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Sex & Nudity

  • As the show progresses, the sexual content becomes increasingly graphic and so does the nudity.
  • There are multiple scenes of a man who lusts over a woman because she produces breast milk.
  • There is some type of sexual content in every episode. This ranges from sexual dialogue to sex scenes.
  • The show features numerous scenes of graphic sexual content. This includes 2 scenes of porn, multiple sex scenes, and a few instances of graphic male and female nudity.
  • Stormfront and Homelander have 2 graphic sex scenes. One shows multiple shots of them in different positions while they're fighting. He then lasers her breasts and she enjoys it. But another scene shows Stormfront masturbating Homelander and then they start to have sex.
  • Popclaw with a sexual outfit gets cunnilingus performed on her by sitting on a man's face. She starts thrusting on it and when she climaxes, she gets agitated and applies pressure to the man's head bursting it open. She realizes this later, but his brains are already all over the floor. Very graphic.
  • Two men attempt to rape a woman but they are stopped.
  • Early on in one season, a 'supe' orgy shows people with superheroes having sex graphically. This is shown for a few minutes as people have a conversation in the building.
  • Starlight gets a costume that is much more sexual than she would like, but she is forced to wear it.
  • In S2, a TV shows a naked woman with her bare buttocks close up.
  • A supe can make himself look like other people so he turns into a hot girl and has sex with a senator. He blindfolds him and starts thrusting with nudity clearly in view. Before they climax, he turns himself back into a fat man so they start to have sex while the supe takes the video. The video is later seen with the same nudity in view.
  • A woman goes into a room and gets sexually assaulted by a superhero.
  • Multiple sex jokes and sexual references.
  • There are couple instances of rape. However, nothing graphic is ever shown during these scenes.
  • At a party, a man has sex with a doll as everyone else watches.
  • The Deep has sex with a woman as he gets turned on when he sees an octopus behind the woman.
  • The Deep gets a blowjob from an octopus.
  • Male and female genitalia graphically shown.
  • MANY supes are shown either partially and fully nude or engaging in a massive orgy, with just about every sex act one could probably think of is being depicted in extremely graphic detail.
  • The Deep has some sort of body dysmorphia. He has gills that he's very ashamed of, and Homelander tries to make him feel insecure about it. In one scene however, Deep starts to have sex with a woman. She puts her fingers in his gills, and he asks her to stop but she doesn't. He's clearly in pain and is very uncomfortable during this assault.
  • Season 3 includes an orgy sequence through almost an entire episode. Although it's explicit, it's purely comical and comedic.
  • In one season, someone is watching porn. Nothing is shown, but it is implied and you hear some moaning.

Violence & Gore

  • In a very sexually disturbing and graphically violent scene, Popclaw accidentally kills a man by crushing his head whilst sitting on his face, caving it in. Tons of blood and gore is seen splattering on the floor, and we see the extremely graphic remains of his split-open head in multiple shots after. With brains poured all over the place and masses of blood surrounding them. The scene is extremely bloody and gory. See the Sex & Nudity section for more details.
  • A baby has laser eyes and uses it to take out three men. The baby cuts them in half and we see large amounts of blood, gore and viscera spraying everywhere. Bloody and gory.
  • A woman is murdered in an alleyway. She gets stabbed and her blood wound is shown as she's lying on the floor dying. Although, not that much blood is shown in the fight.
  • Translucent and Billy Butcher have a fight. You can see the blood on Translucent floating, then Hughie electrocutes his butt and seen unconscious.
  • Starlight fights a few men in an alleyway who are about to assault a woman. Quite intense.
  • The Female breaks Mesmer's limb.
  • A woman attacks and kills a group of men in various ways, each of them are very graphic and bloody, including her ripping a man's face off cleanly.
  • A-Train gets hit in the leg and blood is shown all around his leg.
  • One supe blows up in a building and kills many people.
  • Homelander kills a bunch of people in a building. Very graphic and a bit disturbing.
  • The Female gets attacked by a man in a building but when she escapes, her nails are shown with blood on them.
  • Starlight saves Hughie and punches a few people in the building.
  • The Female gets beaten up by A-train in a fight. He hits her face against a wall.
  • The character, A-Train, runs straight through another character (Robin), causing her to pretty much explode. Lots of blood and gore shown flying through the air in slow motion with some blood splattering onto the character, Hughie's face. After it happens, Hughie is left holding two hands that were separated from the body at the impact, and he then screams "ROBIN!".
  • The violence is EXTREMELY graphic, gory and inordinate. Although it's done in a more comedic fashion like South Park rather than dramatic fashion. However, when it's not, it can be disturbing and unsettling.
  • Billy Butcher is shown being caught in an explosion. However, it is revealed he was saved and he is shown laying on the ground unharmed. It's not revealed until much later, how he survives but he ends up unharmed in both scenarios.
  • In Season 2, a man's bloody arm is shown. A man lets another man slice his arm off and a man's head is slammed and blood spurts. Then, a woman's head comically and briefly explodes.
  • In Season 2, a lot of people's heads explode throughout with extremely bloody results.
  • In one episode from Season 1, a dolphin being rescued by The Deep from captivity gets launched from his car and into the street. It's all shown in slow-motion, and eventually, the dolphin is ran over by a truck, and we see a huge amount of blood splattering all over the road from the distance. This scene is pretty bloody, but it's rather over-the-top, looks kind of fake and mostly played for laughs.
  • Unexpected, bloody scenes can occur while having a walk or just doing your daily routine.
  • There's a scene where Homelander slams a man's head on the wall. Very brutal yet graphic.
  • In Season 2, we see them ram a boat into a whale which kills it. But then, we see them inside the whale covered in blood and guts.
  • In the beginning of Season 3, a man who shrunk, accidentally sneezes while he was inside his partner's p*nis and kills him with a lot of gore.
  • Season 3 has much more violence compared to the previous two seasons.
  • Each season is more violent than the previous one.
  • A character has his fingers blown up by a telekinetic character, who then proceeds to blow up his lower jaw and then his entire mouth. As the character convulses, the telekinetic character taunts him before blowing up his entire body (extremely gory and bloody).
  • While on V-24, Butcher fights Gunpowder and punches him multiple times in the face, partially caving it inwards. He then uses heat vision to partially slice his head in half and you see part of the head fall to the ground.


  • Constant and pervasive profanity used throughout every single episode. Words like "f**k", "c**t", "sh*t", "a**hole", "tw*t", "b*tch", "d*ck" etc. are all said repeatedly.
  • Racial slurs and jokes are used.
  • The N-word was used 1 time in Season 1.
  • "C**t" is mainly said by Butcher throughout almost every episode.
  • In total. Season 1: 396 F-Words, 23 C-Words, Season 2: 373 F-Words, 29 C-Words, Season 3: 474 F-Words, 21 C-Words.
  • Each season is more profane than the previous one.
  • The show contains strong language just as The Sopranos, South Park, and Big Mouth.
  • Season 3 has much more profanity than the previous two seasons.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some drug use but not too much.
  • A woman injects herself with a drug as if it were heroin.
  • Frenchie offers Hughie a candy flip, a combination of LSD and MDMA. Hughie declines so Frenchie takes it and then rolls and smokes a joint.
  • Frenchie takes a hit of Acid before making his special carbon tipped bullet to kill Translucent.
  • Most drug use in this series is either implied drug use or usuage of a fictional drug.
  • The drug use is fairly frequent but it is never really condoned or glorified.
  • In Season 3, there are some party scenes where cocaine is consumed.
  • Season 3 contains way more drug use.
  • There are vapes and cigarettes used throughout the show.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The show's violence is graphic, bloody, and it is shown in all detail. But at the same time, it is quite stylized and a bit over the top. Therefore not as intense or disturbing, more comedic than dramatic.
  • There is a scene where Homelander and Maeve attempt to rescue a plane that was hijacked. Some mistakes are made and the events that follow are quite upsetting to watch.
  • Homelander is an extremely frightening and disturbing presence, being a narcissistic and sadistic psychopath with the mental and emotional maturity of a grade school bully who pleasures himself in hurting others. As such, any scene with him can be very intense.
  • There are some graphically violent scenes that can be disturbing to watch.
  • Stormfront's backstory may upset or frighten viewers.
  • Hughie is shown to be suffering from severe PTSD, which has been triggered by the violent and gruesome death of his girlfriend, Robin. The depiction is quite raw and realistic, and it may be disturbing.
  • The whole show is incredibly violent and explicit.
  • The show can get very emotional and sad at times.
  • The deaths may be intense or disturbing for some viewers.
  • Butcher's childhood is very sad and hard to watch.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A superhero shrinks and walks into another man's p*nis looking for his prostate. The tiny superhero sneezes, he is immediately shown unshrinking and kills his lover by exploding him from the inside. However, two people then chase him around the room trying to fight him while he shrinks and unshrinks fully nude. He is then placed in a baggy of cocaine to incapacitate him.
  • Maeve and Butcher have sex. No nudity, but there is a lot of thrusting and moaning.
  • In the Season 2 finale, Homelander is on top of a building masturbating. You can hear slapping noises, and then you get a close-up of his bare butt.

Violence & Gore

  • In the first episode, Homelander cuts the plane that was carrying the mayor in half. No blood is shown, but it is later stated that everybody on board died.
  • Translucent has a bomb stuck up his rectum. Then, it gets detonated and he explodes into a gory mess. Blood and guts splatter everywhere and cover all over the walls. This is extremely bloody and graphic, but it's fairly comical and over-the-top at the same time.
  • Starlight and A-Train have a fight until A-Train has a heart attack.
  • Madelyn has her eyes burnt by Homelander. Her burnt eyes are seen afterwards which is very graphic and disturbing.
  • The opening three minutes of Season 2 shows Black Noir brutally killing terrorists (interspliced with some scenes at the Vought HQ), but the most graphic is when Black Noir rips a guy's face in half via the mouth (reminiscent of a similar kill in the horror comedy, "Hatchet").
  • MM is stabbed in the chest, but no blood can be seen and he ends up being fine.
  • Hughie is inside of a van when it violently flips. As he is pulled out, a piece of metal appears to have impaled him. Not overly bloody but intense, and he ends up surviving however.
  • Homelander pushes a man's head against a wall by his face. He then starts to push until his head explodes into a bloody, gory mess, and the aftermath is shown.
  • During a hearing, many people have their heads exploded with blood and matter going everywhere. The camera sometimes lingers on the bloody neck stumps.
  • The Pastor's head explodes abruptly and it's very detailed. Then, the headless body can be seen for long seconds with blood spattering everywhere. Graphic and gory.
  • Butcher smashes Mesmer's face on a sink. Bloody detail is heavy and one of his eyes pop out as it is very violent and hard to watch.
  • The Female tears a man's face off.
  • Homelander destroys a blind superhero's eardrums as he falls to the ground while screaming in pain, then blood pours out of his ears. This scene is very disturbing and sudden.
  • The Female's brother, Kenji, who is telekinetic, has his hands violently snapped off by Stormfront, with blood pouring out. He proceeds to scream in pain as she taunts him before she snaps his neck and killing him. This is very brutal, disturbing and emotional.
  • Blasting and exploding heads, a man killed by HCl from his stomach, a dolphin being crushed by a truck, severed limbs and many more.
  • In the Season 2 finale, Butcher's wife is fatally wounded by Ryan with blood pouring down her neck. He desperately screams for help but to no avail, she ends up dying as Butcher cries. This is very emotional and intense.
  • Soldier Boy wraps a character's head in cloth and then stabs them repeatedly in the face with his shield. The character dies as their face is caved inwards with every strike.
  • Homelander forces a girl to jump off a building. You see her body in the background, and then you see it splat with lots of gore.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The plot also contains a fictional drug called Compound V. This is a drug that give heroes or people superpowers, and the drug has been used on babies to get powers. A-Train also takes Compound V as an enhancement drug.
  • Popclaw is injected with 4 heroin needles by A-train and dies from being over drugged.
  • The Deep takes mushrooms in Season 2.
  • Two men are seen snorting cocaine in the beginning of Season 3. We see them snorting it graphically, and later, more cocaine is snorted leading to an overdose.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A-Train has a heart attack twice. It can be disturbing to a couple of viewers.
  • The scene where Homelander makes a girl commit suicide may be upsetting.

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