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If it bleeds...
cliftonofun20 August 2022
Confession: I'm the guy who watched the original Predator way too many times thanks to the magic of VHS...but then never watched a single sequel afterwards. As far as I'm concerned "Predator" = jungles and body butter. So I fully admit that I have limited context here. That said, this movie kicked butt. I cared way more about Naru and her brother (not to mention her dog) than I did about anybody in the original. I found the cinematagrophy breathtaking, I found the characters compelling, and I'm kind of all in on seeing what happens when we transport modern franchises into different historical/cultural contexts. Plus, the callbacks were delightful. Nobody's going to give this movie an Oscar, but I'd rather watch a story like this than most movies with capes and poorly staged action sequences. I was sucked in from moment one, and Amber Midthunder completely captivated me for the whole runtime. It's nice to know that movies like this can still surprise me, not to mention make me stand up and cheer.
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Prey is a back to basics return to form with tremendous atmosphere and suspense that unfortunately won't be experienced in theater.
tresm8727 July 2022
As a lifelong fan of this franchise I am admittedly biased. Since the revolutionary classic first film, Fox/hollywood have made 4 sequels all of which I have thoroughly enjoyed/ still critiqued. A perfect sequel hasn't been made imo and may never be, but I can say this new film has the closest effective wilderness ambience/suspense to the first film and that warrants great praise.

I was skeptical with a few things judging by the trailer but seeing the final product I can say that no matter the logic holes in the mismatch of Pred vs prey , the film is executed quite well. The settings are phenomenal and amplify the overall product. Dan Trachtenberg has a keen eye for detail as seen in 10 cloverfield lane and shows it once again. The costume design captures a completely different timeframe awesomely as well as shows a new more prehistoric predator that might be the coolest visually yet. Music and sound is crisp and powerful and adds so much. The acting is bare bones but for the story it has to be as far as context.

It's a shame that this had to be only streaming as it should have been in theater. The scenery is fantastic. But regardless it's a surprising return to roots as far as the back to basics setting and suspense aspects. It's another welcome sequel and should be seen by any predator fan or action fan.
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A worthy prequel to the classic
jaimemedina-362885 August 2022
I think Prey did an excellent job at crafting a fresh new story. Let's face it, predictor sequels and spin-offs have felt more like a money grab. But here there's a real story that cleverly weaves a number of story lines together to spin up this intriguing edition.

Amber Midthunder more than holds her own and keeps the pace moving. And the movie does a great job at leveraging the historical context for maximum effect.

Big thumbs up from me.
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Who's the Prey and who's the Predator??
ericfield-535425 August 2022
I was only going to rate this until I decided to read some of the comments. This was easily the best one since the original. Not even close to me. I was hopefully when Shane Black did a "reboot" in 2018 I believe. I was disappointed. This was taking the franchise back to the basics and that was a good think! If you liked what Rogue One meant to Star Wars then this story will connect with you. I loved the cinematography. It was beautiful. The acting was really good. Don't worry that the lead actors aren't more well known. I was really not expecting much to be honest. The sequels since The Predator have been let downs. I only watched because the trailer had me with taking it so far back in time. At an hour and forty min it wasn't too short or too long. It was the perfect run time. I hope that you like Prey as much as me and that you rate and leave a comment. Happy hunting!
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Could Have Been Great Had They Kept It Realistic
cyguration25 August 2022
There are a lot of reviews here defending this film, calling it the "Second best Predator film!" in the franchise, and throwing around a lot of buzzwords for anyone who doesn't like the film. There are also an incalculable amount of individuals defending the main character, Naru, saying she relied on her wits and tactics to win fights, and that's what makes her believable. That's only partially true.

See, Naru literally has the strength of three men (if you watch the film you'll know what I mean). Can survive physical traumas no other character in the Predator franchise was able to survive, and can move as fast as a small sedan. She does use some tactics, but most of all her feats are of the physical variety, and literally in the realm of being a super human the likes of which would make Captain America jealous.

Without spoiling anything, it's simply that Naru survives things she shouldn't survive, and can do things multiple times outside her weight class to the point where the suspension of disbelief is not only shattered but grounded into dust and scattered among the four corners of the wind. For everyone who defends Naru as a character, just ask them some simple questions: how did she recover so quickly? How did she manage to out-power men? And why was she able to survive things nothing else in the film could survive?

The responses will be a smattering of equivocation and justifications that don't hold up under scrutiny, and that's where this film's biggest problem comes in: it doesn't hold up under scrutiny.

Another big problem is that no one seems to be properly afraid of the Predator, even during an era where superstitions were mightily high. Naru shows no fear of anything, even in many life-threatening situations, which seems completely opposite of someone her age. I'm sure someone will justify why, but I would instead point out that this just pulls you out of the film as being nonsensical and unrealistic. Why does this teenage girl have a deathwish and fears nothing? Constantly trying to engage in situations where things are purposely trying to kill her?

A good counterbalance to Naru is the daughter from Shawn Linden's film Hunter Hunter. I didn't like the second half of that film but the first half was brilliant. Why? Because it was grounded, realistic, and intriguing. Also, it was completely believable that the daughter was that good a hunter; we saw how she trained with her father, in a realistic manner. We saw that even with all her training since a small child, she was still prone to mistakes, and how the fight/flight/freeze mechanism came into play when her wits and abilities were put to the test. That's how you pull the audience in and keep them rooting for the character; when they're grounded in realism.

The problem here is that Prey is rife with anachronisms from the modern era. How Naru behaves, how she talks back to everyone, and even how she's depicted in never being afraid of anything (although, to that end, almost no one in the film seems to properly show a realistic kind of fear given their circumstances).

The anachronisms combined with the super-human abilities just takes away from the film, and that's a real shame because if this film was grounded in realism, it actually WOULD be the second best Predator film. Why? Because it's filmed quite well; Trachtenberg knows his way around a lens, and he makes Canada actually look like a pristine northern forest from 18th century North America. Lots of fantastic wide-angle shots and great color composition help give the film a nice, authentic look. Sound design is absolutely on-point, and the score isn't over-done or too nostalgic.

Unfortunately, the film is plagued by too many problems. They should have committed to having the Comanche speaking Comanche throughout the film (as this would have brought the film to another level of quality and authenticity, much like Mel Gibson's Apocalyptico), they should not have had modern-day behaviors that seem mirrored after social media expectations of characterizations, and they should have given Naru realistic feats appropriate for her age, height, and weight, as that would have done wonders.

For me, I was willing to give this film a shot, but the more I watched, and the more I thought about it after watching, the lower the score became. It's essentially a good film marred by its own undoing. A lead character who is depicted as always being right (even the film manages to retroactively throw that in as it progresses), and having her depicted as having super-human abilities, while outmatched and out-manned, just took me completely out of the film. Also in the original Predator, Arnold's character Dutch did ZERO damage to the Predator in their hand-to-hand fight, and Dutch was at the brink of death in just a few hits from his over-sized foe. And none of Dutch's traps worked against the Predator save for a contingency trap that he used after another trap failed. Keep that in mind when watching the final showdown in Prey.
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Prey marks a return to form for the Predator franchise with a unique take on the material and solid lead in Midthunder.
IonicBreezeMachine6 August 2022
Set in 1719 in The Great Northern Plains, Naru (Amber Midthunder) is a young Comanche woman who while trained as a healer has aspirations of being a hunter like her brother Taabe (Dakota Beavers). When Naru sees what she thinks is the "thunderbird" in the sky, she takes this as a sign she is ready to prove herself a hunter. As she joins a group lead by her brother set on taking down a mountain lion, they soon come across a creature more dangerous than they've encountered before.

Prey marks the first Predator movie made and released since Disney bought Fox and the first entry in the series since the underperformance of 2018's The Predator. The film began development under the working title of Skulls when director Dan Trachtenberg and screenwriter Patrick Aison approached series producer John Davis with the initial concept that would become Prey. Trachtenberg hasn't directed a feature film his breakout hit in 2016's 10 Cloverfield Lane with a number of projects he's been attached to either moving on without him or getting cancelled with Trachtenberg's largely being on TV. Prey marks both a welcome return for Trachtenberg as well as the Predator franchise as it's probably the best entry we've had since the first one.

Much like prior films Predator and Predator 2 which took established film staples such as commando and cop movies and turned them on their head with the inclusion of an alien trophy hunter, Prey takes a set of characters in its Comanche natives who could've easily sustained their own movie independent of The Predator and make for an engaging mashup with the established monster much as they did with the characters in the first and second films. Amber Midthunder is our lead Naru and she's really good in the film as she's capable in the fight scenes but also is very green which helps sell the rougher edge to the fight scenes which include some of the clumsiness you'd expect from such skirmishes. The other actors are solid performers and lend themselves to some entertaining and very brutal sequences in the film, including a sequence in the third act which had a nice nod to the ending of Predator 2. The Predator design is really unique featuring a cruder version of the helmet that more resembles a skull than the one we're used to and it works in context. We also get a solid dog character in Sarii who's pretty much a co-lead in the film and they're every bit the character you'd expect from a human actor.

Prey is solid genre fare in its own right, but it also brings the Predator series back on track after getting derailed with the mess of 2018's The Predator. Amber Midthunder is a great lead as Naru and the action and spectacle delivers. The third act runs a bit long and maybe could've been streamlined, but aside from that this is great enetertainment.
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Definitely worth your time!!
subxerogravity5 August 2022
Had to start a 30-day trial on Hulu just to watch it but It was pretty boss, so I'm not mad. The story was basic and took us back to the roots of the Predator franchise with its pre-America setting.

Like the new predator deign but far more impressed by how the new predator moved and reacted. Whoever they got in the costume was really doing some acting, making himself look like the baddest hunter on the block. It does not stand out any better than any of the other Predator movies in my book but as far as being the first one by 20th Century Studios done under the Disney Banner it was violent and gory enough for my taste.

Worth possibly getting Hulu for.
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Boring and Pointless
room1028 August 2022
Probably the most "serious" film in the Predator series but might as well be the most boring one, except for the AVP abominations (if you consider them as part of the franchise). Even the awful "The Predator" has more to offer on terms of plot and excitement. I appreciate the filmmakers took the movie seriously and didn't make it the silly movie that is "The Predators" but that doesn't make this one good either. Sorry, I don't understand why people like it so much. I found it pretty dull and pointless. Also, the references to Predator 1 and 2 were pretty heavy handed.
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great Predator film
SnoopyStyle7 August 2022
It's 1719 on the American plains. Naru (Amber Midthunder) is a young Comanche woman who wants to be a great hunter. Her brother Taabe is a natural born leader. The world of the white people is slowly intruding on their world. A strange thunder cloud announces a different unwelcomed extraterrestrial visitor. It's the Predator.

I love two thirds of this movie. I love Naru slowly uncovering the Predator's presence. I love this native American world and everybody's performances. It is better than anything since the newness of the original. I do have an issue with the final battle. The more daring ending would be an epic death. I never got the sense that she could prevail over the Predator. I prefer the non Hollywood happy ending. Nevertheless, this is still a great Predator film.
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azraell-8014919 September 2022
In the land of make-believe its unbelievable. This is the least entertaining, and most ridiculous of the Predator movies. The main charter has a chip on her shoulder that makes her unlikeable. She goes from entitled Instagram model to an axe-wielding master ninja in just hours. Another of many things that bothered me about this movie was how she instantly understands the technical aspects of alien weaponry enough to use it against the Predator. Really? The story makes no sense. The Predators have always gone after the most dangerous threats, but for some unknown reason, this Predator seems out to get her.
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Another misfire for this series
jtindahouse5 August 2022
The 'Predator' films are so consistently disappointing. Every time they get our hopes up, and every time when we finally see the movie they are shattered. I suspect the series doesn't know what it is anymore. They certainly don't feel like horror movies.

I couldn't think of a more boring time and setting for this movie. The Comanche people portrayed in the film have only one thing to live for - survival. So a Predator coming to pick them off isn't exactly upping the stakes for them. It is also makes it very hard for them to be personable and likable. Every character in the film other than the main girl might as well have been the exact same person.

The problem with the Predator in these films has become that it is simply too powerful. It never feels like there is a fighting chance for anyone. So it's just waiting to see which style it uses to kill each person. It becomes extremely boring quickly.

I just couldn't find much to like about this film. I was bored for the entire 99 minutes. It's not scary, it's not interesting and it isn't intense. 4/10.
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Made by another talentless modern privileged urbanized hipster...
speedemon-1199724 August 2022
...aimed at priviliged urbanized gen Z hipsters lacking an identity of their own. Another movie that lacks soul, depth and storytelling like most modern made Predator themed flicks and putting in indigenous american hipster actors and actresses from the narcissistic hollywood elite doesn't give it any cred by default. The most interesting part in this flick was perhaps that girl's tomahawk skills, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was cgi too like most biological life in this film...
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Stop deleting my reviews.
flightdeck7323 August 2022
I like the premise of and setting of this, except every one spoke English for the most part.

I get its sci-fi, but can we make it a little more believable? Naru is 100 pounds wet and wearing boots and she is jumping around like seabiscuits messing folks up.

I thought the animal fights were awesome!
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Everyone Knows How It Will End, And Yet It Was Very Entertaining
Littleman956 August 2022
Plot: easy and the end is totally predictable, still the development and getting through this fight of predators to see how the hunt is done, it was very entertaining. The end is a little bit forced, maybe you can pass on it.

Actress & Actors and Acting: nothing to say against the cast. They all did their job well. The main character's actress did very good, in my opinion, I liked her.

Visual Effects: well the movie is darker than usual, so it's not that you'll see all the details, but, for me, the story took over it. In my opinion, in late 2022 it's quite a shame this kind of behaviour as I guess that nowadays should be easy doing visual effects.

Conclusion: a good movie to pass some time. Personally I would recommend it to everyone who likes pure action with some tense moments. But if you know nothing about Predator, probably some part will be something like "What? Why?".
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another "I'm a big big girl, in a big big world" movie
moatazmounir-204649 August 2022
What is this and why? I know it's a scifi, but can we please make an effort to make things believable?

I'm pissed I have to swear I don't mind female heroins. I love Alita battle angel, Alien, Mad Max, resident evil, all of them with female leads, but for God's sake what is this?

Unless you're a teenage girl, give this one a pass. I'm only giving it 3 stars for the cinematography.
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Silly as Hell
Johnny_West21 August 2022
It starts out with an Indian tribe that has an annual hunting competition. The lead actress, played by Amber Midthunder, wants to win over all the other men. Eventually she does, thanks to the Predator eliminating her competition.

Thirty minutes into the movie, about fifty random French hunters come into the movie, yelling in goofy French accents and being obnoxious. Sacre bleu, Pepe LePew! At that point it just got silly. The lead character does nothing to help anyone, including when she watches all her friends and her brother get killed. She aims a French pistol on the Predator while it chops her brother to pieces, and never fires. Eventually she sets up a trap for the Predator and she returns to her tribe minus her brother and about 30 other warriors.

The movie is a lot more boring than that. Just by the numbers, nothing fun or exciting, even the Predator fails to be scary at all. Just predictable.
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I "Prey" this is the last one.
quockquock5 August 2022
I was actually rooting for the Predator in this one. It's a horrible movie. Not even believable on the science fantasy genre. Poor directing, writing and lighting. Oh and the CGI bear looked like 1980's graphics. They had better special effects in the 1987 Predator.
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How does this get almost the same imdb score as the Arnie original?
nansjune13 November 2022
Watching the Hollywood machine take your favourite childhood movies, TV shows and books and butcher them over and over and over again. It's growing tiresome.

The Predator itself is a macguffin, Hollywood have somehow turned a macguffin into a franchise, each film worse than the last.

This latest effort is a snooze. There is no suspense, nothing new is added to the Predator mythology, the action descends into farce. The action can just about stay within suspension of disbelief until the little girl starts directly fighting the Predator and winning. She sustains blows that would render Thor a tetraplegic and just keeps on going. What a gal.

This is the Predator franchise reduced to a cartoon for tween girls who cannot even watch the film due to its certification.

I'm getting really sick of watching the latest effort in a popular entertainment series and thinking to myself "I hope they don't make anymore".
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Very surprised.
Luv2Spooge6 August 2022
The trailer did not do this film justice. I originally had not plan on watching this because of the previous installments and the trailer. However, due to the positive reviews both here and RT, I decided to give it a chance and boy did I not regret it.

Like most I was tired of the cliche and the reboots, and when I saw the trailer I thought this was such a cheese money grab. However, it proved me wrong and this film is actually extremely well executed.

From a film analytical standpoint, I think what made it work was how "serious" they took this film, which typically does not work for sci-fi but in this case it nailed it. When I say serious, I mean they put in the efforts with great music, beautiful cinematic work, and the overall theme created by the actors and the writers makes the film deeply moving rather than a typical action parody.

In sense, this is not a sci-fi that took place in the 1700s with native Americans. It is more a 1700 native American story that happened to include a sci-fi predator. This combination is difficult to execute but they were able to do it quite convincingly.

The pacing of the film is great and there really is not any dull moment. There are a few parts I felt was a bit over-exaggerated especially when they portrayed the protagonist's abilities, but we can forgive that due to it being an action genre.

One area I like to address is how some review, negative ones, criticize the female lead as yet another "woke" film. I disagree. Yes, one of the central theme is a coming of age, the right of passage for a young person transitioning into adulthood and this protagonist happens to be a female. However, there is nothing wrong with that as empowering women to be strong, capable of self-defense, and fighting back is a theme that bridges both sides of the political aisle.

With that I highly recommend people put away their bias and give this film a try, because it is quite a masterpiece.

9/10. (upping it to a 10 to balance the political trolls)
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matrixdukenukem6 August 2022
This and exactly this is what I have been asking for from a Predator movie. Healthy mix of guerrilla warfare and alien tech. I am also glad to see how predator tech and Armor isn't as evolved as the one in the OG movie. That balanced out the whole weaponry and it is still a lot of creative and practical.

Sound design requires special mention as it is one of the best I've heard in recent times. I hope it gets many nominations. Watch it in Atmos theatres if you can.

VFX of some creatures (not the predator) was shabby. Editting in some places felt choppy but nothing that would take you out of emersion.

Acting of all the leads and support was great. Specially the character of Naru and her brother had nice chemistry. It's not the most heartwarming brother sister written but for the runtime they made sure it's not half baked.

The characters of French felt one dimensional and shoehorned. I wish they movie was a little longer and they explored the predator's arrival on the tribe.

Director of photography has done fantastic job to capture the native landscape and action scenes were well shot.

Overall it was fantastic movie and is among top 5 alien and predator movies.
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It KILLS me that this film is rated at ONLY 7.5 here
Her-Excellency5 August 2022
Although this is hardly a perfect film, it is an EXCELLENT one.

Not only did the Predator franchise finally achieve a WIN in terms of meeting and exceeding the buzz and excitement of the original film, they created a film that could take on the buzz and "hype" others in the franchise have generated, but were unable to live up to.

The cinematography, narrative, framework, story and plot were good to top-tier, the dialogue was simple but effective, the costumes and locales were great, CGI was well-done. Granted, for it to have been 'perfect', one or two more Predator kills would have been nice, but the absence of easy or gratuitous kills made this a much more fleshed out and almost 'adult' and realistic (if that can be said about a Predator film), movie. The fact that the villains were French instead of American seemed like a huge cop-out to me, but all-in-all, this film is worth watching and then leaving an HONEST review and rating on. MORE SO, it is worth watching without a preconceived notion of what it should be, or what gender the hero should be.

In short, regardless of the negative reviews, this is a film that will continue to garner praise precisely because it is so much better than several of the past Predators. It's just sad that some individuals will ALWAYS find something to complain about or not like. I mean ... seriously. The point that the low-rating non-thinkers miss, is that the ONLY "female empowerment" they are describing in their mewling reviews, is actually called "THINKING". She both OUT-THOUGHT and out-played the Predator, and did so while being underestimated. Quite a deadly combination.

Lastly, the dog lives. Gotta give it to a film that knows what we love.

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Tried so hard to like it, but its really bad.
guvner228 September 2022
I took 3 sittings to finish this movie. For me, i found everything amateurish.

From the acting to the script, it all just felt like it had been done before and far better.

The problem with Disney films is that fans give 10 out of 10 scores no matter what, which means that the score for their movies are massively inflated and its not far.

Bad films are being risen to great status and we all know that should not be the case. This film will be considered a success because of this and then we will continue to receive poorer and poorer films from filmmakers as they don't really have to try hard any longer.

Whoever wrote the script for this film should never work again. I was cringing at how bad it was. A lot of back patting in house shady business going on in the film industry, it seems.

Such a shame as i had high hopes for the film. The premise is cool and unfortunately the script was terrible and let it down.

I really wish we could go back to a world where the best person got the job that they were good at. In 2022 it is so obvious that people are being employed based on things other than talent. This film proves that.

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andrewchristianjr7 August 2022
This is what a Predator movie should be like. Magnificent Hero, great Predator rendition and a thrilling story. The cinematography was amazing and the surroundings really stood out. Enjoyed this one more than the last couple entries in the franchise.
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Really deserved a theatrical release
ratpackaustin6 August 2022
From the moment I first saw the trailer I was hooked. I'm a big fan of the predator franchise and was hyped to see it go back in time to the roots of the predators time on earth. I was not disappointed. The action choreography is terrific and the sound editing is just masterful. Predator looks badass and is a killing machine. The only thing that leaves a bad taste in my mouth is being forced to watch it on Hulu instead of a gigantic screen with the sound blasting.
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mekid-3318321 August 2022
Unfortunately wokism and feminism have taken over the world and now we have to put up with constant display of nonsense.... What have they done to the predator franchise? The amber actress is a terrible actress, how did she even get a job in the acting world? Does she have family members who work in the industry? It's seriously terrible.
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