"Dragon Ball GT" Kyuukyoku Jinzou-ningen! Futari no 17-gou Gattai (TV Episode 1997) Poster

Chuck Huber: Android 17


  • Android 17 : Now, do you see? Your ties to this race are dwindling.

    Android 18 : He was my husband... and you killed him! You killed him! I'll kill you!

    Android 17 : I wanted to give you a way out of this for old times sake. But enough sentimentality... tell your husband "hello" when you see him.

  • Krillin : You can't do this 18! You have a child, and a husband!

    Android 17 : Ha! Give me a break shorty! Android 18 is just that... an android... like me! Built by the brilliant Dr. Gero!

    Krillin : Brilliant? How could you even think to call a monster like him brilliant? You destroyed Dr. Gero yourself, remember?

    Android 17 : Uh?

    Krillin : You resented him so much because he gave you human emotions.

    Android 17 : He gave me emotions...? And I killed him?

  • Android 17 : I must admire your ability to stand up after that.

    Vegeta : And I admire your ability to DIE! Final Shine... ATTACK!

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