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Oscar well deserved.
deloudelouvain26 April 2019
The Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film of the Year went to Rango and to be honest in this category it clearly deserves that. After The Ring and Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Gore Verbinski brings us another highly entertaining movie, this time with something slightly different as it is an animated movie. The images and characters are just perfect, it's all very creative and visually stunning. As for the actors, or better the voice-overs, they were perfect in their roles. I can't see anybody narrating Rango better than Johnny Depp. The story is simple but effective, with alot of humor, maybe not for the younger kids but more for adults with a healthy imagination and that don't mind watching animation movies every now and then. Rango, a movie I will watch again in the future.
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Great movie western...
MR_Heraclius23 February 2020
One of the best animated movies ever made, the trailer shows so little and I'd recommend watching it as it is absolutely outstanding. The animation work to the character development to the soundtrack are perfect in every way. Everything a animated movie should be.
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RobW72027 February 2011
I mean... wow.

*insert slow clap for ILM folks*

Last night my wife and I had the pleasure of checking out an early screening of Rango here in the twin cities. It was a blast! This movie was a great deal of fun. The jokes all hit the right marks, the story was solid, sweet and not too formulaic, and the visuals were outstanding.

There were times that this movie looked 100 percent photo real. outstanding job modeling and texturing and lighting on this. the little tiny attention to detail in the world you guys built had my wife and I in awe throughout most the movie. The animation was fun and eccentric. Over the top but at times subtle and felt meaningful. The only little nit pick was the mouths on some of the characters. in the attempt to make the animals look more like the animals they were representing the mouths were quite small and at times the sync was a bit odd. Though it provided for some goofy looking characters that were fun.

at just over an hour and a half, at times it felt it was a little too slow paced. well, that was my wife's critique. I looked at it more so that they were going for the slower feel of some classic westerns. I thought the long stretches of little dialog, epic music and visuals, and great cinematography worked in the films favor.

The crowd dug it too. I think the youngest person in the theater was about 6 (which i found odd for a late night screening, but whatever) and the oldest was probably in their 70's and everyone was engaged.

I was kind of surprised what they could get away with in a PG rated movie. Im no prude or anything, but there were enough adult jokes snuck in there to give me the giggle fits. Couple of lite swear words, references to more... ehem, adult type themes, but overall pretty tame and enjoyable.

Hats off. If this doesn't win awards I don't know what I believe in anymore. This is one of the more entertaining movies I have seen in a long time.
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Rango... Every archetype, convention and finest detail is here! The west lives on...
pzazz_hij4 March 2011
Rango... yes it is a play on the classic Western Django. Thats why its so interesting!

I had eagerly awaited the arrival of Rango, not only as a western fan but also as an admirer of Gore Verbinski; and the inclusion of Johnny Depp has yet to be a bad thing. The trailers had almost completely left out any kind of plot hint, which i now realise was a very good decision.

So, the story is that a chameleon, with acting ambitions, longs for social interaction outside of his lonely environment. His wishes are granted when he stumbles into the western town of 'Dirt' and takes over the vacant role of Sheriff. When he discovers the towns water supply is almost run dry he searches for answers along side the townsfolk, all of whom believe Rango to be their Saviour.

If you have seen the trailer you will have noticed the singing mariachi owls, who tunefully break down the forth wall to open the film. Not too dissimilar to the rooster in Disney's classic Robin Hood they help guide the story along and in doing so also keep you guessing. Which was a real bonus for me in terms of animated films as they do tend to get predictable, despite how well they are told.

Rango himself upon first meet is absolutely NOT a hero. Even more interesting though is that his name is not Rango. In fact we have no clue as to what his name is... no doubt an obvious reference to the classic Spaghetti Westerns to which its inspired by and its Eastwood lead 'Man with No Name' character. But Rango, despite his lack of name, knows what he wants and Verbinski very clearly makes sure the audience knows too... He wants the chance to be a hero and to one have a story to tell. Let the narrative unfold...

The real winner here is the scenery, its animated alright but i was struggling to believe that at various points in the film. The scene in the saloon towards the beginning is fantastically lit and the final showdown is shot better than a lot of the classics. I'm not kidding! In fact I would happily pay to see it again just to look at those shots again because they capture the tension so well.

Although the real audience is those who love the classic west, Verbinski is able to make it accessible to a vast number. The younger audiences will definitely appreciate Depp's eccentric character as well as the very well timed humour, both visually and verbally. The more mature audiences will appreciate the latter a lot more so. The story is excellent! It unravels perfectly and its runtime passes by almost without effort.

Rango is western... make no mistake. But i assure you one thing should you decide to give it a chance, its what it needs to be! Its entertaining, action-packed, funny and sincere. Above all else, it has what makes a great film, alongside the great protagonist is a great antagonist! Rattlesnake Jake is scary... he's great with his words and deadly with his gun and he helps build to a great and tense final showdown!

Rango gets 10/10 from me!
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Existential yet goofy, "Rango" will impress both young and old
Movie_Muse_Reviews4 March 2011
We all face an existential crisis at some time or another, just usually not when we're seven, which will likely be the mean age of children watching this newest non-Pixar non- DreamWorks animated feature. No, "Rango" won't challenge kids to contemplate their role in the cosmos, but that's precisely the predicament of its main character, a theatrical lizard who finds himself — as many animals in animated films do these days — thrust out of domestic bliss and forced to reckon with the untamed and unforgiving nature of the wild natural world. But in addition to all its verboseness and abstract homage to classic Westerns, "Rango" equally dishes out top-notch physical humor and creative characters for the young ones to lap up, even if they're not exactly of age to, as the film puts at least once, "ruminate."

We don't learn much about Rango's life as a pet lizard. In fact, his name is not even Rango; he adopts it as his identity during his adventure. We do see him create his own theatre productions with the random items in his tank and he pretends that they give him feedback and criticism. When he determines that his latest show needs some intense conflict, he finds himself flung from his tank and on the side of the dry desert road. At the advice of an old armadillo (Molina), he seeks out water and stumbles upon the town of Dirt, a classic Wild West locale full or critters and experiencing a nasty drought.

Johnny Depp quickly loses himself into Rango, a character that's somewhere between his take on Willy Wonka and his turn as Hunter S. Thompson. Depp churns out an outstanding animated protagonist, one who is equal parts boisterous and insecure. As the ultimate outsider in Dirt, our lizard hero has an epiphany: he can reinvent himself out here. He takes up his new name and makes up a fantastical tall tale and then with a pinch of luck, becomes the toast of the town and gets anointed sheriff. All seems swell, but something's up in the town with regards to the dwindling water supply and the local critters are getting restless. Rango must truly be the hero he masquerades as.

The creatures of Dirt are fascinatingly animated. They are gritty and unpleasant looking, but awing in their detail. Rango's facial expressions even out-Depp the man behind them as embodied in the scrawny asymmetrical lizard. The animators do a particularly fine job of creating the hot and dry climate of the desert, enough so to recommend that the film is best enjoyed with a beverage in hand. It's so effective that it magnifies the problematic nature of this simple predicament done hundreds of times before. Hidden underneath it all somewhere has to be an environmental message, but not an overt one and not the main lesson to learn from the story.

The language and texture of the film might be decidedly adult, but the conventions of the story and the degree of action aims specifically for children. Rather than aim for a middle ground, "Rango" somehow takes the highest road and the lowest road simultaneously. The dialogue and the situations are sophisticated but the physicality of the characters and the high-flying Western frontier action still plays to a child's understanding. This only proves that "Pirates of the Caribbean" director Gore Verbinski has a real gift for all-ages entertainment.

In addition to Rango's existential quandary, children will not understand the cinematic homages either, particularly to spaghetti Westerns. One of the film's most affecting scenes comes at the moment when our animated hero, as they all do, hits the lowest of lows after he's exposed as a "fraud." Rango has a run-in with "The Spirit of the West," an instantly recognizable figure who has some old-fashioned advice about toughness and walking tall on the path you're given. It's a tender moment as what has been considered a bygone era of cinema plays an important thematic role in such a modern mainstream story.

"Rango" doesn't quite capture the degree of humor and emotional depth that the Pixar greats of the last few years have, but it's a fun adventure with exquisite animation, tasteful characters and a good heart, which puts it as an above-average offering compared to others of its kind. Adults will simply marvel at the intellectual boldness of this pure and simple kids movie and rightfully so. Only with a Pixar gold standard in place does "Rango" come across as flawed; otherwise it's an absolutely pleasant watch from start to finish.

~Steven C

Visit my site at http://moviemusereviews.com
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Wasn't expecting something this good so early on in the year...
TheLittleSongbird4 March 2011
I heard from a number of people that this was excellent so I went to see it myself being a fan of animated movies and of film in general. And I absolutely loved it, other than being a little too long, which is such a minor complaint, it was a wonderful film with some surprisingly mature themes and does very well at trying something different.

The animation for starters is outstanding. Not only do the characters move convincingly, but the colours look gorgeous and the backgrounds are imaginative and stunning. The soundtrack is another plus, the score is wonderful with a sense of fun, great use of instruments and nods to Ennio Morricone, without being too generic or over-the-top with some inspired musical flavour to it.

The script is funny, smart and quirky as well- loved the Chinatown(Ned Beatty based his performance on that of John Huston's), Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Star Wars references- the characters are genuine and likable with heart and don't fall into the trap of being too cliché(there are some but it works in the film's favour and I loved the title character), the film goes at a great pace while remaining wholly satisfying at its end with an almost elegiac quality that is there with almost all the best westerns, the slapstick action bounces along nicely and the story is far from formulaic instead it is original and inventive. The voice acting is wonderful, both Johnny Depp and Bill Nighy- Rattlesnake Jake is awesome!- give knockout performances, while Isla Fisher, Ned Beatty, Alfred Molina, Harry Dean Stanton and Abigail Breslin are equally terrific.

In conclusion, a wonderful film that I wasn't expecting to be this good this early on in the year. On a side note, for those complaining about suitability for children, I actually wouldn't say this was a film for kids but more adult-oriented. 9/10 Bethany Cox
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Real good fun
neilucifer21 March 2011
This movie is insane! I read a lot of negative reviews here, and all of them had one common factor: children. Of course it's not meant for your 4 year old kid, It's a Gore Verbinski movie. This guy made The Ring and Pirates of Caribbean, none of them had any child-safe approach about them. if you want to make your children happy, go and watch Mars need Mom or something.

Ranting aside, this movie is one hell of fun journey and a feast for eyes. No 3d, shining bright colors, A good script that gives space to each and every character, strange and beautiful landscapes; the list is quite endless. It also happens to be quite post modern in it's approach. I couldn't believe what I was watching on screen. You definitely will long for a second watch.

in movie Things were not shiny and tidy. It was full of grime, the characters experienced real helplessness and despair; you could feel for them. That's a big achievement for an animation movie.
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Zany, trippy, bizarre, unique, and perplexing. But it totally works.
diac2287 March 2011
After an extremely weak first quarter in the cinematic world full of remakes, re-dos, 3-D flicks and movies about gnomes (really…really?) we finally have something fresh, original, and quite trippy to kickoff 2011. Once again reaching into his Western roots, Gore Verbinski makes up for what he did to World's End and delivers one heck of an animated film. Rango is full of surprises: surprisingly violent, surprisingly smart, surprisingly full of western references left and right, and with a surprisingly incredible western score that matches that of Ennio Morricone (never thought I'd say that). If you can muster its sluggish start, extremely fast-pace humor and rather bizarre moments throughout, then you will thoroughly enjoy Rango and its Western mayhem. And who said the Western genre is dead....

Rango (Johnny Depp) is a chameleon that after a mishap inside his tank comes across a town full of desperation and hopelessness. With a little bit of luck and a lot of lying, Rango becomes sheriff of the town but runs into a lot of trouble when the water supply hits low and tensions start rising. The storyline is nothing new, but the script (Good work John Logan) is full of fresh ideas, fun action pieces, and a great assortment of characters. In the midst of the script lie so many homages and references to classic westerns you can make up one heck of a drinking game.

A strong factor into the fun of Rango is the excellent voice acting, which rivals that of Pixar's best casting work (See: The Incredibles and Finding Nemo). Johnny Depp is phenomenal in all his crazy roles, and his performance of the hilarious Rango is nothing short of brilliant. But, let's not forget the great work of Isla Fischer (as the lead female), Bill Nighy (as the sinister Rattlesnake Jake), and the great singing of the owl mariachi (Los Lobos). And speaking of singing, let's talk about music. Hans Zimmer was robbed when Inception didn't win Original Score, but he deserves even more praise with the score here. It is an incredible mix of guitar, strings, orchestra, and nods to masterful Morricone, and is hands-down the best score since Michael Giacchino's "Up." I am strongly contemplating buying the soundtrack if it's out in stores.

The three main reasons why Rango works: Johnny Depp, Hans Zimmer, and Gore Verbinski. Very few blockbuster directors have the zaniness and range of Verbinski; as his repertoire includes Pirates of the Caribbean (epic blockbuster), The Ring (horror), The Mexican (I still don't know...) and Mousehunt (underrated dark family comedy). His talents can be shown here as he interweaves strange dream sequences with unique action sequences and plenty of hilarious moments. This movie also doesn't hold back for the kiddies, as it has the language, adult dark humor, strong themes, and heavy violence of a good-ol' western. Just picture what were to happen if Chuck Jones directed a tamed Quentin Tarantino script. And Lord knows there is not enough Chuck Jones influence in the modern animated movie world.

Bottom Line: Rango works because of its fresh originality and its refusal to follow the clichéd rules of children animated flicks. It ditched the 3-D, ditched the watered-down tone we see all too much, while we experience a very unique take on Westerns while at the same time see plenty of odes and homages to them. The zany edge of classic Warner Brothers doesn't happen enough in this millennium (With Emperor's New Groove being the outstanding example) so its great whenever we see a Chuck Jones-style of entertainment. While the movie is quite gritty for a PG flick and some of its off-color content may throw you off, I am confident when I say that Rango is the first good flick of 2011. Once again Depp, great job. Your career is astounding and even underrated in critical acclaim standards. Zimmer, I think its time to start making an Oscar dedicated to you, because that was quite a musical trip. And Verbinski, I forgive you for World's End.
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Wonderful Western Animation
TourettesPersonal9 March 2011
"Rango" is more appealing to adults than to kids. It has a lot of reference to the old western movies which kids might not understand. There is nothing new about this movie but "Rango" is visually stunning, full of decency and totally hilarious.Though there are problems about the story but it's dark, crazy, and exciting.

The story is nothing but reference of other western movies. It's kind of a remembrance but it's not compelling and new. There is nothing new about the story. It's just a western relic.

The best thing about this movie is its animation. The visuals are wonderful and eye candy. The character design looks old fashion zany and I love it. Kind of reminded me of "The Misadventures of Flapjack" a TV show from CN. While this movie is from Nickelodeon there are some humor that kids will perhaps laugh. The movie is not in 3D. "Rango" proves us that 3D is not necessary to our lives. 3D shrinks the scale of a movie.

There are no flaws with the voice acting. Johnny Depp is really meant for Rango. Isla Fisher did this before in Horton Hears A Who so it's okay. Bill Nighy is an amazing villain. I want more Ned Beattys' sexy voice. Too bad Timothy Olyphant didn't have enough scenes but it's still great.

My favorite thing about the visuals is the environment. Look at the sky and the desert. Cinematography is also great. Every visuals are eye candy. The scene when Rango and his friends are being chased by bats and gophers is truly breathtaking.

Maybe the reason why Ebert gave this movie a perfect rating because it's not in 3D. Well Rango is not flawless but it is still entertaining. If you like beautiful visuals then I will recommend this movie to death. The story is not really unique. It's still worth watch. The merits makes us ignore the flaws of this movie.
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Nickelodeon bares its fangs
neji1072 March 2011
So a slight blurb about how surprised I was that Nickelodeon was tackling several mature themes: Rango boasted quite a number of darker undertones that you wouldn't normally expect from a PG, animated Nickelodeon movie. Such areas included language (sporting such lines as "You son of a-"!, "Go to hell!", and "Can I gut-shoot someone?"), violence (an impressive amount of shooting and dying), sexual themes (making references to how "active" one's mother was and a joke about a mammogram), and the film's portrayal of death (where characters constantly expect Rango's death and at one point, parody death by hanging). That is, you could arguably find just as much material in other animated films, such as The Incredibles- but it just goes to show that Nickelodeon is ready to experiment with a braver sort of film, much like Disney did with Pirates of the Caribbean. Okay, disclaimer over.

Rango is beautiful film that, regardless of its content, gave everyone in the theater a darn good time. Borrowing heavily from classic Westerns (The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly) and Western comedies (The Three Amigos), the film brings reinvents a past formula in an amusingly creative way. Rango, a pet chameleon unsure about how he wants his identity to develop, is suddenly cast to into the life of the wild wild west and decides to assume the duties of the sheriff in a troubled town. When the gunslingin' enemies arrive, the trouble begins...

If anything, the film is revolutionary in its animation. The quality and textures of the animals and landscape is simply spot-on and never ceases to amaze. By far this is the movie's greatest strength- and supporting the beautiful visuals is a whole slew of jokes. Like I said before, sometimes the humor is a bit awkward for its targeted audience (there were definitely a lot of times adults laughed instead of the kids) but for the most part the theater as a whole enjoyed the comedic spots. The voice acting cast is of course lively and fun, bringing a unique quality to each and every animal character. And lastly, the score by Hans Zimmer is once again majestic and exciting (influences from his work in Pirates and Sherlock Holmes are easily heard, but with a Mexican twist!).

Overall, Rango is a beautiful and exciting western adventure that you shouldn't miss! As long as you know what you're in for, the humor and the visuals will take you for an unforgettably pleasing ride. 8/10
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Rango is a creative, dazzling, and funny tribute to classic spaghetti westerns, but it's definitely not a kid's movie.
Ryan_MYeah11 March 2011
A couple days ago, I started 2011 off on a solid note with The Adjustment Bureau, but that solid note has now risen to a brilliant note with the release of Gore Verbinski's Rango.

Johnny Deep provides the voice of the title character, a chameleon house pet who gets lost in the middle of the Mojave Desert, and through a series of effective fibs, as well as killing a lethal hawk by accident, winds up the sheriff of the town he wandered into known as Dirt, a town low on water supplies, and on the brink of total drought and dehydration. Rango decides to investigate the mystery surrounding the low supplies, and quite often bites off more than he can chew.

The direction by Gore Verbinski, who garners enthusiastic and terrific performances from his voice cast, is wonderful, and the screenplay by John Logan pays tribute to the classic spaghetti westerns of yesteryear, right down to pre gunfight stand offs, important events happening at high noon, and the decision to have a Mariachi band narrate, and make comment on the film's events. Sure, a couple scenes seem to overstay their welcome, but in spite of that one flaw, the film is fresh, and funny, and the film quite often got a good laugh from myself. I also loved visual references to characters played by Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

I must also praise the technical crew. This is the first animated feature designed by the legendary special effects company Industrial Light & Magic, and John Knoll does a good job at supervising the film's many grand, colorful and photo realistic images. I have just as much praise for the audio crew. Sound editor Addison Teague does a good job at handling classic western sound effects such as gunfire and galloping hooves, and Hans Zimmer (whose music score pays delightful homage to the scores of Ennio Morricone) does a great job at heightening the excitement and wit.

Before I sign off, I must make a final point. I'm normally not too vocal about censorship, but take the facts that the film is animated, and rated PG with a huge grain of salt, because Rango is NOT a kid's movie. The images are quite quirky, and sometimes even trippy, some of the subject material is rather violent and foul mouthed, and some of the jokes may fly way over kids' heads, but that's exactly why I think the film's so special. The film makers stuck to their guns, and didn't wimp out in order to get a bigger audience of children. It's a movie almost strictly for older viewers, and should be treated as such.

Needless to say, I loved Rango. I give it ***1/2 out of ****
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jackmartinu15 April 2019
Noah puts in a captivating performance as Rango in this movie
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No Man Can Walk Out of His Own Story
claudio_carvalho28 April 2012
A family is crossing the desert by car with their lizard in an aquarium. The driver is forced to an abrupt movement to avoid an accident and the aquarium falls off the car on the road.

The female lizard Beans gives a ride to the lizard up to an old western town called Dirt and he goes to the bar expecting to drink water. The braggart lizard tells that he is a dangerous gunslinger called Rango and the impressed locals believe that Rango is a hero and invite him to be the sheriff.

Sooner Rango finds that water is missing in town and the Major has a suspicious behavior. But when the evil Rattlesnake Jake arrives in town, Rango assumes that he is a coward and quits his position. He walks to the road but the Spirit of the West convinces him to return and fight for those that had believed in him.

"Rango" is one of the funniest and most originals animations that I have recently seen with a parody to western movies and a tribute to Clint Eastwood, the stranger without a name, in "High Plains Drifter".

The voice and the way of speaking of Johnny Depp are also hilarious. The 2012 Oscar of Best Animated Feature Film of the Year is in good hands. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "Rango"
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A Delight!
namashi_17 February 2012
'Rango' is A Delight To Watch. Sharp Writing, Masterful Direction, Outstanding Animation & Superb Vocal-Performances take 'Rango' to a Legendary Level.

'Rango' Synopsis: A Chameleon named Rango accidentally ends up in the town of Dirt, an outpost that is in desperate need of a new sheriff.

'Rango' catches your attention from the word GO. It's wonderful concept gets it due, as the narrative is so crispy & involving. John Logan's Screenplay is Sharp! Gore Verbinski's Direction is Masterful. He has envisioned this film, fabulously. The Animation is Simply Outstanding! Each & Every Aspect, is Awe-Inspiring! Music by Hans Zimmer, is perfect. Editing is well-done.

Johnny Depp delivers a remarkable vocal-performance as 'Rango'. The Versatile Actor makes the protagonist fun & lovable. Isla Fisher is excellent. Stephen Root is top-notch. Timothy Olyphant gives another impressive performance. Alfred Molina does his bit well. Ned Beatty, Ray Winstone & Bill Nighy are terrific as the villains. Others are just right.

On the whole, 'Rango' is A Winner All The Way!
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The negative reviews tell you why it's good.
rkhen23 April 2013
Rango is a great kids' movie that plays on many levels, like all great kids' movies. About a hundred churchies here don't like it; that tells you it's realistic and morally complex. (One person complained about its metaphors for good and evil, because "many people take God and Satan seriously". Yeah, but we don't all think we hold a copyright on them.) And some folks helicoptered in to complain that it's violent and would scare some kids. Fifty years ago my parents took me to see Bambi and it scared me. So did Dumbo. It's vital that kids learn about fear, danger, and violence, and a cartoon is the softest place to do it. Thank God my folks understood that. For the record, Rango's violence is funny and completely unrealistic. Would it kill you to talk to your own kids about the difference between slapstick and the real world?

There are "swear words" here, if you still think "hell" and "damn" are swear words, because it's a gritty Western. (That happens to star a chameleon.) There are a lot of Hispanic references and characters, because Hispanics invented cowboys and the "American" West; Nickelodeon simply decided to unwhite-ify the Hollywood version, for a change. (The guy I read who complained about that wasn't even Hispanic. Meanwhile, I have Hispanic friends who love this movie, in part because they're in it, for once)

There are several stereotypes, ethnic and otherwise, because it's a satire. If you can't grasp irony, avoid this movie. In fact, never go outside. And several minor characters smoke. I hate smoking. But: stereotypes, remember? Westerns? Cultural memes? How about just teaching kids the difference between allegory and real life?

As for the moral content, the "lessons" of Rango, which, I think I can state without incurring a spoiler slap, are: 1. the world is a crazy place, 2. scary problems have to be solved by ordinary people, and 3. a quick wit and a lot of luck sometimes beats a quick draw and a lot of money.

If you agree with that, and aren't scared of your own shadow, see the movie. I loved it, and I'm hard to please. It's a great romp, a witty farce, and a lot of fun, precisely because Nickelodeon didn't sugar it down to pious drek.
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Possibly the most enjoyable film of the 2011
I always had mixed feeling about the filmography of Gore Verbinsky (I think that "The Ring" and the Trilogy of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" were decent, entertaining pop-corn flicks) On the other side, I thought that "The Mexican", "Mousehunt" and "The Weather Man" were awful films, lacking of any artistic or entertaining value.

However, I must recognize that he did a great work this time. "Rango" is not only one of the best animated flicks that I've seen in the recent years, but also, one of the most enjoyable movies from the recent times. It is fresh, original, and fascinating, being completely different to all the CGI movies that came in the previous years.

It works incredibly well as a spoof/homage of the spaghetti Western, combining the classic elements of the genre with the very special touch that is present in all the movies of Verbinsky (Yes, even the worse ones) It is incredibly weird, but also it is extremely funny and clever at the same time.

Personally, I loved the character designs: Some people find them "ugly", but the "ugliness" of the characters is done in a beautiful, stylish way: All of them have a unique, strange appearance that makes them appealing and fascinating.

The level of detail and the atmosphere of this film are simply magnificent; every single frame of this film it's a like a work of art, a incredibly extravaganza where Gore Verbinsky let his imagination run wild...But the most incredible thing is that he find a way to make this wild ride something enjoyable and entertaining.

"Rango" is the best movie of Gore Verbinsky. It is his most personal work, taking the best elements of all his previous movies, finding the greatness.

I think that in a few years, this movie will be considered the "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" of this decade. After seeing "Rango", I'm convinced that a new classic is born.

10/10 (I would give it eleven stars if I could)
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One of, if not the best animated movie
eduardoarg25 September 2019
This is not your ordinary animation, it has incredible, unique designed charecters and scenarious, a great plot and charecter development. If you have not seen this yet, you don't know what you're missing.
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Best animated movie ever
austinnharris13 February 2019
Such a great movie, I saw this in the cinemas when I was 11 when it came out, but never really appreciated it. I'd love to have the chance to go and watch it in the cinemas again.
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The best kids movies aren't always for kids
KnightsofNi1119 September 2011
What sort of expectations can you possibly set for a CGI kids movie about a lizard in the old West? For me, it was relatively none. I didn't think anything of Rango after seeing the first trailers and immediately discarded it as another kiddie film that I would have no reason to see. But then the movie came out and the buzz began and the surprisingly positive reviews started coming out. It wasn't long before I decided I actually did need to see this movie. It was a while till I got around to actually doing the deed, but boy was it worth it.

Rango is, and I mean this in an utterly sincere fashion, an incredibly brilliant film. Johnny Depp stars as the voice of the title character, Rango, a pet chameleon who falls out of the back of his owner's truck while on the highway, only to find himself lost in the vastness of the Nevada desert. He eventually finds his way to the town of Dirt, an old and decrepit town filled with old and decrepit rodents who are in desperate need of water before their town dries up. Rango shows up alone in the town, known by nobody, so he decides to create a new persona for himself, dawning an Eastwood-esque man with no name facade that gets him into a lot more trouble than he bargained for. The film is sharp, hysterical, action-packed, and more trippy than you can believe.

Rango possesses an immaculate sense of bizarre uniqueness that carries the film and makes it a truly wild experience. It delivers a painfully hilarious script backed by very impressive voice acting and Gore Verbinski's direction of the film gives it a cartoony and incredibly entertaining flare. This film is of a certain quality that is so rare within the kid film genre, especially the part of the genre that isn't made by Pixar. Rango takes CGI storytelling to a whole new level and transcends the ideas of what your typical talking animal film should look like and feel like. Pixar is known for its low brow subtleties that allow adults to enjoy their films as much as kids. Rango, on the other hand, takes it a step further and prides itself on its clever innuendos and shockingly inappropriate quips. To a certain demographic (i.e. uptight parents) this is appalling and disgusting. But to me, I thought it was genius to market a film as a kids flick and then blow the rest of us away when we realize that this is a film that arguably has more humor aimed towards adults than kids. While some may bash Rango for this, I give it incredulous amounts of kudos.

Not only is Rango's humor great and it makes the film a blast, the action sequences in the film are brilliantly fun and the overall visual quality of the flick is superb. Gore Verbinski directs the film with incredible finesse, showing off a range of styles within one two hour film. The film can be wacky and fun, as well as sophisticated and sincere with direction, artistic design, and cinematography that captures the various moods and atmospheres Rango weaves through. And of course let's not forget the amazing CGI. The detail of every last hair on the back of a rodent, every last scale on a lizard, and every last grain of sand in the vast open desert is mind boggling. The film is pieced together so well artistically, possessing not a single flaw in its visual integrity.

And perhaps what I love most about the look of this film is that it breaks all stereotypes of the idealized talking CGI animals that we are familiar with. There is nothing cute or fluffy about these critters. They are absolutely the ugliest bunch of greasy, grimy, disgusting rodents ever animated onto the big screen. The characters in this film resemble the things you find under the sink and then promptly kill and/or scream in terror. And that is really what Rango is all about in essence. It isn't about idealizing the happy-go-lucky world of talking animals. It highlights the more grotesque aspects of this fantasy land, while still managing to be hysterical. When it comes to animated films, you won't see enough like Rango, so see this movie so you don't miss out on one of the best "kids films" to come out in a long time.
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exceptional animated insanity
tom_mcwest23 March 2011
Movie reviewer Roger Moore panned "Rango" in the Saturday March 5th Atlanta Journal Constitution. I had seen the trailer and was impressed with the spot on animation and characters, so I went anyway. I'm glad I ignored Moore's negativity. He seemed to stew in his own juices over the fact that the movie is not necessarily geared toward children. And it's not geared toward children. Who said it had to be just because it's animated? Dare I say that Rango is a great animated movie. As I said the animation is perfect. The characters are in turn cute, precious, nasty and down right ugly. I marveled at how an animator can evoke so much emotion in a computer created character with a voice. It is amazing. I must add that I did not take a small child to this movie, I'm 63, and I would not advise that others do. While some of the characters are cute and cuddly, some scenes are scary. But that's why it's rated PG. In addition the movie is funny, makes an environmental point, is at times poignant, sad, gross and hokey. And if you don't like Jonny Depp, who is the voice of Rango, don't worry you don't have to look at him and he does a credible job as a lizard. I recommend it highly.
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perfect characters, perfect soundtrack perfect animation, perfect story and perfect movie
leonaraujo28 July 2019
Rango in many ways exceeds Pixar animation, the characters are very distinctive and, although they are cartoony, they are incredibly well done, the scales, fur or feathers of the characters are so full of details that they look like real animals, The whole casting does an amazing job with the characters, especially Bill Nighy as Rattlesnake Jake, which is without a doubt my favorite part of the movie, the movie tells the story of Rango, a lying hero trying to help the citizens of a small Animal town, the story has breathtaking action scenes. the movie has countless satisfactory scenes, the way in which the people discover the truth, the way in which Rango is lost in the desert, references to movies, mostly from Clint eastwood, etc., I can't recommend this movie enough, one of the best animated movies I saw
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Not as good as I hoped.
Nesvrstani20 March 2011
The whole movie is unnatural. There are some great parts, the voice acting is great, and the graphics are mind blowing, but it just doesn't cut it. The movie is extremely slow-paced. At times, I, and everyone else almost went to sleep. Some characters just aren't fit.

The story itself, for the most part, is not engaging, and fun. In movies like these, there should be a WOW factor present, like in Kung Fu Panda for an example, but there isn't one in Rango.

I didn't really like it. My friend was amazed.

So, it's a lot up to the viewer. It's not something that can appeal to any viewer. But, if you have time to kill, then I guess this will do just fine.
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A Fantastic Animated Film- Destined to be a Classic
aidanratesmovies12 April 2020
Hilarious, surprisingly badass, and uniquely entertaining, Rango is not only a fantastic animated film, but a fantastic film itself. Johnny Depp gives a great voice performance as the titular character Rango, and even though he shines magnificently, the film also hold many fantastic voice performances from actors all around. The peculiar thing about Rango, is that it is so firmly grounded upon its own story, and not only fully embraces it, but it is fully believable, which is an insane task to feat. The film is beautifully animated, containing some of the best CGI for a film of the 2010's and beyond. It can be a wonderfully witty satire when it calls for it, and a badass western when it needs it. Rango is full of style, class, humor, rich atmosphere, and a fantastic storyline. I was entertained all the way through watching it, even when it almost clocks in at about 2 hours, and honestly will be willing to watch it again anytime. The film is written spectacularly well, and directed so as well, and is easily one of the best, if not the best, animated feature I have ever seen. My Rating: 10/10
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A huge risk!
rileymarshall-0106213 June 2019
I'm not exactly sure who this film was made for but I do not care one bit. This movie was a huge risk because it isn't the most hilarious movie of all time and it's not really geared towards kids. But for me this risk paid off big time. Rich themes, breathtaking animation and character design, and great voice acting to go along with it. Rango is a fantastic film and I would watch it any day of the week.
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Name's Rango
Hayden-860552 July 2020
A good animated film, I had never seen an animated western with animals before this. Johnny Depp is fantastic as always and the rest of the cast does a good job.

Music is solid and whilst not up the standards of some older Western films like Good the bad and the ugly it's still quite good. I liked the actual cinematography of the film as well, how Rango and Beans stood out in almost every seen, compared to the drabness of the drabness of the town Rango is rather colourful.

The plot is really interesting as well, with water being used as currency and the usual corrupt rich hoarding lots of it and not distributing it fairly. I've seen better plots but it's easy for children to follow and compelling enough for adults

Action wise I thought it was average personally but a certain serpentine character was very well designed and thoroughly intimidating.

7/10: Definitely deserves a watch, especially if you're interested in classic westerns, and I think the genuinely interesting characters and animation are worth a viewing for people who like that stuff too
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