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Bill Nighy: Rattlesnake Jake



  • Rattlesnake Jake : [after Beans refuses to sign a deed]  Sign the damn paper, woman!

    Beans : Go to Hell!

    Rattlesnake Jake : [wraps Beans in his coils and suspends her upside down]  Where do you think I come from?

  • Rattlesnake Jake : [sees bullet]  One bullet. I tip my hat to you... One legend to another.

  • Rattlesnake Jake : [realizing it's a swarm of bats in the form of a hawk]  Ain't no hawk, ain't nothin' but bats!

    [starts shooting at them] 

    Maybelle : Stick to the plan boys, bleed the devil dry!

    [swarm spreads out, Jake laughs excitedly while trying to shoot every bat down, realizes he used up all his bullets, turns to see Rango pointing a gun at him] 

    Rango : It only takes one bullet.

    Rattlesnake Jake : You ain't got the nerve.

    Rango : Try me.

  • Rattlesnake Jake : [to the Mayor]  What was that you said? "Pretty soon, no one will believe you even existed."

  • Rattlesnake Jake : [to Rango]  Hello, "brother". Thirsty?

    [fills a glass with his venom] 

  • Rango : [seeing Jake has Beans wrapped in his coils]  Put her down!

    Rattlesnake Jake : Or what, little man? You gonna kill me?

    Rango : [serious]  That's just about the size of it.

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