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Not even Rome itself can save When in Rome from being a dud
TheLittleSongbird22 July 2011
When I first saw that great actors like Danny DeVito and Anjelica Huston were in When in Rome, despite the film not looking very interesting, I gave it a go because I thought with the high-calibre of these actors there should be some watchability. How wrong I was!

When in Rome is not only a bad movie in so many ways, but it manages to waste the talents of DeVito and Huston, which in all honesty I find unforgivable. The only redeeming quality is Rome itself, but even that doesn't stop When in Rome from being a complete waste of time.

The soundtrack was tolerable but forgettable soon after. What really hurts When in Rome is the awful script, the predictable story(I know there are a lot of movies that are predictable, but this one is so predictable you know how it's going to end at the start), rom-com stereotypes and clichés posing as characters, severe under-directing, Kristen Bell looking confused and a complete lack of chemistry between her and Josh Duhamel.

So all in all, not worth the bother. 1/10 Bethany Cox
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Cringe worthy
SnoopyStyle16 November 2013
Beth (Kristen Bell) is a hard working curator. She's in danger of ending up alone when she has to go to Rome to attend her sister Joan's (Alexis Dziena) wedding. She falls for the best man Nick (Josh Duhamel) but she sees him kissing another girl. She picks four coins and a poker chip from the famed Fountain of Love out of spite, and is quickly followed by four men (Danny DeVito, Will Arnett, Jon Heder, Dax Shepard) desperate for her love.

I love Kristen Bell and her commitment to her single-girl comedy bit especially when she's trying to smash the vase. Josh Duhamel is a likable guy although he's more pretty than funny. There's a chance for a passable rom-com here even with the hopeless Mark Steven Johnson directing. But the four creepy guys really make it impossible to like this movie. They are worst than annoying. They are not funny. The premise really screwed this up.
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Coins in the fountain
Prismark1021 January 2016
When in Rome is a dismal rom com. Kristen Bell is a career woman who has found love elusive. At her sister's wedding in Italy she drunkenly takes out coins from Rome's 'Fountain of love' which leads to the men who threw those coins into the fountain to fall in love with her and they each stalk her back to New York.

Josh Duhamel was the best man at her sister's wedding and he is also interested in Bell but she wonders if he really wants her or just bedazzled.

Duhamel is charming with the little the script has given him, Bell is flat and two dimensional, Danny DeVito, Will Arnett, Dax Shepard, Jon Heder try to shine quirkily as the crazed suitors.

There is some originality in the film like a restaurant set in darkness but the film so often falls for unfunny and unoriginal slapstick.
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kosmasp8 October 2010
A very predictable Rom(e)-com, that some might not even feel qualifies for the "com" tag. But that would a bit too harsh. The movie tries hard and it sometimes succeeds (imo) in achieving just that (put a smile on your face).

Kristen Bell and some of the men almost save the day. But the chemistry between her and the lead isn't really the best. It's also not the best walk on a line between comedy and romance. But still that could be called nitpicking. And why would you want to do that, if you can just sit back and enjoy this as a boyfriend/girlfriend movie experience, instead of thinking too much about it?

I think I might have overlooked a few flaws, just because of the likability of Kristen and the charm of most of the cast.
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Very lightweight rom-com concerning the magic of the fountain in Rome.
TxMike16 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Kristen Bell is Beth, young, bright, hard-working curator at the Guggenheim in NYC. With a big exhibition coming up, and a key artwork still needing to be procured, she gets unexpected news ... her younger sister (cute Alexis Dziena as Joan) is in Rome, she has met an Italian, fell in love, and is getting married presently after a 2-week courtship.

So naturally she goes to Rome, and there she runs into Josh Duhamel as Nick, and they seem to hit it off. But in a related scene, we find Beth sitting on the edge of the fountain, the one where people throw in a coin for good luck in love. And for some reason she decides to pick out and take several with her, including one poker chip.

When she gets back to NYC, she suddenly starts to get calls from men she doesn't even know. And also from Nick. But over the phone her sister tells her that according to Italian legend, the men who had thrown those particular coins in would now be unavoidably attracted to her, profess their love, want to marry her. And, since Nick is a poker player, has poker chips in his apartment, she quickly figures out that Nick's apparent attraction to her is because she removed his "coin" from the fountain.

All this sets up the rom-com elements that follow. Anjelica Huston is Celeste, the hard-driving, demanding boss at the Guggenheim.

It was fun to see Peggy Lipton as Priscilla, married to Beth's dad, played by Don Johnson. I first saw Lipton when she was a member of the Mod Squad in that very old TV series. She looks great for a lady almost 64.

SPOILERS: We saw this with James, Emily, and Natalie, it was a Redbox rental. While Beth worked hard to divert the attention of the unwanted affections, it turned out she had to give them their coins back. But she had made a mistake thinking Nick had thrown in the poker chip. It was actually an Italian priest who had gambled with Nick the prior evening. Nick fell in love with her for real, and when she found out then everything was right again in the universe.
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paul_haakonsen29 May 2010
This movie kind of took me by surprise.

I knew that it was a romantic comedy, but I was surprised at how nice the movie actually was. The story is very good and it moves forward at a good pace. You easily get caught up in the story and fall in love with the characters.

The ensemble of cast for this movie was really good. Lots of good actors and actresses here, and rock solid performances. Performances that really make the characters come to life on the screen and make them believable.

"When in Rome" in not the chick flick that you would assume from the cover and reading the backside of the cover. There were a lot of scenes where I was laughing hard. So the movie is filled with good comedy as well as the romantic stuff as well.

This is a movie that you should watch, especially if you like love stories. This movie is quite nice.
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When in Rome was a halfway decent romantic comedy
tavm1 February 2010
Since this movie was a January release, I wasn't surprised that this wasn't a very good movie though there were some moments that I liked. Among them: Danny DeVito playing an amorous sausage maker that isn't annoying, a car scene near the end that provided some nice funny twists, and a cameo of a Famous Sports Star. Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel make a good romantic team though they're not always given ample time to make their pairing completely believable. Still, you can't go entirely wrong with the players mentioned above, not to mention Will Arnett, Anjelica Huston, or, as Bell's father, Don Johnson. And the person I just found out Kristen's engaged to, Dax Shepard, also provides some charms for the obnoxious character he plays. So for all that, When in Rome is an okay time waster.
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Quite a forgettable romantic comedy
Gordon-111 June 2010
This film is about a career oriented woman who accidentally casts spells on guys when she was in her sister's wedding in Rome.

"When in Rome" has an interesting idea. I can see the story being funny, but something just does not work well. Maybe it is because there is not enough cheesy moments, or maybe there is a lack of chemistry between the two leads, or maybe there is little witty moments to make "When in Rome" memorable. There is little to make you feel for the characters and look forward to what happens to them next.

"When in Rome" is mildly funny, but it is quite a forgettable romantic comedy.
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They forgot the most essential element for a comedy.
Boba_Fett113820 March 2010
Well, it could be me but isn't a comedy supposed to be funny? This movie just gets never funny to watch, since it's so cliché ridden and is lacking with its comedy.

I just don't understand why this movie ever got made. Its script doesn't seem to have a single funny or original moment in it. Guess they tried to spice things up by adding in some psychical comedy but it just seems so very desperate all. I mean, people walking into a pole on the street or falling in a hole? Come on, how desperately lame can you get.

It of course also has a quite ridicules concept, that still could had worked out well though if it had a more clever and original script to work with.

It's also not really the actors fault that the movie does not work out as a comedy or good movie. As a matter of fact the movie has a pretty good cast with some talented actors, that also have shown in the past that they can handle the genre. It should say enough about this movie its script that not even they can provide the movie with any funny moments. I maybe even chuckled just once during this movie but I can't even remember at which point, it's that forgettable as a movie.

I can't say that I hated watching this movie, I was just never really amused by it either. There is nothing that makes this movie a good enough movie to recommend.


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When in Rome Avoid This Film.
anaconda-406584 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
When in Rome (2010): Dir: Mark Steven Johnson / Cast: Kristen Bell, Josh Duhamel, Will Arnett, Alexis Dziena, Dax Shepard: Romantic comedy about experience. Kristen Bell arrives in Rome for her sister's wedding but when she snags four coins from the fountain of love, she finds herself the victim of proposals from four males. They are a painter, a salesman, a magician, and a model, all of which come off as creepy. The premise has flair but the antics of the four spellbound males are not funny. Director Mark Steven Johnson gives great shots of Rome. This is a different project for a director who previously made Ghost Rider and Daredevil, although this film does contain elements of supernatural. Kristen Bell basically tries the salvage the film with her charm before arriving at the predicted conclusion. Josh Duhamel brings little to the guy she meets at the wedding, and his attempt at humour and sarcasm come off forced in comparison to Bell who fits the material. Her co-worker is a ditz who should mind her own business. She is basically one of those friends who decides for you what is best for you. Will Arnett plays the painter, Danny De Vito plays the salesman, Jon Heder plays the magician, and Dax Shepherd plays the male model. This is a great cast strung out on formula material and all have done superior work. Despite their efforts none of these characters come off as likable although I believe we're suppose to identify. They are merely creepy in a foul attempt at humour. While it plays at the magic of true love, the film itself is foolish when in Rome, or anywhere else. Score: 5 ½ / 10
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Amusing rom(e)com with Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel
Wuchakk9 October 2017
RELEASED IN 2010 and directed by Mark Steven Johnson, "When in Rome" stars Kristen Bell as Beth, a busy unlucky-in-love woman from New York City, who finally meets the man who can take her mind off work while vacationing in Rome (Josh Duhamel). Unfortunately Beth impulsively takes four coins from a reputed fountain of love, which magically attracts four suitors she doesn't want (Danny DeVito, Will Arnett, Jon Heder & Dax Shepard).

Speaking as someone who doesn't view many romcoms, I found this one quite watchable. I'm not too familiar with Bell because I've only seen her in two other films and they were minor roles ("Burlesque" and "Scream 4"), but she easily carries the movie with her star power, although she looks like she could use a few hamburgers.

The movie puts its best foot forward with the kinetic first act, which mostly takes place in Rome and is the most humorous part of the movie, and sometimes hilarious (e.g. the "Cherry Pie" joke). The mid-section loses steam a bit as things get too mushy, but the movie perks up again in the last act. There's a memorable comical episode featuring a compact yellow European automobile. Jon Heder's magician character, Lance, is the most engaging suitor while DeVito's character (eventually) arouses sympathy.

THE FILM RUNS 91 minutes and was shot in Rome, New York City and Santa Clarita, CA. WRITERS: David Diamond & David Weissman. ADDITIONAL CAST: Anjelica Huston plays Beth's humorless boss while Peggy Lipton & Don Johnson play her parents. Kate Micucci and Bobby Moynihan are on hand as the potential couple's best friends respectively. Alexis Dziena appears as Beth's sister.

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A Nutshell Review: When In Rome
DICK STEEL3 April 2010
I was in Rome some 6 years ago, and similar to Kristen Bell's Beth, got only 48 hours in the magnificent city, steeped in history, statues, and sights to just blow your mind away. I remembered tossing a coin into almost every fountain that I see, since it's practically monkey-see-monkey-do with coins just littered in the waters, though nope, no such luck in the amour department since I don't recall tossing one into the fountain depicted in the film. So I don't have such fictional luck like Beth, to be pursued by a number of suitors all smitten with her because she happened to pick up some coins placed in the fountain.

A typical romantic comedy, this one has infused some Roman superstition into it. Returning to New York from attending her sister's wedding (and comedy of errors I might add) in the fabled city, she soon finds herself being wooed by a street magician (Jon Heder), a narcissistic male model with almost the intelligence of Derek Zoolander (Dax Shepard), a painter (Will Arnett) and a sausage magnate (Danny DeVito!) who becomes Beth's patron of her museum programme. Each do just about the craziest thing to woo their lady love, because she had happened to pick up their coin from the fountain, and they have followed their vision and calling like the plague.

But of course she soon finds out that her one true love happens to be the best man at her sister's wedding, a pro-footballer turned journalist (Josh Duhamel) because of a lightning accident, but is skeptical that his advances are because of a coin she had picked up. So begins the did-he-or-didn't-he, and plenty of romantic moments weaved into the narrative written by David Diamond and David Weissman, who plays it safe with the usual structure meant to charm and basically to chronicle the number of hoops one has to jump through in order to woo one's lady love.

Like a typical romance flick, this one comes with a key message as well, which is addressing how one will know if one's falling in love with someone special. And I think it hit the note, reminding us that it's when we put someone on the pedestal and they matter more than what currently matters to us most (for Beth, it's her job), then voilà, we have struck gold, or rather, Cupid has struck. So unless you see the output on this site start to dwindle...

I've never quite thought that Kristen Bell would make the romantic leading lady, from films such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Couples Retreat, but she continues in the genre. Her portrayal of her characters continue to be the alpha-female type who is consistently unlucky in love, and I'm waiting for her to take on something new outside of her comfort zone in order to make everyone sit up and take notice. Until then, Josh Duhamel is someone whom I've watched transition from television's Las Vegas series to the biggest summer action blockbusters like the Transformers movie, and I think it might take a while before he branches off from action or romance, or marquee a heavyweight film on his own.

The rest of the supporting cast like Anjelica Huston's chief museum curator (a poor cousin of Meryl Streep's bitchy performance in The Devil Wears Prada), Danny DeVito, Jon Heder and the rest play rather one dimensional and breezy roles in this light comedy, also because the limited runtime doesn't allow for any depth and character development. The real star of the show is of course the limited scenes of the renowned Guggenheim Museum. Last seen on screen in The International where it was badly shot up in an extended action sequence, the museum goes back to showing off its regal presence in being a place and work of art, and puts itself into my books as one of the must-go places if I happen to make my way to the Big Apple.

The Roman Holiday this is not, but it has enough charming moments thanks to Rome and the Guggleheim, to make this an average but safe romantic comedy for its intended demographic to head out and enjoy.
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Featherlight cute
jdesando28 January 2010
Kristen Bell is cute, and so is her romantic comedy, When in Rome. But then so is her co-star, Josh Duhamel, and even Don Johnson in his dotage is lookin' good. That's what romcoms do: They make us believe in the magic of love and the durability of beauty, both of which elude most of us eventually. This one beats bad last year's loser The Ugly Truth, but it is far from the sophistication of (500) Days of Summer.

Although Bell's Beth has been hurt in love all the time, she takes a chance on it at a wedding in Rome (where else?) with best man, Nick, played by Duhamel. It's all formula with a twist or two such as a magic spell cast by a fountain of love and Danny DeVito as a sausage maker in love. In the spirit of Devil Loves Prada, she's an upcoming museum curator with a loyal assistant Stacy (Kate Micucci), a daunting boss Celeste (Anjelica Huston), and a museum show that threatens to ruin her career if it fails. With the admixture of gambling for love, it's a dangerous world for her.

The supporting cast of magician, narcissistic model, and faux painter among others includes Jon Heder, Will Arnett, and Dax Shepard. They're lighthearted kooky, more amusing than most romcom casts. The slapstick of the usual romcom is more prevalent but just as enjoyable for my preview audience as ever.

By the way, the cinematography of Rome is unusually crisp and romantic, but for me, it's the food where the true romance of Rome is found. Not in this comedy.
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When in Rome, just stay away from this movie
Smells_Like_Cheese6 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
With the economy the way it is I have figured out the exact way to make a few million dollars, it's really easy: I'll make a romantic comedy! All I need to do is have an annoying hard working bitter female who has given up on love, somehow finds it with bland purse accessory man, their romance falls in some way for 10 minutes but they find that they really do love each other and all ends well. Bam, I have at least 5 million dollars, only problem being that this way is too easy and other directors have beaten me to it. In this case we have When In Rome, a wonderfully pretentious and predictable romantic comedy that tries way too hard in the slap stick comedy department. Kristen Bell is still somewhat hot off the more humorous romantic comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Hollywood is testing to see if she's leading lady material. Let me tell you something, if this is the first choice she's going to make to prove that she can bank in a big hit movie, she failed big time. The movie bombed hoping that this will lead to Hollywood giving up on the stupid predictable plots, non existent chemistry between two young hot actors who are getting by on looks and the most bland jokes in the world, When In Rome was just a bad movie.

A successful and single art curator Beth is at a point in her life where love seems like a luxury she just can't afford. Years of waiting for the perfect romance has made Beth bitter. One day, she flies to Rome to attend her younger sister Joan's impulsive wedding. She meets Nick, who rescues her in a couple of difficult situations but is just as much of a clumsy clod as she is. They hit it off well and reach a point where both parties take an interest in the other. Just as Beth convinces herself to believe in love again, she sees Nick kissing another woman, who turns out to be the groom's 'crazy cousin'. Slightly drunk, she picks up coins from the "fountain of love". She later learns from Joan that legend says, if you take coins from the fountain, the owner of the coin will fall in love with you. She has to return the coins to the fountain to break the spell.

There are times where I really do want to be like my other girlfriends and think that these movies are so cute and sweet, it's a curse seeing so many movies at times because I guess I'm the stick in the mud when it comes to girl night and a movie. But I guess it's also a blessing because I'd rather see these movies for what they really are and honestly I hate to say it, but these romantic comedies are sick ways for Hollywood to make more money without putting any effort in. Kristen Bell doesn't work well as a lead actress and had no chemistry with the other actors. Her character wasn't likable at all and was so predictable, why do all these female characters have to be bitter? Come on, Kristen Bell having a hard time finding love? Not completely unrealistic but highly unbelievable still. She has a hard tough boss, the cute likable sister who was lucky enough to find love and the typical friends who have to encourage her to find love still. I know what you are thinking as you are reading my comment "Why if you hate romantic comedies so much, do you continue to watch them?", my answer is that I always have a little hope for film when I start watching it, but when I see it going in the same direction as the last time, when it's just another copy and paste story, that's when I give up. I just feel the need to warn the world of this sick plot to get innocent people's money, but I guess it's their choice and no I will not recommend this film if my life depended on it and it's forced uncomfortable humor.

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decent enough romantic comedy
disdressed1213 March 2011
i thought this was a decent enough romantic comedy.it leaned more toward the romantic side than the comedy,but it had some funny bits scattered throughout.i liked the odd ball group of characters.the two leads,Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel were very good and had excellent chemistry.Don Johnson was good in a small role.the story was fairly predictable(you pretty much know how it's gonna end) but it wasn't boring.as far as romantic comedies go,this one was far from the worst i have seen.it's rated 5.1 here on this site,but that seems a bit low too in my opinion me.you could do a lot worse with you time.for me,When in Rome is a 6/10
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cute romantic comedy
MLDinTN26 October 2010
It's been a while since a good romantic comedy has been released and I think this one was pretty good. It had some funny scenes like Beth trying to break the vase at her sister's wedding, the magic scenes with Jon Heder, and Dax Shepherd as the full of himself male model. I also liked the premise of the story with Beth being in Rome and picking up some coins from a fountain of love. By doing so, she releases a spell that the guys who threw the coins in the fountain, will fall in love with her. So, she goes back to New York, and starts being followed by some weirdos professing their love. However she met one guy at the wedding, Nick, that she really likes. The big mystery is was one of the coins she took one Nick tossed. Circumstances lead Beth to think one of the coins is his, so she believes he really doesn't love her out of free will. But true love prevails in the end.

FINAL VERDICT: A sweet short film. I recommend it.
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Characters are Unlikeable and the Movie is Just Not Funny,
lesleyharris3019 August 2014
When in Rome is a brutal movie with a really stupid storyline and a good cast that sadly couldn't make up for this terrible script.We follow Kristen Bell in this movie,who I do like very much as an actress,but her character in this was just not likable at all,and that's the same for Josh Duhamel,but the most annoying characters were certainly the four men who fell in love with Bell,who were sadly played by some great comedy actors,Danny DeVito,Will Arnett and Jon Heder,but it couldn't make up for how irritating these characters were,everything that came out of their mouths was just not funny,and the reason why they fell in love with Bell is ridiculous.Unless you want to see a romantic comedy were you won't laugh or have any care for the characters whatsoever,definitely avoid When in Rome.

A New Yorker is pursued by a band of infatuated suitors when she takes some coins from a fountain in Rome,but she has her eyes on someone else.

Best Performance: Kristen Bell Worst Performance: Dax Shepard
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Full of unfulfilled potential
cricketbat3 August 2018
When in Rome is full of unfulfilled potential. Kristen Bell doesn't get to be as adorable as she can be, Will Arnett, Jon Heder and Dax Shepard don't get to be as funny as they can be and this romantic comedy isn't as romantic or comedic as it could have been. I was disappointed.
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When you are great fan of romantic comedies, sometimes you need to see them twice! I really enjoyed this one when I tried it again!
inkblot112 February 2010
Beth (Kristen Bell) is a young curator for the Guggenheim museum. Still smarting from an ex-boyfriend's "adios, dear girl", she has poured herself into her work. No time for love is her new motto. However, her younger sister suddenly announces her engagement and very soon-to-be nuptials in Rome, for the sibling has met a handsome Italian gentleman. Having no choice but to hop a plane to attend the wedding, Beth arrives at the designated hotel, near the Trevi fountain. At the ceremony, Beth is surprised to receive some marked attention from one of the groomsmen, Nick (Josh Duhamel) but she spies him, later, doing the same to another lady. Thus, our little curator grabs a bottle of champagne and starts guzzling. Wading into the fountain, Beth decides to "take" five coins rather than throw any in herself. From that moment on, the lovelorn men, who deposited these coins into the flowing waters, are stuck on Beth. These include a young artist (Will Arnett), a magician (Jon Heder), a sausage maker (Danny Devito), a egocentric fashion model (Dax Shepard), and Nick himself. Following her back to New York City, they all continue to make passes at Beth, interrupting her work and sanity. How can she correct what she has done and, more importantly, how can she be certain Nick really likes her for herself? No one will ever know how difficult it is for a true romcom fan to see a film once and give it a fair-to-middlin review, when a second showing was a totally delightful experience! Therefore, if you read my review a month ago, forget what I said! The acting crew, for a start, is all quite wonderful. Bell and Duhamel are attractive, engaging performers while the supporting cast of Arnett, Devito, Heder, Anjelica Huston, and the rest shine even brighter. Also, the costumes, sets, and overall appearance of the movie is very fine. In addition, although I found the script and direction unimaginative on my maiden watch, I now think it has plenty of spunk and humor. If you love romantic comedy, my recommendation is to see it and soon. Hollywood doles out such a limited number of romcoms each year that most of us try to move mountains to view them. Ditto for this one, I'm a believer now!
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Total crud, which is not suited to Bell's enormous potential.
callanvass15 April 2011
Credit IMDb Beth is a hard working career woman whose last relationship says that she puts her work above him so he left her. When he tells her he found another career woman and is willing to stick it out with her and is engaged to her. Beth feels that there is no one for her. And when she goes to Rome to attend her sister's impromptu wedding and after meeting the best man, Nick she's attracted to him but after seeing him with another woman, she gets drunk and goes into the famed Fountain of Love and takes some coins thrown by people looking for love. When she goes back to New York four men start coming onto her. And Nick keeps calling her asking her out. She later learns that what she did--is a no no. It seems legend says that if you take a coins out of the fountain the person who threw it will fall in love with who took the coin. So she has to find a way to break the curse. And she wonders if Nick whom she likes is with her cause he wants to or is he under the spell.

Really awful stuff here. The sad thing is I like Bell and Duhamel, but nothing here really benefits either of them. It lacked laughs, I didn't sense any heart too it, nor did it have any real characters that I liked.

Bottom line. Terrible Romantic Comedy that adds nothing new to the genre. You are better off skipping this one.

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The Vidiot Reviews...
capone66617 June 2010
When in Rome

When-a in-a Rome-a it's-a important-a that-a you-a add-a letter-a "a" to-a the-a end-a every-a word-a, so-a they-a can-a understand-a you-a.

Fortunately, the career minded New York City woman in this romantic comedy doesn't have time to talk to the locales on her trip to Italy, because she's too busy flirting with a fellow Yank she met at her sister's wedding.

When recently dumped Beth (Kristen Bell) agrees to be her sister's maid of honour she becomes smitten with the best man, Nick (Josh Duhamel). But when he turns out to be a big jerk, she steals coins from the Fountain of Love in an act of defiance. Unfortunately, when she returns Stateside she's suddenly hounded by the owners of the stolen coins (Will Arnett, Jon Heder, Dax Shepard, Danny DeVito) who are all mysteriously infatuated by her. Now, she must return the coins to the owners before she's suffocated by their love.

A slapdash, slapstick, schlock-fest, When in Rome fails to attain either romance or comedy: the patchwork storyline is discombobulating, while the jokes are ham-fisted and trite.

Besides, when in Rome the only thing you should be stealing out of the public fountains are those priceless ancient Roman statues. (Red Light)
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Magical Romance
tabuno14 January 2019
29 March 2015. I'm reminded of Sarah Michelle Gellar in "Simply Irresistible" (1999). The experience of love seems magical, ever since the classic romantic movie Three Coins in the Fountain (1954) which was nominated for Best Oscar. As impractical as it seems, love seems to defy reason and mathematical precision and probability, from Practical Magic (1998) and witchcraft to love as impractical and worldly crazy as Sandra Bullock in All About Steve (2009).

This movie is enchanting, entertaining, and perhaps ridiculous, but it is fun, and a feel-good date movie that is mysteriously predictable, but mostly stress-free, get one's mind off of everyday "crap." A get away fantasy movie. A good time with Kristen Bell of Frozen (2013) fame.
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When in Rome- don't bother going in
Floated215 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
When in Rome is like many other recent romantic comedies, in the way they many of them aren't really that good and poorly written. This one stars Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel. The story starts with Kristen Bell (Beth) at her job feeling unlucky with love and depressed. Beth takes a little time off too attend her sisters wedding in Rome. She soon meets Nick(Josh Dumael), and she feels they are hitting it off good. But quickly gets drunk when Beth thinks he has run off with another woman. She walks in the fountain of love, and picks out some "magic coins", that gets the attention of the four different people that threw the coins. A magician(Jon Hedder), Sausage salesman(Danny Devito) male model(Dax Shepard), and Artist(Will Arnett).

This is when things just go crazy. The whole magic plot is ridiculous from the start. Also the way beth and Nick meet is also very predictable and clichéd. It was also weird and odd how she was able to get and from Rome and New York. Only the first trip to Rome they showed her on a plane. They didn't really show how she came back to New York. Also it was strange that she met Nick in Rome yet he cam back to New York without any indication how he came back. The last scene is them getting married and their in Rome again. They didn't show how they got there, they were all "just there". I only real good thing about the film is how Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel portrayed their characters. They connected well. So I don't blame them for the poorly written script or lack of character development. They did their part pretty well
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a no no
pennyelenabooks11 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Beth travels to Rome to attend her sister's wedding. There, disappointed by love, she will steal coins from the fountain of love. That however will make the men who threw the coins fell in love with her and chase her back to America, making her life unbearable. And the worst, the man she is in love with, has also thrown a coin in the fountain, which she has picked up. Now, I know 1 out of 10 is harsh, but the movie is really bad. The idea behind the movie is good, but the script and the film altogether don't execute it well. The story line is horrible, the lines forced to be funny, the performances, well, the actors do seem to be bored, so no luck there either. The costumes are good, Beth's especially, but everything else just don't work, even the 'magic'. So, because even a horrible romantic will be disappointed by it, 1.
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Not too bad of a Rom Com starring Kirsten Bell
lisafordeay19 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Kristen Bell (Frozen) stars in this clichéd romantic comedy released by Touchstone Pictures. She's Beth an unlucky in love woman who's sister is about to get married to a guy she met in Rome. But when Beth steals coins from the Fountain Di Trevi after getting herself drunk after her sisters wedding, she finds herself attracting 4 different men from Dax Shepherd as Gale an obnoxious model (Kirsten Bell's real life spouse),a handsome man named Nicolas (played by Josh Duhamel from Life As We Know It),a much older man played by Danny De Vito (Matilda),Will Arnett who plays an Italian artist named Alberto and a street magician played by the hilarious Jon Heder(Just Like Heaven)all of who are crazy in love with Beth.

But when Beth finds herself attracted to Nicholas(who she first meets at her younger sisters wedding before she gets herself drunk and picking up coins at the fountain) she wonders is he really into her or is it the magic spell from the fountain that is letting Nick fall for her.

Overall When In Rome isn't a bad flick it's still enjoyable though. Danny De Vito was funny as he was one of the men who was under the love spell and dropped a coin into the fountain,and Kristen Bell's real life husband Dax Shepard was in it too as a model guy. Kirsten Bell is always likeable and Josh Duhamel his very handsome. Also stars Don Johnson (Dakoka Johnson's father and was in Miami Vice)Lena Olga(Alias) and Anjelica Huston(Ever After).

Bottom line if you love romantic comedies like me check it out.


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