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Sex & Nudity

  • Some women throughout the series wear dresses that dip down low, showing a decent amount of cleavage.
  • The villainous Rigaud flirts with a woman at an old pub. Later we see them lying in bed next to each other (fully clothed). We hear them kissing and whispering his name to the woman as the camera focuses the other way. It is implied they slept together. As he gets up in the morning, we discover that he killed her sometime in the night.
  • There's talk about an affair and a somewhat suggestive hand gesture is made as he exclaims "oh la la."
  • A man's bare chest is seen.
  • One passionate kiss is shared between a man and a woman.

Violence & Gore

  • Rigaud stabs another man five times (twice in the shoulder), and three times in the stomach and drowns him. Nothing too gory.
  • A house falls down and a man is crushed by a falling piece of ceiling.
  • A man commits suicide at a bathhouse; we see him in the tub (only his bare chest is seen) with a stab wound to the neck.The water has turned almost red due to the amount of blood lost and blood is continuing to trickle down his neck to his arm and his hand, which is still holding the knife.
  • A couple discovers that their dog was killed by Rigaud. Nothing is shown with the dog, only a verbal exclamation.
  • In his state of confusion, Mr. Dorrit almost hits a man with a metal fire poker.
  • A man nearly slices a man with a broken wine glass. He pulls the glass away from his neck as he decides not to kill him.


  • Several uses of "dueced", and "b'God" and at least one of "Lord!"
  • One use of "d---n."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The villain in the story is a bit of a drunkard. He's seen at an old pub, then later on two occasions drinking wine; one from a glass, another from a bottle. Another comment is made about the wine he's drinking being "very bad wine" in quality.
  • Mr. Dorrit smokes an occasional cigar; he once receives a tin of them as a gift.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Frightening scenes come up here and there occur throughout the series. Some of these may scare younger viewers:
  • A man is running from a murderer throughout the film, knowing he will be killed if he doesn't hide.
  • A villain presumed to be missing and makes a very unexpectedly appearance in someone's room in the middle of the night.
  • Flintwinch is commonly heard barking out orders and intimidating his wife, she in return is frightened of him. On a couple of instances, he raises his hand like he's going to hit her as a warning.
  • A tax collector who's had enough of his "master", shears his hair off in public as a disgrace.

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