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MPAA Rated R for strong bloody violence.

Sex & Nudity

Violence & Gore

  • Consistent brutal bloody violence such as decapitations, weapons piercing through heads, limbs cut off etc.
  • Limbs that have been removed show bones at various times.
  • A wolf is disemboweled, beheaded and then its head is melted with acid.
  • Several bisons are found skinned.
  • The Predator fights a wolf, eventually slicing it open to where the guts fall out. It's vertebral column is proceeded to be ripped out.
  • Variety of scenes where humans are decapitated, limbs chopped off, stabbings, etc. Blood is spewed graphically onscreen.
  • Lots of gory violence but it's easy to know that it's just CGI. Nevertheless, it's still quite graphic.
  • All of the predator kills are very graphic
  • A man is pinned to a tree then the creature opens up his sheild and it cuts his head off with blood dripping on screen
  • In a very disturbing and graphic scene a man has his arms cut off, while screaming in agony he proceeds to get his legs cut off and then getting violently decapitated, the decapitation is shown almost on screen and we can see the severed head get thrown to the ground.
  • The Predator impales a character through the chest from behind and lifts him up with the blades. he then pulls up a clublike weapon and smashes his head with it offscreen, though blood is shown splattering upwards.
  • A man is knocked unconscious. When he awakens, he sees one of his legs has been cut off and a rat is gnawing on the bloody stump of it. He screams in pain and horror and shoos it away.
  • The Predator shoots a net over one of the fur trappers which pins him against a tree trunk, and it tightens. The sharp net is briefly shown cutting into the trapper's face before the camera veers away, not showing him being cut to pieces while leaving this plainly obvious.
  • The Predator picks up a bear trap and snaps it open before throwing it over a trapper's head. Blood sprays from the trapper's neck and he falls dead.
  • The Predator fights a bear with its bare hands while invisible. The Predator punches it and then breaks its neck before lifting it above his head and cutting it open. Blood pours from the bear and coats the Predator.
  • The Predator stabs a man through the chin with his blades which are shown protruding from the man's head.
  • A trapper attacks the Predator with an ax but the Predator blocks it with his arm, flips the ax upwards and then grabs it before chopping open the man's face with it. Blood is shown spraying from the man's head.
  • The Predator chases down a Comanche hunter in a field and chops him in half. Little more than blood is shown splattering up from the tall grass.
  • Many people are killed by an explosion the Predator sets off. Though only the explosion is seen from a distance, their screams are heard.
  • A man tries to shoot the Predator with his pistol. However, the bullet ricochets off the Predator's helmet and shoots the man through the head. Blood sprays out.


  • One use of "shit" in English, another in French
  • S.O.B. was used once by a frenchmen.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A Big Beard man smokes a cigar

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The entire movie is about hunters finding themselves hunted. Throughout the film, Naru finds herself endangered by the environment, wildlife, other humans, and the Predator itself. The mood for nearly all of the runtime is permeated by fear and a sense of impending danger.
  • This film has a very suspenseful and tense atmosphere.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • In the final battle, the Predator has his arm cut off and then his leg almost completely severed before being dragged into a muddy pit. After he rises from it, he is tricked into springing a trap in which his own mask shoots him through the skull with one of his own arrows. He is later decapitated by the heroine.
  • The predator is shot with arrows and stabbed with spears multiple times throughout the film. Whenever he is hit, green blood splatters.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Naru's wrists are bound shortly before the first attack on her people. She watches helplessly as three of the men are slaughtered just feet away. One is impaled in the chest and eye. Another has his arm cut off and screams in agony. This is extremely disturbing and is followed by his midsection being sliced open and his head cut off.
  • Naru is captured and caged by fur trappers. At their camp, she sees her brother has also been captured and watches in horror as the trappers let him out of his cage and slice his chest open and he cries out in pain. The two of them are then lashed to a tree and used as bait.
  • The trappers are violently slaughtered by the Predator. Limbs are chopped off, heads are sliced off, with blood spraying from the neck, several are blown up. This massacre is easily the most violent and shocking scene in the franchise.

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