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Cujo10812 May 2010
Jess (Melissa George) is a single mother struggling to raise her autistic son. While working her job at a diner, she become friends with one of the customers, a playboy type named Greg who invites her on a yachting trip with he and his friends. Desperate for a break from her son, she takes him up on his offer. The day of the trip, she's late getting to the boat and arrives flustered. She says that her son is at school, but it's a Saturday. Despite her questionable frame of mind, Greg introduces her to the group (including uptight sister, Sally, and his first mate, Victor, both of whom are vocal in their reservations about her) and off they go. It's smooth sailing at first, but an out of nowhere storm leaves the boat capsized and the remaining passengers stranded. They think they're in luck when an ocean liner passes by, though boarding the ship is just the beginning of things going from bad to worse.

This is the third film I've seen from director Christopher Smith. Creep left me unimpressed, but I liked Severance well enough, shoddy ending aside. This, however, is easily the most rewarding of the three. What looked like it would be your typical slasher set on a ship turns out to be something far more intriguing. What we get instead is a mind-bending little trip with an obtuse mood and a curving story. I can see some people thinking of the film as being too repetitive, but I was caught up in the mystery right off the bat. This is a well put together film with some interesting questions at it's core. While it's not completely fresh (there are some definite similarities to Timecrimes), it still kept it's hooks in me for the duration. Smith put a lot of time into the script, reportedly a few years, and I feel that it paid off.

Triangle also wraps up with it's own unique explanation, one that's Sisyphean in theme. Another of the film's top qualities would be the strength of some of it's visuals, the most notable example being Sally crawling amidst something that I will leave unspoiled. A wicked sight and a sure shock when it pops up.

This film deserved to play in theaters. Aside from the fact that it's far superior to a lot of the horror that gets theater play these days, it's just a damn fine film that would benefit from being seen on the big screen. The Blu-ray is beautiful! Regardless, Christopher Smith has given us a haunting treat that will continue to fester in your mind long after that initial viewing. A must-see!
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"You Will Come Back....Won't You?"
Mr_Saxon24 November 2009
How to talk about "Triangle" without giving anything away? It's a puzzle equal to that which the movie presents its audience, because this isn't your standard horror movie. It has more in common with plot-twisting movies such as "Momento" and "The Machinist" than the gory likes of "Halloween" or "Ghost Ship".

Perhaps a good start is offer some praise to the director Christopher Smith whose work i've been a fan of since "Creep". I also greatly enjoyed his follow-up "Severence", but "Triangle" is easily his most mature effort so far; and the entire movie has an almost dream-like atmosphere to it. It certainly looks beautiful and the haunting music adds to this ambiance.

Melissa George, who plays the central role here, is quietly impressive; she's never really been an actress who has stood out to me in her previous roles, and so it was a pleasant surprise to see her rising to the occasion of taking center stage. It's only a shame that her character is so haunted and inaccessible. This isn't George's fault; the role is written in a way which keeps her detached not only from the other characters but also from the moviegoers. She's constantly aloof and distracted which can be initially annoying; it's hard to care for a character which you can't warm to.

I would certainly applaud the makers for attempting something different to the standard horror story (although, I do admit that it is very similar in theme to one other recent movie that you'll probably see mentioned a few times in the forum for "Triangle") and I certainly enjoyed the experience. I'd recommend staying away from learning too much about the plot beforehand (the trailer, in particular, gives far too much away) if at all possible.

"Triangle" is very much like a movie-length version of a "Twilight Zone" episode but its also a very flawed piece. There's an intelligence at work in the script; the way in which the pieces of the puzzle are presented to the audience is done in a skilled manner but it also suffers from thinking it's far cleverer than it actually is. There are plot holes to be found by those who dwell on the story, and the ending isn't quite as neat as the movie believes it to be.

Still, this is an impressive effort and well worth checking out (especially if you're a fan of the two superior movies mentioned earlier - "Momento" and "The Machinist"). In a world in which cinematic horror tends to involve torture and cheap shocks, it's nice to find a more psychological effort that looks for other ways to creep under your skin.
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One of the best mysteries lately
bobby_mak25 November 2009
This movie is really amazing. I recommend it a 100%. It plays with your mind from the very beginning until the very end. It just makes you think all the time and even when the credits roll you are left thinking and considering, and I mean that in the good way. Some movies leave you thinking "Why did that happen? It made no sense whatsoever.". Not this. However, in order to understand everything you must really pay attention to all the details, some lines, some specific shots and then I promise, it will all make sense. Of course, if you have someone to discuss it with after it is over, will make things a lot more interesting and engaging. I just want to say that this movie is not a horror and doesn't have any "jump" moments. It is a pure mystery and I am sure that any mystery fan would truly enjoy the experience.

I am not going to give away anything concerning the plot, because this will just spoil the pleasure from all the twists and turns this movie takes you through. This is my advice: Do not read anything about this movie or watch any trailers, before you actually see it. Believe me, it is going to be a lot more fun like this. The story is extremely engaging and the end is very satisfying. New elements are constantly added when you least expect them and the movie actually answers all the questions it asks, or at least provides you with enough clues to solve the puzzles yourself.

Melissa George gives probably her best performance up to date. She really helps a lot in making the movie what it is. She has a great potential in her as an actress and I hope this opens even more doors for her.

All I can say is, see this movie! You will not be disappointed and it will keep you guessing and guessing and then surely make you talk a lot about it. Don't you just love when that happens?
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Very good and intriguing
Lord_Frog27 August 2009
I just came back from the world premiere at FrightFest in London, it was the festival opener as well so expectations were high and it didn't disappoint! Much better than Creep and Severance, this is Christopher Smith's most ambitious film. A mind-bending story that is as puzzling as it is original, Triangle is more a mystery than a horror movie in my opinion. Gorehounds will be sorely disappointed. This is more about a situation which becomes more and more surreal, almost dream-like, I thought during the film that I've had similar nightmares as a kid... nightmares going around in circles and getting more and more frightening because I knew when or how the monster would inevitably come back...

The plot (no spoilers): after their yacht is overturned during a freak storm, a group of friends are desperate for help. A cruise ship suddenly appears and they see a figure looking down at them from the bridge for a few seconds. They climb on board but there is no crew, no passengers, nothing. Saying anything more would be ruining the movie, so I'll stop here.

After the movie ended in a round of applause, Christopher Smith said that it took him 2 years to write the script, and in the end it's not surprising as this is a very complex plot and to make all the pieces fall into place must have been a daunting task! Good acting by Melissa George and the rest of the cast, but her haunting performance takes center stage very quickly as the movie goes on a WTF / Twilight Zone-ish mode. All in all I recommend it, I really enjoyed it and it kept me guessing the whole time so if you like unconventional, mind-f*** movies, this is one for you!
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Brilliant Movie! Don't Miss It!
carlshelley28624 January 2010
Please don't read any reviews before you watch this one. (Even though you're reading now). This movie will take you in at the beginning and will not let you go (even when it's over)! Watch it without any distractions. You will love this hour and a 1/2 journey! I watched it on my laptop with my headphones on....just me and the movie. Awesome....awesome....awesome!

The movie starts out like any other. Friends going out on a sailboat ride. Shortly after the proper introductions there's a mysterious storm. In a matter of minutes they're trapped in raging waters. Then....this journey begins. Don't blink!

Trust me. I will earn my stripes on this review. Watch it!
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An intelligent and complex mystery-thriller that demands your attention
Magic_Lantern20 October 2009
I went to see Triangle on a whim hoping it might be thrilling, entertaining or fun at least. I love it when a film exceeds your expectations like Triangle did.

Mellissa George stars as the lead in a small cast of young people on a yachting break off the coast of Florida who encounter a mysterious ship with no passengers after their yacht is upturned.

What follows is a complex and superbly written mystery that unfolds at a perfect pace. I spent most of the movie trying to work out what was going on, trying to piece together all the elements of the storyline. Christopher Smith has clearly spent a long time putting this film together with an intricately crafted deal of detail. I was gripped from the moment the yacht capsized.

The lead performance is excellent, superbly holding the plot together; and the supporting cast are more than passable. If you're looking for something a little different and you're happy to pay close attention to detail for an hour and a half, then I can thoroughly recommend Triangle as an original, well written and directed mystery that will keep you guessing until the final scene.

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Surprisingly excellent.
lewiskendell19 November 2010
"You're just having a bad dream. That's all baby. It's all it was. Bad dreams make you think you've seen things that you haven't." 

Triangle is a very good movie about Melissa George's perfect legs, and how they...wait, let me try this again. 

Triangle is actually an effective, intelligent, layered horror/thriller (starring Melissa George's perfect legs). I can't go into the story very much, as there's not much detail that can be given out with ruining it. I'll just say that a curiously detached young mother and a group of people go out sailing one gorgeous day, get caught in a storm, and find themselves shipwrecked. A massive approaching ocean liner appears to bring salvation, but once they're on-board, it seems strangely deserted. Soon people start dying, and the plot takes a sharp left turn that puts it at a cut above the typical slasher flick that Triangle seems to be at first glance. 

I'll admit that I was a little underwhelmed by the movie at first, but it definitely gets much better as it goes along. I really have to give the movie credit for how clever and ambitious it attempts (and succeeds) to be. The best description of Triangle I can give without ruining anything is a combination of The Shining and Donnie Darko, with a really hot lead actress. It's mind-bending in just the right way. There were lots of different points that the story could have fallen apart and stopped making sense, but that never happened. By the end, there are no loose ends. And I'll add that the title is particularly meaningful. 

If you're open-minded, attentive, and ready for something slightly different, chances are that you'll love this movie. I certainly enjoyed it.
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Smart, Surprising and Intelligent Thriller !!
homecoming827 January 2010
"Triangle" is better than expected. It is marketed by a variety of posters and inlays, some indicate that it is just another slasher. There are some "slasher" elements in the story, but "Triangle" is so much more. The story throws you off a couple of times, there are some really nice and unexpected twists.

A group of friends are caught in a storm and wind up on an abandoned boat. But they are not completely alone.. I won't give anything away here, you'll have to see for yourself. The only real familiar face in the cast is Melissa George (Amityville Horror 2005, WAZ aka Killing Gene). She plays her part extremely well, the rest of the cast is also good, but she really excels here. Recommended for anyone who likes scary and surprising thrillers.
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Simply brain-twisting.
Darkillas7 January 2010
I love this kind of braintwisting movies where turns are as less expected as possible and shocking. You are really pushed to pay close attention to all details in the movie, otherwise you can miss the "real" point in the story. This movie is quite confusing and easy to get lost in to, but the reward of successfully understanding all aspects and layers of the movie is well worth it (at least for me).

Are you bored with easy predictable story lines of 90% today's movies? Do you like mystery and something more than "common" life situations? Than watch this movie to shift the pattern of understanding the reality.

Have a nice loop ;-)
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Ambitious change of direction for Smith - excellently done
johncloke5 September 2009
I too saw this at FrightFest and purposefully avoided reading too much about it beforehand. Having loved Creep and enjoying the silliness of Severance, I was expecting something squarely within the horror genre. This is definitely not that. Quite surprised it was chosen to open the festival actually - but this is by no means a criticism.

The film isn't quite a thriller either - the unconventional narrative reminded me more of Memento. There's another film, a well known US comedy (which I won't name to save the spoiler) which employs a similar device - although this film is by no means unoriginal. The film, like Memento, is satisfyingly complex in leaving the viewer with questions about precisely what has gone on but without any feeling of bafflement.

A great central performance from Melissa George really makes the film - she really pulls off the huge character development required over the duration of the film - no mean feat given the structure and short running time of the film.

This should open up some doors for Smith outside the horror genre - and on this evidence he is going to be well capable of dealing with complex and big ideas and I'm looking forward to more interesting work from him ASAP.
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Great premise, but fails to deliver.
Pretty-Wycked-Designs30 June 2014
***** This review contains spoilers*******

I really like Melissa George, and was eager to watch Triangle. However, I was fairly disappointed with this movie and struggled to like it.

This movie has a great premise, and I really do think it could have been enjoyable if the title character had been a little more interesting.

"Jess" as played by Melissa George, is flat and uninteresting in the beginning of the movie. We don't find out why until the end of the movie, but by that time I wasn't actually very invested. The supporting characters weren't developed enough for us to actually care about what was happening to them and that was sad. I was actually surprised by how fast they were picked off. I understand that's needed to really move the storyline along, but it made me completely uninterested in their fate, and not really very interested in Melissa George's character either.

If you like suspenseful and atmospheric thrillers with little character development with a MC who is slightly flat and uninteresting then you will like Triangle.

If not, save yourself the time and skip this one.
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Absolutely a waste of your night
shanelmcg29 June 2010
This film is not worth any of your time, let me start with that. I rented this from Red Box, thinking it might be a fun twist on the Bermuda Triangle or at least and entertaining B horror film...sadly I was wrong on both counts.

The film starts out decently, with most of the cast giving very believable for the lead who seems to almost never change her initial "I'm on too many painkillers" expression.

As the story finally hits its 2nd act it degrades into something that only really resembles swiss cheese. The amount of holes in this film are unbearable and ultimately any intelligent movie viewer will just feel stupid for trying to find any logic in the main characters actions or dilemma. I wont go through any details as calling them spoilers are worthless...the film makes no sense and relies completely on the characters simply being stupid.

I felt I needed to add a review because I really don't understand how this film has even a few good reviews....did you all even see the same film? Its an interesting concept for sure, but is just so poorly thought out and terribly written. Trust me on this. I'm not a hater, the film is legitimate crap recycled over and over until a climax that makes no sense with its supposed cyclical beginning. AVOID AS BEST YOU CAN!!!
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reuben-8271927 October 2018
I am usually wary of indy low budget movies and I must say I still was when I saw the first CG shot. I am glad I didn't stick to my prejudices and I kept watching. This is a Stephen King caliber treat, a true masterpiece in terms of originality that leaves you with no regrets or how did that happen tingles. It is worth every single minute of your time.
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A Horrify(ingly BAD) film
UNOhwen9 April 2012
After scanning several reviews, ('One of the best mysteries lately,Fascinating movie, Very good & intriguing...brilliant (?!?!) movie…'), I thought I'd give it a try.

Oh, what a dumb thing I did.

This is easily one of the worst movies I've seen in a while.

The makers of this dreck thought they had a 'clever-clever' idea, with this whole play on a variety of things - from it's title (as in Bermuda Triangle), to the Greek myths, and to other films about repeats in time, such as 11:59 (remade as Groundhog Day), and on, and on….snore…

The central character, Jess, played by Melissa George, has one of the most irritating personalities I've come across. Instead of feeling anything positive towards her, I just wished, she shut up.

The story in a nutshell, is: a bunch of people (who really have no connection to each other - so why are they getting on a boat together???) go on a yacht trip.

The yacht encounters freakish weather, and capsizes. All of the sudden, a mysterious passenger ship appears.

While it's quite clear there's NO ONE on-board (to the viewer), these people decide to get onto it.

No one helps them to board, but, that doesn't appear to seem unusual to them.

They wander, and all this stuff happens, involving a masked person - apparently the only person on board - who kills them.

Our 'heroine,' Jess, tries to plead with the others (in the most irritating adenoidal whine - nails on a blackboard are less annoying then her drone) to get off the boat.

Of course, they don't, and, well...without giving the 'plot' (of what there is) away, I will say it has something to do with multiple time-lines playing out.

What does our intrepid Jess do, when she sees this masked baddie (who she soon finds out, actually is)? She...HIDES.

Instead of just approaching this person, or doing anything common sense, she just hides and whines to the others, saying things like; 'you just gotta believe me, you gotta trust me,' which, of course, they don't.

The 'shocking' ending - the 'twist,' as it tries to be, is so poorly plotted, that film school 101 teaches you NOT to do idiotic stuff like these filmmakers did.

TRIANGLE is not the worst picture I've ever seen, but, I feel like I've been ripped off. Of an hour forty-five minutes of my life.
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A Psychological Mystery Thriller
CyrilMartin21 January 2021
This is a very unique movie with a well-put story and mystery, if you need a brainstormer session then this movie is for you.

The story focuses on a single character Jess, can't really say much about the plot as this movie is a puzzle to decode but you gotta watch the movie from the perspective of Jess. The movie is very intriguing with a tight story and an interesting concept, it is mature, dark, a weird sequence which was all put together very well and you can actually decode the movie on your own without any help. It is certainly a psychological dark movie that creates an atmosphere like some of the great movies of that genre.

This is the first movie I've seen of director Christopher Smith and I hope to see more of him, the directing was good, the music was haunting and it added a lot to the atmosphere, acting was good. Overall a really good movie.
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Amazing plot twist
nethy-nho16 June 2020
All the movie is too mysterious and we no have no idea about what is going on, all of the event are tense and weird, but little by little we be able to understand and still in the final and still don't understand everything, but a idea of what happened, off course I searched more about this movie and I could understand everything about. Mind blowing!
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A Mindbender worth every sec you spend on it
suryaundercover13 August 2015
Have you ever wanted to watch a movie so thrilling and so filled with mystery that you spend next 5 days thinking about what could have been happened if it happened some other way. This movie has so many possibilities, so many routes it could turn that I am still getting chills while thinking and writing this Review.

The movie is basically about a group of friends who go on a voyage into the sea and are unable to find a way back out of that trip, into their normal lives. Just go watch it. I am telling you , you will thank me for this suggestion.

The mind bending twists it has will keep you thinking even after the movie is over. It is destined to take twists and turns at every corner of the minute. You will be confused, you will be amazed and you will be spellbound at the sheer cinematography of this epic Mystery/Thriller flick. I don't want to spoil the fun. Go watch it immediately.
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A delight to have come across this film
nickychippendale3 March 2021
Wasn't sure what to expect but this kept my attention, very cleverly written and the actors did well. I'd recommend if you like intrigue and mystery! If you pay close attention throughout, it will all come together nicely at the end.
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Every Time I watch this
dalexander71-46-5440253 August 2020
Complex drama that I never get tired of. Melissa George was perfect for this, music sets the tone and a well thought through journey that I hope becomes a classic in it's own right. I pray more films are done like this ;)
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Awesome movie!
mohamed_eltawab1 July 2020
Not sure, I just watched it like 10 times over the last 11 years. Maybe it's okay to watch it too!
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Good story
yidanchenmx27 March 2020
The details that can be figured out in this movie are quite rich. Because of the official explanation, I won't repeat them here. The detail that struck me the most was the striking echo between the cruise ship's discussion of Sisyphus and the words of the symbolic taxi driver at the end. With this level of detail, the film was able to upgrade from a type of suspense film that sells structures to play, to a masterpiece about religious philosophy and ultimate care. The philosophical discussion that can be elicited from this film is therefore endless. In addition, the title Triangle also seems to hint at the ultra-stable loop structure of time and space as an executioner. 3 In the context of this film, it has also been given a symbolic meaning of religion.
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AMAZING MOVIE. Extremely underrated
tuckervlr26 September 2017
This movie is a gold nugget that most people don't know about. If you're into plot twists and mind benders, this approaches the top of the list. If you're willing to put in time to fully understanding the movie and if you're comfortable with a few unanswered questions (similar to shutter island, memento etc), this movie is well worth the effort. Do me and yourself a favor, watch the movie, ponder it for sec, and lookup "Triangle Movie Logic Explanation" on YouTube. While I don't agree 100% with the theory / interpretations, it will definitely open your eyes to the much larger, more complex and genius plot that often goes unnoticed by the casual viewer who then comes here and goes the movie a 1 rating..
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Incredibly underrated film.
panthersfreak21 March 2020
This movie is phenomenal. I watched it two times because I caught things that I missed the first time. I can't say too much without spoiling the plot, but this movie has a great plot and it is a very good psychological thriller/horror movie. I can't recommend this movie enough.
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It sucked. Avoid.
mdnobles195 February 2010
I hated this film!! I'm going to be pretty rough on this because I had such high hopes for this thriller that stars the lovely Melissa George who gave a pretty good performance as a somewhat unbalanced mother of an autistic child who needs some alone time and decides to go on a sailing trip with a couple of friends but soon finds that was a mistake and finds herself stranded on a huge abandon ship that is in some kind of weird time warp. I think she is wasted here, it also had nice production values and had you thinking and on the edge of your seat throughout. The thing is that it didn't make much sense at all and is one of those movies that makes you make up your own ending to what just happened but that didn't help either and it still didn't make much sense. I added this to my queue thinking I was going to get a creepy Bermuda triangle mystery/thriller movie but all I got is an never ending thriller version of Groundhog Day and not in a good way. There were some pretty violent, bloody scenes here and there but not worth mentioning and had a great atmosphere that didn't deserve to be in this mess of a film. Overall this was a HUGE disappointment to me on all levels because it had so much potential but never went anywhere and left me confused and hanging and it's a shame because there seems to be a lot of effort put into this just not in the story or script which was a mess to me. NOT RECOMMENDED!!!!!
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The phrase "underrated" for this film IS underrated.
ario-3411910 April 2020
Yes, because this film is so so much better than the 6.9 ratings it got at the time I wrote this. The bad reviewers probably weren't intelligent enough to understand the logic of the story, even when it's literally explained in clear blatant wordings by the characters in the story, but when you don't get it, you simply don't. No, I didn't consider it a spoiler, because you wouldn't understand it until you reach the end of the film. Even then, you might need some time to process and connect the main theme of the film to said phrases.

Avoid spoilers any way you can because I'm telling you this is NOT a horror film, it's a mystery, hence needed to be watched without knowing a thing like I did.

Other than story and storytelling wise, the whole production quality is also very good. Supporting characters are awesome with good performance, even when they actually didn't have much to do despite their sizable screen time, leaving the gorgeous Melissa George the responsibility to carry the film throughout, which she pulled off fantastically. Cinematography is excellent and the music and sound are good.

Hmm, I may want to look up and check out other work of the director.
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