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Mystery of this film is Why Was It Made?
Cpt_Acid2 March 2021
500 years of progress and this is what we have to show for it?

It really feels like nobody wanted to make this movie but someone made them do it. Nobody had anything to say. Anything to add. Nothing we haven't seen a million times before. Screenplay has nothing whatsoever to say or convey and is full of clichés, just like it would be if you never wanted to write it in the first place, but had to. For a grade, or something.

Clearly, there was no excess money to burn - almost entire scenography is some kind of paintball course. And some forest. And all the crops are close-ups of people doing stuff, mostly shooting off into something offscreen, presumably into the distance.

The movie is set in the 26th century, with the space and time bending human species spanning three planets (only indication of this is an introductory text) and the weirdest thing we can see in the galaxy is a girl with semi-yellow hair? Everything else, technology, weapons, fashion, everything looks exactly as today. Alright, excepting a few seconds long filler scenes of spaceships.

I'm writing this because one question baffles me without cease. It's - Why did you have to make this? What was the motivation behind this work? I don't see you making any money, however inadequate the investment was. What's the point? I'd really like to know.

If this is some kind of student project movie, then its kinda cool. If you go to school with the guys who made this then you should really have a go at it. Otherwise...
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Bruce, what are you doing....
sumtim3s00n2 March 2021
First,I adore sci-fi. And am willing to overlook A LOT. But this piece of.... What the heck where they thinking. The writing and scenes/environment are so sooo bad its just too distracting. I still (skipped after a point) to the end but this is one of the worst sci-fi movies I have EVER seen. This is supposed to be happening in 2500s . And sci-fi is usually written by guys/gals who like the genre right? So you'd assume they're not dumb, this is genre for tech/gadget/future visions loving people/thinkers. First of all, its all happening in a city like today. Petrol cars, grunge plaid shirts wearing, beer drinking dudes everywhere and every single piece of the environment they are in is from like 2005. NOTHING is advanced anywhere except a CGI spaceship here and there. Everyone still uses regular guns with bullets propelled by gun powder and use petrol. They still use incandecent lightbulbs. Even we in Europe dont use them anymore, they dont even sell them anymore by law. TODAY.

Or landing with a spaceship on a foreign planet and then they pitch up A TENT. A TENT!!! In 2500s and not a fancy,sci-fi redesigned/decorated for the movie to look special, hi-tech tent. Nah-ha. An obviously locally bought, regular, simple tent with old regular folding chairs and tables. They didnt even try to make anything look advanced.

Also everything from clothing,storage boxes, various military tools, every piece of housing is from 2000s. You might think (for a milisecond), how about Firefly, combo of Wild West and space. Not even close,that beautiful show was an intelligent combination,smartly done,with foundations explaining everything. Insulting to even be considered in regards to this disaster.

The story. Lets not even get there. The (IMO) very interesting plot summary that draws your interest to watch it is 100% misleading. Its so boring and slow it stops drawing your interest after 15 minutes. In then end its just confusing and silly. Never mind again, that so so many things just dont make sense or are ignored. I do not know how such a thing can get approved. It is so bad. And Bruce. What the heck. De Niro at least sold his soul for comedies that work in 50%. But Bruce lately... this movie isnt worth the few cents of material that the medium it is recorded on. Dont watch.
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Bruce, what have you done?!
deshutch2 March 2021
I have no words to describe how truly awful this movie is. Best part of the movie is the backing music to the credits.
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It was simply awful
siderite2 March 2021
Bruce Willis stopped telegraphing his acting for this film. He just didn't act at all. I mean, it looked like he was between high and mentally disabled. I worry about the dude. Then Frank Grillo, happenstance makes that I have seen three of his films this week, I was just saying how I wish he would get a break. Not for this film! Note that he is billed first, above Willis, and his role is at most 15 minutes from the film anyway.

But what makes this film shine like a black hole is the story. It felt more than devoid of passion, like a spreadsheet that sucks one's soul away in the accounting department on a hot day after the air conditioning died. I mean, if a kid would have written it, it at least would have been fun. If someone was incompetent it would have felt like trying to send some kind of message, however badly. But no, it ... just made no sense, like someone hated writing for this film.

Bottom line: it is so bad you can't even enjoy it wasted. It's a non-movie. It's like what's on the other side of the event horizon of TV static.
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It is beyond me, how something like this gets released. Awful.
gabortabi2 March 2021
It is seldom that one comes across a movie with so little to give. There are dozens of shoot'em up games out there with better storylines more engaging dialogue, better graphics and acting. Bruce Willis probably has better commercials out there. Stay away. Keep away. Not worth it even in fast forward.
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The Reviews here ain't lying
imdb-032023 March 2021
If you're a scifi fan like me you probably read the premise and be quite interested. Bruce Willis wasn't anything positive or negative for me but I thought it would be a sign of a high quality movie. Well... I watched the first 30 Minutes of this and... it's bad. Like really bad. It's not like this one thing in it is bad like for example the plot is a bit weak. But when you're at the point where even I critique the cinematography and color grading you have to be at a very low point to the degree of college-first-indie-movie-attempts-bad. This is usually stuff I can overlook quite easily because I don't notice.

This film basically has everything bad a film can have. From every category. Take your pick what you think is the worst.
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Cosmic bin.
elizaandrews2 March 2021
Really wanted to like this as I love scifi movies especially anything involving aliens, I'm thinking, supposed to be 500 years into the future but the fellas still driving a 4x4, i got to the bar scene, and I thought, this looks like roadhouse, (albeit no where near as good) warning signs of a crappy film start to kick in. 90 percent of the movie was just people talking random s#*t, practically no action whatsoever, and by the time we were down to the last 20 muinites I gave up! Dont know what Bruce Willis has been thinking last couple of movies he's been in, All I'm looking for is a movie that'll rival Independence Day form 1996, it's been nearly 25 years and still nothing! Avoid this if you value your time on this earth, absolute garbage.
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dreamstate1233 March 2021
This was total trash. Don't waste your time. It's not even bad enough to make you laugh. The people who participated in this farce should be jailed for wasting peoples time.
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Cosmic Cringe
imdb-303492 March 2021
What an epic disappointment this turned out to be. Dire acting, unconnected plot. As mentioned there is a large percentage of nothing happening in this movie. The aliens were nothing of note. Special effects were lacking. I thought Bruce Willis was going to save the movie but he gave up in the first bar scene. Mankind did not deserve to win in tjis one. Come on writers, stop using the angry young soldier stamping his feet routine as it made me want to stop watching more than the slow pace.
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What was this even about?
Calicodreamin17 July 2021
A terribly written trash heap that made no sense, the storyline was disjointed to say the least. The effects were okay. But what good there was is overshadowed by poor acting and bad dialogue. Almost laughably bad.
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Who let this movie out?
laszlobarta2 March 2021
I was waiting for somebody to make a cut and tell that this is just a joke.
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Is this for real? :)
tomino0072 March 2021
Its a low budget C/D title (or was this some kind of a fan film?, not really sure) with Bruce Willis. Do not expect any interesting shoot outs, fight scenes or effects, story is... lets call it "simple". Couldnt watch it in one go, found myself escaping the torture every couple of minutes. Acting aligned with the simple cliche story so do not expect anything in that area as well. Very little character back story and universe lore, characters are shallow and aliens are just simple strange looking cannon fodder with high tech appearing randomly, talking some brief non sense here and there and doing silly stuff before they are shot. Sound was okay I guess for a low budget... thats why I gave it 2.

I think anyone can guess how it ends in the first 5 minutes so not even bothering to put a spoiler here. If there was one thing surprising, its that Bruce didnt do 99% of the killing, that came really unexpected.
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Looks like...
nalwro4 March 2021
... Bruce Willis is jealous of Nicholas Cage career.
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This garbage really is a cosmic sin
farout-456652 March 2021
Its so excruciatingly bad. Its the most generic cliched garbage you can imagine. Bad acting, bad story, bad casting, bad cgi, bad filming, bad editing... all of it is bad.

Its honestly worth watching the first 30 minutes just to get a sense of how bad a movie can really get.
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cinematic sin
SnoopyStyle3 March 2021
Some 500 years in the future, mankind has spread into the cosmos. On a faraway planet, humans have encountered First Contact. An alien presence infects people and turns them into marauding zombies. James Ford (Bruce Willis) is a disgraced military leader arguing for the doomsday Q-bomb. Engineer Fiona Ardene (Adelaide Kane) is called in to prep the device. General Ryle (Frank Grillo) leads the soldiers while Dr. Lea Goss (Perrey Reeves) is awed by the aliens.

First thing first, this movie opens with an info-dump in text form. It's a lot of gobbledygook. Someone should try to read it again. Then there is the awkward mix of present-day technology with the future tech. There is no logical reason for it. It's an obviously sign of bad budgeting and unimaginative set design. When that happens, they are better off putting the movie in a smaller space and as much future tech onto the screen. At least, put some effort in giving the characters some future-cars. Its greater sin is that it's boring. I think I must have spaced out. One moment, they're fighting zombies in the warehouse and the next, they're space-diving to another planet. It's a forgettable muddle.
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I think less of myself for having watched this.
athies4 October 2021
The Blood General? That is totally made up by a twelve year old boy.

What an idiot firing so many rounds into darkness.

2500 something and people are still driving the same cars?!

There were two people on the whole planet abs now you have several more than that survivors?! Is counting a lost skill in 2500 something?!

They weren't tipped off my their face and eyes?!

2500 something has no laser or pulse guns?

They may be in hibernation.

Aliens with hoods is an easy way to cut costs, and disappoint the audience.

What the hell was that scene?! It made no science?! Bruce walks into a cage having hallucinations and surrounded by aliens, then the specialist appears and they walk through the woods?! F-n terrible.

This is another example of what 1.25 speed was made for... maybe 1.5 speed.

That general sidekick side conversation was pointless... as was his conversation with the little girl. Trying to inject some humanity in a dump truck of garbage.

They ran out of "armor" so they told a guy on set with a flannel shirt to grab a toy gun.

This can't end quick enough.

All the kids shots hit the armor... why is he dead?

This was a complete waste of money.

Grillo got the best deal out of this, he had the least screen time.

There is not even a single good line in this film.

What kind of armor leaves the midsection wide open?

Why is there a flashing open sign inside!!!
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Worse than you can possibly imagine
confidential-678972 March 2021
Can anyone remember when you could give more than 3 out of 10 to a Bruce Willis movie. This movie is just as bad as his last several films but with a budget less than fan fiction YouTube film. It's really that bad, I'm guessing 99% of the budget went on paying its 2 main stars.
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So far the worst movie of 2021
nocolus-099292 March 2021
I know Covid is out and the actors got hard times to get a job, but this is by faaaaaar the worst movie Bruce Willis ever done.

This will easy get him an good score at Rotten Tomatoes.
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I think they spent all the budget on Bruce Willis and had nothing left for writing, props, actors and more.
MartinHafer17 October 2021
I noticed that "Cosmic Sin" recently made it to IMDB's infamous Bottom 100 list and has a pitiful score of only 2.5! So, not only is it on the list...but it is way up the list at #39!

When I first started watching this sci-fi film, I could IMMEDIATELY see why the film is so hated. It's a film set in the 26th century and at this time, there is space travel and life on many planets and moons. So, why do you see folks driving pickup trucks that look like they are from 2021? Why are the clothes pretty much what you'd see today and why are most of the weapons not much more effective or different than today's?! It honestly looks like they must have spend all their budget on securing Bruce Willis' talents and had nothing left to make it look like a futuristic story. Now I don't think you need expensive props to make a good film...but this is ridiculous and really takes you out of the story.

The story begins with some form of life being discovered on some new planet. It seems that up until this time, humans have never made first contact with any intelligent species...even with humans inhabiting many new worlds. As you'd expect, this new form of sentient life is not sweet and who would want to see a film like that?! And, it turns out that it is so deadly that in the entire galaxy (numbering many, many, many billions) the only guy that can stop the creatures is a war criminal, James Ford (Willis)!

I have seen much worse films that never made it to the IMDB list...mostly because they are older, cheaper and more obscure. In other words, the Bottom 100 is very heavily skewed to new although the film is bad, it's not the 39th worst film ever made! I think it's just that a lot of folks get Netflix and had a chance to see it...whereas far less folks have seen the films of Ed Wood, Al Adamson, Ray Dennis Steckler and William Grefe...all filmmakers who REALLY knew how to make terrible films...REALLY terrible films!

So is there anything good about this movie? Some of the CGI space scenes are very nice and would probably look great on the big screen (though I assume this film, when it came out, only went straight to Netflix and Amazon Prime). Otherwise, the story is not especially interesting, the dialog often pretty bad and the acting not especially good. It is not completely awful...just mostly awful. And, unfortunately not so bad that it's fun to watch in order to make fun of the film.

By the way, nearly all the reviews for this are extremely negative. With this and a score of 2.5, I am amazed to find some folks giving it 10s! A few admit that it's bad but are just trolling or love it because it's so bad. A few, however, are VERY short reviews that talk about how brilliant it is...a sure sign normally of fake reviews done by folks connected with the film...which is pretty shameful.
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Low ratings are in this case completely justified.
deloudelouvain7 March 2021
Bruce Willis is becoming the new Nicholas Cage. It looks like he's just accepting any role without reading the script, something Nicholas Cage seems to do as well. Not that I think Bruce Willis is a great actor, he just played in some good movies, but he's not a great actor, and lately he's been actually really bad. It's going downhill for Bruce Willis. Cosmic Sin is just bad, with a story that is badly written, special effects that looked from another century, and actors that don't seem to know what they're doing. I wish I could unwatch this piece of garbage.
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Worst of low budget fodder
cobo-33 March 2021
I was hoping this movie could deliver an interesting story. The low budget is obvious from the trailer, and the cheesy dialog and bad acting can be seen miles away. But low budget, poorly directed movies can have entertaining and compelling stories, and I like to find those.

This is not it. If you think there is any redeemable quality for this movie, because Bruce Willis must have seen something to be in it, you'd be wrong. I don't know why he agreed to be in this film, but the script was not.

The movie is full of cliches, but the worst part is that it doesn't make any sense. All is supposed to happen in less than 24 hours, yet the movie has characters and events that seem to have happened for decades. The mismatch of technological advances is ludicrous, with rifles with ammo alongside lasers, and gas vehicles with wormhole jumps.

Absurd beyond believe, there is a pocket sized weapon capable of destroying an entire solar system. Unstable, it can't be rattled and can be activated if dropped. The encasing of this technological marvel of 500 years into the future? A glass cylinder. Not even a cardboard box with padding like an iPhone.

The inconsistencies are so profound and frequent, that I truly started to worry about my own understanding. Am I having a stroke? How can this have passed through a team of people and nobody said anything?

But it is not me. This movie is really that bad. Like a word salad of low budget sci fy scenes cobbled up together by a defective algorithm.

Don't waste your time.
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So bad...
rsauerf3 March 2021
I usually watch this kind of movies for a good laugh, but this one didn't even give me that little pleasure. I almost feel sorry for everyone who participated in this useless endeavor.
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Does this writer/director team have something on Bruce or is it all some kind of tax write off thing?
chris-h-32 March 2021
Breach was really bad, this is no better and we've got two more pairings of this dynamic team to look forward to later this year I see.

To be fair some of the effects in this are good and you can see the actors trying their best. But already wearing restrictive paintballing gear and having to pretend that their badly fitting space 'helmets' actually fit something in the 'suit up' sequence really is the height of comedy.

All the ingredients are here to make a half way decent film but somehow nobody quite managed it. Again.
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What a disappointment this was...
paul_haakonsen20 March 2021
Granted, I have to admit that I was lured in to watching the 2021 movie "Cosmic Sin" given the movie's cover/poster and the fact that the movie was starring Bruce Willis, Frank Grillo and Costas Mandylor.

And let me just come right out and say that writers Edward Drake and Corey Large failed to deliver a wholesome movie here with "Cosmic Sin". While I managed to sit through the entire ordeal, then I must say that all throughout the course of the entire movie I was sitting with an overwhelming sense of pointlessness. I just couldn't find anything worthwhile in the storyline, and everything seemed just bland and without a cause.

It was so difficult to indulge myself into the storyline because it was so linear and anything but interesting and exciting. So the end result that is "Cosmic Sin" from director Edward Drake was just a very forgettable and rather mundane movie. The storyline was just so amazingly generic and linear that you could have left the movie for a longer period of time, and returned only to be right up to speed with the storyline.

Now, I am sure that die-hard fans - pardon the pun - of Bruce Willis or Frank Grillo might actually find some kind of odd enjoyment here in the movie. I, however, didn't. So this movie was a swing and a miss.

I must admit that it felt that Bruce Willis wasn't really committed to this movie project, and his performance felt half-hearted, as if he was running on auto-pilot. And Frank Grillo just wasn't given enough on-screen time to manage to do much of anything to salvage the movie.

The characters in the movie were every bit as bland and pointless as the storyline. So you don't really connect with any of them, nor do you form any kind of attachments to any of them. So whether they live or die, it hardly matters.

Now, what did work for "Cosmic Sin" was the visuals. They had some nice enough suits for the soldiers of the Alliance. And the weapon effects were quite good. The aliens, however, they just felt like something out of a B movie. So that was disappointing to say the least.

All in all, "Cosmic Sin" was exactly what the movie title says; a cosmic sin. This movie came and went without leaving much of any blast mark or memorable impression. My rating of "Cosmic Sin" lands on a mere three out of ten stars.
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