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the title says it all, and it lives up to its title
Quinoa19849 October 2008
Wow. That's one word to say after this master's class in splatter-fest ends. But there's more, lots more. This is classic modern exploitation fare, not exactly a very good movie, no, but absolutely spectacular in everything that it sets out to accomplish. Which is, basically, to try and out-do whatever's come before it in terms of outrageous splendor of body parts, dismemberment, be-headings, sword-cuts, arm cuts, and blood flying out like it's a dam exploded. And on top of this the filmmakers have an incredible design conceit that allows for limbs, once torn off or exploded or shredded or whatever, to spring back crazy appendages that range from heat-seeking missiles to crocodile jaws to genital "restructuring." There is no other movie quite like it.

It's also, not so oddly enough, a rip-off in part of the Paul Verhoven RoboCop/Starship Troopers style of putting in advertisements and PSA's in honor and exquisite mockery of the police-state the movie is set in (thankfully, the director, Noshihiro Nishimura, is just as brilliant at these as Verhoven, especially when doing bits like "Cutting yourself is cute!" and "Don't commit Harakiri!"), not to mention the bubbly little Japanese girl ala Battle Royale communicating to the public. But the concept itself, however ripped-off, is not exactly what's important (it's police/revenge saga mixed with wacko sci-fi bits like splicing genes from various serial killers to create the perfect psycho). What's important with Tokyo Gore Police is the daring to just go and do whatever the f*** is possible within this scope of total abhorrent violence and death and blood and guts and limbs sometimes stacked in piles ("No, no, the *right* hand!" is a great throwaway line).

Basically, if there's any other movie aside from possible Dead-Alive that can contend with it, this is the goriest movie ever made outside of the US. Even for Japan, who have produced some of the craziest action/horror/sci-fi stuff anywhere ever (Miike especially can lay claim to some of it), it's extreme and it's certainly not for the faint of heart or easily offended or yada yada. It's for the fans, the die-hard group that just can't seem to, on the contrary of most, be offended by anything. In fact, that's the joy of watching Tokyo Gore Police, which with a few scenes as exceptions where they get into real "Dramatic" moments, being that so much goes on, one thing tops the next, that it's impossible to keep a straight face. Eihi Shiina (of Audition) as the hero of the story comes across so much craziness with the "Engineers" as they're called, who face off against the militant police in a dire battle, that by the time the end credits roll we can't keep up with the final body count.

In short, this is the kind of movie that Patrick Bateman or Alexander De Large would rent about 300 times. If you know who you are in the audience, and you love insane horror that is laced with bristling, so-over-the-top-it-reaches-the-moon comedy, seek it out. You won't be disappointed as far as after-midnight/gross-out-your-girlfriend flicks go.
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Disgusting, depraved and endlessly inventive
zetes18 January 2009
Wowza! Along the lines of Evil Dead and Dead Alive, this splatterfest is sure to be a cult classic. Eihi Shiina, famous for playing the crazy girl in Takashi Miike's Audition, stars as a member of Tokyo's police force. Her specialty is hunting "engineers", genetically modified humans who can reconstitute their flesh wounds as weapons. I think 90% of this film's budget was spent on red Kool-Ade and fire hoses. Every severed limb produces approximately 30 gallons of fake blood. A movie like this can easily become repetitive and thus boring, but the true worth of Tokyo Gore Police comes from its endless inventiveness. Yoshihiro Nishimura, who has spent his career up to now as a makeup artist, keeps upping the ante, showing us some horrible new thing we've never seen previously in every sequence. It's all extraordinarily disgusting and depraved, but it's the best film of this type I've seen in a while.
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Starts off extremely gory and doesn't let up for nearly two hours.
BA_Harrison22 January 2009
Combine a Paul Verhoeven-style dystopian vision of the future (of the kind seen in Robocop and Starship Troopers) with the body-shock horror of David Cronenberg, throw in absolutely tons of OTT cartoonish gore ala Peter Jackson and some outrageously twisted horror of the kind that only the Japanese could imagine, and then add every last shred of bizarre Anime-inspired imagery that you can think of, and the result may look something like Tokyo Gore Police, a completely bonkers, gore-drenched epic from director Yoshihiro Nishimura.

Since it would take me forever and a day to try and catalogue every last moment of gore and depravity in this film, and even longer to try and describe the plot (beyond mentioning the fact that the story sees a young woman seeking revenge for her father's death), I'm not going to bother; suffice to say that gore-hounds who seek out this freaky film will be treated to continuous stomach churning images of bodily dismemberment, S & M themed grotesquery, and scenes of complete random violence from start to finish, and the fact that the story makes very little sense (at least until the very end, when plot threads finally start to come together) should not matter in the least.

Ironically, though, it is this relentless approach that stops me from giving Tokyo Gore Police a perfect 10/10. When a film begins with the gore and weirdness levels stuck firmly at ten, then there is nowhere left for the film to go. For nearly two hours, the blood sprays, limbs are ripped off, heads roll, and bodies are torn asunder; whilst this is admittedly lots of fun, it leaves little room for progression and zero chance of a genuinely satisfying climax (Oooer missus!).
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Over-the-top, insane, whacked, screwed, etc
LoneWolfAndCub9 April 2009
Ever since that epic 4 minute trailer was released last year, Tokyo Gore Police has been my most sought out movie for the last few months. The trailer was quite simply a glorious showcase of screwed up gore with a cool score to back. I was slightly worried that the trailer showed all the gory parts, leaving the movie with nothing interesting (which happens all too often). Fortunately I was wrong, Tokyo Gore Police is nothing short of one of the goriest, most insanely f#cked up movies ever made. Now, I will get this out of the way now, this is technically not a "good" movie: the plot is flimsy at best, the SFX are low-grade and there is no character development; however, this movie is entertaining and fun.

There is a story, which is set in the future, where criminals called "engineers" mutilate their bodies and transform into half-machine half-human monstrosities to wreck havoc. Ruka (Eihi Shiina, from Audition fame) is an "engineer" hunter who uncovers some hidden secrets involving her past from an engineer which reveal a corrupted police force.

Really, that is the extent of the story, with the rest of the movie the director's way of showcasing some serious messed up mutations and plenty of arteriole spray. This is the only movie I think you will ever see something like a chair made of human flesh which urinates on a group of people into S&M, a man with a penis gun, a woman with a snail shell and a crocodile/vagina fusion. This is all OTT and played for laughs, and I think it works that way. In no way should this be taken seriously, much like The Machine Girl, this is a ridiculous movie that really accomplishes what it sets out to. Although it runs for a good 110 minutes, it feels like its over before it starts (due to its unrelenting pace).

Already I think this is a candidate for one of the best movies of the year, and I believe its guaranteed to be a cult classic! If you enjoy Cronenberg style biological horror and enjoyed Tetsuo: Iron Man then this is right up your alley.

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Tokyo Gore Police
Scarecrow-8815 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Ruka(..scrawny and sullen Eihi Shiina)watched an assassin blow her father's head apart and bears this burden as an "engineer hunter"(..humans with hideous mutations genetically created)working for a "privatized police faction" known as the Tokyo Police Corporation who destroy criminals on the spot, wearing heavy armour and equipped with state-of-the-art machine guns under the control of a Police chief(Yukihide Benny)whose vocal cords are severed and speaks through a special magnified intercom system attacked to his uniform. Ruka is on the prowl for the mastermind behind the engineers, a madman who actually injected himself with the genes of notorious serial killers, his method for being able to create this race he claims derived from the devil after attempting to kill himself. The Mastermind wishes to join forces with Ruka, both have something in common, concerning her father's murder and how the assassin relates to him. Ultimately, The Mastermind will inflict Ruka with a genetic mutation(..inserting a hunk of flesh, in the form of a key, duplicated from a sample found in the Mastermind's body after awakening from a coma which derived from his attempted suicidal leap from a building, leaving his face scarred)that will turn her into the very thing she hunts, with complicated results. The Mastermind will also infiltrate the Tokyo Police Corporation, using one of their own men, after turning him into an engineer when he visited an underground freak show containing mutants. This sets off a chain events which will expose the corruption of an organization which was built, supposedly, to protect citizens, with Ruka forced into fighting against the very ones she's worked for her entire adult life.

Outrageous, cartoonish, over-the-top, extremely graphic action-horror hybrid featuring every possible violent act that can happen to the human body. Body parts are ripped away or chopped from victim's bodies and blood sprays all over the place. Faces are stabbed and mutilated, even removed from the head. Hideously grotesque body mutations are a constant(..clearly Cronenberg's Videodrome has had a profound impact on the filmmakers)such as a crocodile mouth forming from the arm or legs of humans effected by The Mastermind's mutations, chomping down on limbs and faces, jerking them from victims' bodies. Faces are often deformed with icky make-up effects. Ruka uses a Kitana sword and many a victim are split apart with blood squirting, whether it be someone's head parted down the center or bodies cut in half and hacked to pieces. This kind of film is not for the squeamish, that's for sure. The mutations are liable to get under the skin of those who have a hard time dealing with fleshly deformities and abnormalities. I think the film goes a little overboard with it's excess of gore..a woman is torn to shreds after the Tokyo police pull her apart using four separate vehicles, her hands and legs all pulled in individual directions. Multiple heads are severed and a kooky coroner has a missile launcher he uses to blast human arms(..they even give poor Ruka the finger!)! One poor soul gets his penis bitten off with a large mutation growing in it's place shooting flesh-bullets at the police! The film, as it continues, just gets more ridiculous, surreal and's hard to ever take serious even when the story unfolds a grim fact involving Ruka's father, an advocate against a privatized police force, and her boss, the man who raised her. Features commercial bits representing a hostile future embracing the violent nature of a culture spiraling out of control and the dark humor on display will not appeal to everyone, some would find it unpleasant and sick. But, this film is a no-holds-barred, go-for-broke type of entertainment that is audacious and repulsive in equal measure. Spirited camera-work, colorful visual style, and energy to spare, Yoshihiro Nishimura aims to please gorehounds with a penchant for ultra-violence. The visual effects are, at times, so bizarre, revolting, and shocking(..while also, at times, looking rather unconvincing as if it was the director's intent to make the violence seem unrealistic and cheesy)that it elicits awe and surprise. Rarely does the director let you catch a breath, either, and there's hardly ever a moment where the film is civilized or humane. Enter at your own risk.
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A Crowdpleaser With a Nice Mix of Weird Gore and Action
ebossert23 December 2008
Well, it's finally here. After watching the 5-minute trailer (quite possibly the best trailer ever made, IMO) in early spring of this year, "Tokyo Gore Police" ("TGP") became one of the most highly anticipated films of 2008 for me personally. This anticipation was accentuated even more after these same filmmakers treated us to the wildly entertaining piece of bloody insanity known as "The Machine Girl" (2008), which convincingly showed that these guys give the viewer exactly what they want.

In TGP, Eihi Shiina (of "Audition" fame) is a special division of a privatized Tokyo police force who is called into action when her comrades run into "engineers" – genetically modified supercriminals who can transform open wounds into flesh-metal weaponry. Needless to say, there's much here that mirrors Shinya Tsukamoto's "Tetsuo: The Iron Man" (1989) and the weaving of flesh and metal has been cited as prominent in David Cronenberg's earlier works (of which I am not personally familiar). There are also references to "Robocop" (1987) by way of blackly comic commercial advertisements that are peppered into the film at various times.

Comparisons with "The Machine Girl" are inescapable. We get a similarly impressive opening fight scene in TGP, as well as an ocean full of blood and gore, but what impressed me the most about TGP is the pacing, which is no less than fantastic from start to finish. This is no doubt attributable to the greater presence of horror in this entry. The events in between the action are nearly as engaging as the action itself, with boatloads of cool gore effects all over the place. The character designs of the engineers is so delightfully over-the-top and perverted that it's a joy to simply watch them exist. Despite a 110 minute running time, this feels like an 80 minute film, which is a good thing.

Neither the characters nor the storyline are particularly well developed, but the goodies are more than enough to compensate. As I've mentioned in my previous user comments on movies like "Tom Yum Goong" (2005), applying formulaic "standards" to a film such as this would prove detrimental in that they would undoubtedly smother the inventive visuals that could only exist when the scriptwriter says to himself, "Okay, let's pack as many wild, weird, grotesque combinations of flesh and weaponry as humanly possible into one feature length film." The makers of TGP do exact that. Much of the film follows the lead antagonist as he assimilates various individuals into engineers and unleashes them against the police force. More character/storyline development in TGP would have demanded a cut in the quantity of visual insanity. Trust me when I say that such orthodox methods would prove disadvantageous indeed.

The action is directed by Tak Sakaguchi – made famous by his leading role in "Versus" (2000) – and he does an admirable job. The choreography isn't as good as a Hong Kong martial arts flick, but it piggybacks off of the character designs to provide fights that have never been seen before. It's difficult to get into the specifics without spoiling the fun, so I'll just point out that the good stuff appears *after* someone has been dismembered.

This is quite simply a very cool film that should be seen by anyone who likes mutant-style insanity and ultra stylish film-making. I find that gore films are so much more fun when they're mixed with over-the-top action. I simply cannot wait to see what these guys come up with next. A resounding success.
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More Japanese splatter, more goodness
K_Todorov2 January 2009
Blood is a very important thing, I mean very important. Without it people, mammals in general, birds, fish, lizards, hell even insects tend to die. I'm afraid that is indeed true, luckily for us "Tokyo Gore Police" teaches us that an ordinary human body contains enough blood to put the entire European continent under water... under blood really. But blood can be very helpful, amazing I know, but "Tokyo Gore Police" shows us how we can use this completely ordinary not-so-interesting combination of some cells and some plasma as a stylish fashion accessory for our daily clothes. Even more, blood can help a human being fulfill one of his most ancient, ever since that video on youtube with that guy running around flapping his arms, and holy desires, namely to fly. To do so you must simply cut off or saw of your legs from the knee down and the endless gush of arterial blood will do the rest. Blood can also be used for offensive purposes, to accomplish this we must simply combine ordinary blood tissue with some brain and voila, bloody brain bullets with some nice visual and physical effect, also that way you can save some iron, some petrol, some gun powder thus ending the Financial crisis.

But "Tokyo Gore Police" teaches us so much more. Here are some short descriptions of the wisdom and brilliance director Yoshihiro Nishimura and writers Kengo Kaji and Sayako Nakoshi demonstrate in this film, in no particular order: - don't ever get on the wrong side with a woman who has jaws for legs. - on that same note, sex really hurts. - I mean really really hurts. - The worst thing that can happen to you if you're a policeman wearing a modern samurai armor is your friend, comrade and colleague trying to kill you with his penis. - having four katanas instead of four limbs looks kind of awesome. - having four machineguns instead of four limbs looks kind of awesome. - if you're planning on doing a chainsaw duel with a friend, don't do it in a crowded area, people might get hurt, oh, what am I saying. - don't ever buy one of those fist firing miniguns, pretty useless stuff.

And if that's not all, "Tokyo Gore Police" continually mocks itself, in a way, satirizing the whole violence-obsessed media by means of mock commercials, much in the same ways as Paul Verhoven did in his classic "Starship Troopers".

And if you seriously think "Tokyo Gore Police" is more cynical than some random action blockbuster just because it shows actual violence on screen, you need to rethink your moral values.

Seriously now, it's a wonderful splice of pure Japanese splatter, that doesn't takes itself seriously, but is actually pretty smart and inventive monster of a film. And running at 2 hours long it never bores with its head-on, full throttle pace, the only thing you could wish for is a sequel. Yoshihiro Nishimura, Kengo Kaji, Sayako Nakoshi a tip my hat off to you sirs, because this is a film worthy of the title: bloody brilliant.
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The Gore Police, They Are Inside of My Head
masercot31 October 2009
This movie is proof positive that the Japanese are the craziest people on the face of the earth. It bears a striking resemblance to Robocop, while, at the same time, putting the gory effects of the Peter Weller film to shame. Commercials let us know that this epoch of Tokyo is one where self mutilation and violent death are not only the norm, they are entertainment. Where Robocop addresses the privatization of law enforcement, this film starts after the privatization occurred.

The woman who plays Ruka is an attractive stoic sort, believable as a tough woman seeking vengeance for her father's death. Ruka is an "engineer" killer. An engineer, in this movie, is kind of like a Guyver if the movie were done by the effects people from Videodrome. If you don't like gore, avoid this flick like the plague; although, if you bought or rented a movie called "Tokyo Gore Police" and didn't expect gore, there isn't much hope for you.

I gave this movie a seven out of ten because they did try to make a real movie out of this. The concept was a little dumb; but, the world that the movie was set in was interesting...
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A great satire/gore filled splatter-fest
skin7030 December 2008
Holy freaking crap! Dystopian future Japan's specialized privatized police force, complete with samurai sword wielding hot Asian girl, hunts mutant "engineers" who manifest biological/functional machine weapon parts when wounded. More blood is sprayed in the first 10 minutes than the whole climax of Peter Jackson's "Dead Alive (aka Brain Dead)". Throw in a few "Robocop"-esque fake commercials, and you'll get a biting satire on Japan's obsession with suicide, kinky sex taboos, and over the top violence. I wouldn't expect anything less from the effects master behind "Meatball Machine" and "The Machine Girl". Not for the squeamish... something in this is bound to offend you. If you like hard core violent Manga or Anime and live action movies that have that feel, you'll love this as much as I did.
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Actually, It's "Pick Your Own Rating"
drprod22 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I found the entire exercise in endless over-the-top gore, seriously twisted sex and (as has been pointed out elsewhere) ROBOCOP/STARSHIP TROOPERS-style satire to be too confusing, too nihilistic, and too...much, ultimately. But I won't deny that there's definitely an audience for this movie, even if the graphic violence effects range from astonishingly good to patently obvious.

Briefly, the story involves a near-future Tokyo where the police force has been privatized, fighting homicidal maniacs called "Engineers" who, upon being seriously injured, sprout Cronenberg-like "flesh weapons" to seriously ramp up the death and destruction before they are killed. A young policewoman with serious personal issues, having seen her policeman father assassinated as a girl, is tasked with hunting down these Engineers with the aid of her katana (Japanese longsword) - only what the Engineers are, and how they relate to both the father's death and the privatizing of the Tokyo PD, is all part of the same deep, dark conspiracy....

In the end, whether you love it or hate it is completely a personal call. I'd recommend renting before buying, unless you absolutely are a gorehound.
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The art of blood fountains
Onderhond5 March 2009
I'll join all the other Tokyo Gore Police reviewers and ask: "What's in a name". A title like this creates certain expectations and it's safe to say that based on the title alone, it fulfills them all. There's Tokyo, a police force and plenty of gore. But there is more to Nishimura's first film.

Nishimura gained fame for being responsible for the graphical effects in The Machine Girl so it didn't take long for people to catch on to Tokyo Gore Police. At the same time this raised expectations and made comparisons to The Machine Girl inevitable. And while the films do have a lot in common (and will probably cater to the exact same audience), there are enough differences to set the two apart.

Depending on where you're coming from, you might be overwhelmed or slightly disappointed by the amount of actual gore found in the film. Of course this film splurts blood like a genuine pro but compared to The Machine Girl, Tokyo Gore Police isn't all that more violent or bloody. There are parts where the pacing drops down a few notches and where the level of gore is pretty acceptable.

On the other hand, if you are only used to films that circulate within the regular film circuit and are peeing your pants when watching the blood fountains in Kill Bill, you might be in for quite a surprise because this film goes way beyond.

The Machine Girl was a film purely focused on gore and camp, but Nishimura goes beyond that. There is no doubt that there is enough camp, weirdness and goofiness to keep any fan satisfied with Tokyo Gore Police, but Nishimura is a much better director that Iguchi. Tokyo Gore Police is more filmic, has a more serious undertone and mixes all the weirdness with a slice of social comedy very reminiscent of Verhoeven's work in Robocop and Starship Troopers.

The intermezzo commercials are simply hilarious, praising first class harakiri swords, messed up recruitment videos for the police force and one particularly hilarious scene where Japanese high school girls are praising designers wrist cutter knifes. Even though these interludes might miss their effect as grinding social commentary in a film like this, the result is as amusing as can be.

Visually Tokyo Gore Police is a serious step up from The Machine Girl too, with much more attention paid to the camera work, good and atmospheric use of color and some snappy editing from time to time. It helps to hide the imperfections and low budget and makes for a more compelling and interesting viewing. Use of CG is kept to a minimum which helps the film to uphold that lovely, squishy and gory feel which a film like this just needs to have.

The soundtrack is the only real sub par element of the film, with some catchy but ultimately failing tunes that are supposed to raise the adrenaline further but only manage some moderate feet tapping. As for the acting, it's not particularly amazing but on the other had perfect for a film like this. Completely over-the-top, with lots of posing and insanity going on. Eihi Shiina's performance is noteworthy though, as she seemingly disappeared from view after her infamous role in Audition.

As for the gore in the film, Nishimura manages to turn blood fountains into an art. Add to that plenty of torn limbs and exploding people and gore fans won't be disappointed at all. But where the film really shines is the deformities and weirdness. There are some awesome looking creatures crawling through the film, from the SM girl-dog running around on 4 huge knives, to the alligator-mouth-for-legs girl. One scene in particular stands out, when one of the characters strolls into a night club where human deformities are auctioned for sexual pleasure. One that will stick for quite a while to come.

Nishimura really made something special here, somewhat outgrowing the simple gore B-splatter fun while keeping that part of the film intact too. Tokyo Gore Police is gory, fun, funny, weird and insane, but at the same time the realm in which it exists start to grow on you. Add to that some top notch designs and some nice visual scenes and I can only hope Nishimura will return quickly to the directing chair. Not to be missed ... if this is your cup of tea of course. 4.5*/5.0*
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Talk about Gore ...
kosmasp11 October 2008
The title is not just saying that, but you will indeed get a lot of gore when you watch this movie. Depending on your taste, you will be either delighted or disgusted by that very fact. I'll assume that you are more excited, if you keep on reading.

While I'm not fully aware of some of the Japanese gore movies of the recent years (mainly because they have too many "machines" in them or people turning into machines ... too weird to describe ... maybe "Cronenberg meets Miike on Speed" would be the most appropriate?), I still thought that this movie was kinda fun. Well "fun" might not be the right word, but the movie seemed to be over fast, which always is a good sign in my book (unless it's a short, but that's whole different story). If you don't mind the ridiculous plot and the "bad" (e.g. comedic) acting and enjoy the Gore, than you're given a treat here ...
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knuckles_and_sonic31 December 2008
I thought I would like this movie,it had everything that I was expecting and more but really after watching it I was a bit like...huh? The movie isn't bad, it isn't good, it's kind of just there, if you want to see bucket loads of gore and really bizarre creature people then by all means watch. I just wasn't grossed out by much of the movie, the uh club part was kinda sick though. I guess I was just expecting a bit more from this movie and it didn't deliver everything that I thought it would with such a high score on this website.

Gore fans will probably like it but in comparison to other Japanese horror or splatter films such as Koroshiya 1, it just didn't deliver.
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The gore is great the exposition is slow and dull in this wildly overlong blood fest
dbborroughs21 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Two hours? This film is two hours long? Dark brooding tale of a world where self mutilation is the norm, where psychos have to be killed out right, and some mutants called engineers can re-sculpt their bodies in gruesome ways. Into the mix is a woman who's job is to go out and kill the engineers and who is looking for the man who killed her father.

One of the genre of gore films from Japan that exist purely to watch the blood and body parts fly. Its all over the top and many of these films work in a wonderfully disgusting sort of way. Most of the films I've seen tend to run under 90 minutes, do what they do and get off. They are amusing time killers for people who like things sprayed with fake blood.

As the gore films go this is one of the best looking and one of the dullest I've seen. The visuals of spraying blood and flying body parts are first rate. If you like this sort of thing odds are the visual compositions will make you smile, as will the cleverness, say the geisha girl who chops up subway molesters carrying an umbrella so as not to get covered in the red stuff. Equally good are some of the character designs which sometimes run toward the dark fetish (leather bound girl on all fours anyone?) The problem is that the films sense of story (okay yes I know the story isn't the point here) and pacing is way way off.The film just drones on, through terrible exposition scenes. yes the commercials are funny, but the story of the brooding heroine who saw her father die is really boring. Even more so when you consider that the girl never changes her expression. I was bored by the end of the first hour.

Far be it for me to suggest some one go at this film with a pair of shears and cut a half hour or more our of it, but in my humble opinion I think thats what this film needs. For me I'm glad I saw this on video where zapping to the next blood soaked sequence was easy.

Those loving ultra gory cleverness and a finger on the remote are directed to this film. Anyone else, especially those with an ounce of good taste, are directed elsewhere.
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Just. Plain. Stupid.
beelzebub_azazel12 February 2009
I liked the Evil Dead series. I can say that I didn't mind Zombie Strippers. I don't mind gore or violence or movies that are pointless. Frequently I like movies that get rated 4.5/10 or something like that...but this is easily the stupidest movie I've ever watched from start to finish.

Those familiar with the Infinite Monkey Theorem ( know that "The infinite monkey theorem states that a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type a given text, such as the complete works of William Shakespeare." If this is the case then it took 2 retarded monkeys about 5 minutes to finish this script.

It's almost like a 12 year old with an extensive knowledge of fetish society wrote a comic book (dialogue and all) and it was magically made into a movie.

The humor isn't humorous. The story weak. The gore is over the top but not even in a funny way. Just...stupid.

I wish I could say that something was lost in translation but I just don't think that's the case.

This could have been a cool video game or something but it's really just a waste of time.
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Who Engineered This Chick's Hot Body?
gary-cbti31 December 2020
She is hot, mini-skirted and a total eye candy... she can take care of herself, but she is vulnerable too. What was the name of the teen prostitute?? Not in the credits.
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Great gory Japanese homage of Paul Verhoven's Sci-Fi films.
alanbobet23 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
TOKYO GORE POLICE is a great gory over the top Japanese homage to the 80's & 90's Sci-Fi films made by Paul Verhoven, especially ROBOCOP & STARSHIP TROOPERS that satirize the near future and it's effects on Law Enforcement and the Military. Made by the same team that made the outrageous THE MACHINE GIRL( the Japanese Special Effects man on that film Yoshihiro Nishimura, is the film director for TOKYO GORE POLICE), it stars Eihi Shiina of AUDITION as Raku, the top female police agent of the TOKYO GORE POLICE in a future where the Tokyo Police are a private corporation(just like the future Detroit cops in the ROBOCOP series) She hunts down "engineers", which are genetically mutated humans, who can regenerate their lost or decapitated limbs into brutal weapons, During the film, we get outrageously satirical TV commercials on seppuku, samurais who cut themselves with their own swords and Japanese teens cutting on their own wrists as well as over the top gory Tokyo Police recruitment TV commercials( just like as in STARSHIP TROOPERS) But the focus is on Shiina's character, who must deal on her trauma of seeing her own policeman father brutally killed by an assassin and finding out that the people responsible may be in her own police force. The action is constantly outrageous, with the usual Japanese over the top gore with satirical jabs at Japanese pop culture The film's only flaws are a longer than usual running timt(109 minutes) when it would have been perfect at 90 minutes and the nihilistic ending which puts aside any final resolution or insight into Shiina's character. But for fans of gory Japanese Sci-Fi Horror, they won't be disappointed by this film. As in states in the film's end titles: MORE GORE COMING SOON!
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Honestly, it's just overrated...
grigeral12 December 2013
I watched the film after constant badgering from a friend... Finally, I caved and borrowed it and, knowing his taste in films, it was exactly as I'd expected it to be... Dire.

I have sat through some terrible films, some of these even more than once, including Bloodrayne 1 & 2, Shark in Venice and more... But this? I found it boring.

People claim that the gore in it is amazing... It's not. It's such a grandiose attempt at shock value that it's no even shocking. The storyline lacks any tangible sense and the effects are terrible.

That said, I understand that the film has a desired audience, which it is probably perfectly suited to it... It's just not for me.

If you like films that focus purely on gore and little else, then it's worth a watch. Otherwise, I'd recommend giving it a miss.
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A great family movie
baron-the-wasteland31 May 2013
I would give this movie 100 out of 10 if such a thing were plausible!

The graphics and special effects were nothing if not top-notch and superior to anything I've viewed else-wise.

And the acting... THE ACTING! Wowie!

Don't forget the plot. DO. NOT. FORGET. THE. PLOT.

The interpersonal relationships were so delicately and expertly crafted that I felt that the crafters of this film took a page from my diary! It captured the pure essence of life itself! Devine Excellence in Every Scene. I was simply SHAKING under the force of my sobbing by the end of the film.

I'm sure all can relate to this film, how could anyone not? Bravo Japanese Filmmakers, your determination to produce only the UTMOST in quality cinematic entertainment. I salute thee.
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The title says it all
kamal2330 December 2008
Wow. Just finished watching this movie, and I must say, it did not disappoint me. Of course I believe first of all it is necessary to say, that you have to be into these kind of movies, cause if your not, you'll just hate it. This is one of these movies, that in my belief can only be rated as "love it or hate it", there is not an in between.

There is plenty of gore, lots of sick stuff and violence but also you can find some very nice cinematography and funny criticism on society.

I don't want to call this movie "deep" in any way, but it has its very satirical points and the violence shows some very unique fantasy.

If you are into over-the-top gore, comicesque trash movies, Asian shockers like "Itchie" or "The story of Ricky", this is definitely a must watch, that'll keep you entertained and will stay in your head for a while.
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Does not leave anything to the imagination and is perfect for what it sets out to accomplish
Dragoneyed36313 June 2010
I wish I could have been prepared for this film, but in this case I went in totally unaware and was pretty shocked by what I ended up with. The only reason I wanted to see this movie because a lot of people labeled it as the goriest movie they have ever seen. After seeing it, I can not disagree. They manage to cram into every 5 minutes some form of blood, violence and carnage that you just are helpless to look away from. The gore is so intense in fact and the movie is just as bizarre as can be that I really could not come up with much gory features they didn't apply to this film. I was not expecting it to be a magnificently played out film in the long run.

Now as I just said, I did not give this movie such a high rating because of how well it was able to disturb me, which is what most people think viewers do with films like this. I loved it so much because of how amazing of a movie it actually ends up being. The characters are lovable and excellently executed, the plot is great and enticing, and the cheesiness and camp sense of the film is totally enjoyable. It creates this futuristic, chaotic atmosphere with these so called "engineers" who are able to change their wounds into deadly weapons. The engineers all turn out to be surprisingly cool and effective, and even though a lot of their weapons just totally grossed me out, I have to admit they were still awesome and were certainly different from a lot of other deadly weapons I have seen in films.

The movie has amazing actors and actresses who capture their characters remarkably and make them fit well into the story. It gets totally over the top at times, I mean extremely over the top, but that's exactly what I love so much about it. The sexual innuendo and grisly images give it it's edge along with being a completely astonishing film in the production, direction and overall execution of the story and characters as well, and every single aspect of this film just mixes together perfectly to give you this beautiful action film that is still able to utterly disgust you in every way to the point where you drool out the mouth at how insanely wonderful it really is.

Everyone who has seen and enjoyed this film knows what feeling I am talking about, but for those of you have not seen it, make sure instead of shutting your mind off actually open it up and you will be astonished at how well this movie manages to capture your attention and entertain. The main character is one of my favorite traits of this movie, for she was unable to hate and had that vengeful yet graceful attitude that most action film women tend to lack. The unexpected shocks like a gun penis and alligator vagina are really the only things that people might find a bit too much, but in the end I ended up completely enjoying Tokyo Gore Police for the over the top, brutal, shocking, brilliantly created movie that it is.
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I'm missing a storyline here....
johnslegers19 May 2009
Dismembered body parts. Fountains of blood. Weird mutations that grow out of wounds. Psychotic sexual fantasies. Some girl who tries to do sword fights with a katana. A deranged privatised police force. etc.

That's pretty much what's you'll get to see throughout the movie. If you're expecting a story that even remotely makes sense, you overestimate this film. It just...... lacks some of the basic elements of storytelling.

The whole film seems like the vision of a psychopath having a bad LSD trip. Because some of the scenes are so completely surreal you've got to give the creators some credit, I believe this film deserves a 2. But for lack of a basic storyline, it would not feel right to give it any higher vote.
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Yes Gore Fest
emma_ls2829 September 2013
This is possibly THE WORST FILM IN CREATION. The actors are BAD. The only thing that this film has is gore and blood and guts. Thats it. If your looking for a decent film that actually has a storyline and reasonably good acting then don't even bother with this film. If you can get past just the trailer then you have BAD TASTE!!! This is definitely a perfect film for stoned off their trolleys people as quoted by another reviewer. I normally do love gore fest films such as Planet Terror but this film is absolutely nothing like that. That film was actually ridiculously brilliant. I don't know what people are talking about when they say the visual effects are brilliant, they are possible THE WORST effects to ever be put into a film, they couldn't be anymore UNREALISTIC!!! This is what happens when film makers who don't have a lot of money make a horror movie. They literally just fill it from beginning to end with nothing but blood, guts and sex!!! What happened to taking advice from film makers like George A Romero who didn't bother with either barely any nudity or none at all in all of his films. You shouldn't have to cram all this crap into a film to get it to sell. I know they say sex sells but get real, have at least some class!!!
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Dumb and Dumber
artpf28 September 2013
Set in a future-world vision of Tokyo where the police have been privatized and bitter self-mutilation is so casual that advertising is often specially geared to the "cutter" demographic, this is the story of samurai-sword-wielding Ruka and her mission to avenge her father's assassination.

OK, so?

All this movie proves is that the Japanese are truly insane.

There is a huge problem inherent with the directing of this film:

All the gore is filmed in super close up so you have no idea what you are supposed to be seeing!

Who thought that one up? Not sure why some people said this is like RoboCop. It's not in the slightest. It's more like Kill Bill in some ways. Only bad.

There are some crazy fetishes in this one. And none that are good.
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bad, really bad
rpgfan17327 December 2011
Aren't Japanese people the best at making bizarre movies? You know, they can take an idea totally lame and senseless like "a Japanese pro-wrestler who transforms into a squid before he dies so he can fight again and go back with his girlfriend" and turn it in one of my favorite movies ever ("Calamari Wrestler"), but this... is not the case. Now, I have seen a lot of Japanese crap, and I love most of it, my favorite gore one is "Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl", which is original, funny, senseless, with cheap effects and a lot of energy put into it; Tokyo Gore Police fails at all of those things, one thing is doing a gore movie with a plot always developing, and another thing is doing a gore movie with random blood at screen for a ridiculous amount of time, the plot stops suddenly for more than 10 minutes to show random flashbacks that don't make sense, violence sequences that can last less than a minute but instead they last more than 5, characters that suddenly appear, you don't know who they're and "oh, he is dead. Maybe I would be touched in some way if he had any character development at all". To sum up this movie is bad, REALLY BAD, and is the only Japanese bizarre movie that I gave less than 5 stars, avoid this one if you can and watch something else.
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