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Stereotypical and clichéd, but still entertaining.
Peter Young10 May 2009
Karan Johar came up with another film that is very identified with his own style of film-making, Dostana. He combines comedy, drama and emotions in one film, though in this case there was a very well-noticed balance. The film, in contrast to Johar's previous films where all starts as a great comedy but ends up in a tearful melodrama, remains a comedy almost from start to end, though different clichés from time to time are inevitable and easy to predict. This is not a bad thing, that's Johar's style and it has clearly proved to be successful in previous attempts, but while I found myself laughing from time to time, I was also quite annoyed by some of the cheesy proceedings.

The direction was pretty good, not that anything great was required there. The cinematography was well done, the locations were fantastic. The westernised music contributes to the light mood of the film. The film is stylish and modern, though surprisingly not as modern as films like Salaam Namaste and Hum Tum. The various jokes in the film do manage do work though some of them are unoriginal and we are already familiar with them thanks to our film experience. It's still fun, maybe because we had not seen that in a Hindi film before, and maybe because it's unbelievable to see the leading actors in such situations.

Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham get equal footage, and they are okay. John is good-looking and he does not lose any chance to take his shirt off and get cocky, which really gets on one's nerves. Abhishek performs better and he's more effective in comic sequences. Hottie Priyanka Chopra plays their friend and a struggling career woman. She's not a great actress, but she's competent in a role which is not very demanding but pivotal. Kirron Kher utterly steals the show with her brief appearance. Her loud and hysterical woman is just hilarious, and her transformation from a desperate mother to someone who learns to accept her son's "identity" is brilliant. The fact that we know the truth only makes it funnier. I can't see another actress doing this part as well.

All in all, Dostana is not a great film but a decent one. It is filled with the usual clichés and the moments of old platitude one can expect from a movie of this sort; it is predictable, it is stereotypical and not very original, but having said that, it is entertaining and fairly enjoyable. Try this Bollywood entertainment, preferably with your family or friends, so that it may elevate your level of enjoyment of it.
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What could have been a Mega Extravaganza..
Rahul Ojha15 November 2008
Welcome once again to the larger than life world of Hindi cinema. A song provides a scorcher of a start to the movie with this female celebrity who is highly popular in the UK (read Big Brother) dancing, 'bouncing' and lifting the curtains to this world called Dostana. Here we have a smashing foreign locale in Miami where chicks roam around in bikinis as if it is their second skin and guys with chiselled bodies and offbeat professions get up in bed only to find themselves with some unknown damsel. It's a world where a sizzling girl in her mid 20s who despite doing well in her career is looking for tenants to share her house and earn some extra income. (With the current economic recession its not a bad idea!) Enter the wannabe tenants - our two heroes who look like they have buried the 'reel' animosity of the past (read Dhoom)! What next? Yes here is the alleged twist as these guys fake their sexual orientation because the Indian values in our 'Desi Girl' will not allow two straight hunks in her Miami condo. Let us pretend at this point we don't know who Chuck & Larry are/were! What works for this movie and what doesn't?

Okay it is the first of its kind attempt by an Indian film-maker to touch upon and even base the main plot on this 'homo-sexual' angle, a subject hidden in the closet. The platform is well established with Abhishek and John being at an almost natural ease while playing their characters! These guys are the primary thing working for the movie as they infuse in every scene a sense of wackiness making you snort with laughter (or LOL). Their centre of attraction Priyanka looks absolutely gorgeous in each and every frame of the movie. The treatment of the movie is just right and the sole objective is to provide the audience with insane entertainment. Enters Abhishek's mom played by Kirron Kher, a mother horrified by the knowledge that her 'puttar' has become andha and cannot distinuguish between a boy and a girl! Yes the laughs grow louder and louder. Insanity rules! Catchy and melodious music plays along keeping you grooved. Its all fun and games and then its interval!

Post interval time and like a ship caught in a storm this movie gets lost and takes the wrong direction. The script goes awry. Our heroes have grown weak in the knees for our heroine and the brewing love triangle turns into a triple threat match with the entry of this third gentlemen. Now, instead of letting the movie continue on the path of insane entertainment, it heads into the world of clichéd misunderstanding and sappiness. The plot becomes so contrived and the humour nearly dries out. The actors do their best to keep the fun alive and succeed only marginally. Besides the awry script the character development also falters with a talented actor like Boman Irani ill-utilized. The zing is gone and the executioner is the story writer.

The two heroes Abhishek and John do a sparkling job with their hilariously unusual and offbeat role. Priyanka Chopra is meant to look pretty and she does a perfectly stunning job at that. It is no doubt that after 'Dostana' and 'Fashion' she is ready to conquer the queen's crown in Hindi cinema. The costume and dresses are perfect and in sync with the theme of the movie. The music is groovy and one of the plus points of the movie. The cinematography though good is a little patchy owing to cost cutting measures by creating the Miami house in Bombay with skyscraper wallpapers on the windows!

Although only produced and not directed by Karan Johar, it bears in each frame the stamp of his brand of cinema with many references to his past works. And seeing his track record you expected something more. But yeh more nahi milega! Overall Dostana is not a bad effort, in fact the movie is a fun, onetime watch but nothing beyond candy floss entertainment. The opportunity to turn it into a mega extravaganza has been lost.
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Long, but not bad.
keithla4331 July 2009
This felt sometimes like it was several different movies spliced together, but mostly it was a fun ride. Beautifully shot in Miami, and it's obvious what a ground-breaker it is for Indian film (hey, it JUST became legal to be gay there!)

Yes, there are gay stereotypes, but mostly it's gently done. And yes, it has the Bollywood musical numbers at the weirdest times, but some of them ("Shut up and bounce") were so catchy I couldn't get them out of my head.

I also couldn't get John Abraham out of my head. Believe me, you won't be able to take your eyes off him the entire time...

I say go for it. If you're not up to the musical numbers, you can go past fast forward through them.
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Hilarious and very entertaining!
iluvblue2324 November 2008
Dostana is extremely funny and has truly unique aspects. The comedy was genuine as well, not all stupid stuff about gay guys. I went to see it with my friend and laughed so much that my jaw hurt afterward. It has a pretty good storyline too, 2 guys pretend to be gay and how that one little action snowballs and gets them into some situations. Apart from the storyline, the actors were gorgeous, especially john abraham (and priyanka for u guys). The Miami setting was beautiful and that added glamour to the movie. Finally, the songs, omg were SO good, especially desi girl which is of course known by everyone and jaane kyun was very cute as well. All these things combined made the movie a success and the comedy was so memorable that I want to see the movie again.
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A Nutshell Review: Dostana
DICK STEEL15 November 2008
Dostana scores a number of firsts. One being set entirely in Miami, with the glorious shots of golden beaches and opportunities for the cast to show off their toned bodies (for the first few minutes, John Abraham seemed too eager to get rid of his singlet every few minutes). And the other first scored was that this is the first Bollywood film to have a focus on a gay relationship, albeit a faked one, between its two leading men. For an industry that's still sans on-screen sex, where kisses still bring upon rage, and nudity a no-no, is it any wonder why this premise, together with its A-list stars, will draw in the crowds without a doubt?

Some 4 years ago, Abhishek Bachchan was busy chasing John Abraham as hero and villain in the action-adventure Dhoom. In between they only shared credits in Kabhi alvida Naa Kehna, and it is not until now that the two alpha-males get put together in the same film, share plenty of screen time together, and the joke's clearly on their effeminate behaviour and gay relationship. Imagine two muscular jocks having to turn girly at a wink of an eye, and that itself sets up a tsunami of laughs in plenty of situational gags that will leave you genuinely in stitches.

I shudder to imagine how real gays would, or would not take offense at the portrayal here, given that most of the time, gayness is equated with being hip and in with modern culture, which I think some would clearly dispute. Nonetheless it is the attempts at debunking the myths and prejudice that surrounds the condition that warrants some merits at least, even though it's still an outright comedy, and I guess all could be forgiven since there are two eye-candy male leads to serve up some compensation.

At first one would imagine a plot that would be similar to I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, given two obviously straight men having to pose as a gay couple to further their own objectives, which of course runs contrary to any romantic notions they have for the opposite sex. Here, Sameer (Bachchan) and Kunal (Abraham) start off as two strangers in Miami who bump into each other after their individual one night stands (with opposite members of the sex of course), but thereafter find themselves eyeing the same piece of affordable swanky rental apartment, which comes with a crucial string attached - no guys, because the occupant is a lady (Chopra) whose aunt refuses to let tongues wag should her housemates be two hunks.

So you know the drill, faced with time constraints and the prospect of staying with Neha the hot chick, both guys pretend they are gays, thus setting in motion plenty of comedy as they have to maintain their cover 24x7, and to make matters worse, have to cement their relationship legally as a means to keep Kunal from being deported. And if that's not all, each of them still harbours the thought of hooking up with Neha, which of course poses a challenge given their known "status". One of the best scenes in the movie involves almost everyone, from mothers to bosses to even an immigration officer who converge in their apartment in a free for all, where bluff goes against bluff, and the two chaps have to be at their best to satisfy the law, as well as to stave off a very interested magazine editor. I can't remember the last time I laughed that hard and loud.

But of course things slow down a little in the second half of the film when Neha's new boss (Bobby Deol) comes into the picture to woo Neha, which Sameer and Kunal try to fend off with their wits in what would be co-opetition at its very best. Scheming and conniving all the way, you'd come to expect lies becoming bigger lies, with questionable methods being put into use in order to drive the new competition away. Which brings it quite nicely to an ending that I guess is a fair outcome.

Dostana speaks of friendship, and sometimes, relations are best left at that given the numerous enjoyable moments everyone shares, without complicating matters. Dostana, despite its theme, still plays out to be an enjoyable, entertaining movie brought to life by its excellent casting. Songs and dances were pretty much standard fare, save for that convergent scene which I mentioned was the highlight of the film. Do look out too for the very cheeky wordings on the T-shirts that both Bachchan and Abraham don.
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New Concept.. Fresh jokes... A revival which bollywood humor needed desperately
gauravg188514 November 2008
I'm not a big bollywood movie fan.. least of them the comedies. Going to a movie without going through reviews is a must no no. But I've made few exceptions owing to special circumstances. I always regretted, but not this time.

As always, I was expecting a half cooked desperate humor when i entered the hall. But I was in for a big surprise.

Movie started on a usual note, but with a different "gay" concept. I was quite sure writers and director won't be able to handle it. But I admit, I underestimated those guys. Nobody could stop laughing in the entire first half, and my mouth and stomach were in a really bad shape during intermission. When I sat down again, I was damn sure they are going to ruin it now. How can these guys think of a climax in such a complicated situation.

But again, this time Movie bounced back with its turns and unpredictable elements. each time you think plot is sinking, they turn it around and take you by surprise. At least for the bollywood guys, climax couldn't have been better.

Additionally, as I enjoyed watching damn hot Priyanka's figure, my female friends enjoyed John's show-off. We really missed John's overacting though (Pun intended).

All in all, this was a much needed revival for bollywood's desperate comedy attempts. Completely fresh concept, which gave its viewers an access to unorthodox jokes even in orthodox funny situations. Definitely A must watch!!!!!
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New face of Bollywood....
tusharvyas1504198714 November 2008
Well what to say about this movie. I watched this movie on the day of its release and let me tell you one should go for it. Priyanka's looks...Abhishek's acting and john Abraham's physique can kill you. Though its not a family movie and the topic is new to traditional Indian audience but the humor of the movie is great and it is made with a view to please the youth audience. This movie is a superb combination of comedy, emotion and friendship. Also Karan Johar has proved that he is not trapped only in making some emotional fact he has made an outstanding comedy movie which can compel you to be fixed on your seat till the end of the movie. Overall Dostana is a complete entertaining package and you should go for it....
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tambe1 December 2008
Well, let me tell you that the movie was exactly not like the way the way I saw it in the trailer. I felt that there were a bit too many coincidences. Like they had rented the same flat, they liked the same girl,etc. The first half of the movie was kind of boring but still good. I really enjoyed the second half. It was a comedy kind of film, I really laughed till my mouth was hurting. CHARACTERS Abhishekh Bachchan and John Abraham did really good acting as a couple. Well, even Priyanka Chopra did good acting as she always does.The fact is that when she is sad or she cries the same expression. When she is happy or laughs she makes the same expression. But you should go to see the movie mostly to see John and Abhishekh. I liked the movie because of its comedy and how Sam (Abhishekh) suited his role well like a male nurse. And Kunal ( John ) too suited his role well as a photographer. Not to leave out M ( Boman Irani),Abhimanyu Singh ( Bobby Deol) and Sameers mother(Kiron Kher). I felt that Boman Irani was given the same character or maybe he acted the same way as in the movie Munna Bhai MBBS.Almost the same kind of humour and laughter but still entertaining. It was good that Tarunput Bobby Doel in the film. He really highlighted the film by his presence. He did a good job as a boss.Even Abhimanyu's kid was very cute. Kiron Kher made the film more entertaining and lively. She acted well in "ma da laadla" and did a good job being Sameer's mother. Shilpa Shetty danced nicely in " shut up and bounce".

Overall I enjoyed the movie and only a bit of the first half, the characters satisfied their roles and it was a comedy and entertaining movie.
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Hilarious! Full time Entertainment
rkodagali14 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Well, i must confess that i did not think much of the movie when the trailers came out. I thought it would be a copy of "i now pronounce you chuck and Larry" but it was anything but that. Story: Meet Abhishek, Aka SAM, a male nurse and John,Aka Kunal, a Photographer, who claim to be gay just so that they could share a flat with Priyanka,Aka Neha.

The story mostly deals with the way Both these guys try to appear to be gay in the eyes of Priyanka chopra( Who is absolutely stunning), But eventually, both of them end up falling in love with her!

The first half of the movie is absolutely hilarious! My jaws were actually paining with all the laughter. Abhishek was very convincing as a gay. There is scene where He dances with Boman Irani(Neha's Boss) which i thought was the most amusing part of the movie.

Overall: It is a fabulous entertainer. Probably the best ROM-COM from bollywood this year. Certainly worth watching although Bobby Deol as priyanka's love interest in the movie is not well suited.
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Another over the top bollywood comedy
Unborn P19 November 2008
If you are a person who doesn't enjoy Gay, over the top and sometimes double meaning jokes then seriously don't venture into this movie.

Also if you are expecting a movie that gives some kind of meaningful message in the end then too don't enter.

This movie is mostly for regular bollywood movie goers who can digest some ridiculous moments and unrealistic scenes that seem to be challenging some common sense. Don't have too many expectations and you wont be disappointed.

Its got some great cinematography and choreography with a lot of glitz and shine but the screenplay is flawed and keeps twisting and turning sometimes drawing genuine laughs and sometimes falling flat.

The acting is good with Abhishek as the best among all and the Oomph quotient is taken care of by John and Priyanka. Abhisheks comic timing is perfect even making some ridiculous scenes funny.

As for the story one line would be enough but I guess everyone has read it already and don't expect any big surprises.

The only reason I think most people would like to see this movie is because of its sensational and taboo concept of Gays in bollywood movies for the first time. And if you are really curious to know what it looks like be ready to get a lot more than you asked for.
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Funny But Spotty
uncle_g123416 November 2008
I've eagerly awaited this movie. The prerelease publicity has been pretty good. The video I saw of John and Junior polkaing around the room wasn't that effective, but the video of Priyanka in the golden bathing suit said "must see" to me. And then I learned that Shilpa Shetty was doing an item number and, for me, the deal was sealed. Frankly, the chance to see J&J pretending to be gay didn't pique my curiosity at all.

When I was in the theater, the crowd was not large, but they were laughing practically nonstop. It isn't every Hindi comedy that can achieve that. My sense was that they were startled at the things J&J were willing to do to get a laugh. The screenplay really pushed the two to extremes. And some of the jokes were kind of out there.

In fact, I'd say everyone in the cast overacted, except Bobby Deol. In my opinion, Bobby is such a stiff customer that before he can overact, he first has to act, and I'm still waiting to see that.

Strangely, the cast member who appealed to me most was Boman Irani. When he appeared as the editor-in-chief of Verve, it actually was a surprise to me. I would rate this movie lower without Boman. This guy is near the top of my supporting-performer list. He's been the only good thing in several movies I've seen in the past.

I think the director created anti-climaxes. E.g, you parade around Junior and John in practically nothing, then somewhere in the middle, Bobby Deol shows up. As male cast members go, that is what I would consider a huge anticlimax. He's older, he has less acting talent, etc, etc. He would have been more effective introduced first. As a second example, you put Shilpa in a dance number in the opening credits. Then you introduce the heroine. How can anyone truly appreciate her physique or dancing when they've already seen Shilpa. I'd love to have that shot of Shilpa reclining on the motorcycle as my wallpaper. I hope it shows up somewhere. Truth is that the last number of the movie should have been in the opening credits and Shilpa should have been in the closing credits as an added goody.

The movie is entertaining, I don't want to take that away. Even though Khirron Kher was "meri filmy maa" for a second straight movie, she did add something just as Boman did. But I just don't think the way the movie got assembled was optimal. That's why I can only rate it 7 of 10. To me it is the least appealing Dharma creation I have seen. Kind of a shame, considering the Yashraj decline, to see Dharma also putting out less-appealing movies.
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Funny but flawed..
vikramsamal14 November 2008
Well Dostana from Dharma Productions instantly brings back the memories of the hit 80s cheesy flick which was quite enjoyable because of the star cast mainly..Nothings different here..The films cheesy,over the top, mindless but fun and stays afloat only because the camaraderie between the cast mainly...

The story is not novel, a bit borrowed from last year flop Now I Pronounce Chuck and Larry which wasn't very funny either..But Dostana is funny and funny because the actors make it so..The writing is poor and so is the editing..The film could have been a good 15 minutes short (the second half is unending)..The first is good though..

Abhisekh Bachchan was always good with comedy but he is a revelation in this..He is funny as hell and carries the film all through..John is okay, his facial expressions never change though..Priyanka is hot and looks ravishing all along..She has looked her best after a long time..Boman Irani was extremely funny and so was Sushmita Mukherjee..Bobby Deol track looks forced and so the actor doesn't impress..

Music is good, especially Desi Girl and Jaane Kyun..Tarun Mansukhani the director has a good future..He showed some talent! The good thing about Dostana is that it stretches the limits of Indian Cinema..Films like this would never have been conceived 5 or 10 years back..Its a growth en-route progress but how I hope the result would have as desiring..And I felt the portrayal of gays is still not in much positive light..They are still shown as pretentious, perverted people which actually is misleading..

Overall I enjoyed it barring a few places in the second half and climax could have better thought of and executed..

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Hilarious first half, sappy conclusion
long-ford15 January 2009
Dostana is a lot of fun, specially in the first half, all thanks to Abhishek's wonderful comic timing, and a brilliantly conceived "gay fantasy love story" between Abhishek and John. Priyanks Chopra looks stunning, and there's plenty of eye candy (for both sexes) to enjoy. Boman Irani and Kirron Kher are good, but the script doesn't accommodate them well. Bobby Deol has what amounts to an extended cameo. Unfortunately he sleepwalks through the part. John makes an effort to act, but still isn't up to par. The last hour of the film gets bogged down in sappy melodrama, with an uncalled for scene of cruelty towards a child. Still worth catching on DVD or television.

Overall 6/10
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not so great as I heard ! ! !
manojsujanani22 November 2008
I gave this a 4 .. because with such a story and no sense in the script, I don't understand, how people can praise this film... I just stopped watching this one and watched Dasvidaniya instead... I don't recommend watching this one... try avoid if u can. Priyanka better pick up sensible films... because half of her films failing to make any impact. This movie lacked a good script.. It also lacked a good co-actor for John Abrahim ..

It could have made a difference if Akshay Kumar was in this one... The combo of Abhishek-JOhn ...not good at all John tried his best but couldn't save this film I pity the director for this one
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Best Entertainer of the Year
sid_yadav_115 November 2008
I don't normally do reviews on IMDb but after watching the movie and reading some of the reviews here I almost feel inclined to.


If you can watch the first half without laughing, I'd be willing to pay you a $100. And if you can watch the second half without feeling for the characters and the mess they get themselves in, likewise.

I have seen a lot of moving this year I felt "almost made it" but left something to be desired. I can say this is true for two I've seen just this month, for example -- Heroes and Fashion. But Dostana goes full on, all the way. You are entertained and satisfied, you laugh, you feel, you're interested, you're involved.

In terms of acting, all the actors from Abhishek Bachchan to John Abraham to Priyanka Chopra to Bobby Deol were at their best. Guest appearances by Boman Irani and Kiran Kher were also applaudable.

Go and watch it with your friends, or your significant other. Keep your brains turned on AND be entertained at the same time.
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Dostana, doesn't impress much.
Anupam Kelkar14 November 2008
The lovely promos, great songs, the huge Abhishek-John gay hype, OK the movie isn't that great, Tarun Mansukhani didn't give justice to a wonderful story. Wish Karan Johar himself or Nikhil Advani had directed DOSTANA, it would have been much greater.


TOO MANY COINCIDENCES, that doesn't happen, fake. The second half, its not good, feels like it has been finished in a hurry, not fine. Scenes do not end smoothly. The end is the worst part, ABRUPT END, the movie finishes and you feel 'there should be something more'. Its a Bollywood masala movie but the end isn't, inclusion of old characters would have made more funnier. I don't know why Priyanka wears skimpy clothes all the time. The climax should be a bit long. The second half 5/10.


John-Abhishek, Wonderful, great chemistry, John's acting skills have improved a lot. The first half is perfect. The main story begins from the first scene, and thats what i like. Kirron Kher, Boman Irani just great. The songs are lovely. The humor is great. The scene where john takes Priyanka for a date is AWESOME. The end is quite different from what one may think, but its nice, some may not agree with it, but i liked it. Bobby has done a good job. The twists in the movie are hilarious. But the second half kills the fun. First Half gets 7/10.


Go to watch John-Abhishek...
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One Good Gay Comedy Movie
tariqq821 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I just saw this movie yesterday night at metro theater in Kuwait.I must confess that this movie really works out for me and i cant help laughing.I never watch Abhishek movies in theater as i didn't like him at all,so i watch this movie mainly because of John,Priyanka and offcourse Bobby Deol.I will start my review with the story first.

STORY was very interesting as it was first attempt in Hindi cinema on the Gay Topic,so i must say that the story is new and idea is fresh,But i cant tell you the story,go you watch it.

PERFORMANCES This movie truly belongs to the John,Priyanka and Abhishek as they are the main leads of the movie and story mainly revolves around them.All three of them have performed very well.But one person performance which really impress me is none other than Abhishek Bachan,he is excellent,very well excellent performance by him.I am not his fan at all but after watching his performance in this movie,i started liking him. John performance is very good,he is improving day by day and what a physique ha had maintain.His body looks so great and a well shaped.Truly the sexiest person of Bollywood.Priyanka looks so stunning and sexy.She does a fine job and does fair justice to her role.Bobby deol is wasted in this movie.Really disappointing as it was not expected from him.Why he is choosing these small type of roles ? DIRECTION is also good but i should say that second half of the movie should be more convincing.Music is pretty good with my favourite track DESI GIRL and MAA KA LADLA.

On the whole the movie is quite enjoyable,if you like to watch comedy movie,i will recommend you to watch DOSTANA.

my vote is 7/10
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Full Timepass !!!
rahilkhan123116 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
The movie starts off with an amazing view of the Miami beach with shilpa's item no.The theme of the movie as u may have guessed is homosexuality being used as a comic situation when both John and abhishek need a place to move in !!! Then the fun starts ... with both men falling in love with priyanka ( never looked so gorgeous in any other movie than this ) . but wait there's a surprise package - Bobby Deol who's also got some love for priyanka . The rest is for you to find out... the movie has good sense of comic timing in the 1st half but loses its pace in the 2nd half but not so much that it can be written off . Of the performances priyanka delivers a fine act , boman and kiron kher have the best moments of the film to their credit , Bobby is the charming boss who justifies his role after a long time ... but i must say its abhishek and john's chemistry that really makes this movie worth the watch . Go with a lot of popcorn coz Its complete time pass and definitely worth seeing ....
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Funniest Hindi film after a long time
syem-113 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This film for me has been a long awaited, perhaps because I'm a huge Priyanka Chopra fan however without being biased she has done a very well job!

The film contains lot's of humour and some suspense, where two guys are willing to do anything to get the girl of their dreams! And it all start from renting out in an apartment! The feeling of kabhie kushi kabhi gham and kuch kuch hota hai is felt through a couple of the scenes with a touch of the Hollywood film 13 going on 30.

Another scene that caught the moment was when both guys express their feelings to the girl in two different ways which shows a lot of deep feeling and if I or any other guy was to do the same to a girl then surly I must win their heart!

I enjoyed the film though and would recommend bollywood lover to watch it with their partner's or friends, or even family.
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Sexy though not without some smears...
Cruiz Dwyer14 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
After bumping into each other by accident Kunal (John Abraham), a photographer, and Sameer (Abhishek Bachchan), a nurse, end up wanting to rent the exact same apartment. Due to the limitations that no men are allowed to rent out the apartment, Sameer comes up with an idea that both Kunal and himself pretend to be a gay couple. However while this plan allows them to get the apartment, it proves to be a problem as they both men become interested in their other roommate, Neha (Priyanka Chopra), a gorgeous and intelligent woman who works for a fashion magazine.

The story for Dostana is a combination of unique and unoriginal. While the gay couple idea is not commonplace for Bollywood films, it does share some similarities with a recent Hollywood film. But beyond two guys pretending to be gay, Dostana does very little to differentiate itself from the flock of romance films, and this has to be attributed to post-Interval which is slightly disappointing. The second half of the film is not bad by any means, but the humour, vigour and originality which makes the first half of the film an absolutely wonder to watch becomes dampened somewhat due to the strange change of the leads becoming somewhat childish. Thankfully the musical score, acting and choreography never falters, so the film does have a strong structure throughout.

The characters themselves are very well detailed and the writers have done a good job to distance the characters of Kunal and Sameer while giving them common ground. Where Kunal is immensely handsome with a built body, Sameer's charisma help him attract the women. This is deepened as the film progresses with both have separate forms of interaction which are easily acknowledged from their specific personalities. Neha is a bit more stereotypical and not quite as complex as would have been hoped. In fact, this could be the films one flaw: a lot of the depth is merely skin deep.

The film begins with a musical segment and a very upbeat one at that. As mentioned, the level of music and choreography never wanes and remains a welcome addition whenever a segment does appear. Dostana also bases itself in humour and a lot of it to boot. While the level of humour dies out in the second half, the quality does not. The majority of the humour is based around the gay relationship and what makes it work so well is the acting. In one scene where both Sameer and Kunal devise a story on how they met, their attempts at acting gay are not exaggerated so as to mock, but done so because of how both Sameer and Kunal think gay people act. Another aspect which makes the humour so much fun is the constancy at which is is portrayed.

The acting quality is high as well with excellent performance from the entire cast. Abraham showcases why he is a a highly capable actor though there is the rare occasion where he does not feel quite up to par with either Abhishek or Chopra, who are more easily able to gel given their recent pairing in Drona. Abhishek continues to find his peak acting ability when he needs its most and Chopra's continues her wonderful form from Fashion and nears the end of the year on a high note after a few mediocre efforts in Love Story 2050 and God Tussi Great Ho. The supporting cast of Boman Irani, Kiron Kher and Booby Deol compliment the leads with some genuinely good acting, with Irani and Kher adding to the intense humour of the film.

No violence or nudity though sex is a thematic element to the film. Language is minimal in scatological form.

Dostana is a film which wants to break away from the norm but ultimately cannot, and as such the latter arc of the story is a slight disappointment. The story turns into a typical romance after it promised such an unique premise, and the second half lacks the overall strength of the first. Nonetheless,Dostana is a brilliant film which infectious humour and sex appeal, though lacks the ability to truly target its core message.
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Chuck met Larry ver. Bollywood
Avinash Patalay2 January 2009
OK – the "Kanta Ben" episode forms the basic premise of Dostana but hey, just like in Kal Ho Na Ho some good interesting tracks were expected as well.

Apartment? Instead of harping on a unbelievable reason, a better convincing reason should have been thought for pretending gay.

The trio did an amazing job, so lets not go that area.

Bobby Deol was a big downer and his look seemed he was just out of Chamku. In fact the entire track seemed a poor rehash of "6 din - Ladki In" episode of Kal Ho Na Ho.

Kiron Kher was just OK.

Shilpa Shetty in the opening number was an eye-candy.

Sulabha Arya a.k.a Kaanta Ben – very good... very good. Sushmita Mukherjee – very bad... very bad.

Songs are #1 and without doubt Vishal-Shekhar rule the roost.

And yes, the costumes deserve a special mention.

The visuals are stunning – it is beckoning.
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Fun, Frolic & Friendship...
DudeE18 November 2008
2 "straight" men pretend to be a gay couple - to live-in a swanky Miami apartment & to fast-track their American citizenship.

Kudos to the debut director,producer,choreographers (loved da desi-girl),cinematographers & costume-designers.Vishal & Sekhar's music is nice & peppy but not extra-ordinare!Running shy of 145 minutes,this movie is over the top,politically incorrect & the 2nd half could have been shorter as the "gay gags" are over-done.

This movie is bound to be a Top Ten hit in the UK and could peak inside the Top 15 movies of the week in America. I'll rate it 3 outta 5 - to be viewed with an "open mind" to have a blast!
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Frothy fun in "Dostana"!
ilpintl17 November 2008
"Dostana", set amid the crayon-box colors of Miami's South Beach, opens with the industrial-strength sex appeal of Shilpa Shetty cavorting in turquoise waves with a bevy of toned, tawny babes and guys. She slithers and shimmies around the two heroes, Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham, who enthusiastically appreciate her attentions. Both men wake up beside a pretty girl the next morning. This is to vehemently establish the male leads' hetero status for—ladies and gentlemen—they will spend the rest of the film portraying each other's boyfriend in what is being marketed as India's first gay comedy. "Isn't it quite the leap from an earlier film's "It's all about loving your parents." tagline to "It's all about loving your same-sex partner." in "Dostana"?" a journalist asked producer Karan Johar. With admirable verbal agility, Johar shot back, "It's still all about loving. Whom you choose to love and how is your prerogative!"

Lust for affordable housing makes Sam (Abhishek) and Kunal (John) play gay to beat the "female tenants only" rule of the owners—a comical Sindhi matron and her niece—of a sumptuous beach-front apartment with two rooms to let. When Neha (Priyanka Chopra) arrives, Aunty announces she's found the safest roommates to share the sprawling premises and split the mortgage. With typical Indian squeamishness about sexuality, she explains, "They're not like us--they're, er, different." "You mean they're not Sindhi?" "No, they're, um, modern." "So are we!" retorts the niece. So Aunty, red-faced, comes clean: "They are each other's boyfriend-girlfriend." "Why didn't you just say gay?" says her with-it niece. Such exchanges characterize this deliciously satirical, moderately racy look at Indian manners and mores. The comedy springs from the generational divide and the peculiarly Indian mania for maintaining social niceties even when it is excruciatingly painful to pretend.

The first act unfolds briskly. When the two guys discover the niece is both hot AND single, they realize upholding their deception will be impossible. About to confess the truth, they hear that applications for permanent resident status by same-sex couples are fast-tracked by US Immigration, so they keep up their charade. This is probably bending the truth for cinematic purposes, so don't rush off yet to the nearest US embassy or consulate clutching the hand of a real or pretend same-sex partner.

Within close proximity and shared quarters, a sweet friendship forms between the three: Neha and the boys hang out, go shopping (as all girls and their gay best friends must), and watch scary movies together. Naturally, both guys fall in love with her. An additional suitor—Neha's hunky new boss (Bobby Deol)—turns the romantic triangle into a romantic rectangle. When Sam and Kunal attempt to sabotage her budding romance with the boss, Neha concludes that they are doing it because they have the hots for—get this—her boss.

So far, so good. The action flags in the second act, with repetitive spy-versus-spy tactics, but the mood remains genial and ingratiating right up to the unanticipated resolution.

The humor refrains from getting mean-spirited, and a couple of scenes are inspired. The scene with Neha's gay former boss (Boman Irani), the mother of one of the boys—and a swishy US Immigration official doing a truth-check on our "gay" couple—all showing up at the apartment at the same time qualifies as high farce. Another marvelously nonsensical scene has the guys debating possible gay sub-texts in old Hindi movies.

Remarkably, this mainstream film steadfastly resists—all the way through—from revealing to the mother that her son is really straight, and she must make her peace with his homosexuality. The ever-reliable Kirron Kher plays the drama-queen mother with a touching blend of the comic and poignant. Abhishek and John excel as Sam and Kunal. John happily flaunts his well-muscled body for the camera; his fashion photographer character is amiable and not terribly bright. It's John's first time being showcased in a big-budget film, and he doesn't disappoint. Abhishek does not boast John's physique, but his male nurse character is the cleverer one, delivering most of the film's zingers. The two convincingly portray the strong friendship at the film's core and share superb chemistry. Priyanka, revealing an unexpected flair for comedy, basks in the attentions of three dashing men, and glows for it. Neha must look like someone three grown men would fight over, and Priyanka is up to the challenge. Bobby Deol, as the restrained straight man—no pun here—to the flamboyant Abhishek and John, shows great dignity. I loved the ogre Aunty (Sushmita Mukherjee) with her age-inappropriate clothing and too much makeup, but a softie at heart.

Unsurprisingly, Hindi films have discovered the hedonistic charms of South Beach; its candy-colored splendor is the ideal backdrop for "Dostana". Director Tarun Mansukhani makes a self-assured debut, keeping things light and frothy and steering away from too much sentimentality, though some judicious editing would have helped. The bouncy music (Vishal-Shekhar) suits a cast of characters in a state of arrested adolescence. My favorite song, the rueful "Kuch kum" plays in the background.

Interestingly, Karan Johar sets his more controversial films in the US. His adultery-themed drama took place in New York; now with gay-friendly "Dostana" also having an American setting, one wonders if this is a significant clue to any cultural righteousness. Is the permissive or progressive (depending on one's point of view) USA Johar's geographical escape hatch? Is he saying "Shah Rukh and Rani had an adulterous affair, but their characters were American, and that sort of thing happens there all the time" or "It's okay to be gay, but that would only fly in the West."? No doubt, Karan Johar can explain with some nimble quip, but it does beg the question.

I enjoyed "Dostana" for what it was, but hope for the day I can review a serious, thought-provoking film like "A Wednesday"—the sort of film never released abroad. Sex sells, baby, and so we'll never lack for a "Dostana"!
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DOSTANA rocks... have a blast! Extremely enjoyable movie.
kavismita13 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
To cut a long story short, DOSTANA is not to be missed. Dharma Productions, the late Yash Johar and Karan Johar's film production outfit, has produced several significant films in the past. Add DOSTANA to the list! DOSTANA shocks you all the while and that is its biggest USP. Don't expect stereotypical situations or characters all through this film. Watch Abhishek cook up a romantic story between John and him in Venice. Watch Boman Irani's interaction with Abhishek and John. Watch Kirron Kher's dramatic entry at this point. Hilarious scenes all, they're sure to bring the house down. If the first hour is laced with crackling chemistry between the guys and terrific humour, things get serious towards the second half since there's one more person vying for Priyanka's attention -- Bobby Deol. There's humour in this hour too, but the focus is mainly on who'd get Priyanka in the end.
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"Shut up and Bounce away from this movie"
springsunnywinter21 November 2008
I have always liked John Abraham's films especially Dhoom, Karam, Zinda & No Smoking but this is simply his worst movie to date. I don't know what Karan Johar was thinking to produce this rubbish movie with no story and is about homosexuality which is a really rubbish topic. Dostana is a rip off of I Now Pronounce You Chunk and Larry and the terrible director of the movie can't even copy well. He should learn that having good music, good looking cast and attractive clothes is not the formula for a good film. The worst thing of the movie is the screenplay and no background score. Overall Dostana is far from entertaining & beyond boring and lacked a single decent joke.

I only seen the first half but then when Sameer's mum came and she was the salt on the wound so then I couldn't take it anymore and I left the movie. It is very rare for me to leave a movie half way though I only do it about 1 in 1000 films, so basically Dostana is not just John Abraham's worst film but one of the worst films I have ever seen. Anyone who has rated the movie a 1 out of 10 rating are very sensible and I personally would like to salute them. Dostana has more than enough of what an awful film should have. Only John Abraham acted well and the music is good composed by my favourite composers Vishal & Shekher, the best songs are Jaane Kyun Desi Girl & Shut up and Bounce. But the movie is so bad that they couldn't even save it.
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