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A rare prequel done right
jtindahouse19 August 2022
I recently watched a film starring Isabelle Fuhrman and remember thinking they are going to have a task on their hands making her look as young as she's supposed to for the upcoming 'Orphan' prequel. They did a pretty incredible job all things considered. I was sold.

I like prequels - or should I say I like the concept of prequels. There have been some really good ones, but also some very average ones over the years. And I'd say the average ones outweigh the good ones. 'Orphan: First Kill' is one of the better ones in recent times. There was a point where I thought it was going to be a copy and paste job of the original. Then a twist came along that changed everything and the movie progressed nicely from there.

I was wondering whether the film was going to work better as it was in the original with the twist at the end, or in the prequel with us knowing the twist the whole time. I think you could make a case for both working equally well. It was a great twist back in 2009, however knowing what is going on throughout the whole movie is pretty creepy too.

I enjoyed this movie a lot more than I anticipated I would. It was quick, it got in, told its story and got out. It had good levels of violence, and it had a twist that I thought was very well hidden and added a great new aspect to the film. I recommend checking this one out. 8/10.
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Very average.
Dodge-Zombie21 August 2022
I went in not expecting much and wasn't disappointed. Here we have a prequel that may of worked better had it been made much closer to the original movie.

There are aspects of the story that are just ridiculous. Lines that have been written that don't sound like they should. Characters doing things that seem not at all like something they would do. Plot holes scattered throughout. It doesn't completely suck but honestly it's not very good either.

Watch it or don't.
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ethanbresnett20 August 2022
I absolutely loved the original Orphan film so was excited to revisit the character in this prequel.

After half an hour or so I was a tad underwhelmed as things felt fairly similar to that first film.

However ... an absolutely deranged and outlandish twist sends things in a very bold direction which I thoroughly enjoyed. I was not expecting it at all and it made for a truly wild and intriguing second half of this film.

I do think they could have played on this a little more and shortened the pre-twist antics to strengthen the post twist antics, but still, a real treat.

The de-aging technology or whatever they used worked really well on Isabella Fuhrman and didn't break the illusion at all. Julia Stiles was on fire in a very interesting role.

One criticism however is that for large sections of the film the picture had a smoky and murky quality which made certain sections seem out of focus and I really didn't enjoy this.

Overall though this film is an absolute blast. Fans of the first Orphan film will love this I'm sure. Despite the fact that for a horror film its never particularly scary, the killer twist and deliciously deranged second half make for one hell of a ride.
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Unnecessary and directionless
Go_For_The_Jugular20 August 2022
What even was the point of this?

How on Earth are you gonna make a prequel, with an original cast member being 12 years older?! It's like having a prequel to Home Alone, with Macaulay Culkin in his 20s...just use a younger actor!

I spent the first 30 minutes, constantly asking myself 'what the heck is going on?, as I genuinely had no idea what I was watching.

I couldn't stop laughing at the obvious 'real child' they used for the shots of Esther from behind.

This movie went absolutely nowhere. I feel they would of been more successful with a sequel, instead of a prequel. I guess the explanation wraps everything up neatly in a bow, but now they've not left much opportunities to continue the franchise, whereas a sequel would.

The 'twist' is hella stoopid!

IDK, all in all, this wasn't great...watchable, but not great. I just don't think we needed a prequel. As it doesn't really change/explain/affect anything in the first movie.

Don't expect too much...and be ready to laugh more than anything, because this is straight up unintentionally funny.
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Expected More :)
Misss2521 August 2022
I watched 'Orphan' about 3/4 years ago. From then to now, I didn't expected to watch another prequel . As prequel always comes with disappointment. I can't say it was that bad but again it wasn't necessary. After so many years after 13 years!

However, when I heard about it, my joys knew no bounds, it's one of my favourite movies. But,it felt like watching the 'Orphan' again but this time, Easter is total psycho and extremely violent. Then the rest story remains the same. Twist was kind of unexpected and this is the only thing that is different from 'Orphan 'and again the ending story remains same.
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These positive reviews have to be fake
bigbadbassface20 August 2022
There was truly nothing redeeming about this movie. The character's motivations made no sense, and the dialogue was ridiculous. We loved the first one but this was a sequel/prequel that should never have been made in its current form.
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halfxbreed2321 August 2022
Trash from beginning to end, every weak scare to trick camera shot to make a 20 something appear to be a child. This film was so unbelievably irritating I'm shocked to see its score is 6.1 at the time of this review. What are you watching? The acting? The story? The horror? The incorrect second title? It wasn't her first kill! Not even close.

The problem with this truly comes down to the casting and the need to use the same actor. She aged out and it completely makes it impossible to suspend belief. It looks like shes floating on her knees and the body double for far away shots is clewrly not her. The twist was a life raft on the titanic, too little too late. The plot holes and oblivious characters were too much to take.
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A Massive Let Down!
flowerstardust197921 August 2022
I'm a massive fan of Orphan (2009) It was very well done with great actors so I was excited for this one ever since I knew it was being made.

Oh what a wasted opportunity and what comes across as a rushed script with no quality control. And did the camera get so cold in Russia that the cameraman forgot to wipe the fog off the camera? No, it was some weird filter or lense that made me feel like I'd just opened my eyes after 10 hours of sleep. It made for one blurry 100 minutes.

Yes it's a prequel but the story could of been so much better. From far fetched to a few wooden performances and it comes across as a B movie at times. As for the twist, well it was the final nail in the coffin so to speak. The twist was one of those type of laughable soap opera twists.

Absolutely gutted. Orphan (2009) deserved a prequel with equally high standards, I don't understand why they went with this script. Isabelle Fuhrman did a good job though with what she was given.
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Sorry! but she looks old.
adarshks-4099720 November 2022
Same thing, same concept as old nothing new and she looks old, at least thay shud use some cgi on her face and hands.

A pretty terrible film with the typical cliches and plot you'd expect from a psychological horror. Julia Stiles did a fantastic job with her character though, her acting prowess has certainly grown. The twist during the film was actually quite surprising and refreshed me from the stale generic plot but thats about all that salvaged this film. How Esther go from being 33 in the first movie orphan! Now In This New Sequel She's 31. There's nothing new about Esther in this new film everything is basically the same . I knew what was gonna happen in the next scene before it even happened it was self-explanatory!!! The worst part of this whole film was how she escaped !! That was in Plainview. Pitiful that they wrote for security guard to walk in and she seduced him .The movies of this generation the horror movies of these generations are getting worse and worse this movie deserve all thumbs down literally!!!
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Not as much exciting as the first part!
pratyusha-571702 November 2022
As we know the first part is amazing and chilling, I think I personally expected a lot from this part. Esther's background, where she came from were portrayed good but the main story is not that well constructed, it is too easy to guess and is not that suspenseful. For the first part I was at the edge of my seat but this, not at all satisfied.

We can watch it for fun but do not expect much when compared to the first part. Some scenes felt like they were cut off too fast, more story about ester's background could have been interesting. The cast was fine, everybody did their role as supposed to.
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Dissapointing and poorly mis casted
mgentalen19 August 2022
Most prequels are honestly not good and do not come close to the original story. When I heard about First Kill, I was cautious. This is the origin story ( does every character need a origin now? ) of Leena causing trouble to the first family in Estonia.

What made Orphan great originally, was not just the actress playing Leena/Esther, but the supporting cast were all perfectly fit. You could tell they actually felt like a family. Julia Stiles did not have the same exuberance that Vera portrayed. The son, was a frustrating character. I felt that the writers did not know where to take his character.

What made the original Orphan great too, there was much more suspense. There is honestly not enough scares to sustain the rating that it was given. I don't want to call this " sequel" a " family film', because it isn't, but it felt too clean then the original. When I see a horror film like this, I expect more blood and more scares, this was lacking in my opinion. This could have been better had it gone in a different direction, but, this is way to watered down.
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It's a Hard Knock Life...
Xstal29 August 2022
After years of looking for her, she is found, the daughter who was lost, is homeward bound, it's a miracle, incredible, ever so slightly unbelievable, but the family's no longer crushed and feeling downed.

There's one or two things that have changed since she's been gone, a Baltic accent probably the noted one, proficient painter and artist, accomplished player, pianist, slightly forgetful, of past memories, she has none.

It all starts off, predictably, and without flare, about half way you start to think you just don't care, but the tangents do appear, and the ironies quite clear, but you've seen it many times before, from many different chairs.
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If you don't take it too serious it's actually entertaining
Zedyeti24 August 2022
Seriously some of these reviews make it sound like people were expecting a coen brothers movie lol. Sure it has flaws but if you just shut up, drop the negative Nancy vibes and watch it, it's entertaining. Of course it's different from the first film cause we already know the twist. They had to make it different or it would be lame.
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The color grading is hurting my eyes!
fuatinfo19 August 2022
The lighting is extremely bad. Color grading is bad. Contrast is terrible. The out of focus feeling of the entire film is frustrating. DOP has done a terrible job and ruined a decent watching experience single-handedly. Good job.
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A bonkers follow-up to the cult hit, Orphan might not quite recapture the shocking twist of its predecessor, but it makes a hard turn from where you expect
IonicBreezeMachine20 August 2022
In Estonia 2007, Leena Klammer (Isabelle Fuhrman) is a 31 year old mental patient at the Saarne Institute who is criminally insane and suffers from Hypopituitarism that gives her the appearance of a 10 year old child. When Leena orchestrates her escape from the institute she assumes the identity of a missing child who looks close enough to her named Esther Albright. Esther is brought to the Albrights in Connecticut consisting of Allen and Tricia (Rossif Sutherland and Julia Stiles) and their teenage son Gunnar (Matthew Finlan). As Leena assumes her role in the Albright home, growing particularly attached to Allen, she finds her lies under ever increasing scrutiny from multiple parties.

Orphan: First Kill is the belated prequel to the 2009 horror film Orphan which opened to decent reviews and healthy box office and became a cult hit due to a particularly shocking third act reveal/twist as well as Isabelle Fuhrman's creepy but nuanced performance as Esther. Needless to say it was more than a little eyebrow raising that not only would we be getting a prequel to this cult hit, but it was also going to feature Fuhrman reprising her role despite 11 Years having elapsed between the first film's release and this sequel (filming was done in Winter of 2020). Given all those circumstances, Orphan: First Kill had fairly low expectations, but surprisingly the movie is quite fun and functions as a trashy darkly comic thrill ride.

Much like the first Orphan the movie belongs to Furman as Esther/Leena. While the actress is certainly no longer a child, the filmmakers do a good enough job of conveying the illusion of Fuhrman playing this role through a mixture of forced perspective, elevated shoes and furniture, and various body doubles to give the idea Fuhrman is shorter than she actual is. While this does run the risk of being distracting or unintentionally humorous, the movie reframes the story so it's told from Leena's perspective so it does kind of work in context especially when you consider the performance as a counterpoint to Furhman's role in the first film where she was a child who had to pretend to be an adult and now playing the same character dials more into those adult aspects while attempting to look like a child.

Storywise the movie follows a similar setup with Esther infiltrating a family and of course developing attractions towards the father figure in that family and while the first half does follow the framework setup by the original, it's the second half that throws everything you expect from a movie like this out the window and gives some truly jaw-dropping revelations that lead the story to some unique directions. The level of conniving and backstabbing (sometimes literally) is an absolute joy to behold and the performances by Stiles, Sutherland, Finlan, and others help to seel you on this situation just enough to keep you engaged.

Orphan: First Kill is a welcome companion piece to the original film. While it doesn't quite match the provocative and shocking third act from the 2009 film, it goes in a different direction from its predecessor and gives some bloody good fun to its audience. Assuming there's a third Orphan (and discussions have been had) I'd be more than okay with seeing Fuhrman tackle this character again.
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Grossly inferior to the excellent 2009 thriller Orphan.
Vivekmaru4525 August 2022
In 2009 I watched Orphan which I thought was a unique film at the time. I was well entertained, and all the actors fit in and played their respective parts. There was a lot of suspense that held the film. There was a superb climax as well.

This film lacks all the above ingredients and comparing the two, the original one in 2009 is head and shoulders above this pretentious prequel(as it adverts itself as).

Back to the film: Isabelle Furhmann reprises her role as Esther from the previous film. This film hopes to link with the earlier one but fails miserably in my opinion. The plot of the film largely consists of the escape of a mentally disturbed patient called Leena Klammer(Esther), a 31-year-old woman with a rare hormonal disorder called hypopituitarism that gives her the appearance of a 9-year old child and orchestrates an escape from the Saarne Institute where she is held.

The movie deals with subsequent events that befall her. All in all, I do not recommend this one. I would rather recommend you watch the Stepfather trilogy of movies(1987, 1989, 1992) instead.
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!!!Great Pt. 2!!!
gab-675997 August 2022
As a big fan of pt. 1, when I heard about this one I just HAD to see it! It was not a let down at all. Even the twist was a wicked one, I didn't see coming. I can almost always guess the twists. Loved all the characters and the action was a bit more at the end but the whole movie kept you watching. My hopes for Ester is that she end up in a home with a loving Lesbians couple. Then her problems might cease to exist! Or possibly meeting another person like her and then they could kill together in the 3rd installment, I cannot wait to see! I would have definitely paid money to see this movie! It was very good, some parts far-fetched, but really believable actors! I only recommend if you were a fan of the first one. This one was better. I almost thought it was a different girl, it was crazy to think Isabelle Fuhrman was 12yo in the first one, and now at 24 (during the shoot) she still looked so young in this movie. And that was using no special effects or makeup tricks was what an article I read stated. CRAZY!!!
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Kaka Prequel - Orphan: First Kill
arthur_tafero7 October 2022
Neither the original production nor this mess is worthy of a rating of more than three stars. I remember having supper with my friend last week and telling him "Bob, why don't we go see a film about an Estonian orphan serial killer who escapes from an insane asylum". And he said "I think you had too much to drink, Art." Why would anyone want to see a piece of junk like this? Why did they want to see the original production? At least if it is cold out you can stay warm for a minute or so by burning your ten dollar bill rather than spending it on a cold day to see this turkey. The performances are comatose, and the story line is just silly. Save your money.
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If you saw the sequel, you will love the prequel!
Chartreuse18 August 2022
Orphan: First Kill gives a little more backstory to Esther and how she came to America to begin with. However, the first family she becomes a part of have a few surprises of their own for her providing a nice, juicy twist to the plot. Talented actress Isabelle Fuhrman (13 years later) is still convincing in the role at 25 and able to pull off psycho Esther. The thriller element was definitely stronger in this movie and a lot more jammed in at a little over 90 minutes. Despite that, it was nice to see Esther back in action!!!
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InterMedia-122121 August 2022
The original (Orphan 2009) without any doubt was amazing ! The potential was here with a lot of twists and extraordinary rotation and atmosphere.

Considering this movie consists with the original part it's embarrasing and losing the potential in this way with this low- box thriller, the script doesn't make any sense !!

Hope this degradation ends here even the ending was a message for another part !!
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A tiresome & forgettable horror sequel
eddie_baggins18 September 2022
Released in 2009 to surprisingly decent reviews and a nice profit making box office return, the Leonardo DiCaprio produced and Jaume Collet-Serra directed Orphan was an against the odds success, with it coming somewhat as a shock that it has taken 13 years to return to the murderous world of Isabelle Fuhrman's Esther.

Trying not to dabble too much in spoiler territory for anyone that has yet to see the well-liked original that also starred a pre-Conjuring Vera Farmiga and the ever reliable Peter Sarsgaard as Esther's unfortunate adoptive parents, this long time coming prequel that explores the earlier years of Esther and her journey to the United States isn't at all on par with its original offering even if there are a few cheap thrills and spills to be had from a story that should never be taken at all seriously.

This time directed by the man responsible for cinematic crimes such as The Boy and The Devil Inside, First Kill see's director William Brent Bell and his leading ladies Fuhrman and Julia Stiles steer clear of scares or mood to instead go right into shock territory as the blood flows freely and the twists come in big shock moments all the while transpiring around a story that never really feels at home within itself, an instance of a narrative unable to find a grip on how to make its audience care for the comings and goings of its various plot developments.

As was the case with the first film, Fuhrman is impressive as Esther, the actress able to convince us she is childlike in mannerisms and appearance but far from childlike in deeds and actions while its nice to see Stiles on the big screen once more even if her role as the tormented Tricia Albright isn't the most well-written or developed.

Where the film struggles to match the first offering in a significant way is the ominous sense of dread and unease that was created in the 2009 film and while there's some grisly fun to be had here when it comes to Esther's murderous activities, despite an attempt to shock with a mid-film twist, First Kill never comes off as a true horror entry and while some may enjoy its cheap thrills there feels as though there was much more to give than what we get here, a barely passable film that adds little to what came before it.

Final Say -

It's been a long wait for fans of the original but despite another impressive performance from Isabelle Fuhrman and an attempt by the film to match the twist of its predecessor, Orphan: First Kill is a mostly flat affair that steers too far from its horror roots.

2 pieces of candy out of 5.

Jordan and Eddie (The Movie Guys)
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Poor movie, not worth the watch.
pyrothing16 August 2022
Very bad cinematography, sound track, plot, story, and writing. Extremely average B grade acting.

Just another cash grab, nothing compared to the original.

Dont waste your time with this one.
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As a huge fan of the original, I'm sad
gameskiller-0768519 August 2022
I honestly never thought I'd be insulted by a movie, but here we are.

The original movie is a classic masterpiece, flawlessly directed, beautifully written, remarkably acted and ended perfectly. Instead of giving the fans the prequel they had been waiting for, 12 years, they tried desperately to be "edgy" and "different" and give the fans exactly what they DIDN'T want with the idea behind the absolute MESS of a story and new characters that I couldn't care less about, it should not be part of the canon. They ruined Esther's character, considering her one of the absolute best horror villains of all time.

The original is timeless and if it was to be released today, it would be just as successful as it was back in 2009, if not even more successful. That proofs that a prequel for it shouldn't be made at all to hold up to it.
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Worthy prequel
AfricanBro19 August 2022
Starts out quick paced and thrilling in the opening act then a little slow after that and you're just waiting for the blood-pumping stuff to begin again, but when it does it's a less bleak, horror like ambience and more of action in the last third of the movie. There's surprisingly a few comedic bits that didn't take away from the horror aspect of the movie too. The twist is pretty good, really unexpected, it was brilliant up to that point but after that you're really just waiting for the movie to finish because nothing as thrilling happens. I still enjoyed it though; it might not be as good as the first, it was still better than I expected so just about worth a watch. I think the end is a little underwhelming if you didn't watch the 2009 one otherwise you'd then know it's a set up for that.
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breaks a film commandment
A_Different_Drummer23 August 2022
The one that says not to make a movie where the setup is more engaging than the rest of the film. Adequate fan service though if you liked the original.
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