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Surprisingly good.
m-ramanan26 May 2022
RATED 8/10 Language: English RECOMMENDED

decent action thriller with good story backdrop. The age old story and the remake is visible in most the places. Another Liam action flick, but this time it is bit more watchable. The killings are nicely shot and police investigative track also handled is definitely one time watchable action flick.
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This was rather enjoyable...
paul_haakonsen20 May 2022
Well, I have to say that Liam Neeson keeps pumping out good movies these past many recent years. So I have to say that when I sat down to watch "Memory" from writer Dario Scardapane and director Martin Campbell, I was harboring some expectations.

And "Memory" delivers. Yes, this is another coin in the piggybank movie from Liam Neeson. The storyline was nicely written, and it was more than just your average action thriller, because "Memory" gives you something to think about with its storyline, and also gives you some great characters.

The cast ensemble in "Memory" was good. Liam Neeson was just brilliant in this movie and this particular role, and I will say that it was refreshing to see him in a role such as this. The movie also have Guy Pearce, Taj Atwal, Harold Torres, Monica Bellucci and Ray Stevenson on the cast list among others. The entire cast pulled together and performed quite well all throughout the entire movie.

"Memory" is a very engaging action thriller, especially because writer Dario Scardapane immediately sweeps you up and takes you on a thrill-ride with lots of ups and down, and throws enough curveballs at you to keep you in the dark.

If you enjoy action thrillers and Liam Neeson, then "Memory" is a must-watch movie. I was genuinely entertained by this one. And I dare actually say that it is without a doubt one of the better movies with Liam Neeson, and that says a lot, because he has been putting out a lot of good movies over the past couple of years.

I can and will warmly recommend you sit down to watch "Memory".

My rating of "Memory" lands on a seven out of ten stars.
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Better than expected.
Mike_Noga4 May 2022
I don't like to give away too much about any movie because I enjoy going in cold. It's more exciting that way and when you find a little gem the surprise makes it all the better. I was very surprised by how good this one is.

The acting was good, the story was interesting and while there isn't a ton of action, the action we get is quick and brutal. It felt a little reminiscent of both 40's Noirs and gritty 70s crime movies. All in all I'm glad i didn't pay attention the some of the reviews and the rating.

Memory is a significant step up from the Liam Neeson movies of the past few years.
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An improvement for Neeson
benjaminskylerhill1 May 2022
Memory is certainly an improvement over "The Marksman" and "Blacklight," as it does have more committed performances from Liam Neeson and Guy Pearce. Their resonant work makes this a breezily watchable experience.

There is also an attempt to take on its government corruption themes with a little more intelligence than lesser thrillers have shown in the past.

Unfortunately, none of this stops this film from being a largely dull, uninspired rehash of generic action movie plot points that have been done better in dozens of other, better movies.

The action sequences are almost completely bereft of thrills, just going for shot/reverse shot during shootouts and shoddy choreography during fights.

Each character is reduced to what they do for a living, not really having much of a personality or set of convictions beyond that.

Lastly, the "unreliable memory of the protagonist" concept is barely used in the story. It could have been used to create a mystery to the events that unfold and what is actually real, but it isn't. All the story's questions are provided with quick and easy answers, and it all results in a very disappointing story with no emotional or intellectual impact.

I ended up leaving the theater feeling nothing, because the movie just isn't bad enough nor good enough for anything to be felt or remembered.
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What I do have, are a very particular set of skills, skills that I, darn, I forgot.
Top_Dawg_Critic2 June 2022
Nothing revolutionary with this film, in fact, it's pretty much formulaic, predictable, and cliched of every action film Neeson has already done - hence the name Memory?, but poorly produced and lazily written, that it ends up as a B-film. Even the ending was cringeworthy and something I'd expect from a high school drama class. The few action scenes were decent, but lacked proper choreography and camera shots to give them any 'wow' factor. I don't even know why this film was made, we certainly have seen it all before, and much better. The 114 min runtime felt much longer - even with the decent pacing, due to much filler and little substance. Casting and performances were decent. It's a generous 7/10 from me.
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Liam Neeson strikes again....
PerryAtTheMovies29 April 2022

This was one of those movies that could've gone straight to home release and been more enjoyable. However, it goes to theatres and becomes a bit of a disappointment. The acting was mediocre, the story has a moment of strength then collapses, and it's just the same old plot with a slightly different twist.

The acting by Liam Neeson and Guy Pearce was good. I found that Neeson was stronger this time around compared to some of his other latest roles, and Pearce fit the role of FBI agent quite well. However, some of the major supporting just didn't seem to care at times. They lacked passion in the role or felt a little awkward.

The concept of the film was interesting. Guy is an assassin and taking on one last job until it interferes with his personal code. Then he turns around and begins killing those who've wronged him on the mission, but not without the difficulty of memory loss.

On paper it seems like a cool movie with cool characters and a relatively strong story that would be enjoyable. Until you watch it and the parts that tell the story are rushed and the parts that are fillers drag on and take more of the runtime. And honestly, the runtime already feels long at and hour and fifty-four minutes.

Overall, I was once again disappointed with a Liam Neeson film. The story lacks good visual representation and strong characters. I'd recommend waiting for this film to come out on a streaming service.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review. I hope it helps in your decision-making process of the film. Until next time.... Enjoy the show!
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Neeson's acting chops are on display in full force
robfollower5 May 2022
Just like Charles Bronson did, if Liam Neeson keeps making the Revenge flicks , I'll keep watching them !!

I knew this flick was going to be good as I saw the previews while attending other movies in the theater , I was not disappointed.

This film centers around some dark and twisted topics with loose moral fiber in spades . Neeson's latest movie chalked full of extreme gun violence and has a very talented supporting cast . This impressive ensemble, following Guy Pearce as FBI agent Vincent Serra, Monica Belushi as despicable CEO Davana Sealman, a shady detective played by Ray Stevenson, and more criminal investigators played by Taj Atwal and Harold Torres, somewhat rounding things out.

MEMORY follows Alex Lewis (Liam Neeson), an expert assassin with a reputation for discreet precision. Caught in a moral quagmire, Alex refuses to complete a job that violates his code and must quickly hunt down and kill the people who hired him before they and FBI agent Vincent Serra (Guy Pearce) find him first. Alex is built for revenge but, with a memory that is beginning to falter, he is forced to question his every action, blurring the line between right and wrong.

This is one of Neeson's better efforts and yields a gripping , albeit dark and violent yet compelling tale. This is a riveting thriller. "Memory" feels like a resurgence inside a late-career genre that he had to some (not me personally) seemingly worn out his welcome. Neeson's acting chops are on display in full force as he deals for the mental woes of his memory loss suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer's , he does a very fine job in this dark and brooding film. Two thumbs up ----- watching the Oscar-nominated actor unleash mayhem !
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Underrated movie
jindann21 May 2022
Wasn't as bad as the unreliable rating suggests, the movie was actually quite interesting and original with some nice twists like liam's typical movies that has a rather different ending. The actions werent actually intense but was still intriguing enough to keep viewing, the acting were decent and the story was rather convincing but with some minor flaws. Again ignore the critics and imdbs phony ratings, a 6 to 6.5 is a more accurate rate for the film.
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What's with all the hate?
lisaeveboden21 August 2022
Ok, so unlike most of the reviewers here, I don't expect a film to be perfect. I expect it to be entertaining. Did this entertain me? Hell yes!

I'm a die hard action junkie. So anything like this gets my thumbs up. I think Liam is a bit past the action star roles now, he wouldn't have the strength to do half of this stuff in real life. But that being said, for an action film it's very entertaining and kept my attention. I don't read into it too much. I judge if it holds my focus and this did.

If you like Liam (Guy is great too) then go for it. Ignore the hate. It's great way to escape every day life.
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Very good as far as Liam Neeson action thrillers go.
b_kite22 August 2022
As far as modern Liam Neeson action thrillers go this one is defiantly up there with the better ones. He plays an aging assassin who is tasked with a target who winds up being a young girl, he later discovers that the family that hired him runs a child prostitution ring, and the girl was a part of it. As expected, he goes after them, but with the catch he's slowly suffering from Alzheimer's. The final act takes a few twists and turns one wouldn't expect and the additions of Guy Pearce and Monica Bellucci along with some solid gore defiantly help. The underlining theme of there's no justice for the rich is pretty good too.
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He's back and better than ever. Even revenge never had it better.
jdesando29 April 2022
"Justice comes down to him." From The Marksman

Vigilante revenge is riddled through American thriller films, and nobody does it better than Liam Neeson. In an interview, he believes audiences love seeing the big old guy kicking butt for the rest of us stuck home from covid, retirement, or whatever.

In Martin Campbell's Memory (the 78-year-old Casino Royale director like Neeson still has his mojo), he plays Alex Lewis, a contract killer telling his sponsors he's done, but they refuse to accept his offer. Because his current contract involves murdering a 13-year-old girl, Beatriz (Mia Sanchez), he's not going to do it, period! Per usual, Neeson's hardcore vigilante has his limits: Involving children is a non-no, and it's an immediate softener for the audience. Plus, such a code allows the essential Neeson to emerge-a good guy underneath his "special skills."

This refinement of past assignments, this surfacing of a standard that brooks no trafficking in young people, is a moral advance for an immoral assassin. The audience immediately sides with the hit man and shows no sympathy for the rich people doing the reprehensible trafficking. Memory's loaded with sympathy for Alex, especially when he connects with FBI agent Vincent, played by Guy Pearce (a nice touch as we remember him in that classic thriller, Memento). Both are tough men on the opposite sides of the law, who have a sympathetic side that ingratiates without sapping the tough guy the audience has always savored.

The strongest leitmotif is that of memory, or the lack thereof, so that the early-onset Alzheimer's plays a technical part of the plot and a thematic reminder that combating trafficking is going to involve memory, not just of the computer kind. One memory Alex never loses is the murder of young Beatriz, for whose violent end Alex was not responsible.

Along the way, this layered thriller comments on the limits of justice and the questionable answer of vigilantism. While the film leans toward the latter, so too does the stock Neeson character, whose sympathy we have when we see how free the bad boys and girls go.

They still need to be wary of old men with dementia-it's those hidden skills, Baby. "HIS MIND IS FADING. HIS CONSCIENCE IS CLEAR," says the memory poster.
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Draysan-Jennings21 May 2022
When Liam Neeson starred in good films. What happened? His last 4 movies were terrible. Why is he working on straight to streaming low budget films? Is he strapped for cash? I don't get it. Pretty soon he'll be in movie a with Bruce Willis and Steven Seagal.
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More like a 6.5 but it is a typical Liam film
bostonct29 April 2022
Actually one of Liam's better films; reasonable good from the beginning to the end. Steady with a few peaks and valleys but the rest of the case does help round it all out and keeps things going. Better than his last one. Overall, given what is available now (kids, sci-fi, gory) this is a nice evening out.
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masonfisk12 May 2022
The latest Liam Neeson vehicle has a good pedigree to it, a remake of 2003's Belgium film The Memory of a Killer (which I saw in the theater & remember it being very good) & directed by Martin Campbell (Casino Royale/Vertical Limit). Neeson is a contract killer working south of the border who is given a job to off a blackmailer & a young hooker back Stateside who're involved in a bigger web of underage trafficking. Investigating the case is a federal agent, Guy Pearce who brings the troubled young girl into protective custody. When Neeson refuses to off the prostitute, his mentor from Mexico does the job instead marking Neeson in the process by the people who hired him in the first place, personified by a scheming business woman played by Monica Bellucci (wasted here, frankly!) who is protecting her philandering son. All of this is par for the course apart from Neeson's character suffering from a form of mental degeneration, something his brother, now in hospice, suffers from, signaling Neeson's fate as he offs every bad guy he can aim at, or remember to aim at, right until the very end. If not for the superior original, which I remember being very dark & rainy, but whose plot I'm a bit foggy on (sorry!), Campbell manages to make a moderately entertaining piece of mimicry but maybe it's me but either some of the actors weren't up to the task or the storyline became as overwrought as Neeson's condition but this one just kept me interested...just. Is it a trainwreck like Campbell's last film Protégé? No, but it's not top tier Campbell either. Also starring Ray Stevenson (who played the Punisher in the very fun Punisher: Warzone) as a corrupt Texas lawman.
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Neeson is back
billcr1211 October 2022
In the same vein as Taken, Liam is back as a paid assassin but this time with a difference. The hired killer is suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer's Disease and he continuously must write messages to himself on his arm with a magic marker.

He is hired for a hit but discovers that his target is a thirteen year-old Mexican girl who has been caught up in a sex trafficking ring.

After a few people are killed, the FBI becomes involved with the Texas police into the strange murders which are eventually tied in to the child prostitution racket.

The acting is top notch with Liam leading the way with his usual charm Memory is a perfect two hour escape from reality movie.
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Ironically forgettable on many levels
rgkarim29 April 2022

It moves: While not the most adrenaline packed pace I love, Memory does move fairly well in terms of getting into the meat of the movie. No prolonged speeches, little set up, or even an attempt at putting mystery is present in this film. For the action/thriller genre, that works quite well, and that consistency should keep most fans involved in the film until the very end where things start to hit the brakes.

The Mood/Cinematography: While not the groundbreaking work that films like Dune and 1917 have mastered, Memory's camera crew has accomplished a lot in the use of the film techniques put on display. Filters help establish a lot of the darker tone of the film, with lighting accomplishing much in this film to bring out the mood of the tone. It helps add finesse to the characters, almost a brief glimpse into the minds of the group and what their actions are representing. Angles and placement eventually accomplish a lot as well, the close ups, the editing and the use of focus changes being a real winner in my book for again helping bring out the tension and emotion of the movie.

Neeson: If you like the role that Neeson has played so well, then you will really like the little elevation the actor has added into this part. Alex's line of work has a lot of rules and moral boundaries that one must analyze, and seeing that code and boundary constantly rearranging over the course of the film plays nicely into the twist of this film. Memory, I believe pushed this role into a semi-original level, and you can certainly see Neeson accomplish a lot with his ability to bring it alive. He's got the mannerisms, the alteration in speech, even the atmosphere that you do not expect and I for one am blown away by his ability to take a familiar role and still find a way to adjust it.

The Rest of the Acting: It's pretty good, another solid performance by the rag-tag crew trying to make this level come to life and pull us into the sad case this film address. Bellucci needed more involvement, but her time on screen is seductive, clever, and powerful as I believe they were going. Pearce was back in his rogue element well, playing the sleazy looking agent with a heart of gold well, and probably my favorite character of the film, behind Hugo that is. Pearce takes several of the characters he has played before, and wraps them together into a nice hodge-podge that we like to see. As the rest of the group continues to put their two cents in, it feels like a CSI episode with a bigger budget and you know what, it works for me. The little pulled together family is a nice change and I for one felt it worked extraordinarily well in the gran scheme of things.

The Action Feels in Tone with the Movie: It's no Marvel movie, or even the best action film to be honest, but it does keep in touch with the theme of the movie. Memory's fights have some stakes to it, and though seeing him pull the skills from Taken in would have been nice, it still does the job for "intense" moments. You might appreciate the realism that comes with it, and how there is not so much suspense as Alex continues to get to the end of the nightmare he is in and tying up the loose ends. Thus, you can enjoy the laid-back action and enjoy the thriller aspect instead.

The Messages and Feels: The movie covers a rather dark set of topics, and handles it quite well compared to what could have happened. Memory has a lot of stories and concepts to tie in, and the dialogue is written fairly well to make the point without crossing over the mark into too wild of territory. I think the use of the other techniques and the acting helps emphasize the feelings of the movie, but the writing and story really have that finishing punch with the music to really tie off all the loose ends this movie had it. It's a complete feeling, and I feel they handled the grittier themes in good taste, not something easily accomplished in today's standards.


The Brother Plotline: What looked to be a major element in the protagonist's story, kind of fell to the wayside in the grand scheme of the movie. Memory tried to use it as a touching subject, plot device, or attempt to mislead, but in my book, it felt pointless and an afterthought. If it's some cameo, then I can appreciate this, but the sweeter side of Alex was already showing in other ways that were better. It's not the biggest infuriating moment, but again, not the most needed inclusion.

Boring: Though the action is fitting, it's also a bit boring and bland compared to movies like John Wick. Neeson may not have to jump, roll, or even move into kung-fu frenzy, but I expected a little more strategy and intensity to show up in this film. Sadly, only a few scenes even remotely cross this line, the rest merely what you find in a crime/mafia movie for taking out targets. It's again fitting of the movie, but an action junkie like me really enjoys a little more ambience in the film.

The Villain Is Lame: Most of the films we have seen have some type of group or that one person you want to see put down for the arrogance and corruption they have. It's sort of a staple to this series, because you want that face to be taken out if possible. Memory, really isn't like that at all, and I can't say I was really intrigued by this rather one-directional "villain". There is some attempt at elevating it into the moral laden character tale of everyone having good and bad in them, but that only goes so far me in this movie that is rather simplistic and not quite as artistic. So, while I appreciate an attempt at this, I really could have used a central character to help make a legitimate rival for the others trying to solve the case.

Depressing: While I never go into these movies feeling High School Musical Vibes, I also don't like going in and feeling depressed for much of the film. The main "twist" to the movie, which isn't really a twist, is one of those elements that has the potential to be sort of a nice time setter, butat the same time latches onto your mind and may suck the life out of you. I'd have liked this element to be a little less realistic, so that I could focus on the action elements, but again, this is more of a personal sensitivity than anything else.

The VERDICT Forgive me for being punny, but Memory is indeed a forgettable movie to most in the grand scheme of things. While Neeson and the crew have tried to breathe light into a role that has been done to death, and the camera work helps amplify the emotions, the movie just is not the action/thriller spectacle that many might be looking to watch. The action, though fitting is a shell compared to movies like Wick, and the story does not have enough wow elements to offset the minimization of Hollywood special effects. My favorite aspect is indeed the themes of the movie being delivered in the moral finish, but even that only goes so far to pull you into the theater for this film. Thus, I suggest a home viewing watch of this movie and would maybe hold your theater visit for something with a little more gusto. My scores are:

Action/Thriller: 6.0 Movie Overall: 5.0.
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A bit better than adequate
jaimemedina-362888 July 2022
It's not winning any awards but it delivers. Everyone in the cast does a decent job except for Taj Atwal who is abominable. Every line is delivered like an amateur in an acting seminar. And she has some strange accent (British maybe). She needs a new acting and speech coach because her scenes are not watchable. Other than that, you could do worse.
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A solid 6.5? I agree
daisukereds21 May 2022
This has a 5? Now color me surprised.

For a "Liam Neeson film", this is beyond competent and the script was quite satisfying, with layers and introduced-concepts working together to weave tapestry of an actual story someone wanted to tell. You might want to know that this is a remake of a film that was based on a novel.. one that was published around 1985. So you can set your expectations to the kind of developments it may have, but know that it has been used twice now. Still, while you won't see anything you haven't experienced (if you are an avid movie-goer), it is still executed properly (even for today's standards) with turn of events that are quite welcome.. even for an old guy like me.

Additionally, Liam is put to good use, and he actually acts in it. And unlike previous entries, the flick doesn't center around him, and the narrative is their focus. Decent set-pieces, cast, and even a few action scenes that don't overstay their welcome. A few additional plotlines not used, but more is better than less.

I probably wouldn't watch it again, but a one-time watch (considering how low my expectations were), I had a good time.
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Solid if slightly unfocused addition to Neeson's action resume
STAR RATING: ***** Brilliant **** Very Good *** Okay ** Poor * Awful

Alex Lewis (Liam Neeson) is a renowned assassin, known for his consummate professionalism. However, on his latest assignment, he finds his target is Beatriz (Mia Sanchez), a teenage child, and refuses to complete his mission. This makes him a loose end to be cleared up his employers, a sinister child sex trafficking gang headed by the evil Davana Sealman (Monica Belluci.) Detectives Cerra (Guy Pearce) and Amsted (Taj Atwal) go on his trail, observing his handiwork, but as he heads on a mission of retribution, Lewis finds his memory playing tricks on him.

Well well, another day, another Liam Neeson action adventure film, springing up on Amazon Prime like his previous feature, The Marksman. The man who proves middle age is no obstacle to middle ground, is back with a vengeance in this gritty, unflinching thriller from decorated director Martin Campbell. This is a director who proves adept at gleaming the best from Neeson, and making the most of his chiselled, grunting action man appeal. And while it's a somewhat imperfect ride, in the unremarkable field of Neeson's action back catalogue, it's definitely one of the more accomplished ones.

While it gradually evolves in to a raw, solid film of its own making, it catastrophically breaks the cardinal rule of an effective thriller, which states that a strong, eye grabbing opening is a must, and sadly this suffers from a messy, convoluted opening that requires patience to develop in to something really satisfying. But as it goes on, and the story gains a sense of direction and purpose, it becomes more dynamic and compelling, with some sharp, stylish action sequences and a dark, dismal backdrop.

In the hit and miss field of Neeson and his later life action escapades, this is certainly on the higher end of the scale, even if it springs from such shaky foundations, and probably won't form any Taken style franchise. ***
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At last a movie for Liam Neeson, regarding of his age
searchanddestroy-14 August 2022
I guess Marty Campbell wished to do the same with Neeson as he did for Mel Gibson, back in 2010, with EDGE OF DARKNESS. Same kind of lead role, gloomy, desperate, so that's a perfect character for a more than aging actor as Liam Neeson. But EDGE OF DARKNESS was much better however, and Martin Campbell is maybe here not so dedicated or inspired as he probably was twelve years ago. The topic of the aging contract killer is not new anyway and it's then always difficult to create surprises, but the ending, though being not that surprising, remains worth watching the whole film. That's my opinion. And for once, Liam Neeson is nearly shown as a supporting character, because in this movie, there is no real lead one, and no one could deny that Neeson as here the most interesting role he had since a long time; nothing to do with SCHINDLER'S LIST however; I mean since he began his action movies, since TAKEN actually.
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Entertaining and unique, though another viewing may be required.
Prashast_Singh29 April 2022
Having just returned from cinemas after watching this film, I can tell you it's a complex yet engaging action thriller with a twisted plot and explosive action. Liam Neeson delivers one more terrific performance, and there are scenes where he simply leaves you speechless.

The film has plenty of action and twists to keep you hooked, though sometimes it gets a little dialogue-heavy. It is redeemed by the gripping storytelling nonetheless. The trick here is that the story appears pretty simple and maybe even outdated when you read the synopsis, but it gets more and more different when you watch it. Especially towards the third act, which is bound to divide the audiences. Before that, the heavy dose of brutal action and suspense keeps the fun coming.

By the time I was done with the film, I felt I needed another viewing to clear a few plot points. Being based on a novel, it is dark and brooding for the most part with a visible lack of humor or heavy emotional investment. But that seems to be the intention, and that's why it succeeds instead of totally backfiring. If you like Liam Neeson's action movies, you're getting one again, except this time it is also replete with complex twists and is more thought-inducing than most action thrillers out there. I would love to see the film again, though not in cinemas. Recommended, though you're already warned the film will leave you thinking in many parts and you might not find any respite until the very end. Keep that in mind and you might enjoy this as much as I did.
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Not memorable
drjgardner12 May 2022
I understand Neeson's POV. He's hot so he's making it while the sun shines. I guess Bruce Willis is his model. But it's us that suffer. FWIW - there is an old European film about a hitman with alzheimer and that film was great.
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another good sat night movie
yankeedoo21 May 2022
Remake of a international movie-but tbh i prefer this version mr neeson does it grt expected more action tho and apart from possibly 3 people-the rest are all english actors-not sure if its cheaper that way-or what..maybe someone knows?
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Liam is great as usual, as is Guy
Janet161220 August 2022
The blurb sounded great and it stars Liam. What could go wrong? By the end of the film I'd opened the book I'd been reading earlier and husband was falling asleep so we switched it off.

It started really well but then the story just seemed to fizzle out. Guy was great too - isn't he always? The actress playing the cop (Linda?) was dire and spoke so quickly she was unintelligible. We just didn't see the point of her being there. Maybe she was the token woman cop and her character an afterthought- she had nothing to add to film or script. Whatever she said we couldn't understand her.

The elderly actress playing the rich woman was so wooden! Surely there are better actresses out there.

Overall the film was hugely disappointing. Expected more of Liam.
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Very solid action thriller
HorrorFan69693 May 2022
I don't want to spoil anyone but I barely see trailers and I just saw 4 main actors I enjoy. Guy Pearce the true lead actor here with of course Liam Neeson doing a strong lead hit man here. Ray Stevenson and Monica belluci in minor but very important roles. But the one that shine the most is Guy Pearce. It's been a while I have seen him in a good role. He did a few B movies that were ok but here he truly give all on the role. If you enjoy Martin Campbell work like The November Man. You will enjoy a lot. Sure he did Bond movies. Here it's not and that's perfect that way.
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