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big screen sitcom
ferguson-65 August 2022
Greetings again from the darkness. Director Jay Chandrasekhar and co-writers Kate Angelo and Ken Cheng have crafted a tribute to the Filipino community, paying homage to family bonds and the culture. The obvious comparisons here are CRAZY RICH ASIANS (2018) and any number of Bollywood movies offering insight and a peek behind the curtain of Indian families. As global societies continue to disburse and intertwine with various races and cultures, it only makes sense for us to gain more understanding of each other ... and what better way than through comedy?

In the film, real life comedian Jo Koy plays fictional comedian and aspiring actor Joe Valencia. Joe moved to Los Angeles, away from his Bay area family, to pursue a career in entertainment. It's been a struggle, and he's best known for a beer commercial where he looks into the camera and says, "Let's get this party started, bayBee!" One of the recurring gags is how so many either recite the line to him, or plea with him to do so. Up for a big role in a TV pilot, Joe once again lets down his high school aged son, by attending an audition rather than a parent meeting at school. Junior (Brandon Wardell) is struggling a bit with his grades at the prestigious prep school he attends. See, Joe's career as an actor might not be rolling, but his ex-wife is a powerful attorney married to a professional athlete.

The real fun begins as we see the tension between father and son on the road trip they make to join the rest of the family for Easter Sunday ... an important day for Filipinos. Along the way, we experience two more of the film's running gags: Joe's mom (Lydia Gaston) pressuring him not just to show up, but to not be late, and Joe's agent (played by director Chandrasekhar), whose use of 'entering a tunnel, so I'll be losing the connection' is his standard way of ending a conversation when he's done. Once they arrive, we get yet another running gag - the ongoing sister rivalry between Joe's mom and his Tita Theresa (Tia Carrere). It's a quick trip for Joe and Junior, but it's filled with family drama, Joe's impromptu stand-up in church, a love interest for Junior (Eva Noblezada), a run-in with a former lover (Tiffany Haddish) for Joe, a questionable business investment between Joe and his cousin Eugene (Eugene Cordero), a confrontation with a local gangster named Dev Deluxe (Asif Ali), and an all-in family karaoke song. There is even a Lou Diamond Phillips tie-in that adds a touch of class.

The writers and director have worked mostly in TV to this point, and that is just too obvious. A TV sitcom style rarely succeeds on the big screen, and though we do get some laughs, there is an amateurish feel to the proceedings. On the upside, some insight into Filipino culture is welcome, I now know Manny Pacquaio's birthday, and it was my first exposure to "Hype Truck!" Opens in theaters on August 5, 2022.
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Not A Sunday Best, But Cute In it's own right
rgkarim5 August 2022

Pace is Entertaining: A comedy is all about moving parts and cramming jokes, at least that is what Hollywood thinks. Well, for those that like the style of lots of jokes in hopes they will hit, you've got your wish in this film. It's an adorable comedy with lots of quirks to latch onto, finding either the plot or subplots to provide lanes of comedy that they exchange throughout the movie. And all of this moves at speed that captivates the time period of one day for a visit. If that is the desire, then this will be one of the strongest aspects.

The Acting Is decent: This feels like several of Adam Sandler or Martin Lawrence comedies, where a lot of people form an on stage community. While no Oscar winning roles or mind blowing performances, the acting does establish the basic chemistry you expect and adds a little bit of the forced humor into it. It works like a standup comedy or SNL sketch, everyone adding that theatrical touch to the mix to help overemphasize the humor. Yet, you really do feel a bit of a connection between them that in the end really comes out. For the top billed actors Wardell is fine. A bit out of place compared to the others, but he plays the awkward teenager phase okay that really tightened up when he meets someone his own age to interact with. Lydia Gaston was very authentic as an overbearing mother, but the comedy aspect, while funny, did not mix as well as I think they thought it would when they did the writing. Still in the matriarch movie role, she did manage to get many qualities down that I enjoyed pulling things down together. As for Jo Koy, he's fun, funny, and a bit of the jack of All Trades in this movie, being funny and sentimental at times. It's not the most dynamic, but he does mix well with just about everyone in this comedy scene and we can see how they sort of made a fun skit pulling everyone together. Overall, it's okay, and works for the theme of the movie.

Fun Cameos: A nice surprise when people pop into the movie, Easter Sunday has a few players added to the mix to make the venue fun. I won't reveal them, but the three who broke into the movie and added a little spice, really did it well. Their use in the movie was very balanced, and though a bit short lived, held enough sustenance to make their stent in the show worth the investment in their characters. And to add a little diversity to the linear level of ridiculousness, it works very well.

Clever Comedy At Times: Like mentioned above, the comedy can be really spot on in terms of their jabs at various things. The cameos were my favorites, but there were a few other times that I got the relevance of the joke and really enjoyed it's place in the minutia of comedy. As for the comedic delivery, sometimes it's timed so well, with that finesse taking advantage of the timing, I could not help by laugh at everything coming together.

Music is Decent: A good soundtrack can really help make a good movie and this film again has some decent tunes to liven things up. Some festive music helps with the cultural aspects and some of them get your toes a tapping. However, there are other tunes that ring in that again feel very in tune with the fee of the movie, including a karaoke cover that is entertaining, funny, and of course may get you to listen to the classic song like I did. Thus, while not the best soundtrack, again it is very fun for me.

Relevant Family Drama: Now the meat of the movie, is the relevance and focus on family and how it works in the grand scheme of things. Easter Sunday's small section of members was very relevant to me and reminded me so much of the antics I faced growing up in a family as close as this. This film really showed off the intensity that comes with a tight knight group, traditions clashing with modern trends and strong personalities vying for dominance. Sometimes it drifts apart, while other times it drives them closer, it's the soap opera style of drama that you may or may not see in your home. If that's something intriguing to you, then this movie is going to be so well-received, as you sort of relive the slice of familial life. What they accomplish is poking fun and slipping in those moments that help you laugh off the tension, almost like that wacky uncle who comes to the dinner. This is the core foundation of this film and at times it is very endearing to help with the moral testing quality of the movie. And other times, it's being used as the cultural representation card that will bridge the gap and make the comedy better.

Quick Run Time: And above all else, everything I have mentioned is summed up that this is a quick run time and you don't have to spend too long watching. I was out of their very quickly when the movie completed I can't say much more to this, but all this wraps up to a time commitment that is less intensive and is a good way to kill time if you need it.

DISLIKES: Predictable To A Fault: A movie that has too much prediction and foreshadowing can take the punch out of a lot of things they were planning. For me, they led the comedy and story by the nose, lines selling the twists that were happening an hour down the road. After about twenty five minutes, I had the rest of the comedy devices down with the exception of a few outliers shoved in. All this made the movie a bit boring for me, but for those who can turn their minds off and just enjoy this may not be an issue.

Too Many Story Lines, Not Enough attention: We've seen plenty of family dramas that tackle certain problems. In many of these, stories are balanced well so that they all have a place, but maybe don't get all the attention to allow for a natural flowing tale. Not the case for me with Easter Sunday. Several big plot points act as the focal points of the film, and each new point gets passed over like a baton that is then picked up with another baton. They try to stay in tandem, but for me, many were dropped and kind of had to be packed back up and developed sporadically. The flow was not there like the first twenty five minutes were, and solutions to the problems were a bit too quick to get to the races. While it again fits the idea of family matters and dynamics, as a story with emotional mastery it did not do so well for me. This led to a weaker story and sadly that's not what I had hoped when I saw the trailer for this.

The Pace is Also a Weakness: Much of the last dislike was due to this one. While the pace is entertaining and gets us to the end quicker, it itself also limits what they could have done. One of the subplots sort of pokes at this, and symbolizes how TV shows are the perfect medium for the familial culture to be shown. That felt very true to me when I was watching this film, that there needed to be a twenty something episode season to handle all the drama and plots they wanted, with two other seasons as well. It gives you a taste, and who knows, it might just be turned into a series knowing entertainment today. However, for a 90-minute rough runtime, the movie was sort of cursed with very crammed plots and gimmicks.

Jokes Are a Little Too Stand Up/In Your Face: And like many things on streaming, this movie felt even more forced with jokes. Quantity over quality in many cases, it was like Koy and the writers were throwing darts with different styles attached to them at a board and hoping it would stick with you. Koy randomly has a stand-up routine in the opening part of the movie, which works, but then the rest of the time it feels out of place. Other times, the other serious actors have to break their roles or try to shuffle out into comedy, and it just doesn't feel natural to the character leading to it being a bit meh. The point is the amount of jokes got a bit stale and need more planning and time to space out and maximize the talent in this movie.

Cheesy To a Fault: We all know cheesy jokes have their place and cheesy delivery does things well too. However, Easter Sunday again goes too far down this road to the point where it either is annoying or ruins what could have been a good line delivered had it been delivered differently. Again, SNL knows how to balance this well, but Easter Sunday may have treaded too far down this path to really maximize this comedy style for me.


Overall, Easter Sunday is okay in my book. It's mundane and a little bit of a mixture of chaos that the movie actually quotes and in some cases that chaos works well. It's relevant for those who know the culture or have a family like this, finding ways to mix drama and comedy that will be great if you turn your mind off. The movie stays at a fast pace through all of it, so this should appeal to those with little time or just needing a time killer to momentarily shut off their brain. However, in doing so, they rob a lot of the quality that the movie could have had. Mixing all the storylines, the comedy styles, and in such a tight package did not work, again needing a sitcom series to really get this kind of humor out. Still, a home watch with friends or family might be a fun in house date night, which is where this movie will be maximized at.

My scores are:

Comedy: 6.5 Movie Overall: 5.5.
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Boring, unfunny, shallow...
rchosen-193-553526 August 2022
So I am not filipino, but my wife is from the Philippines. So when she seen the trailer for this movie we decided we would rent it when it came out to stream/rent. What a mistake. The only partially funny stuff is in the trailer. The rest of the movie is beyond boring and all over the place.

Most of the jokes feel forced and make you cringe. The humor is pretty shallow and really seems to make fun of filipino culture and paint it in a bad light rather then show how great filipino culture can be.

Everyone in the movie (even non-filipinos) seem to act like nasty idiots to everyone. It felt like the lead actor (who I read is a comedian) basically took his jokes and tried to make them into a movie. It just doesn't work. This feels more like something you may see on TV instead. I can see why ticket sales were low.

While they movie had one amazing cameo, even this persons cameo felt forced and boring. I regret renting the movie for free. Couldn't pay me to watch it again. To note it was so slow we stopped watching after 45 minutes. Again, if my filipino wife finds it boring... you know its bad.

I did check out the actors comedy online and I'd say his comedy is at least funny, where as this movie is not. Not to mention the movie has endless swearing in it. This whole movie is just an insult to filipino culture and makes everyone look shallow and nuts.
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So badly wanted to like it
robynnet6 September 2022
I'm a HUGE Jo Koy fan and was really looking forward to his first feature film, but unfortunately it wasn't great. If you've never seen Jo's stand up act, you will likely enjoy this film a bit more since many of the jokes in the movie are recycled from his shows. The supporting cast was good, with a great cameo by Lou Diamond Phillips, but I only really chuckled a few times. The script was predictable, the story forced, and some of the jokes felt like they were added at the last minute to fill in time. 4 stars for the supporting cast and the few giggles, but I wanted at least one big belly laugh like I get watching Jo Koy perform his stand up.

I wish I liked this more.
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Interesting Insights to a different Asian family
bostonct5 August 2022
Someone mentioned it's an hour and a half sitcom, and it probably is but it provided a steady stream of chuckles, laughs, cringes, "hmmm???", "whaaattt???" and a window into a different culture as well as the west coast point of view (I'm East Coast). Plus it finishes off nicely. It's a good night out that will leave you with a smile on your face after you've left. Enjoy.
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I expected too much but the movie failed
mhingz27 August 2022
I was expecting similar funny stuff from jokoy as what ive seen on social media, youtube clips etc... but i was expecting too much from this rookie actor who probably havnt done a real movie acting in his life! Poor acting, poor script and jokoy is trying soo hard in his acting (maybe on the stage as a stand up comedia but not on the movie). Whats worst, he made the church his stage for his stand up comedian thingy which is not everyones cup of tea (specially from a catholic filipino). As for the comedy side.. it might get some laugh on those who lived in the states but definitely not from uk, middle east or australia... i really cant relate that much even living half of my life outside philippines.... I wont recommend this movie.
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Joshumms8 August 2022
1-2 chuckles and that's it. Extremely basic family comedy except it's genuinely not funny at all. And it wasn't even that many jokes didn't land it felt like they only actually attempted to make a couple jokes and the rest was terrible, messy, and boring family drama.
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Fun Clever and Entertaining
Patti-1005 August 2022
If you are Filipino this movie will delight you. Little stuff like the oversized wooden spoon and fork on the wall.

I'll watch it again with The Who family next Easter.
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Not Funny Comedy
stevendbeard6 August 2022
Warning: Spoilers
I saw Easter Sunday, starring Jo Koy-Anastasia, Virginia; Lydia Gaston-The Blacklist_tv, The Sopranos_tv; Eugene Cordero-The Good Place_tv, The Mule and Tia Carrere-A J and the Queen_tv, True Lies.

This is a not so funny comedy directed by Jay Chandrasekhar-Beerfest, Club Dread, Super Troopers-who also plays Jo's manager. Jo is a stand up comic that is struggling to get a tv job and moves to Los Angeles. Lydia, his mother, wants him to come home for Easter dinner. The movie is based on Jo's real life-being Filipino-and how there is always lots of drama and fighting going on. Eugene is his cousin and Tia is his aunt. Lou Diamond Phillips and Tiffany Haddish have small cameos. The message at the end is that family is important-they play Karaoke and all of a sudden, all is forgiven. Maybe you have to be Filipino to enjoy the humor but I thought that most of the jokes are just plain juvenile. There are a couple of bloopers shown just as the end credits start.

It's rated PG-13 for language and has a running time of 1 hour & 36 minutes.

It's not one that I would buy on DVD or rent. If you want to see it I would wait until it comes to tv.
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decent, but not great movie
ucladude15 August 2022
Felt sloshing around in the first half. Too many stories going on. I kinda didn't know what the movie was about. Second half and third act were better. The movie is about bringing family together and people finding themselves. It succeeded and will bring tears of joy to your eyes.
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Unfunny and Predictable
looking_Work7 August 2022
The acting by EVERYONE in this mvie was poor. This was Brandon Wardell's 2nd movie and should be his last. Eugene Cordero played the character of 'Eugene'. I could not tell whether or not it was the writer's intention for this character to be mentally challenged or if it Was Cordero's acting that ruined this character. I would say Jo Koy should stick to his day job but he is supposed to be a comedian and he was far from funny here. The jokes fell flat. I do not remember laughing even once during the movie. The funniest lines were all shown in the trailers.

This movie is a definite PASS.
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Win for the Filipino-American Community
genapacada7 August 2022
For so long I was ashamed to be a Filipino American. As a 2.5 generation immigrant with my parents moving to San Francisco when they were 1 and 2 years old, I grew up thinking that being American meant talking without an accent and doing everything possible to fit in and not make waves or inconvenience anyone else. Growing up speaking English only, to white America, I wasn't American enough and to Filipinos, I wasn't Filipino enough because I couldn't even understand their language. This movie was the first time that I felt proud to celebrate the Filipino-American culture in the mainstream. It took me back to my college days when I was that girlfriend meeting a Filipino family in Daly City for the first time. Do I think everyone is ready to accept Filipino-Americans after this movie? Clearly no... that was apparent when I saw the white man in front of me scrolling through his iPhone for the whole 2nd half of the movie. For me, even though it may have reinforced some Filipino stereotypes, I loved the message of the movie that you don't have to comprise who you are in order to be successful in this country. Jo Koy, or actually Joseph Herbert, has done something truly amazing for our community and I applaud him for it. When I was a kid, I wish I had someone like him telling me that I should be proud of who I am, instead of being fed this idea that I needed to act "white" in order to fit in. Representation does matter and I think this is a huge step forward for our community. Thank you to everyone who helped in making this film possible! I never in my lifetime thought I would see a film in the theaters that makes me connections so deeply to me and my Filipino-American family.
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Better to stay home
eric-312-41747620 August 2022
One of the most painfully unfunny movies I have ever seen. I was so exhausted from cringing that I had to leave before it was even over.

Every joke, every attempt at humor or human connection fell flat on its face.

This is one Easter you'll want to leave the eggs hidden because they are all rotten.
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Painful to watch
donvyt28 August 2022
Sadly this movie does not contribute anything new to how Filipinos are perceived but merely reinforces tired stereotypes, Jokoy's brand of toilet humor, and outdated tropes. It can be painful to watch.

If you've been a Filipino for a significant portion of your existence, then there aren't any jokes here that you haven't yet heard. And those that are new, at least to a few, are few and far between.

We have all seen this movie - just not in this precise form. Take a few jokes here, a few lines there, some plot lines from old family comedies, some Thanksgiving dinner family feuds from very old stories, etc. Except this time, all the characters, and the actors playing them are Filipinos. Did we really need this movie?

It's surprising that this movie even got made; when Batwoman was shelved and people WANT to see that movie. And we all know about Morbius. So the ultimate question on every thinking Filipino's mind is, "Why?"
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Exaggerated! And a big embarrassment for us filipino
chloequirong20 August 2022
The accent was too much, it almost seems like they've lost the sense of this movie, it's a wrong representation of a Filipino family, not everyone from the Philippines that lives here in the US are like that, they are a disappointment, was a big fan of Jokoy with his Netflix but this movie was a big flop, and he should just stick to doing stand ups, an instant fame with his instant head swilling up.
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Easter Sunday was a pretty enjoyable comedy about Filipino families
tavm8 August 2022
I believe a year or so ago, a female second cousin of mine had introed me to Jo Koy, a Filipino comedian, on YouTube. I remember laughing quite a bit at his material. So now he's starring in this movie about someone like himself dealing with trying to get a part in a TV show while also having to visit his Mom and relatives for the title dinner. And he has a teen son from a mixed divorce to boot! There's more than what I just mentioned but I'll just say that having seen this with my mom, whose birthday today is, my sister and some friends of both of them mostly of the same race as the above comedian, it struck a chord concerning familial relations and cultures related to my parents' home country and their melting in current society of their adopted homeland. I, myself, only knew of this movie's existence because of the cast appearing in an ep of "Family Feud". And it surprised me when looking up this film online to find out that both Tia Carrere and Lou Diamond Phillips, who I knew from Wayne's World and La Bamba, respectively, were both in it. (I didn't pay complete attention to the "FF" ep so I don't know if either one were contestants on it.) Anyway, Jo Koy does some of his funny stand-up bits and while there were some contrived situations, there was some truth here and there concerning Filipino culture. Really, I'll just say me and my family and friends really enjoyed Easter Sunday and leave it at that! (Edit to add: I just found out on YouTube that the Easter Sunday cast on "Family Feud" consisted of Jo Koy's real-life clan competing against that of Lydia Gaston's, who played his mother in the film.)
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jisforjoe5 August 2022
What a dud. Comedies have one job (to make you laugh), and this barely squeezed two chuckles out of me. I'm especially bummed because I love Jo Koy and his mom's 'JOSEP!' sounds exactly like my mom's but WOOF-this movie is not it.

Easter Sunday's the second movie I walked out of this year, Paws of Fury being the first.
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Can't Stop laughing
goshamorrell10 August 2022
The very funny stage routine of Filipino-American stand-up comic Jo Koy is unevenly brought to the screen in "Easter Sunday," with a lot of jokey family conflicts and some slightly less jokey encounters with menacing guys with guns. It is not surprising that the film's best moments are essentially Koy on stage telling jokes, and the second-best moments are Koy interacting with other top comics, Jimmy O. Yang and Tiffany Haddish. Everything else is a distant third. Koy plays Joe Valencia, an LA-based stand-up comic and would-be actor best known for a series of beer commercials with the catchphrase "Let's get the party started, baby!" That job has ended and he is hoping to be cast as the wacky neighbor in a new sitcom so he can make enough money to support his family. He does well in the audition, but they won't give him the role unless he will perform with an exaggerated accent. Joe's cousin Eugene (Eugene Cordero of "The Good Place") has taken the $20,000 Joe gave him to buy a taco truck and instead bought something called a Hype Bus. Anyone who is not Filipino will enjoy the glimpses of details of the culture, those that are distinctive (balikbayan boxes) and those that are their version of the universal (food = love). Anyone who is Filipino, like the family I sat with at the screening, will have a whole extra level of delight at representation, not just of the ethnic details but of the powerhouse cast of Filipino actors. Koy has said in interviews there were years of rejection of this film because studio executives did not think it was relatable. He entire cast is excellent, including a surprise Filipino guest star. It's a pleasure to see their jubilance in bringing their culture to screen, which shines even in the script's weakest moments. Anyone who is second or third generation will identify with the tradition vs. Assimilation dynamic and the passionate loyalty to members of the community who have become famous. And anyone who has a family will identify with the generational conflicts over what constitutes success and the importance of security.
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From the perspective of a Filipino immigrant
josephmatchinsky8 August 2022
Warning: Spoilers
I'll be reviewing this from two main perspectives.

As a film enjoyer, this obviously fails in almost every cylinder. Editing was noticably rushing, many scenes felt jarring to cut onto, many inconsistencies. Writing felt way too convoluted, it felt like many ideas were pushed onto the story regardless of any idea of a theme. The film focuses far too much on recreating stand up bits from Jo Koy, which would be great if the cast felt like they had chemistry with each other. Conflicts are poorly handled, they are introduced and then quickly removed to move onto the next conflict. I thought the film would utilize the concept of the struggling comedian more, but it does not seem like Joe Valencia is at all a struggling comedian. They don't focus really focus enough on the family's love for each other, because all we see (up until the last 10 minutes or so), is their pettiness. The themes were muddled, comedy unbearable, and pacing out the window. The only enjoyable parts were the occassional actually funny moment.

As a Filipino, I find a lot of the chaos funny. However, it feels very much like a watered down perspective of the Filipino person's life. It only focuses on the "crazy wacky family". It doesn't actually focus on anything beyond that. The usage of tagalog is noticably forced. When the actors/actresses spoke tagalog, it was clearly mistranslated and was poorly spoken. The handling of Catholicism was odd, because its so integral to Filipino culture, yet is so poorly handled. Usage of Halo Halo as a symbol for the Filipino family would be nice, if the person saying it was not the girl. The girl is explained to have a father that left and a mother that works too often. So it doesn't make sense for her to say it. The portrayal of familial abuse across Filipinos is also terribly handled. They skim over it in the last 10 minutes. Most of the resolution is handled in 15 minutes tops. There's such a focus on what the writer finds funny and cool, to the point where they forgot to make a film.
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Surprisingly good
dg-3391317 August 2022
I was pessimistic but was pleasantly surprised how funny it was, and not slapstick funny. Jo Koy did a great job! I would classify this as a "feel good" movie. If you're tired of super heroes and blood and guts then I would recommend this for you.
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Can Go Stale At Times, But A Barrel of Laughs with Humorous Representation to Boot
valen06024 August 2022
What is so interesting about Easter Sunday is how it plays on the humorous side of Filipino culture in an American-produced film. Being of that heritage myself (but born in the states), it feels so familiar and immersive. As though you easily relate to these people as cousins and relatives you haven't seen in years. I had my mom (who comes from Manila) tag along to view this at our local theater to see what she makes of it. She had so much fun with it saying she found it to be "too true" and is something she's used to on her side of the family. Stand-up comic Jo Koy did a great job leading his first comedy vehicle under Universal and Spielberg's Amblin that the laughs were pretty much going on nonstop.

Since the movie is loosely based on the life of Jo himself and the way he describes Easter Sunday as the "Filipino Super Bowl," it's a delightful setup to getting to know his family life outside of his standup work. Sure, it has some exaggerated and fictional accounts over what his personal life is really like, but it nevertheless was worth viewing. As it is with my own cousins and relatives in both the states and overseas, the characters in this movie are quite likable and funny to be in the presence of. Jo's costars like Tia Carrere, Jimmy O. Yang, and scene stealer Tiffany Haddish keep the story going. Whereas newcomers like Brandon Wardell who plays his son Junior and Eva Noblezada as his son's love interest Tala gave great performances as well.

Basically, the entire movie focuses on Jo trying to balance his professional life and personal life to the best of his skills. Traveling outside LA to Daly City to meet his mom near San Francisco with his son in tow to build a better bond with him is something he is sorely missing. And of course, finding what's more important in life than just a high-profile job by itself. I'd say with the family values combined with the stereotypical motifs and gags of a Filipino family alone, it also tries to make it remain grounded too. Despite some parts of the movie feeling too similar in concept as a sitcom and past comedy flicks I've seen (along with the tendency for gags to sound recycled and go stale at times), Easter Sunday is definitely a silly knockout with the countless predicaments and misunderstandings Jo faces regardless of familiarity. I'd give it a shot. Wasn't disappointed.
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Quite enjoyable comedy...
paul_haakonsen25 August 2022
When I came to learn about this movie, I must admit that I was looking forward to watching it, especially after having heard about Jo Koy's family from his numerous stand-up comedy specials.

So did writers Kate Angelo and Ken Cheng deliver? Yeah, they did. However, I had expected that the writing would have been done by Jo Koy himself, but hey, this worked out as well. The storyline was nicely written with lots of good comedy moments and some very colorful characters.

The cast ensemble for "Easter Holiday" was quite good, with some very talented Filipino actors and actresses on the cast list. And with the likes of Jo Koy, Lydia Gaston, Tia Carrere and Eugene Cordero then you're in good company. And it was definitely a treat to have Lou Diamond Phillips show up as well.

This is a well-rounded comedy with a good story and with a lot of heart. If you enjoy comedy movies, then you definitely should check out "Easter Holiday" from director Jay Chandrasekhar.

My rating of this 2022 comedy lands on a six out of ten stars.
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Lacking structure
breadandhammers11 August 2022
Warning: Spoilers
"Easter Sunday" is a screwball comedy that showcases Jo Koy's standup act in the form a feature film. While there were a few humorous moments, the film is overall disjointed and lacking structure. It's not that it's not serious or offensive. It's quite honestly boring.
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Likable But Not As Funny As JoKoy Could be
tkdlifemagazine3 November 2022
I love Jo Koy. His stand up is very funny. His storytelling is great. His tales of family and growing up and achieving success as a Filipino-American are very endearing. This movie contains many of the best elements of his storytelling and it is fun to see him playing a version of himself. His family is very memorable if you have seen his stand up. This film's stand up moments are the best. The Church scene is best part of the movie. The weakness is that the movie has been sanitized for family viewing. It is the Filipino version of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Heartfelt. Warm and funny. Not the best but good.
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A crazy family
Cinema-reviewer32127 August 2022
This movie felt like a standard comedy movie that was just ok. Easter Sunday (2022) has a simple premise and interesting characters, but it does not feel well put together.

Jo Koy as Joe Valencia was fine his acting was not awful, but it was not fantastic. The characters are made weird to fit the plot but some of the characters are only in small scenes to bring a joke that is not that funny.

There are scenes that last a couple of seconds that I lightly laughed at and only because it was something random and out of nowhere. There are also unexpected scenes that caught me off guard because I did not know they were in the movie.

There is an unnecessary side plot that makes its way into the plot about Joe Valencia seeing his family for Easter Sunday, and some of the scenes are weirdly cut together.

Easter Sunday (2022) was fine. It does not stay with you, and you could find a better comedy movie to watch and spend 1 hour 36 minutes of your time.
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