Great Pretender Poster

(2020– )

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Season 1

2 Jun. 2020
Case 1_1: Los Angeles Connection
Makoto and his partner make their living conning the innocent. But when a simple scam on a tourist goes awry, he's soon out of his depth in Los Angeles.
2 Jun. 2020
Case 1_2: Los Angeles Connection
Dangling from the Hollywood sign, Makoto recalls his path from salesman to a life of crime. Back on the ground, he learns more about "confidence men."
2 Jun. 2020
Case 1_3: Los Angeles Connection
Makoto tells Laurent how he got into Eddie's good graces, but keeping up the con isn't easy, and the LAPD is monitoring the situation closely.
2 Jun. 2020
Case 1_4: Los Angeles Connection
With construction proceeding on the new lab, Makoto enjoys LA in the company of Eddie's enforcer, and Paula Dickins sets her sights on him.
2 Jun. 2020
Case 1_5: Los Angeles Connection
The pressure is on as everyone watches Makoto make the first batch of Sakura Magic, but with Agent Dickins in his ear, things take a very serious turn.
9 Jun. 2020
Case 2_1: Singapore Sky
Two years later, Makoto gets an honest job as a mechanic once he gets out, while Laurent and the crew reunite for a job in Las Vegas.
9 Jun. 2020
Case 2_2: Singapore Sky
The crew heads to Singapore to begin the con on the two princes and the fixed Pathfinder Air Race, but Makoto has concerns about Abbie's mental state.
9 Jun. 2020
Case 2_3: Singapore Sky
When their first strategy fails, Laurent recruits some extra help, using Makoto's skills as a mechanic to deal with the stubborn elder prince.
9 Jun. 2020
Case 2_4: Singapore Sky
Not realizing who the bookies are, the greedy prince places a series of eye-popping wagers. Abbie's harrowing past begins to affect her focus.
9 Jun. 2020
Case 2_5: Singapore Sky
With the air race finals on the horizon, all the pieces move into place. Makoto has a serious talk with each pilot before making a wager of his own.
16 Jun. 2020
Case 3_1: Snow of London
Working as a sushi chef while living in France, Makoto attempts to plan a con without Laurent's help after a pompous Englishman terrorizes the locals.
16 Jun. 2020
Case 3_2: Snow of London
In London, Laurent and the team put their payback con against the "007 of the art world" into action. Cynthia reminisces about art and love.
16 Jun. 2020
Case 3_3: Snow of London
Makoto searches for Thomas, the art forger connected to Cynthia, to create a fake version of "Snow in London." Laurent and Abbie's plan continues.
16 Jun. 2020
Case 3_4: Snow of London
Laurent's fake dark auction begins with outrageous prices. Among the bidders, Coleman and Cynthia vie over "Snow in London."
21 Sep. 2020
Case 4_1: Wizard of Far East
Determined to rebuild his life, Makoto parts ways with the team and returns to Japan. He lands a job, but doesn't know what he's gotten himself into.
21 Sep. 2020
Case 4_2: Wizard of Far East
Cynthia and Shi Ohn arrive in Japan to start the con on Scarlet Company. Makoto and his boss accompany them to the UAE to witness a kidnapping.
21 Sep. 2020
Case 4_3: Wizard of Far East
A delegation from the Shanghai branch of the Suzaku Group arrives in Tokyo. Summoned to translate, Makoto realizes the interpreter looks familiar.
21 Sep. 2020
Case 4_4: Wizard of Far East
Two months after the end of the con, Makoto still works for Akemi. One night he receives a visit from a man he thought he saw die in front of him.
21 Sep. 2020
Case 4_5: Wizard of Far East
A younger Laurent joins a group of con artists including Oz after unknowingly aiding them in Paris. As they travel around the world, he falls in love.
21 Sep. 2020
Case 4_6: Wizard of Far East
On their last job, the team passes Dorothy off as an Ethiopian princess and stages her kidnapping for the Shanghai group. Then it all goes wrong.
21 Sep. 2020
Case 4_7: Wizard of Far East
The final phase of the con on the Shanghai group starts when Laurent returns to the city. The stakes are higher than ever, with no margin for error.
21 Sep. 2020
Case 4_8: Wizard of Far East
Both sides prepare for a fateful meeting in Tokyo, with Laurent and Makoto acting as translators. Everything depends on Makoto's choice.
21 Sep. 2020
Case 4_9: Wizard of Far East
The Wizard of the Far East pulls off one final magic trick, and some people finally get what's coming to them.

 Season 1 

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