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  • The screenplay was written by American screenwriters Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Nicholas Stoller's wife is from Ann Arbor, so they chose this as their central location for the story. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • "Jackie Wilson Said" by Kevin Rowland and Dexy's Midnight Runners. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The US Blu-ray and DVD releases also contain the 7 minutes longer unrated version. Of course, if a comedy that has already been rated R gets an unrated version, it always seems a bit suspicious. Quite often these new movie cuts only contain additional footage that had originally been left out for a reason (mostly to make the movie tighter). This is also the case here, but it has to be mentioned that at least it was not used as a marketing trick and that the releases contain both of the versions anyway. The only thing worth mentioning about the new footage is that two scenes introduce a new character, Violet's ex Gideon, which makes her look a bit different. The scene with the muppet voices at the end was extended as well; the viewers who liked this bit will certainly approve. Edit (Coming Soon)


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