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just stupid - Poland has more potential for sure
mapika6 December 2020
Actors are okay, just a bad script, stupid shallow storyline, too cheesy and predictable...

I don't know what else to say, but NETFLIX wtf are you serving us in the last few months?! If any, only about 3 out of 10 productions are worth seeing!
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Too immature to be about a young-adult.
dreamlikediana6 December 2020
The main character, Marta, is 17 going on 18, but every aspect of the movie screams that she's maybe 14-16 at most. It's not just her character, it's the whole situation and story that doesn't fit the 18-year-old without a father plotline.

Fierce could have been delivered well if it had some proper storytelling. Instead, it felt like the story was trying to cram a lot in a 2-hour time span, and it did and it drove home poorly. It was moving very quickly, but they weren't making progress. They were just adding a bunch of events without any proper development.

Nothing legit held me onto the movie or captivated my gaze. I kept checking how much of this movie I had left, wasn't even halfway when I started to pause and take notes on what to write.

On that note, what's up with the cliché characters? Squealing girls, a man-child, a woman who is narcissistic, and so many others. What's up with that? Where's the originality? Where's the character development? Honestly, the best character was the grandma. Always looked forward to the scene with the grandma. The scenes with Olo stepping up to be a father-figure were pretty decent, but it felt lacking because this is supposed to be about an 18-year-old.

Beyond this, why did the production crew think it was okay to dress her in really baggy clothes at the beginning of the movie? It makes her look like she had low self-esteem, and as if she has an eating disorder. Seriously? I looked up the actress and she looks healthy, but the movie made her look like she has an eating disorder and that's not okay. Eating disorders are no joke. There are clothes and styles that can fit a grunge look and an eboy-like look without going too baggy.

On the flip side, the red plaid pants were absolutely perfect on her. The outfit of the black shorts, black top, and black blazer was a great look for her. The high ponytail absolutely looked awesome on her, but there were other scenes where they had to make her hair and makeup wild, unfitting, and unappealing. It felt like she was going through an awkward stage of puberty all over again when that should have been done between 13-16. This is when the timeline of this movie should have taken place, not at 18.

A true professional stylist would have found clothes that fit the mold of a supposed-to-be fierce female without making her look unappealing. It really felt like they were not doing the girl justice.

Also, horrible song choices for her voice. They could have chosen better music. Either that or they didn't get her a vocal teacher. She sings too much in her head voice and it's not a good thing. She has a good voice, but a vocal teacher would help her with that too much head voice problem. It's a common problem. Again, not doing the actress or character any justice. They made her come off as she has a bunch of teenage angst, but it doesn't fit the whole mold and plot of the story.

The problem isn't with the actors at all, it's the production team, the writers, the stylists, etc.

There's one part towards the end that came as a big shock! That was the only part I was like, "I didn't see that coming!" But at the same time, thinking about it again, it's kind of cliché. Instead of having some real character development, they add a bunch of events just to cram it all in there.

So the last thing I want to mention is the subtitles, I'm Polish American I speak both Polish and English fluently. When watching the movie, I watched in Polish audio and English subtitle. I noticed the subtitles were conveying what was going on but not exactly. It felt like it was full of air. So for an international viewing people will rate it more poorly because it's not the same. I understand not everything translates, but when you have someone translating TV shows and movies for international viewing they should be accustomed to both languages, cultures, idioms, etc. to get the message across. I would have subtitled a few scenes differently than whoever did them. I'm not sure who is doing the subtitle work for English, but I watch a lot of international TV shows and those people who do the subtitles for that never have a problem translating things appropriately.
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A good watch!
aboudreau19 December 2020
It is a good thing I don't go by earlier user reviews. Everyone wants to be a critic. Katarzyna Sawczuk is an incredibly talented woman, and her talent shines in this movie. The movie was entertaining and enjoyable.
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A nice Sunday movie.
faer_kr9 December 2020
A Polish musical teen movie. It is about a reality show of singers who will go to the town of origin of one of the judges to record and the daughter of one of them takes advantage of the moment to enter and confront her, unleashing a rivalry. Quality. Entertaining It seems that you are watching a program of the voice Mexico or the academy in Polish version, with Antonio López Gabito and Lolita Cortéz style fights. It is entertaining if you like that type of formulas and that type of program. Performances well, nothing relevant. The soundtrack is fine. Slight situation jokes. Find out what makes people a little instant fame and how these types of programs use any situation to advertise. A nice Sunday movie.
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Very Nice comedy
a-sapnagyte18 January 2021
I was laughing and enjoying this movie, great time with it. Well made.
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Fierce (2020) Review
dufreshest6 January 2021
Fierce is a drama feel good type film about a daughter and a father connecting through a musical competition. The film touches on aspects of celebrity/fame/popularity, aspects of television/media presentation, aspects of family, aspects of music, aspects of being in school as a celebrity, aspects of friendships, aspects of being a present/absent parent/growing up with either, aspects of jealousy, aspects of romance/love, and aspects of business amongst other points. I like the musical parts of the film. The acting partners fulfill the film.
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