Rango (2011) Poster


Abigail Breslin: Priscilla



  • Rango : [after some kids throw rocks at him]  Hey! What was that for?

    Priscilla : You're funny-looking.

    Rango : Well? You're funny-looking too.

    Priscilla : That's a funny-looking shirt.

    Rango : That's a funny-looking dress.

    Priscilla : You got funny-looking eyes.

    Rango : You got a funny-looking face!

    Priscilla : [small pause]  You're a stranger. Strangers don't last long here.

    [walks away] 

  • Wounded Bird : You kill bird?

    Rango : Why, yes, I did.

    Wounded Bird : Bird dead, snake come.

    Rango : Uh, snake?

    Priscilla : He means Rattlesnake Jake, Mr. Rango. He usually doesn't come to town because he's scared of that hawk, but he might come now. Can I have your boots when you're dead?

    Rango : No. I ain't got no problem with this Rattlesnake Jake.

    Priscilla : That's just what Amos said.

    Rango : Amos?

    [Priscilla looks at something offscreen, Rango looks and sees a small graveyard with a headstone reading 'Amos, Sheriff Thur-Sat.'] 

    Priscilla : You got any gold fillings?

  • Priscilla : Sheriff? You are going to bring that water back, aren't you?

    Rango : You can count on it, little sister.

  • Priscilla : What's he doing now?

    Waffles : I think it's a number two.

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