The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (2013) Poster

Martin Freeman: Bilbo



  • [last lines] 

    [Smaug takes off to attack Lake Town] 

    Bilbo Baggins : What have we done?

  • Bilbo Baggins : I did not come to steal from you, O Smaug the Unassessably Wealthy. I merely wanted to gaze upon your magnificence, to see if you really were as great as the old tales say. I did not believe them.

    Smaug : [strikes a pose]  And do you, NOW?

    Bilbo Baggins : Truly, tales and songs fall utterly short of your enormity, O Smaug the Stupendous...

    Smaug : Do you think flattery will keep you alive?

    Bilbo Baggins : No, no...

    Smaug : No, indeed!

  • Gandalf : You've changed, Bilbo Baggins. You're not the same Hobbit as the one who left the Shire...

    Bilbo Baggins : I was going to tell you... I found something in the Goblin tunnels.

    Gandalf : Found what? What did you find?

    Bilbo Baggins : [pause] 

    Bilbo Baggins : My courage.

    Gandalf : Good... well, that's good. You'll need it.

  • Smaug : You think you can deceive me, Barrel-Rider? You have come from Lake Town! This is some sort of scheme hatched between these filthy dwarves and those miserable tub-trading Lakemen, those snivelling cowards with their Longbows and Black Arrows! Perhaps it is time I paid them a visit!

    Bilbo Baggins : Oh, no... This isn't their fault! Wait! You can not go to Lake Town!

    Smaug : You care about them, do you? Good! Then you can watch them DIE!

  • [observes a carving of the Arkenstone] 

    Bilbo Baggins : What's that?

    Balin : That is the Arkenstone.

    Bilbo Baggins : And what is it?

    Thorin Oakenshield : That, Master Burglar, is why you are here.

  • [Bilbo observes a bare patch on Smaug's chest] 

    Bilbo Baggins : So it is true, the Black Arrow found its mark...

    Smaug : What did you say?

  • Smaug : You seem familiar with my name, but I don't remember smelling your kind before. Who are you and where do you come from, may I ask?

    Bilbo Baggins : I come from under the hill...

    Smaug : Underhill?

    Bilbo Baggins : ...and under hills and over hills my paths lead. And through the air! I am he who walks unseen!

    Smaug : Impressive. What else do you claim to be?

    [leans forward to smell Bilbo] 

    Bilbo Baggins : L-Luck-Wearer... R-Riddle-Maker...

    Smaug : Lovely titles... Go on.

    Bilbo Baggins : Barrel-Rider!

    Smaug : Barrels! Now that is interesting!

  • Smaug : It's Oakenshield. That filthy Dwarvish usurper! He sent you in here for the Arkenstone, didn't he?

    Bilbo Baggins : No no no no no, I have no idea what you're talking about...

    Smaug : Don't bother denying it! I guessed his foul purpose some time ago! But it matters not. Oakenshield's quest will fail. A darkness is coming. It will spread to every corner of the land!

  • [gutting an infant spider that touched his ring] 

    Bilbo Baggins : MINE!

    [slowly realizes what he has done] 

  • Smaug : You are being used, Thief in the Shadows. You were only ever a means to an end. The coward Oakenshield has weighed the value of your life and found it worth nothing...

    Bilbo Baggins : No. No! You're lying!

  • Smaug : And what about your little dwarf friends? Where are they hiding?

    Bilbo Baggins : Dwarves... No. No dwarves here. You've got that all wrong.

    Smaug : Oh, I don't think so, Barrel-Rider! They sent you in here to do their dirty work, while they skulk about outside!

    Bilbo Baggins : Truly, you are mistaken, O Smaug Chiefest and Greatest of All Calamities...

    Smaug : You have nice manners for a thief, and a LIAR! I know the smell and taste of dwarves, no one better!

  • [Bilbo stabs a spider, who screams of it stinging] 

    Bilbo Baggins : Sting... That's a good name!

  • Thorin Oakenshield : [after putting in the key and opening the door]  Erebor.

    Balin : [In tears]  Thorin.

    Thorin Oakenshield : I know these walls. These halls. This stone. Do you remember it Balin? Chambers filled with golden light.

    Balin : I remember.

    Gloin : [Reading the Dwarvish writing in the stone]  Herein lies the 7th kingdom of Durin's folk. May the heart of the mountain unite all dwarves in defense of this home.

    Balin : The throne of the king.

    Bilbo Baggins : [Observing the carving]  And what's that, above it?

    Balin : The arkenstone.

    Bilbo Baggins : And what's that?

    Thorin Oakenshield : That, Master Burglar, is why you are here.

  • Bilbo Baggins : You do know we're one short; where's Bofur?

    Thorin Oakenshield : If he's not here, we leave him behind.

    Balin : We have to, if we're to find the door before nightfall. We can risk no more delays.

  • [Smaug is about to kill Thorin] 

    Thorin Oakenshield : [to Bilbo]  NOW!

    Bilbo Baggins : [jumping and grabbing the dwarvian lever]  Argh!

    [water spews out of the spouts] 

    Smaug : [roars; ready to breath fire]  Arrgh...

    [the water hits Smaug, cooling him off and distinguishing the fire in his lungs] 

  • Smaug : [searching for the invisible Bilbo; menacingly]  Well... Thief! I can smell you... I can hear your breath, I can feel your breath... Where-Are-You?

    [comes really close to Bilbo, who begins to lose his nerve] 

    Smaug : Where are you?

    [Out of fright, Bilbo takes off running. Smaug chases after him. Bilbo hides behind one of the columns] 

    Smaug : [calmly]  Come now... Don't be shy. Step into the light.

    [creeps towards Bilbo's hiding place] 

    Smaug : There is something you carry... Something made of gold. Except only much... more... Precious...

    [Bilbo is assaulted by Sauron's eye and quickly takes the ring off. He sees Smaug's piercing eye in front of him. Bilbo gasps, startled] 

    Smaug : There you are... thief in the shadows.

    Bilbo Baggins : I-I didn't come to steal, Smaug the inaccessibly wealthy. I only wanted to gaze upon your magnificence, and what the old tales say is true.


    Bilbo Baggins : But I did not believe them!

    [Smaug fluidly slinks away and does a pose of grandiose] 

    Smaug : [proudly; his voice resonating]  And DO YOU NOW?

    Bilbo Baggins : [in awe]  Yes... Yes, what the stories said is true.

  • Bilbo Baggins : [whispering]  Everyone, climb into the barrels! Quickly!

    Dwalin : Are you mad? They'll find us!

    Bilbo Baggins : No, no they won't, I promise you. Please, please, you must trust me.


    Thorin Oakenshield : Do as he says.

    [They do so, and Bilbo does a head count] 

    Bofur : [pokes his head out]  What do we do now?

    [All the dwarves poke their heads out] 

    Bilbo Baggins : Hold your breath.

    Bofur : Hold me breath? What do you mean...?

    [All the dwarves yell as Bilbo pulls the lever opening the trap door, spilling the barrels into the river] 

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