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How many times are we going to watch The Cleansing Hour?
pftstkwwe19 November 2020
So this anthology starts off with the 3rd making of The Cleansing Hour. It was a short movie in 2016, a full movie in 2020 & now another short in this "new" horror anthology. It's tired, put it to bed.
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Please don't make any more like this
mbprocter19 November 2020
Without a doubt, the worst film I've seen for a long while. Boring, disconnected, pretentious.
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What a mess
MikeHunt107518 November 2020
One of your typical anthology movies that tries to tie stories together and be clever, but instead turning out a confusing mess of garbage. Even if it replaced the boring host in between segments with The Crypt Keeper himself, it couldn't save this sinking ship.

It started off ok, but just nose dives before it's halfway through. A couple of the stories are ok, some have some decent visual FX and gore moments, but overall it falls flat on being anything memorable other than it tried to hard to have hidden messeges that try to be clever, but are just eye rolling bad.

Had it been edited better, and had 45 mins cut out of it, it would've made a decent Tales from the Crypt episode. Unfortunately what this actually is, is a decent 20 minute idea stetched out painfully with an extra hour of filler to get it to be released as a full length feature rather than the short TV episode it should've been.
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It's OK in parts
mjsreg20 November 2020
There are a couple of the stories that are quite interesting and amusing, but there are also some stupid ones. Also the way they are linked together becomes very annoying after the first one or two.

Overall, not great but not awful either. I wouldn't bother watching it again myself.
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One of the best anthology feature films I ever saw!
request-723 June 2020
Every single story was really well done and the wrap around story combined them greatly. My favorite was the one with the excorcism right in the beginning with a very surprising twist.
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It wasn't bad, but it wasn't all that great either
Hex_0mega15 December 2020
First off, if you have already seen The Cleansing Hour about the priest who sets up fabricated exorcisms, which ends up biting him in the ass, you can just skip the first 20 minutes unless you'd like to see it again. It really good, but its been featured in multiple horror shortfilm anthologies in addition to having a feature length version as a result of the shortfilm being so well received. On a sidenote, if you haven't seen that feature length version of it, give that a watch too.

As for Asylum, it wasn't mind numbingly dumb but it also wasn't remarkable by any means. Although I'm not really fond of slashers and I'm more prone to creature features, the second shortfilm has a really awesome killer. Thing is, it was so short and void of any real story that it really ruined the character altogether.

That was the thing about this anthology. The only ones that were kinda neat were too short to even make any sense out of. Now, I will say the animated one was cute and pretty much laid out a complete story. Besides that one, there was a Spanish shortfilm about a guy's funeral that pretty much summed itself up. I got a kick out of that one.

Those were the only ones that were worth anything in my opinion. The one I previously mentioned about the masked killer though was just such a cool idea that I think the writer and directors really should consider expanding upon it. Maybe think about giving that one it's own feature length film with a solid story. I think they just executed that in such a way that it took a really good idea and turned it into a "The hell did I just watch?" type of deal.

Anyway, if you like short horror films, just give it a go and see what you think.
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qbatmobile12 December 2020
Nothing to see. I don't know what this thing supposed to be but after watching it I think it's nothing. Pointless, mostly stupid and not funny for sure.
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this is like loosing virginity x 12 for a horrorfanatic...
ops-5253518 November 2020
That loves gore and blood, that loves bestialic torture and bloody murder, that lives a morbid lifestyle wetherin fantasy or real life, thinking komorbidity is fun and to be multimorid is a sign of good health. so if you have the fetish, urge or need to be cuckold with, to take a bloody shower, hates your wife, or wants to kill in the most perversive and bestialic way your husband, thy siblings or parents, and even pets and animals too, this flick is a monster in doing so.

so i might as well say that this isnt a film for the fainthearted or crossminded in the audience. that could easily have been me too, but the speed of plot development, where you get 12 small horror gore episthels thrown in your gut at the speed of light, that isnt just weird and gruesome, but extremely detailed and believe it or not, hilarious fun. and that made me hang on , unfortunately a religious person might say, but the haddaway of life and death are just as simple as that except for etc.etc.etc.

this film will become every naitmerish gothic horror enthusiasts wet dream come through and therefore a major cultclassic on its own. much of the reason for that is simply a brilliant production, use of changing filming tecniques, cool animation, cgi and visual effects, the cast must be mentioned however they might be a big surplus that just commits the directors orders come through, the make up artists and costume department has gone bananas, and as a whole the filmography, soundwork and clever editing makes your eyes and ears bleed rustic tears.

before stating the finals, one word about the choice of music and additional score, that is devious as well as simple, born and made for horror, gore and rigor mortis. so if you cant listen to a philosophic and filantropic skelleton, doing the knucklestick drum whirl on the barreldrum, using obscene and merely antigood and devilproned vocals, then skip this.

for the rest of us , and especially me, the grumpy old man, think this was a film of shock and awe, and its a warm recommend, warmer than the 7th cirkel of dantes inferno
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