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Sex & Nudity

  • One woman shown topless from the back and side with brief flash of nipple. Another woman shown topless from the back.
  • A character called The Deep, pulls his pants down to masturbate. His buttocks are fully exposed.
  • One of the main "supes" can become invisible, he hides in the women's restroom and becomes visible fully nude.
  • It is implied that Starlight is manipulated and threatened into performing oral sex on The Deep.
  • One scene is in something similar to a secret club where "Supes" can fulfill whatever physical desire they may have. This includes a gay threesome, people having sex while floating, etc.
  • One "Supe", who can shape-shift, changes from a nude woman to a nude man while having sex with a senator.
  • Popclaw has nude artistic photos of herself on her wall.
  • A woman forces The Deep into having sex with her and repeatedly stroking the gills on his midriff, causing him to feel uncomfortable and repeatedly denying her advances.
  • There is a very disturbing sexually/violently graphic scene where a woman on superhero steroids seduces a random man and sits on his face for pleasure but ends up completely caving in the mans head. This is partially played for laughs but very disturbing. (Also in Violence)
  • There is a strange mother/son type relationship between Homelander and Stilwell and there is a brief but strange sex scene in the last episode.
  • It's referenced that Homelander rapes Butchers wife but very unclear if it was rape or not. It is later revealed that it was
  • Multiple scenes of a sexual nature with a female and a male who lusts over her because she produces breast milk.
  • Overall, nudity is brief but can be quite graphic. Female nudity is partial and is brief and is obscured by camera angles and lighting. There is are two instances of gratuitous full frontal male nudity. In season 2, it is in the context of a pornographic film watched by one of the characters depicting the beginning of a homosexual orgy. Very graphic.
  • Occasional sexual content throughout season 2. Simulated sex, graphic sexual jokes, and nudity. Male genitals. Etc.
  • Season 2, Episode 7: Two guys are watching XXX videos. Breasts are shown on the TV. Then movies changes to gay porn where multiple penises can be seen.
  • There are multiple instances of strong explicit graphic sexual content and nudity on the show overall, all of which go heavily on par with some of the stuff present in underground hardcore pornography (even though the show is anything but a porno).
  • Homelander is seen masturbating in the second season finale, while standing on top of a building. His penis is not visible, but his buttocks are. However, when he climaxes, a full body shot from a distance is shown while his hand is stroking his penis.
  • Starlight fights a few man in an alleyway who are about to rape a woman.
  • Unexpected shocking gore scenes while having a walk or during a sex scene (also in frightening).
  • Season 1 has strong sexual content throughout and nudity. Season 2 has less sexual content and nudity but they still have sexual content and nudity.
  • Starlight has a skimpy outfit in The Boys.

Violence & Gore

  • Translucent has a bomb stuck up his rectum. Then it gets set off and blood and guts go all over the walls. This's very brutal and bloody.
  • A woman accidentally kills a man by crushing his head whilst sitting on his face. Brain matter and lots of blood is seen on the floor in multiple shots after.
  • A baby has laser eyes and is used to take out three men. The baby cuts them in half and the gory aftermath is shown.
  • A woman is brutally murdered in a alleyway. She gets stabbed repeatedly and her open wound is shown as she's lying on the floor dying. Not much blood is shown in the fight but the aftermath is quite gory.
  • Translucent and Billy Butcher have a fight. You can see the blood on Translucent floating. Then Hughie electrocutes his bum and he is unconscious.
  • Starlight fights a few men in an alleyway who are about to rape a woman (also in sex and nudity).
  • The Female breaks Mesmer's limb.
  • A woman attacks and kills a group of men in various brutal and gory ways.
  • A-train gets hit in the leg and his bone comes out and blood is shown all around the bone.
  • A man repeatedly smashes another man's head on a sink. Blood is shown going everywhere and his face is shown with blood all over it.
  • One supe blows up in a building and kills many people.
  • Homelander kills a bunch of people in a building and blood is seen going everywhere when they die. Very graphic and bloody.
  • Starlight is shot no blood is seen.
  • The Female gets attacked by a man in a building she escapes and nails are shown with blood all over them.
  • There's a scene where there trying to save the Female. People get shot and there are blood sprays.
  • Starlight saves hughie and punches a few people in the building.
  • Mesmer gets his face smashed into a sink. Very graphic
  • The female gets beaten by A-train in a fight. He violently hits her face against a wall repeatedly.
  • The character A-Train runs straight through another character, causing her to pretty much explode. Lots of blood and bones are shown flying through the air in slow motion, some blood splattering onto the character Hughie's face. After it happens, Hughie is left holding two hands that were separated from the body at impact.
  • Overall, the violence is EXTREMELY graphic, gory and inordinate, though it's done in a more comedic fashion rather than dramatic fashion. That said though, it's more reminiscent of a graphic horror movie than your typical superhero movie, and this has to be quite possibly the most violent superhero movie/show out there by miles ahead, rivaling "Hellboy (2019)" in terms of extreme brutal violence and gore.
  • Season 2 is much more violent and gorier than Season 1.
  • Billy Butcher is shown being caught in an explosion. However it's revealed he was saved and he's shown laying on the ground unharmed. It's not revealed until much later how he survived but ends up unharmed in both scenarios.
  • This is one of the most violent tv shows of all time
  • Season 2 episode 1-3. Many men are violently killed by black noir. A mans mangled arm is shown. A man let's another man chop his arm off. A mans head is slammed and blood spurts out his ears. A womans head explodes. A mans head is ripped off. A boat runs into a whale, very gory, people are shown inside the whale. A mans hands are ripped off and his neck is snapped.
  • Arguably up there with Game of Thrones for being one of the most violent and gory shows ever put to public television.
  • In season 2 a lot of peoples heads explode
  • Extremely strong, bloody and graphic violence throughout.
  • In one episode of season 1, a dolphin being rescued by The Deep from captivity gets launched from his car and into the street. It's all shown in slow-motion, and eventually, the dolphin is ran over by a truck, and we see a huge amount of blood, guts and gore splattering all over the road from the distance. This scene is extremely graphic, bloody, gory and disturbing, but is rather over-the-top and mostly played for laughs.
  • Season 1 of The Boys has graphic violence throughout, season 2 has more graphic violence.
  • Unexpected shock gore scenes while having a walk or during a sex scene ( also in frightening).


  • Very strong language: "Fuck" is said 400x and "Cunt" is said 23x over the course of Season One (8 episodes). As well there is various uses of other profanity such as "Shit", "Goddamn", "Asshole", etc.
  • Racial slurs/jokes are used.
  • one use of the n-word in season one
  • Season 2 has even more uses of fuck and cunt than season 1
  • Extremely blasphemous. Constant mocking/cussing of God and Jesus' names. In ep. 5 Billy calls God a c*nt. However, it shouldn't come as a surprise considering the original comic series' subject matter.
  • Season 1 contains 23 uses of cunt and season 2 contains 28 uses of cunt, overall 51 uses of the word cunt so far.
  • Season 1 has pervasive language throughout. Season 2 has more pervasive language.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some drug use but not too much.
  • A character injects herself with a drug as if it were herion
  • Frenchie offers Hughie a candy flip, a combination of LSD and MDMA. Hughie declines so Frenchie takes it and then rolls and smokes a joint.
  • Frenchie takes a hit of Acid before making his special carbon tipped bullet to kill Translucent.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The violence in it is VERY graphic and bloody, and is shown in all detail, at the same time it's very stylized. There's a lot of swearing in it which contains very strong language, and there's some drug use.
  • There's a scene where Homelander and Maeve attempt to rescue a plane that was hijacked. Some mistakes are made and the events that followed are very upsetting to watch.
  • The character Homelander is a truly and utterly insane psychopath who is shown deriving a sadistic pleasure in hurting others, and as such, he has plenty of unsettling, violent, and intense scenes, which can make him pretty scary for some.
  • R18+ High impact violence, blood and gore
  • The Boys has graphic violence, foul language, graphic sexual activity and nudity.
  • Don't let the fact that this is a superhero show fool you, it's extremely graphic and very adult in every aspect. It has a relentlessly brutal Watchmen (2009)-esque setting, as well as incredibly excessive amounts of extreme graphic violence and brutality, a lot of VERY EXPLICIT language, lots and lots of explicit sex and nudity, pervasive drug use, and numerous unsettling and intense scenes. It's clearly not for the squeamish nor the faint of heart or stomach.
  • There's a fetish scene where a woman tortures a man, the scene can be very disturbing since the man is seen yelling with pain.
  • Stormfront's backstory may upset/frighten viewers.
  • Canadian Rating: 18A, Brutal Violence, Sexual Content
  • The character Hughie is shown suffering from severe PTSD, which has been triggered by the violent and gruesome death of his girlfriend. The depiction is quite raw and realistic, and maybe disturbing for some.
  • The entire show is insanely violent and sexually explicit, and it's definitely not for anyone under the age of 18.
  • Suggested rating R for strong graphic violence throughout, pervasive language, sexuality, nudity and drug content
  • Blood and gore, graphic violence, profanity, sex and nudity are use in The Boys.
  • Sex, violence, nudity, profanity and blood and gore, are used throughout the series.
  • Rated TV-MA for continuous sequences of constant strong graphic bloody sci-fi violence and gore throughout, disturbing behavior, grisly images, pervasive non-stop strong language throughout, explicit sexual content including implied rape and graphic nudity, and some drug use.
  • For 18 years olds, the show contains graphic violence, explicit language, explicit sex and nudity, pervasive drug use
  • No for kids, recommended for 18 years olds and older.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • In the final scene of season 2, home lander masturbates over New York City. A brief shot shows his butt as he moans and repeats, "I can do whatever the f*ck I want."

Violence & Gore

  • In the first episode, Homelander cuts the plane that was carrying the mayor in half. No blood is shown but it is later stated that everybody on board died
  • The whole reason Hughie is in The Boys is because A-Train ran through his girlfriend. It goes in slow motion; blood, bones, and intestines are seen in the air for about 5 seconds.
  • Starlight and A-Train have a fight. Until A-Train has a heart attack.
  • Madelyn has her eyes burnt by homelander. Her burnt eyes are seen afterwards. Very graphic and disturbing.
  • The opening three minutes of Season 2 show Black Noir brutally killing terrorists (interspliced with some scenes at the Vought HQ). The most graphic when black noir rips a guys face in half via the mouth (reminisant of a similar kill in the horror comedy, Hatchet).
  • MM is stabbed in the chest, no blood can be seen and he ends up being fine.
  • Hughie is inside of a van when it violently flips. As he's pulled out a piece of metal appears to have impaled him. Not overly bloody but intense. He ends up surviving however.
  • Homelander pushes a mans head against a wall by his face. He then starts to push until his head explodes into a bloody, gory mess, and the aftermath is shown.
  • During a hearing, many people have their heads exploded with blood and matter going everywhere. The camera sometimes lingers on the bloody neck stumps.
  • Stormfront's defeat while brutal is also satisfying due to it being deserved.
  • The Pastor's head explodes abruptly and it's very detailed. The headless body can be seen for long seconds with blood spattering everywhere. Graphic and gory.
  • Butcher smashes Mesmer's face on a sink. Blood detail is heavy and one of his eyes pops out. Very violent and hard to watch.
  • The female tears a man's face off

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The plot also contains a fictional drug called Compound V that give heroes or people superpowers. This drug had been used on babies, to get powers. A-Train also takes Compound V as an enhancement drug.
  • A-Train girlfriend death is made by overdose. Simulated suicide scene created by A-Train homicide.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Even for a black comedy, there are several moments and scenes that can/will shock somebody. Especially the fact that season 1 ends with a cliff hanger.
  • In the season 2 finale. Billy Butcher picks up a crowbar and menacingly and slowly walks towards a kid. It looks as if he is about to beat the kid with it but is interrupted by another character. When the kid walks to Butchers side he ends up protecting him leaving him unharmed.
  • Unexpected shocking gore scenes while having a walk in the street or during a sex scene.
  • Rated M for blood and gore, intense violence, sexual violence, mature humor, nudity, strong language, strong sexual content and use of drugs.

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