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It isn't the first time death has figured in an Allen movie, but the way he grapples with it here (leaving each character at a moment of irresolution comparable to staring down the man with the scythe) is much more potent and direct.
Minor but still quite enjoyable. And like other minor Woody Allen pictures it becomes more interesting when placed in their larger context.
Boxoffice Magazine
Bottom line: It's a good one, fresh, funny and vintage Woody.
Much of the writing is good, and the acting is superb, but the constant wrangling wore me out at times.
The best scenes are hilarious sessions between the great Gemma Jones and the wonderful Pauline Collins as a charlatan fortune-teller.
The movie ends just when complications start to set in, which makes you wonder how invested Allen really is in the little melodramas within this comedy.
Fitfully amusing and nearly saved by its distinguished cast.
For the most part, everyone struggles through, with at best mixed success. The audience included.
Village Voice
That You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger is not more dull is due in large part to the adorably flamboyant Punch (late of Dinner for Schmucks and Hot Fuzz).
Like the worst of late-period Allen, the film recycles character types from his previous work without inventing new reasons to summon them into existence. They're left stranded, seven characters in search of an author.

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