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While there are some serious themes at play, the movie still has plenty of gooey gory fun for horror fans.
The themes of Jakob’s Wife are a bit simplistic, but the lead performances are incredibly complex, drawing on the two stars’ decades of screen (and life) experience.
Jakob’s Wife is a fun throwback to gory vampire horror, but its gory surface covers some troubling implications. The problem lies in presenting two oppositional arguments and not fully interrogating either of them.
By turns funny, grisly, tragic and insightful, Jakob's Wife carries the smartness of years. Never has the idea that vampire and vampire hunter are caught in a codependent relationship been more elegantly and humorously framed.
As a showcase for its legendary leads, and as late-night snack for those who like scores synthesized and their blood practical, it’s certainly a good enough time at the movies.
Watching two pros throw themselves into a low-budget movie shot, on location, in BFE Mississippi isn’t just amusing, it’s inspiring. Love what you do kids, and you’ll never get old, with or without the vampire’s kiss.
Believability takes a back seat here, obviously, and the special effects are so over-the-top bloody as to be more comical than scary; unlike In the Earth, a much slicker British horror film opening in theaters this week, Jakob’s Wife proudly embraces its inherent B-ness. But it’s the star who makes this a low-down hoot while rooting it in some tart and deserved observations about the battle of the sexes.
Crampton and Fessenden are great in their respective roles both when the drama asks them to grab our attention and the comedy asks them to goof around
Slant Magazine
Travis Stevens’s film is psychologically astute, until it gives itself over to turning subtext into extremely legible text.
Despite Crampton and Fessenden’s game playing, and a few nicely icky practical effects, “Jakob’s Wife” feels strangely anemic, which, as we all know is more fatal to the already iron-deficient movie vampire than garlic, holy water and sunshine combined.

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