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Siobhan has Dominic promoted to another section so that he is less of a distraction to her. Herself and Hari announce to their friends about the baby but Siobhan has her doubts. Sam finds out that Katie ended his father's life and proceeds to tell his mother Jemma who throws Katie out of her house. Richard and Trudi get back together again as Trudi also meets up with again with Sally and her son Paul Jr. Jemma makes a complaint to the Medical Council and is suspended from her job. Jessica meets Alex again at a photo shoot and become close again but Alex won't leave Lisa but doesn't want to give up Jessica either. Dominic figures out that he is the father of Siobhan's baby. Later in a baby shop Siobhan breaks down and tells Hari the truth. Meanwhile, Trudi goes to the hotel to see Sally and gets a shock when she sees her 'dead' husband Paul with Sally.

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