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Riots at the Dinner Table
montealegreandrew14 August 2021
The nuances and dramatics of family relations and political and economic orientation is highlighted in this hilarious comedy. The director peels back the layers and family storylines creating some of the funniest and engaging scenes I have seen in a long time. All leading up to a grand and satisfying climax. It's a drawing room / dining room comedy but with movement and, literally and figuratively, a riot in the streets of Lima and in the family dinnig room. It's all about family, that's what makes it so funny.
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A movie with gays but not about gays
Red-12531 October 2021
The Peruvian film Las mejores familias was shown in the U. S. with the translated title The Best Families (2020). It was written and directed by Javier Fuentes-León.

As the title suggests, the movie is about wealthy families. The two families live on their adjoining large urban estates. They're basically friendly, although, as would be expected, there are some hidden animosities.

This film is--I think--the first movie I've seen where a gay couple is part of the family, but their gayness isn't a key plot element. Another member of the family is a gay man, but he's fallen in love with a woman. The families think that this is unusual but, again, it's accepted.

The main plot elements involve three other characters and the fact that two opposing factions are holding large, angry marches at the same time and in the same place.

We saw this movie virtually from ImageOut, the excellent Rochester LGBT Film Festival. The Best Families has a weak IMDb rating of 6.9. I thought that it was better than that and rated it 8.
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