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Sex & Nudity

  • A female zombie' is mocked by the survivors, who consider having sex with the body.
  • It is vehemently discussed that one character is pregnant by a second character, who is married.
  • A man describes his wife as having tits down to her knees.

Violence & Gore

  • There is a lot of graphic violence in this movie. Hand-to-hand combat scenes are very rapid, perhaps with deleted panels to speed them up. The combat is more brutal than simply punching scenes, more like UFC combat, with heavy crunching and splat sounds.
  • A gang member gets half his face chewed off by a zombie. This is viewed briefly via a medium shot of a zombie tucking into the dead victim. It is said a little later by one of the characters that the zombie was chewing his face off.
  • A man fights off a horde of zombies from on top of a car. He shoots many zombies and it is seen that blood comes spurting from their bullet wounds and heads. Upon running out of ammo, he then starts to chop at the horde with a machete. This goes on for a few minutes before the horde overwhelms him and drags him off the car screaming. They close over him and smother him with their dozens bloody hands but the camera doesn't show him getting ripped apart, just screaming.
  • A gang member is shot through the back of the head by a female holding a gun to his head. In the background the familiar zombie moans can clearly be heard approaching.
  • A man is fatally shot and then dragged into a room for interrogation. He is handled very roughly and finally shot through his head.
  • An old man guns down a horde of zombies with a large machine gun. This destroys many with bloody bullet wounds and bodies disintegrating, all seen from a medium camera view. This scene is repeated at several turns. The man then runs out of ammo and another group overwhelms him. Before he is eaten, the man pulls out a grenade and shoves it into the mouth of the closest zombie who is climbing on top of him. The explosion takes out not just the zombies but also the old man and almost the remaining survivors who are blown through a blocked door.
  • A woman has a brutal closed-fist fight with a female zombie involving punches, kicks, a heavy glass ashtray to the skull, many blows of the head to a wall and cabinet door. It ends with her crushing the skull repeatedly with a heavy ceramic vase and pushing a fridge on top of the zombie.
  • A man is bitten on the leg and escapes. Upon meeting the old man, the old man states that the leg must be amputated. The injured man points a gun at him to prevent this. Later, the infected bite does cause him to become a zombie and he is found snacking on one of his fellow gang members. It is seen that he is digging into and eating the body's guts.
  • A former survivor rises from the dead and is executed by another survivor. This scene involves multiple close-range shotgun blasts followed by repeatedly smashing the zombie's face against a concrete column, showing the progressive damage until death/unmoving.
  • A man is brutally shot in a hail of gunfire until he drops dead. Bloody bullet wounds are shown. He later returns as a zombie.
  • A prisoner is seen bound, seated, and hooded in a nearby room. He is shot in the head by a gang member.
  • A dead body rises and bursts through a locked door. The face is replaced by a gaping, toothed maw and the face is simply a mass of black blood.
  • A man is attacked and dragged out of a door by an unseen zombie. He is seen hanging on a doorway to try and stop himself being dragged any further. This doesn't succeed.
  • A man is bit on his neck by a zombie. Flesh is shown to be torn and blood gushes from the wound.
  • A man is told to tie himself down after being bitten by a zombie. He begs for his life while a pistol is held tightly to his forehead. He refuses and attacks his accuser, smashing her face into a mirror. The mirror smashes, leaving a nasty open wound on her face. Blood is seen on a mirror.
  • A man is shot in the head while attempting to tell the others that another survivor has gone mad.
  • A man wrestles, punches, and kicks two zombies in close combat. There are numerous hard blows to their bodies and several times it appears he would be overwhelmed. He pins them and viciously stabs one repeatedly in the head before escaping.
  • A man is shot through a closed door, caught by surprise.
  • A man is seen from a distance hacking bodies with an ax. He then approaches the survivors in a sinister and threatening manner.
  • A man is knocked unconscious, but then another character stabs him to death in the back.


  • The gang members use the F word throughout the movie
  • Shit is uttered a few times as well.
  • A female character is referred to as a bitch and a slut. A female zombie is also called a bitch after being killed (again).
  • Numerous times various persons threaten to kill one another.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A liberal amount of cocaine is snorted during the movie. It gives the impression that the characters need a "pick me up" to take on the zombies.
  • Brandy is shared and characters discuss how strong it is.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The zombie attacks can be considered frightening.
  • Scenes with individual zombies show them lurking in the shadows before racing to the attack.
  • Scenes with numerous zombies show them streaming forward screaming and clawing the air, even attacking one another.
  • A scene with zombies smashing a glass entryway with their heads before pouring is particularly intense.
  • Many scenes are shot "incomplete", meaning that the viewer has no idea what is just beyond view. Attack scenes increase this feeling and add a closed -n sensation, of being surrounded.

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