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  • Spoilers ahead!

    The Electrician - The Walker Brothers: Charlie moves around in his cell and fights the guards. Plays until the main title card appears and then tones down.

    Va pensiero (Chorus of Hebrew Slaves) [Nabucco, Act III] {1990 Remastered} - Coro del Teatro alla Scala, Milano, Lovro von Matacic & Orchestra Del Teatro Alla Scala Di Milan: Charlie's childhood.

    Götterdämmerung, Dritter Aufzug (Act 3), Zweite Szene [Scene 2]: Trauermusik {Orchester} - Siegfried Jerusalem & Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks: Charlie tells the audience about prison and prisonlife.

    It's A Sin - Pet Shop Boys: Played at the party at the mental hospital.

    Meet Mister Callaghan (2009 Remastered) - Ray Martin: Bronson strangles the pedophile.

    When I'm a Rock 'N' Roll Star - Tom Hardy: Charlie starts to sing as he presents real footage of a riot at Broadmoor Hospital for the criminally insane.

    Your Silent Face - New Order: Bronson is releaed.

    Attila: Chi dona luce al cor?.. (Atto II) - Orchestra Del Teatro Alla Scala Di Milan & Riccardo Muti: Bronson goes to see Uncle Jack.

    Digital Versicolor - Glass Candy: Heard through out the film; in the stripjoint, Charlie working as bareknuckle fighter and Closing Credits.

    La forza del destino: La vergine degli angeli - Orchestra Del Teatro Alla Scala Di Milan & Riccardo Muti: Charlie proposes, get's rejected and goes to jail again.

    Das Rheingold: Entry of the Gods Into Valhalla - Berliner Philharmoniker & Klaus Tennstedt: The prison executive walks down the hallway in slowmotion.

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