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  • Chris chats with the remaining six. "I know every week is big, but this week, guys ... especially important," the host explains. Chris says that the final four men will be taking DeAnna home to meet their families. But first: a trip to an "amazing, exclusive resort" in Palm Springs!

    "The pressure is on," Twilley observes.

    The twist is that DeAnna will be keeping all the men around for a full week -- so no roses at the end of a particular date. The two eliminations will be saved for this week's concluding ceremony.

    The group enters its "amazing, exclusive" accomodations. "It's like a mansion away from the mansion," Jesse says. Soon after, the first date card arrives. "Sean, let's take our relations to new heights," Jesse reads. Excited, Sean shaves, showers and lays out his outfit.

    Sean meets DeAnna at the entrance to a mountain lift. DeAnna is scared of heights and cowers against Seans -- much to his delight, of course. "I squeezed Sean's hand so tightly that I thought I was going to break his fingers," DeAnna explains.

    The ride over, DeAnna and Sean eat a romantic dinner atop a mountain. "I would much rather go for it 100 percent, or not at all," Sean explains. He is willing to risk his feelings "even if it means getting hurt." Sean hopes that DeAnna gets to meet his family.

    DeAnna, feeling a connection, invites Sean to her suite for dessert.

    Back at the boys' house, a second date card arrives. "I'm looking for a man who can get down and dirty and have some fun in the sun," Jeremy reads. The men on the group date will be Jesse, Jason, Graham and Twilley.

    But not yet. For now, DeAnna is eating chocolate cake and drinking red wine with Sean. He predicts that their families will have "a lot in common." He feels that if she comes to Sean's hometown, the "process is finished." This boast seems to intrigue DeAnna.

    Later, relaxing in the hammock, the two kiss. "Thank you, baby," Sean coos.

    One commercial break later, DeAnna arrives for her group date. Suddenly, a helicopter lands in the front yard. "Are you kidding me?" asks an excited Jesse. Well, kind of. DeAnna and Twilley will take the first helicopter. A second chopper will pick up the rest of the men. Graham predicts that the ride will not go well because Twilley is prone to motion sickness.

    Indeed, Twilley struggles. "I was afraid he was going to puke on my lap," DeAnna says. After the copter lands, Twilley struggles to open the door ... but manages to keep his lunch from emerging. The group eventually comes across five four-wheelers. "Riding four wheelers is part of my life," DeAnna says. "This is what we do back home."

    Back at the boys house, Sean reads Jeremy's date card: "Let's take a step back in time with old blue eyes."

    Back in the desert, DeAnna notes that Jesse's no-fear attitude is attractive. "I thought he was just hot," she giggles. Jason and Twilley, meanwhile, are riding too tentative. The group decides to cool off by hitting the pool. Chicken fights follow.

    Jason and DeAnna spend some quality private time by the pool. Jason explains that DeAnna would meet his mom, dad and Ty if she comes to Seattle. They hold hands.

    Now it's time for Jesse and DeAnna to canoodle. She hopes Jesse will attempt to kiss her. But will Jesse do it? She leans in close ... but Jesse doesn't seem to get the message. This leaves the door open for Graham, who steals DeAnna away for himself.

    The pair reclines in a hammock. Graham doesn't make the same mistake as Jesse and it's not long before the two are making.

    Later that night, DeAnna arrives to take Jeremy out on their one-on-one date in a vintage convertible. DeAnna drives the two to a poolside dinner inside Frank Sinatras old house. DeAnna puts a Sinatra album on the 'ol turntable. The pair sing ... terribly. "I just have to say that I'm very sorry to Mr. Sinatra and anyone who happens to hear that," Jeremy says. Apology almost accepted.

    While the boys back at the house make fun of Jeremy, he is busy making out with DeAnna in Frank Sinatra's pool. Who's laughing now?

    Back from commercial -- and back in L.A. -- the boys roll into the house for the final elimination ... but DeAnna isn't there. She's too busy staring at pictures of the guys in the back room. Chris enters. DeAnna's mind is made up. There will no cocktail party tonight.

    DeAnna makes her dramatic entrance. It's rose time. The first flower goes to ... Jeremy. The second flower goes to ... Jason. The third flower goes to ... Graham. The fourth and final flower goes to ... Jesse. Sean and Twilley are going home.

    "It hurts a little bit more than I expected," Sean says. "You live and you learn."

    "It is really hard on your heart," Twilley explains. "I'm not the best-looking guy in the world. I'm not like some supermodel. I'm just me. I'm just Twilley."

    And we're just anxious for next week.

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