Crash Poster

(2008– )

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Season 1

17 Oct. 2008
Episode One
Axel investigates a K-Town murder. Officers Kenny and Bebe collide with a mysterious woman. Ben hires a limo driver from South Central. And Christine insists that her father move in.
17 Oct. 2008
The Doctor Is In
Christine and Peter argue over the remodeling, while Christine's father Lou complains about his nurse. Ben's friendship with the doctor puzzles Anthony. And Axel tries to silence Eddie about the K-Town murders.
24 Oct. 2008
The cops investigate a shooting of one of their own. Christine is taken with her new architect. Ben gives Anthony a shot at the big time. And a young Guatemalan man begins his perilous journey to the United States.
31 Oct. 2008
Ben's doctor takes a tumble down the stairs. Anthony samples the show business lifestyle. Kenny's obsession with Inez affects his marriage. And Christine wonders if she's taken on too much.
7 Nov. 2008
Your Ass Belongs to the Gypsies
A wildfire rages near Peter's failing development. Kenny digs a deeper hole by bending the law to make a problem go away. And Ben's life takes an unexpected and traumatic turn.
14 Nov. 2008
Anthony goes to ask his paychecks and severance from Ben, but gets nothing. Charles takes Megan to get some pot from South Central. Eddie's boss says that since Eddie has a felony on his record, he's not gonna get into medical school.
21 Nov. 2008
Los Muertos
Ben is hallucinating. He orders Anthony not to let him take any drugs. Together they set out to bury Sebastian's ashes and to see Ben's "shaman" who will cure him. Cesar continues his journey towards LA.
5 Dec. 2008
Three Men and a Bebe
Cesar gets caught by Axel, Bebe and Kenny, who in turn is thrown out by his wife, who's filing for a divorce. Bebe lets Kenny stay at her place. Eddie does Bebe a favor. The importance of Cesar's medallion is revealed.
12 Dec. 2008
Pissing in the Sandbox
The rehabilitated Ben tries to start work at his company with Anthony, but the management is a bitch. A detective Cooper has found some dirt on Axel and puts Bebe in a difficult position. Eddie makes a deal with the devil.
19 Dec. 2008
The Future Is Free
Ben tries to find inspiration for ideas. Cesar gets a job. Kenny tries to reason with Amy. Christine is encouraged to turn against her husband. Cooper arrests Park and Bebe gets Eddie to give a statement in the case with unforeseen results.
26 Dec. 2008
TF-36, Sprint Left, T-4
Anthony gets caught between Ben and Jules. Bebe tries to convince Eddie to let her help him. Kenny becomes jealous of Amy's therapist. Cooper interrogates Axel's wife. But Axel has a play too.
2 Jan. 2009
Ring Dings
Eddie is shot at on duty. Axel tells his captain that Eddie shot him. Jules finds out Ben signed his stocks to Anthony, who's now the boss. Eddie is caught and tells Cooper he witnessed Axel shooting Rock and Chen and that Bebe knows.
9 Jan. 2009
The Pain Won't Stop
Eddie gets bad news, good news and a surprise. Christine has trouble finding a job, while Cesar gets one. Ben goes to kill Julian. Inez steals Amy's identity, and Kenny makes a decision. Alex is now a "ghost".

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