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Thandie Newton: Laura Wilson



  • Laura Wilson : [On phone]  Dad, where are you?

    President Thomas Wilson : You wouldn't have gotten on that plane if I told you.

    Laura Wilson : Daddy, what's happening? I thought you were coming on the plane.

    President Thomas Wilson : Do you know what strength it gives me to know that my daughter is going to survive?

  • Laura Wilson : No toothbrush. Only books.

    Adrian Helmsley : You know, when I was a kid, my dad was on the road a lot. He would give me a box full books, call me every night and quiz me. I'd get an ice cream cone for every book I read, so I was a fat kid.

    Laura Wilson : I find that very hard to believe.

    Adrian Helmsley : No, it's true. My high school career was 2,000 books and zero girlfriends.

    Laura Wilson : I didn't even kiss a boy till I was in college. They were all to scared of my dad.

  • Laura Wilson : How were all these people chosen?

    Carl Anheuser : The same way your art was: By experts from all over the world. We had geneticists determine the perfect gene pool we need to repopulate.

    Adrian Helmsley : These people were chosen by geneticists?

    Laura Wilson : Looks to me like their checkbooks got them onboard.

    Carl Anheuser : That's right, Dr. Wilson. Without billions of dollars from the private sector, this entire operation would've been impossible.

    Adrian Helmsley : We sold tickets. And what about all these workers? They all get passes?

    Carl Anheuser : What, life isn't fair? Is that it? You want to donate your passes to a couple Chinese workers, you be my guest.

  • Sally - President's Secretary : Sorry, sir. She insisted.

    [leaves afterward] 

    Laura Wilson : The Director of Louvre has just been killed. It's all over the news.

    [puts down newspaper and turns TV in room on with the news confirming what she had just explained] 

    President Thomas Wilson : [after the TV is back off]  Adrian, I don't think you met my daughter, have you?

    Adrian Helmsley : No, sir.

    Laura Wilson : We just talked. He said the organization I work for is a sham. How can he say something like that?

    Carl Anheuser : [to Adrian]  Come.

    [Carl and Adrian leave the room] 

    President Thomas Wilson : [after the door shuts after Adrian and leave]  Did I ever tell you that you are just like your mother when you get upset?

    Laura Wilson : Daddy, a man was just killed.

    President Thomas Wilson : Please, sit down. Only twelve people know what I am about to tell you.

    Laura Wilson : Daddy, what's going on?

    President Thomas Wilson : An international endeavour is under way, and 46 nations are currently invested in this thing.

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