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Season 3

3 Jun. 2022
You and a guest are invited to the premiere of DAWN OF THE SEVEN this Tuesday at 7PM in Vought Tower's Lamplighter Memorial Theater! Screening will be followed by a Q&A with director Adam Bourke and an after-party with Supe DJ Malchemical on the turntables! Join us for the greatest true origin story ever told about America's number one Superhero team and see how the legend began!
3 Jun. 2022
The Only Man in the Sky
Homelander, America's greatest Supe. Defending our shores from sea to shining sea. Today, America honors him on his birthday. Vought Shopping Network is celebrating by offering an exclusive Homelander Limited Birthday Edition Gold Coin.
3 Jun. 2022
Barbary Coast
Tonight at 9/8C on Vought Plus, it's the season finale of #AmericanHero. Three contestants remain, but only TWO will join #TheSeven. Will Starlight choose her old flame Supersonic? Or will someone else be moving into the Seven Tower?
10 Jun. 2022
Glorious Five Year Plan
The Boys search for a mysterious weapon in Russia while things are brewing behind the scenes at Vought. Plenty of trouble, gore and twists to foresee.
17 Jun. 2022
The Last Time to Look on This World of Lies
The Boys run into a major obstacle in their mission to stop the Seven and turn their attention to Soldier Boy. Homelander continues to make changes that fit his agenda at Vought International.
24 Jun. 2022
You’re invited to the 70th Annual Herogasm! You must present this invitation in order to be admitted! Same rules as always: no cameras, no non-Supe guests unless they sign an NDA and they’re DTF, and no telling any news media! It’s BYOD, but food, alcohol and lube will be provided! And please remember to RSVP so we can get an accurate headcount for the caterer!
1 Jul. 2022
Here Comes a Candle to Light You to Bed
Everything's changing as never expected for the Homelander. Soldier Boy is searching for the other old payback members to slay. Black Noir recollects what has really got him to the current situation.
8 Jul. 2022
The Instant White-Hot Wild
Calling all patriots! Let's show Homelander we've got his back and we're not going to let Starlight and her House of Horrors get away with trafficking children and drinking their adrenaline! It's time for real Americans to fight back! Join the Hometeamers and Stormchasers tomorrow at Vought Square! Stand back and stand by!

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