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27 Sep. 2009
After losing his house in a divorce settlement, Cleveland moves to Virginia and manages to rekindle an old flame with his high school sweetheart.
4 Oct. 2009
Da Doggone Daddy-Daughter Dinner Dance
Cleveland blows his chance to escort his new stepdaughter to a dance when he accidentally runs over the family dog.
11 Oct. 2009
The One About Friends
Cleveland gets Lester's son Ernie to become Cleveland Jr's friend, but later accidentally gets Ernie taken away from Lester by Child Services.
18 Oct. 2009
Birth of a Salesman
Tim gets Cleveland a job as a cable telemarketer. But when Cleveland does a better job than him, Tim wishes bad things on Cleveland.
8 Nov. 2009
Cleveland Jr. Cherry Bomb
Cleveland is embarrassed when Cleveland Jr. publicly announces that he will remain a virgin. But when he discovers how embarrassed Cleveland is, he vows to lose it.
15 Nov. 2009
Ladies' Night
Cleveland is upset when he finds out that Donna is still attending a single mothers' support group in order to have a good time. Meanwhile, Cleveland Jr. runs for student council president with Rallo as his adviser.
22 Nov. 2009
A Brown Thanksgiving
Cleveland celebrates his first Thanksgiving with his new family, including his own parents Cookie and Freight Train as well as Donna's Auntie Momma who all make a surprise visit to shake things up in Stoolbend. However, the holiday gets complicated when Roberta and Federline decide to celebrate on their own, and Cleveland discovers a surprising secret about Auntie Momma that changes his impression of her forever
29 Nov. 2009
From Bed to Worse
Rallo conspires to kick Cleveland out of his mom's bed so that he can have her all to herself, while Roberta blows off her job of keeping an eye on Cleveland Jr. while on a field trip to Washington D.C..
13 Dec. 2009
A Cleveland Brown Christmas
Cleveland gets drunk as a Santa Claus and shatters Rallo's Christmas by telling him that his biological father is a deadbeat.
3 Jan. 2010
Field of Streams
Cleveland convinces Junior to play for the high school baseball team, but can't hide his embarrassment after he finds out that he is terrible.
10 Jan. 2010
Love Rollercoaster
When Roberta's new teacher encourages Roberta to alter her appearance, Cleveland Jr. befriends the disguised Roberta and falls in love with her. Meanwhile, Cleveland comes up with an interesting new invention.
31 Jan. 2010
Our Gang
Cleveland tries to help some troubled teens at the high school get on the right path, but doesn't realize that in the process he's become a drug dealer.
14 Feb. 2010
Buried Pleasure
After Cleveland accidentally discovers Holt's embarrassing secret, he sets Holt up on a date with a woman who turns out to be abusive. Meanwhile, Rallo waits for Cleveland Jr. to pass his pet fish.
21 Feb. 2010
The Curious Case of Jr. Working at the Stool
Cleveland Jr. vows revenge on his father after he gets him a job at the Broken Stool but later conspires to get him fired.
21 Mar. 2010
Once Upon a Tyne in New York
Cleveland takes Donna on a belated honeymoon to New York, but Cleveland spends more time with his friends than her. Meanwhile, the kids try to sell a pilot to MTV, and Coach McFall tries to "rekindle a romance" with Tyne Daly.
28 Mar. 2010
The Brown Knight
Cleveland is hailed as a hero after he protects his wife from a robber at an ATM--even though that isn't exactly what really happened.
11 Apr. 2010
Gone with the Wind
Donna becomes angry when Cleveland experiences unexpected grief at his ex-wife Loretta's funeral.
2 May 2010
Brotherly Love
Cleveland begins pimping out Terry for bachelorette parties as a "cable guy," and Cleveland Jr. gets on the bad side of Stoolbend's top rapper when he takes an interest in his girlfriend.
9 May 2010
Brown History Month
Cleveland and Lester are ordered by a judge to work together on a float for the Stoolbend Unity Parade after they get in a fight, while Rallo launches a plan to steal Lester's Confederate flag.
16 May 2010
Cleveland's Angels
After Cleveland loses Roberta's college fund to a crooked casino owner, he is forced to resort to extreme measures to get the money back.
23 May 2010
You're the Best Man, Cleveland Brown
Cleveland's parents announce they are getting married and moving to Stoolbend. Cleveland Jr., fresh off inheriting his mom's fortune, offers to pay for the wedding. But can Cleveland and Freight Train play nice and get through it?

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