 or 4 people at once get skewed by it.

Meet Tina: Grew up tough, I guess, without the money and privileges of Brittany. Very forward girl, goes after what she wants. Could hold her liquor better, though.

I thought the movie started out great; about the first 30 minutes or so, before the girls got into trouble. Until then, it was fun to watch their internal bitchy but friendly sniping as they tried to put each other in their place, defend their position, and possibly move up in rank in their little clique. Sadly, all of that came to an end when the girls got captured. The humor was gone. It became a more serious film, though not "serious" serious, if you get my meaning. It is, after all, an "entertainment exploitation movie". Still, girls were being abused and killed at this stage and that's no laughing matter.

The road to hell begins after the girls are invited to a rave party by the "in crowd" (the majority of which are C to D students, no doubt). Shortly thereafter, someone slyly switches their invite along with the directions and so they are "lured" elsewhere where a guy with a shovel is waiting (you'll get the joke if you see the movie). So kidnapped, and thus deprived of their sheltered, cotton candy little girl's world of license wherein their greatest talent was applying make-up and their greatest challenge was devising ways to hoodwink their parents so they could get their way, the girls at this point in the movie are reduced to helpless, confused, frightened, ALWAYS-whimpering-and-crying creatures. Gone was their saucy, sharp tongues; their friendly and funny sniping amongst each other (Ahh, those were the good old minutes).

For their part, the bad guys came across as uneducated or unsophisticated, cruel, sleazy, and depraved whilst their leader just came across as ruthless and greedy. You may or may not be surprised who it turns out to be. The second I saw his shadowy profile I knew. In closing (hope you're not too relieved), I want to say that for the type of movie this is it's "fairly good" with the first 30 minutes -in my opinion- being the best. If I were asked what I'd do to improve it I would say: Play the humor angle ALL THE WAY THRU with the girls still saucy, bitchy, and sniping at each other even after being captured and in dire straits. Nobody has to be killed in this thing. Lastly, the girls are beautiful and I'm a guy so a little more T&A would have gone a long way. Love, Boloxxxi.
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Failed to see the allure
movieman_kev12 May 2013
Feministic policewoman Maggie goes undercover at a high-school to investigate the rash of kidnapped cheerleaders. A group of snotty 'teens' (in their thirties) 'befriend' her as they need a car to the rave. On the way, well if the made it, that wouldn't be much of a movie would it?

This film is pretty dreadful, bad acting, an insanely stupid plot and just a crappy way to spend an hour and a half. I feel dumber just having witnessed it. The most that I could feasibly hope to accomplish with this review is to save someone from suffering the Sam fate as me. If I could do that for just one person, perhaps this wasn't all in vain.

Eye Candy: Sita Young gets topless
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The students are older than the cops, teachers, and their parents
yeodawg11 November 2011
Casting call needs to be fired the only thing worse than CGI gunfire is the casting of this movie. I know they use 30 something to pay teens in movies. but these anorexic porn stars are not only older than their teachers but older than their parents. once you get passed that its a good movie watching them whine bitch kvetch and run screaming for their lives, fro these shovel wielding inbreds. It showed a lot of boobs at the beginning and wasn't to gory to put you of later on, well acted for a b-movie screamathon, well directed and they put some money in this. The dialog rang true and I enjoyed it good movie. in short a bunch of local losers form a cabal to hunt down and kidnap teen girls for their amusement.
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