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"This schizophrenic movie tackles the issue of nepotism by way of unrelenting cheese that is transgressed to a sort of suffocation".
jsmoviereproofs30 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I know what this is: this is my comeuppance. You see, I'm the kind of guy that thrives on surprises. When I'm about to watch a new movie or read a new book, I avoid any synopsis, I don't look at any reviews, I just dive in head first to figure it out on my own. So going into to fab five a cheerleader scandal was a bit disappointed because I expected something...serious, Not this pointless drama about some teens who are bad by privilege. And oh my do they crank the cheese to ungodly proportions in this one. the experience was loathing and if not for the protagonist it would have been utterly non-watchable.

Fab five: A Cheerleader Scandal is a movie based on true incidents that happened in a Texas high school about five cheerleaders who were unruly in the eyes of authority. Emma Carr is the new coach who against all odds is determined to put an end to the unjustified leniency handed these girls and instill disciplinary actions in the school establishment. Some of the offenses were drinking on school grounds, having parties, posting pictures in their uniforms while at a porn shop and playing pranks on the coach. And they only received minimal punishment for their actions. Jenna Dewan gives a convincing performance as coach Emma Carr, which seemed all the more better when put next to such a depraved cast. Ashley Benson has fun making Brook, the leader of the five little hellions, seem like such a unapologetic heartless bitch, especially in the way she treats her mother, who is the principle of the school. A let down: there's never a clear reason for why the mother gets maltreated by Brook and that makes it all too easy to hate her for it. Along with this, most of the dialogue was not taken seriously as if it were a joke or something and that made the movie feel comical.

But what is one to expect from such an inane idea such as this? When I think about this being a true story, I imagine director Tom McLoughlin being excited to work on something fun and scandalous. And admittedly its fun to some extent. Its cheesy, rushed, pointless, horribly edited, and great for a one time ride along the dangers of nepotism in an administration. The ending of this movie is superbly insufferable. When it was over I felt I could breath again, much like those who had to deal with the real girls felt once they left. With that being said, why would anybody want to go through that again, let alone, ever?
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"Pump, pump, pump it up/Pump that spirit, keep it up!"
moonspinner553 August 2008
Relentlessly malicious mash-up of teen-clique melodrama and exploitation flick, featuring the usual barrage of lollipop-licking Lolitas and well-intentioned but ineffectual adults. New cheerleading coach at a Texas high school quickly learns she's just done a High V into the lion's den after five of the kids in her squad turn the tide against her. These girls, who throw mischievous looks at each other over their shoulders whenever they've been naughty, fight with their peer groups somewhat realistically, but also go after authority figures with such professional élan one might think this TV-movie was written by dirty politicians. Still, the rebellious teens-vs.-desperate teachers theme never quite blooms because the filmmakers are too intent on recycling babysitter/big sister/jailbait clichés. The formula may work here for about 30 minutes, but most viewers should be satisfied by then. Based on a true incident that sprung from a school in Dallas, Tatum O'Neal plays the principal--and mother to the ringleader of the girls--who welcomes the new coach without a word about the other sacrificial lambs who had previously held the position (O'Neal's pained expression becomes a running joke, and she seems to have no more authority over the rest of her duties as she does over this group). B-movies from the days of the drive-ins did this type of thing with a lot more humor. Here, the sneering and backbiting are meant to be the stuff of Herculean drama--Shakespeare with handsprings and herkies. It's barely enough to cover a couple of dull hours on a weeknight, and most of the grown-ups in the cast instantly appear to recognize this.
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The Texas Cheerleader Massacre
garden-1712 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Before I continue, I have to say: I love this movie! As a man, that's awfully hard to say, but I say it with pride! The film builds and builds; and, while the pay-off isn't entirely worth it, it's still a great ending! The Plot: A group of cheerleaders, called the, "Fab Five", have--in essence--taken over a school. They rule it with an iron fist (kind of like "Class of 1984", but more subtle and less profane), operating with almost perfect impunity. The faculty and staff of the school are their almost literal servants; all, except the new cheer-leading coach, Mrs. Carr. Carr seeks to end their reign of terror.

Acting: The acting is actually very good! The cheerleaders are all extraordinarily believable; the teachers and staff also got into their roles well, as if they were really pawns of the cheerleaders'. Ms. Dewan is also very good, making her one of the most sympathetic, compassionate characters I have ever seen in a movie, let alone a TV-movie.

Special Effects: Well...there really are none; not that that's a detriment to the film; the movie really didn't need them. If you're looking to a cheer-leading movie for car-explosions, then you're beyond help, anyway...

Editing: The editing was good. There were some transitions involving freeze-frames that were unnecessary, but that may have been because I watch it on TV (with commercials).

Overall: This is a fantastic film! The actresses who played the so-called "Fab Five" were so effective in their portrayals, that--at times--I thought I was watching "Carrie"! I give it a 4.5 out of 5 (or, since this is IMDb, a 9 out of 10)!
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Mean Girls: The Drama
DarkVulcan2928 August 2008
It's a sad reminder that sometimes if parents give there kids too much power and freedom, most of the time they'll tend to abuse it to there level. It is based on real events with the exceptions the names of the real people have been changed. It about some mean cheerleaders who had there school and parents wrapped around there fingers, and pretty much gotta away with anything. But everything changes when Emma Carr(Jenna Dewan, Step Up) a new cheer leading coach comes in, and refuses to be fooled by them, and not sink to there level. The girls try to find a way to get rid of her. And that is all i'm gonna say. It was a great T.V. movie, at times is not easy to watch, but it is good non the less. A lot viewers said they hated the girls, we'll that was the idea, you where supposed to hate them, they didn't come across likable, they where the villains of the movie, I hated them while I was watching it, But my hats off to the females who played them, they really went with it, and held nothing back. They really gave good performances, especially Ashley Benson, who played Brooke the leader of the group, she really gave a good performance as a bad girl, I really hope she has a long career ahead of her. Jenna Dewan and Tatum O'Neal who plays the vice principal and mother to one of the girls are also great.
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