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Season 4

13 Jan. 2010
Monster Sharks
MonsterQuest investigates great white sharks whose attacks on humans are on the rise. It follows an expedition in an attempt to tag the first great white in the Atlantic.
20 Jan. 2010
Hillbilly Beast
A search in Eastern Kentucky for an elusive creature that is said to make terrifying, wild screams. Investigators look at photographic evidence, and explore the deep woods in an attempt to find the source of these mysterious sounds.
27 Jan. 2010
Giant Pythons in America
MonsterQuest goes to Florica in order investigate reports of giant hybrid pythons lurking in areas near the Everglades.
3 Feb. 2010
Giant Killer Bees
MonsterQuest looks into reports of Africanized Bees in the southern United States and examines the theory that the bees are adapting to colder weather in spreading further north.
10 Feb. 2010
MonsterQuest goes to West Virginia to look into the Mothman examining both the original 1967 case and more recent sightings.
3 Mar. 2010
Piranha Invasion
MonsterQuest investigates whether a breeding population of Amazonian piranha can survive in the waters of North America.
10 Mar. 2010
Lizard Monster
MonsterQuest goes to West Virginia in order to investigate the Flatwoods Monster a reptilian creature that appeared in a strange hovering craft the exuded a noxious gas.
17 Mar. 2010
Sierra Sasquatch
MonsterQuest goes to Califonia to investigate claims that a pack of Sasquatch live in the wilderness of Sierra County.
24 Mar. 2010
America's Wolfman
MonsterQuest goes to the American Midwest in search of evidence of a half-man/half-wolf and examines a suspicious video purporting to show the creature.

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