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Michael Hubbs believes in Stockton, CA (and then does something about it)
paul-allaer29 July 2020
"Stockton On My Mind" (2020 release; 92 min.) is a documentary about Michael Hubbs, who in 2016 (on the very same night that Trump was elected), at the tender age of 26, became the youngest mayor of a large city (and Stockton's first black mayor to boot). In clips of his campaign, Hubbs tells the audience "I was set up for two things: prison or death". We then take a step back as we get an overview of Stockton, which in 2009 was the most foreclosed on city in the US (and shortly thereafter declared bankruptcy). Violence and poverty were rampant (including in the Hubbs family). In 2012, after graduating from Stanford, Hubbs returns to Stockton and at age 22 wins a seat on City Council... At this point we are 10 min. into the documentary.

Couple of comments: this is the latest from long-time documentarian Marc Levin, whose working relationship with HBO goes back decades. Here he looks at the political phenom that is/has become Michael Hubbs. With an obvious zest and passion and love for his home city of Stockton, he is taking on longtime/systemic problems like urban poverty and social justice with new (some might say radical) ideas. Such as: a Universal Basic Income pilot program (paid for by private donations, NOT tax payers money) where about 1,000 Stockton residents get $500/mth "no strings attached". And then there is the Advance Peace program, where convicted felons get hired (again paid for by private donations). And then there is the Stockton Scholars program, where disadvantaged youth can qualify for college scholarships (again, paid for by private donations). Hubbs is not afraid to call on his (wealthy and privileged) Stanford connections to make it all happen. Will these programs succeed in the long run? Nobody knows, and you may or may not agree with such approaches. But at least something new is being done that goes against the grain, against the tried and usual that has proven ineffective. Along the way, we also get to know Hubbs' father (Michael Sr.), who is serving a life sentence in the penitentiary for a 1996 robbery and kidnapping. Yea, you can't make this stuff up. And in the meantime, Michael Hubbs turns all of 30 years old this week (on August 2, to be exact). Happy birthday to you, sir!

"Stockton On My Mind" premiered this week on HBO and is now available on HBO On Demand, Amazon Instant Video and other streaming services. If you have any interest in urban planning and social justice issues, I'd readily suggest you check this out, and draw your own conclusion.
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more than a documentary
Kirpianuscus11 September 2020
You feel it more as a good documentary. But as portrait of an efficient local administration. As precise exam of social problems specific not only for Unied States . And the provocative solutions of a young mayor and his team. A lesson about to cure a community using not simple but fair solutions . Short, well made documentary , not only for extraordinary story but for a precious source of reflection and hope.
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A Message of Hope
kengunzz2 August 2020
From the Hood to Stanford and back to the Hood to help others get out. I hope other politicians are taking notes because what this young brother is doing in Stockton is phenomenal and the blueprint for transforming hopelessness into hope. Making a difference for the people that need it without spending a drop of taxpayer money. It was a pleasure to see his opposition so maaaaad yet powerless to derail this mans righteous agenda.

Anybody who cares about whats going on in this country needs to watch this and take note - this is how we make America Great Again.
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Horrible biased film
shawnrail31 July 2020
This film is nothing but a promotional film for tubbs. It shows nothing about the town of stockton and how as mayor he has made a difference for anyone but his friends. How can one be the mayor of a city and not live there full time? Tubbs is scammin just like any other politician while the community suffers.
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Stockton is horrible
seeformoi19 September 2020
As a resident of Stockton, I find it hard to believe you would spotlight this man. Our city of Stockton is the worst it has ever been. His whole slogan as mayor was to reinvent the city, so far it's been on fire daily from homeless and is in dire straights. I wish HBO would have asked residents how they felt about him, that would have been more honest.
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Thank you.
gacks_200022 October 2020
What an uplifting documentary. Knowing the Stockton area, I feel encouraged. Bless the human spirit. Thank you Mayor Tubbs.
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