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(I) (2009)

Amy Morton: Kara Bingham



  • Ryan Bingham : [Narrating]  Every Family has a person who keeps the genealogy in check that's my sister Kara: the glue

    Kara Bingham : [Over the phone]  Hello,Hey how you holding up?

    Ryan Bingham : Fine you and the kids?

    Kara Bingham : Missy's outstanding Matthew made varsity how's the road?

    Ryan Bingham : Couldn't be better

    Kara Bingham : Good, I didn't want to ask you this I know how you are about doing things for others but we're coming up on Julie's and there's something we could use your help on

    Ryan Bingham : Yeah

    Kara Bingham : We've been sending people kits so they can print out photos of Julie and Jim on card board and then photos of them at interesting places kind of like the Nome in that French movie

    Ryan Bingham : Why

    Kara Bingham : Because its Julie's wedding and she thinks it would be fun, does it matter why?

    Ryan Bingham : How is Julie?

    Kara Bingham : Would you call her? She thinks you've turned to butter so your assistant said you're going to be in Vegas, can you get a photo of the cut out in front of the Luxor pyramid?

    Ryan Bingham : The place is a shit hole nobody stays there

    Kara Bingham : I'm not asking you to check in can you just take a stupid photo?

    Ryan Bingham : I'll "try my best"

    Kara Bingham : Thank you for "trying your best"

  • Ryan Bingham : What happened?

    Kara Bingham : Jim's got cold feet.

    Kara Bingham : Today?

    Kara Bingham : Yeah that's how cold feet work.

    Ryan Bingham : What do you want me to do?

    Kara Bingham : Talk to him.

    Ryan Bingham : You want me to talk to him?

    Kara Bingham : [speaking in metaphors, referring to getting married]  It's either you or me and you know my track record I've already struck out once.

    Ryan Bingham : [speaking in metaphors, referring to getting married]  I've never been up to bat, I haven't even been in the dug out.

    Kara Bingham : Don't you talk for a living? Motivational king of stuff?

    Ryan Bingham : I tell people how to avoid commitment.

    Kara Bingham : What kind of fucked up message is that?

    Ryan Bingham : It's a philosophy.

    Kara Bingham : It's stupid.

    Ryan Bingham : It could've helped you.

    Kara Bingham : You haven't been around much you basically don't exist to us. I know you want to be there for her here it is: this is your chance.

  • Kara Bingham : [over the phone]  You're awfully isolated the way you live.

    Ryan Bingham : [while walking through the airport]  Isolated? I'm surrounded.

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