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Creep Creepersin to Put You in Lovesick Captivity

Indie film maven Creep Creepersin is at it again. This time with his fifteenth feature film, Lovesick Captivity, in the can and headed your way! Let's crank out the stills and the details, shall we?

From the Press Release

Creepersin Films has wrapped their new feature, Lovesick Captivity. The psychological thriller is also prolific character actor Charlie Vaughn’s first leading role. Vaughn, who has played many diverse roles like the quirky Bernie Andrews in The Corporate Cut Throat Massacre; the straight-laced parole officer in The Brothers Cannibal; the super creepy Mountain Mike in Lake Death; as well as Maynard Fletcher, a rogue cop from the future in the upcoming sci-fi film Trash and Progress, and the sinister Evil Wong in Mkc: Monster Killers Club. Vaughn also directed the upcoming feature Vampire Boys, being released this February by Ariztical Entertainment.

About Lovesick Captivity, Vaughn says, "We all have our inner demons,
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The Hanged Man and Hidden Motivations: A Movie Review

The Hanged Man PosterDirector: Neil H. Weiss.

Writer: Glenn B. Hopper III.

The Hanged Man is a co-production from Starbox Pictures and ElevenEleven Productions. The film was released on DVD May 25th by Osiris Entertainment and director Neil H. Weiss calls this project "a supernatural thriller." This independent film bases each of the characters on a tarot card e.g. The Fool, The Moon, and, of course, The Hanged Man. The film bypasses the usual blood effects found in most thriller films in favour of a character driven story line involving a group suicide pact. A lot of the intensity from The Hanged Man comes from the characters, who struggle with their decision to end their lives. Many of the characters reveal themselves to be someone, or something very different in a shocking conclusion.

The Hanged Man begins with Southern Comfort aka SoCo waiting for six others to meet him in an isolated barn.
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Osiris Entertainment Brings The Hanged Man for Murderous Mayhem

Osiris Entertainment is distributing The Hanged Man today on DVD and in the trailer for the show six social misfits meet online to commit suicide (Hanged). A disturbing subject is broken up by misadventure, murder, and mayhem. Preview this independent film in the clip below from Starbox Pictures.

The synopsis for The Hanged Man:

"The Hanged Man is the tale of six social misfits who meet online, and in a desperate attempt to escape their troubled pasts agree to gather in an abandoned barn to commit group suicide. But when the plan goes awry, the group discovers there just may be something to live for" (Osiris).

Release Date: May 25th (DVD).

Director: Neil H. Weiss.

Cast: Adam Hatley, Tom Jay Jones, Daren Dukes, David Evette, and Joey Nesta.

A brutal clip for the film here:

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The Hanged Man website:

The Hanged Man Homepage

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