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Season 1

27 Mar. 1990
In the Nutcrackers
Sir John visits the remnants of the once mighty Triang Toy Company (now operating out of an old mill) to see if any former glory could be restored.
3 Apr. 1990
A Lot Depends on Who you go to Bed with..
Sir John meets with the family run fruit drink business of Copella. Growth in the market has left them with large debts for new equipment and over work. Sir John advises on they can get their life back and still sustain a profit.
10 Apr. 1990
The Trojan Mice
Sir John has a chat with Roger Foster, who was once the darling of the stock exchange with his Apricot Computers, but now facing stiff competition and fighting for survival.
17 Apr. 1990
Around the Wagon Train
Tonight Sir John tackles the NHS in Shropshire, a county with a large waiting list and a massive over budget spend. With the government planning to introduce increased competition to solve it can a business man offer any other way?
24 Apr. 1990
Swallowing the Pill
Sir John visits 'The Potteries' and to the family run china company Churchills- now competing against increased cheap imports - how do they survive?
1 Jun. 1990
Swimming Against the Tide
Sir John offers The Morgan Car Company some candid advice on their age old methods - if they want to increase production to fulfill demand, and ultimately to actually survive.

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