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MPAA Rated PG for rude humor, language, action and smoking

Sex & Nudity

  • A male chameleon says that he wants to play a great lover on stage, he has the bare torso of a broken Barbie doll in his terrarium, he sits next to it, puts his arm around it, and he asks, "Are those real?"
  • Two female characters, a fox and a lizard, call each other "slut,tramp, floozy and trollop
  • A horned toad says that problems are like mammograms, but he does not explain further.
  • A reptile threatens a chicken and says that he'll cut off the chicken's head to use to wipe off his unmentionables.
  • A large female toad and a large female groundhog wear dresses that reveal substantial human-like cleavage.
  • A female fox wears a tight, one-piece swimsuit garment that reveals a cleavage and thigh-high hose.

Violence & Gore

  • The movie has a old western theme, there are a lot of guns shown and used, including a few standoffs. The violence in the movie is portrayed in a very innocent way, such as, if a character is shot, there is no bloody aftermath, the character would just stand up and act like they just scrapped their arm. There is no blood or wounds shown in response to characters getting shot or hurt.
  • Many characters are harmed in the movie:
    • A car runs over a armadillo, the accident is not seen but later you see Rango try to help the armadillo stand and there is a flat spot in the middle of the armadillo's body where the car ran over him.
    • A character gets shot in his arm during a standoff but in response acts fine
    • A snake squeezes a character and tells the her that he wants to watch her die
    • A character claims that when the snake's character comes into town he won't leave without taking a soul with him
  • There is a lot of talk of death and in one scene they show a dead body:
    • A character is grabbed by an eagle and the eagle flies away, assuming the character is eaten by the eagle
    • Rango kills bird by the tower (as seen in trailer)
    • Rango and a few other characters find a dead body and the doctor claims the dead character died by drowning and the doctor closes the dead character's eyes
    • Many characters use bats to chase after Rango and some townspeople, when the bats are shot or crash they combust in fire
    • A snake drags a character away and says how soon people won't know he even existed


  • Rattlesnake Jake says to Beans " sign the Damn paper women. "Beans looks at Rattlesnake Jake and says "GO TO HELL!!!"
  • Bad Bill says "Blooming" twice
  • In the edited version, "damn" was replaced with "darn", "hell" was replaced by "Heck," "ass" was replaced by "anus", but they left the word "crap" in the film
  • One use of "sod buster" and in the background someone says "what the crap" but it's very hard to here and not in the subtitles.
  • 1 incomplete son of a bitch, 13 hells, 2 damns, 1 ass , swine is used. 1 use of shit in a deleted scene.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A lot of characters smoke cigars, in one specific scene a character blows smoke in Rango's face, in return Rango chokes on the smoke, in return Rango takes his cigar and eats it.
  • One character chews tobacco, in one scene Rango blatantly tells the character that some tobacco is on his beard. The chew stain is scene on his beard the rest of the movie.
  • Many characters drink "cactus juice". In one scene Rango walks into a Saloon and sees many characters acting drunk and some passed out at tables assuming from the "cactus juice". The "cactus juice" are in shapes of bottles and are poured in shot glasses. Characters, including Rango, are seen drinking it.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There is a character who has an arrow through his eye and exiting the back of his head, the character is seen by Rango who jokes about it.
  • In a comedic way, the singing owls sing and play instruments hanging from the ceiling with a noose around their necks singing about how the robbers are going to be hung
  • The character of Rattlesnake Jake may be scary to some young children. He does have a Gatling gun at the tip of his tail where the rattle would be and threatens to kill (and to enjoy killing) the sympathetic characters.
  • Rattlesnake Jake coils around a character and drags him off, screaming. He also strangles Beans into unconsciousness while threatening her death. May be unsettling.
  • Although some of things mentioned above seem harsh for a family film, the film overall is innocent, the scenes that are harsh often contain a comic element or some distraction to prevent the film from becoming overly dark.
  • It's a little more grown-up than your average animated film (mainly Pixar films) due to a few frightening characters, thematic material, some stronger language ("hell" and "damn" in the vocabulary) and "uglier" character design.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Some characters die in the film

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Rango and Beans are locked in a container with water slowly rising.
  • Scores of cacti like plants are shown moving across the desert which eventually reach a pipeline near the city. The moving plants are quite surreal and may unsettle young children.

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