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Season 5

26 May 2014
The Wrong Man
Toby and Michelle go after a murder that contains the same circumstances as those of a case Michelle worked on years ago. Is this a copycat murder or was the murderer Michelle put away innocent?
2 Jun. 2014
The Lockup
The team meets their new leader, a man Toby met before and it was not good encounter. They investigate how money that is suppose to be in the evidence locker ended up in sport team's locker room.
9 Jun. 2014
Dancing with the Enemy
Tia's supposed to interview the star dancer of a dance company about maleficence in the company. When she goes there, she's gone and her room is wrecked. She goes to Toby and tells him about her disappearance. Becker is not exactly willing to investigate but they find signs of a struggle in the room. They talk to her husband who is the company's artistic director and Toby senses he's having an affair and is abusive to his wife.
16 Jun. 2014
Smoke and Mirrors
At a magic club, a magician who is performing asks a member of the audience to come on stage and help him with his next trick. But something goes wrong and the man is killed. The team is sent to investigate because the man who was killed is a multi millionaire and part owner of the club. When they examine the apparatus that was used in the trick, they see it was tampered with. So they try to find out who wanted the man dead. And Becker learns about Toby's ability.
23 Jun. 2014
Game Over
Dev learns that an old friend who is a game designer was killed. So the team investigates. When talking to his people, they say he was a good guy but Toby senses that they are keeping things. Like he was having a disagreement with some associates and he was having an affair.
30 Jun. 2014
Man in the Mirror
Toby faces a mentally unstable suspect in the murder investigation of a psychiatrist.
7 Jul. 2014
Amuse Bouche
A cooking-show contestant, Marcel, is poisoned by a peanut allergen on live TV. The investigation is potentially aided by someone who has a photographic memory.
14 Jul. 2014
White Whale
Becker wants Toby to help him prove that a man who is running for mayor, killed a woman who worked on his last campaign. She went missing and her body was never found. Everyone thinks Becker is obsessed because the man is supposedly an honest man. They talk to the girl's friend who said on the day she went missing it seems like she had something on her mind and may have had something to do with the man. Toby confronts the man who said he was at home and his wife confirms it which Toby saw which doesn't make Becker happy. But they get some other leads that they pursue.
21 Jul. 2014
The Fugitive
The father of a girl Oz likes is killed. He asks Toby to look into it. They check the man out and find out, he's a fugitive. It seems like he and a couple of other guys hijacked a plane and made of with millions of dollars of valuable coins. His daughter is unaware of his past. They think one of his partners may have been looking for him because he is the one who has the coins.
28 Jul. 2014
Family Secrets
When a member of a wealthy and affluent family is killed, the team investigates. Toby talks to one of staff who says the man had a visitor, a girl. while he was unaware what they were talking about but Toby sees her and gives a description of the girl and they find her. When they question her, she denies knowing him or being at his place. And when Toby reads her he sees no signs that she's lying. He wonders why is that. But more evidence turns up that leads them to her. And Tia wants to know about Toby's past even though he doesn't want to.
4 Aug. 2014
Zero Recall
Toby loses his memory due to a drug being introduced to his system. Soon afterwards, Toby finds himself implicated in a armed kidnapping.
11 Aug. 2014
An Innocent Man
A criminal is on trial and Becker is elated that they finally got him. But Michelle reminds him that this isn't the first time they thought they got him but he always seems to get off. And a man comes forth claiming to be the actual killer. Becker thinks the criminal somehow made the man come forth and confess. While he and Michelle try to find out how the criminal got him to come forth and confess, Toby is sent to the prison where the man to find out. And Toby senses that the man's wife may have been threatened. But the wife denies it.
18 Aug. 2014
In Our Midst
When evidence points to Becker being a dirty cop, the team uncovers a conspiracy of judges and cops that puts them all in danger. Tia uncovers a part of Toby's past.

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