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Great action packed movie
lpwevers14 November 2010
I went to see this yesterday with high expectations. After all, the movie was hyped a lot here. Fortunately most of my expectations were fulfilled.

The story: The story is straight forward and sometimes a bit predictable. The fun part is of course that Dick Maas has turned Sinterklaas from the child loving person he normally is, into a blood-lust zombie. So every 30 to 40 years, when the 5th of December is with full moon, blood thirsty Nickolas and his party of zombies, come to spoil the party. Only, this time, there's someone waiting to stop him.

The good: This is movie is all you can ask for in a horror comedy. The mix between scary moments and laughs is just right.

The bad: Well, some of the actors (especially the non-main characters) could use some acting lessons. Fortunately most of them don't last long enough to be bothered by it too much..... Also some of the explanations for the evil behaviour of Sinterklaas are very thin. Dick Maas should have come up with something better there.

The conclusion: All in all, it's good fun to watch. Some minor bits should be taken care of in the case of a sequel (can't wait), but those can easily be overlooked. That's why my final verdict is 8 out of ten.
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He's coming … to slaughter you!
Coventry28 November 2010
Sint Niklaas, or "Sinterklaas", is a typically Dutch and Belgian tradition that occurs every year on the 5th and 6th of December. The legend states that, on his own birthday, the noble Saint rewards all the well-behaving children with toys and candy. When the children are asleep, the heavily bearded man walks over the rooftops on his white horse while his black assistants drop the presents down the chimneys. Does that sound vaguely familiar? Well actually, Sint Niklaas formed the inspiration for the universally acknowledged jolly figure of Santa Clause. The first Dutch immigrants in the United Stated re-implemented their national tradition oversees and linked it to the Christmas period. There, now all you non-Dutch speaking people with an interest in this film have some essential, need-to-know trivia about the titular character.

About the plot of "Sint" I can be rather brief. You know all the concept of US horror movies with a psychopathic Santa Clause, like for example "Silent Night Deadly Night", "You Better Watch Out" and "Santa Slay". Well, "Sint" is exactly the same. Writer/director Dick Maas (the only true horror prodigy of The Netherlands) wants to make us believe that Saint Niklaas wasn't a holy and generous figure, but a sadistic tyrant who plundered villages and terrorized the inhabitants. In the year 1492 on the fifth of December, he was burned alive by an angry mob. Even still now whenever there's a full moon on the anniversary of his violent death, which apparently occurs, once every 32 years, the evil saint returns to Amsterdam to butcher as many adults and children as possible.

"Sint" should be experienced exactly like Dick Maas intended it: as a highly amusing and deeply satirical splatter flick! Everything about it is wondrously grotesque and over-the-top; the whole basic idea, the acting performances and (especially) the dialogs. The gory massacres, including those of innocent young children, are so tremendously bombastic that you simply cannot be shocked or offended by them. At least not if you have a slight sense of dark humor. The special effects and make-up are graphic and engrossing, but too obviously fake. Naturally there's isn't much room for genuine suspense in this type of story, but – as said – that clearly wasn't the director's intention and at least he widely compensates this small shortcoming with fast-paced action and black comedy.

The film became infamous and caused quite some controversy in The Netherlands long before its premiere in theaters because promotional film posters, depicting the mutilated Sint on his menacing horse, were hung in public areas out there for young kids to see. Quite a number of sour and prudish people were upset about this, but plenty of questionnaires proved that the children themselves weren't shocked at all. For Dick Maas, the whole controversy just turned out to be more than welcome and cost-free publicity. Well done.
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Not for the children
BandSAboutMovies21 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
December 5, 1492. Former bishop Niklas and his gang have gotten away with too much. The villagers have had it up to here with their antics, like looting and killing, so they kill them off. Yet for every year after that coincides with a full moon, they return as ghosts with murderous intent.

The film then inverts all the holiday traditions of the Netherlands: Sinterklass is not a jolly fat man, he's a killer with a sharp staff that he won't hesitate to use. His elves, the Zwarte Pieten, don't have faces blackened from the soot of chimneys, but instead they have been burned alive.

The last time the real Sinterklass came back was in 1968 and hundreds of people were killed, including the family of Goert, who is now a policeman. That traumatic event has been covered up by the authorities and the Catholic Church, who want Saint Nick to remain pure.

With another full moon coming, Goert tries to ban all Sinterklaas events and increasing police manpower, but he's laughed off and sent on leave. But of course, Sinterklass arrives and brings horror with him.

Directed by Dick Maas (The Lift, Amsterdamned), the film looks gorgeous, with a crushed black color palette and really intriguing angles. If a gore movie can be lush, then by all means, this is it. The scene where Sinterklass reveals himself to the children in the hospital, as well as a chase across the rooftops with Sinterklass on a horse, are just plain gorgeous. As we watch the evil saint fall through floor after floor of a building, then onto a police car, then stalk the hero, it really gets across just how frightening the villain is.

Even watching the film in its native language, I was easily able to define the storytelling and stayed interested throughout. It was interesting to learn of another Christmas myth and then see the more malevolent side of it.
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Great Movie! Old school horror combined with modern humor..
mhproductions10 November 2010
SINT is one of the most talked about movies in The Netherlands in 2010. When I went to the cinema it was exactly the movie I expected. It was a combination of the old school horror style of Dick Maas, great special effects, and a sense of humor that I haven't seen in Dutch movies for a long time. The special effects might not be as amazing as we're used to as the standard is Pirates of the Caribbean. However, considering the small budget (compared to movies from Hollywood) the effects we're pretty nice. I've heard some rumors that they might make a sequel and I definitely hope that these rumors are true. All together a fun experience. I can recommend this movie very much!
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A Dutch horror movie with an interesting premise and some great visuals
GSeditor25 August 2012
Culturally not being very well acquainted with Saint Nicholas other than the globally popular image of Santa Claus and the fact that the historical figure behind it had lived in Turkey in ancient times, I was very much intrigued by this movie. Unfortunately, the prologue of the movie, which sets the background for the evil St. Nicholas, was very succinct -and confusing for international audiences (why the Middle Ages setting?, what's the Spanish connection?), and, I guess not only for non-Christians but for anyone outside the local audience of Holland. I mean since apparently St.Nicholas of Holland itself is somewhat different than Santa Claus, it was difficult to understand how much the filmmakers themselves had modified Santa Claus and how much of this difference stemmed from the Dutch cultural understanding of St.Nicholas as distinct from Santa Claus and how much from the filmmakers' own fiction-making. Anyway, I had to do some online research after-wards to put the film's narrative in context and I am not complaining in that regard. As a horror movie, the first half was somewhat mediocre other than the basic novelty of introducing a murderous Santa Claus in a conventional Halloween-esque slasher narrative. Yet, things got more interesting in the second half as unfolding events moved away from baby-sitting female characters in their homes at night et al. In the second half, we were offered some great and amazing visuals as St. Nicholas on horseback riding atop rooftops! The ancient ship setting at the old harbor at the finale was also nice. All in all, I would say this is a movie worth a look if you do not set your expectations very high.
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A few laughs, but other than that a terrible movie!
jecuiper23 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
When I saw the movie trailer I thought, Wow, finally another good Dutch movie after the success of 'Oorlogswinter'.

Man, I could't have been more wrong..

First I want to say that the introduction of the movie is very good. I was really at the edge of my seat when I saw the Sint murder all those innocent people in the middle ages and the family at the farm in 1968. Then we went to the present and it all went terribly wrong.

We start with a dildo joke.. well done Dick Maas for making two 12-year olds laugh, good for you. The actors are just terrible, and not only the acting. Why do Dutch directors think 30 year old actors can play 16 year old boys. We have enough good young actors from SpangaS or Anubis? Why not use them? Egbert Jan Weeber is just awful and it looks like he is reading his lines from an auto-cue (I know, that's already been said, but it's just true)

The special effects and editing are awful, especially when he fires away the boat.. I'm an editor myself and haven't seen such childish editing in a while. And ending the movie with a freeze frame..? Oh my God!

The action sequences are too fast, you can't see a thing what happens. The scary moments were too little and especially too late. You could see it coming from miles and miles away.

And what about the continuity Dick Maas? Is Sint returning every 32, 40, 42 or 23 years..? You got me confused here..

And what about the ending..? Where is the big climax? Sint gallops away with his Pieten and that's it? Too return next year perhaps in the sequel? That's weak man! Every movie should have a proper ending. This was just gibberish!

I know every movie has it's fans and you got your own taste, but on a professional level I can't say it's a good movie. It's really really bad.

I give it almost the lowest score possible, just for the effort and the introduction.
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Very entertaining horror comedy but please don't take it seriously
chrichtonsworld8 January 2012
It seems to me that most of the reviewers have missed the point. That there was none. This movie is simply out to entertain. It is not one of those kinds that depend on a chilling story or strong characters.(Although there were some sequences that were quite thrilling). It simply is a slasher movie based on a classic myth and still grand celebration in the Netherlands of the original St. Nicolas.Sinterklaas (OG Santa if you will).It is supposed to be over the top.Bad acting,bad dialog,not very likable characters,and lots of lots of (CGI) blood and gore. To expect more will surely lead to disappointment.Everybody familiar with Dick Maas previous work could have expected this. Since it is far from a stretch even when this production is more leaning towards a comedy.And his comedies weren't exactly of the subtle and clever kind. Maybe not completely on par with Dead Snow and Rare exports (which can be debated) it sure does provide the same amount of entertainment.
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Waste Of Time And Money
emjay-417 November 2010
Currently the Dutch film industry is under fire. Right wing political parties are demanding heavy reforms in the arts. Basically because they think art has become too 'elite'. Well, here's the movie for the masses and it's called 'Sint'. Based on the very popular Dutch holiday Sinterklaas (Santa Clause, but with a horse instead of reindeer and black slaves instead of elves... yeah, really), 80s action wunderkind Dick Maas ('Amsterdamned' & 'The Lift') brings us another 'action spectacular'.

It's a shame though that Maas forgot the thing he did best in the 80s; write a compelling script with colorful characters we care about. Instead he believes that his audience will be satisfied with some decent enough stunts and effects (for Dutch standards). The complete lack of any sense of dread (it is a horror film you know), a protagonist (pretty much every character has a supporting role) or a third act (or first for that matter) are just minor details.

I can't help but think there are more than enough eager young filmmakers who can deliver the same (or better) quality stunts and effects, but with the care and love we remember from Dick's earlier efforts. If a filmmaker has reached the point of paying homage to his own work, not once but several times (for example, by showing us clips of his TV series 'Flodder'), than it's pretty save to say he's done evolving as a filmmaker.

Instead of giving money to a relic, please help new genre talent. Interesting Dutch directors with the same commercial sensibilities, but who still have the fire to make something worth while. And then, who knows, one day we might even walk out of a Dutch genre film without saying; "Well, what did you expect from a Dutch genre film?" or (even worse) "That was pretty decent by Dutch standards."
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Just another great movie by Dick Maas
patrick-890-77395410 November 2010
I went to see SINT yesterday at one of the advance screenings. The place was completely packed with all sorts of people! Conclusion: Dick Maas gives his audience what they expect from him: a great original plot, super scary moments, good jokes and one the most original chases ever seen: the bad guy (Saint Nicholas) on his horse on the roofs of Amsterdam, chased by cops in cars on the streets. Great CG, never seen before in Dutch cinema! SINT is a spooky thriller with lots of action and horror. Even those who are not familiar with the Saint Nicholas legend (A celebration in Holland every year on December 5, similar to Santa Claus) will relate to the fight between good and evil which is a common emotion all over the world.
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Not worth the money
Roszalief20 November 2010
I already had low expectations of this movie, but my friend really wanted to go to this movie. And even with my low expectations, it was a disappointment. Why? 1) the story is really thin. If you can actually say that there is a story. Right before the movie ended, I thought the clue would finally come. But it did not! 2) Having Egbert-Jan Weber who is 28/29 years old, playing a 18 year old schoolboy, is not really convincing. Same goes for Caro Lenssen, she is not that young as well. 3) to be honest, I am not a fan of Dick Maas. I think his style is too simple for me. It was also never really scary. The movie was more a parody.

Positive note: Egbert-Jan Weber is nice to look at and Caro Jenssen also has a fresh nice face. She always shows something vulnerable that I like.

But to sum it op: do not spend your money on this movie!!!!
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viiempyrean29 October 2011
In an era of the successful Grindhouse revivals, The Asylum and the increasingly crazy J-spolitations, it would appear that schlock is on the rise...but "Saint" makes us remember that not all purposefully silly B- movies can be thoroughly entertaining. When over-the-top gore, crazy characters, hilarious dialog and preposterous plots are what make these movies work, "Saint" only nails the preposterous plot, concerning a murderous, zombified St. Nic going on a killing spree through Amsterdam. Typing this out, it sounds like it should be great fun but the fact is that "Saint" is not gory or funny enough to be a successful B-movie.
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Jingle Bells!! YOU'RE DEAD!!
natashabowiepinky24 November 2012
Aah, just the sort of film to put you in the Christmas spirit! Jolly old Saint Nick riding his horse over the rooftops of Amsterdam with his army of zombies, cutting the throats of the adults while devouring the children. Fair gave me a warm glow inside, to see the blood strewn around the snow and those decapitated heads rolling down the street. Think I'll go put up my tree now and hang my decorations, I feel so festive. In the meantime, enjoy this new Xmas classic... It may be nowhere near as good as It's A Wonderful Life or White Christmas, but it probably reflects my own sensibilities about the holiday far more than those two ;) 5/10
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Saint - you'll either love it or hate it (and I'm with the first)
jan-vonk24 November 2010
Yes folks, this is one of those movies you'll either hate or love - no way in between! The Dutch version of Santa Claus has gone bad, and every fifth of December with a full moon he returns to go on a killer spree. But this time he faces inspector Goert, who has seen him murder his whole family before - and Frank whose friends have been murdered earlier that night leaving him the suspect.

After a double prologue we know Niklas was burnt because he robbed the people in the middle ages, and that he and his pirates (now black from the fire) come back on the day of their death if the moon is out! Now the moon is full again Goert is on high alert and indeed the killings start again. It leaves Frank in chains at the police with both his girl and friends dead but no one to believe him...

When they transport him to prison one of the most memorable sequences of the movie follows, Saint riding his horse across the roof tops of Amsterdam with the police in hot pursuit. It ends nasty - off course - and Frank is saved by Goert. The two join up to end Niklas once and for all, and more or less succeed with special forces thrown at them or not! But as to be expected there's an open ending to follow.

Dick Maas went through some trouble to get this filmed, but in the end he did and the result is rather impressive. Saint has an OK story and the CGI is better than to be expected for a (Dutch) film of this budget. Surely it's over the top sometimes, also at times it becomes silly but the result is really entertaining. Just leave your brains at the door and enjoy!
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I really enjoyed the movie 'Sint'!
jannekevanerp_114 November 2010
I really enjoyed the movie 'Sint'! This horror movie has a great sense of humor. I'm a big fan of the Dutch tradition of Sinterklaas (the Dutch Santa Claus) and I don't think that this movie is against it. It's a way to increase the involvement adults have with the tradition. The acting wasn't that great, but the storyline, special effects, and the scary moments totally make up for that. I liked the adrenaline-boost that I got thanks to this movie! When you like a good horror movie, you should definitively see 'Sint'. But I have to warn you: you will see Sinterklaas in a very different way than you're used to.. mwhahaha
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Fast-paced action-horror with great humor
sintdefilm11 November 2010
Dick Maas once again proves himself to be one of the most solid brand-names in Dutch cinema. With Sint he delivers another classic in his own unique mix of Hollywood-style film-making with his personal irony and exaggerations aimed at the Dutch culture. Sint mocks the festival of "Sinterklaas" which is somewhat comparable to Santa Klaus, by turning it into a darkly twisted and deliciously gory action horror-film with a body count that's guaranteed to keep you at the edge of your seat. The story starts of with a prologue in the middle ages, but soon enough the fallen bishop finds himself in modern times. Dick Maas delivers some masterly scary, but at the same time darkly comical moments in a movie that's both visually stunning (try not to blink during the chase between a police car with a horse riding on rooftops!) as great, uncomplicated storytelling. Sint is a visual masterpiece with a great deal of special effects very unlike most of Dutch cinema, and a great comedy to boot. I can't wait for the sequel!
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High school play quality
erikjbrouwer29 November 2010
I wish I could say, "Good movie, better than expected!" Sadly this is not the case. The story in principle had potential. I mean Saint Nicolas going bad, I like it! From the beginning the atmosphere was just like the other films of Dick Maas. It is a unique signature and so it had a positive start. His previous films Amsterdamned, Flodder and de lift were okay at best. You'd expect Dick Maas to have matured and evolved in such a way, that he would be able to put a movie together that is more convincing. The dialogs are poor and unreal, the screen play is unprofessional. The camera angles are childish at times and the acting well… high school musical style. It comes to show that Dutch movie makers can only make old school drama, war and chick flicks (Karakter, Zwartboek, komt een vrouw bij de doctor for instance).
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Saint Niklas is coming to town...
paul_haakonsen16 February 2012
I must say that it was with some excitement that I sat down to watch "Saint", because the cover looked so cool, and what I had read about the movie seemed promising as well.

The whole twisted concept about Saint Niklas (yeah, I am going with the Dutch spelling here) in this movie was so bizarre and I loved that. It was really a good twist on a story that we all know and most of us love. And the story was well inked out on the screen.

However, now having seen the movie I am left here with a somewhat hollow feeling, was that really it? It seemed like this movie wanted to do so much more, but restrictions were put on the director. The movie never really got to unfold its true potential. I, personally, was disappointed that you didn't get to see more of Saint Niklas, and when you did, it wasn't long enough shots. I would have loved to see more of him up close and personal, because the make-up looked really good. And also there was far too few deaths shown in the movie. It was like the director had to restrict himself to make the movie reach out to a bigger audience.

Despite being in Dutch language, do not let that be a hindrance to watching the movie, and despite its shortcomings, "Saint" is an rather enjoyable movie. I just found it a shame that the movie didn't manage to acquire more than it did.

The acting in the movie is good, and not being overly familiar with Dutch movies and TVs prior to this, then it was all new faces to me, and that was a glad chance of scenery.

For a horror movie, "Saint" is fairly tame, and there are far better scare flicks out there. I think "Saint" is the type of movie that appeals to us that want a little bit more twisted and bizarre out of the whole Saint Niklas legend.
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Good old popcorn-fun from the Netherlands
morkulv_athferion24 November 2010
I watched Dick Maas' latest movie Sint ("Saint" in English) this evening, and it was a pleasant surprise. It wasn't anything deep or thought-provoking, but it doesn't set out to do anything like that. It doesn't take itself seriously, and it certainly doesn't shy away from humour. Which is a good thing, because however you want to put it, its still a horror-movie about Sinterklaas (a Dutch 'Santa Claus'-like tradition) so anybody who expects anything different is clearly in the wrong place with this movie.

The acting in Sint is bad, there's no other way around it. Some actors are better then others, but most of them just don't give a credible performance. The protagonist police-officer shines the most with his inability to act and deliver his lines properly. In no way does this really harm the movie though; it only confirms that this movie is all about the action, and it delivers very well in that aspect. Dick Maas is still very good at directing chase-scenes, and the chase-scene with the Sint riding his horse over the rooftops of Amsterdam is very impressive and easily one of the best moments of this movie.

Sint seems mostly straightforward with the plot, and it makes the movie seem a little rushed at times. This way the movie isn't as scary as it could have been, but seeing as they hinted at a sequel at the end perhaps they will make up for that. The Sint himself for example doesn't have that much backstory except for the fact that he is childkiller who got burned to death by villagers out of revenge. The Sint (played by Huub Stapel) also never speaks, save for some mumbling here and there. His make-up and overall appearance is awesome though, and my respect goes out to the make-up department for making him look as depraved as possible even if he doesn't have that much character.

If you've seen Dick Maas' earlier movies you kind of know what to expect. It has a few elements of Maas' earlier action/horror movies like Amsterdamned. Take some friends with you to the cinema, grab some popcorn and have fun! Just make sure there's no horse falling on your car.
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Terrible production in every way
egonvdv21 December 2011
from story and acting, to special effects. (And NO, that does not mean it's one of those "funny" B-movies).

The problem is, that it's not a serious Horror, nor a grind-house style one (though it seems Dick Maas was trying to go for the latter).

What we're left with is just something very amateuristic, which reminds of the crap HOLLANDwood made, up until the 90's.

However, since then the Netherlands has proved it can produce decent movies of all genres, so it baffles me how "Sint" could have turned out so terribly "childish" made.

it MIGHT have some sort of entertainment value for some Dutch people, but to foreigners i advise to let this one go... (As a Dutch myself, I'm already embarrassed enough as it is.)
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Dutch horrors don't care for conventions
Sandcooler7 December 2014
Storywise "Sint" is kind of a rip-off of the killer Santa classic "Silent Night, Deadly Night", but the comparisons end there. While the latter is only still around because it's laughably bad, this one has actual redeeming features like a dark, moody atmosphere and a little bit of humour at exactly the right times. Writer/Director Dick Maas loves to toy with our expectations and every guess you'll make about the story developments will probably be wrong. For instance, you think tremendous hottie Caro Lenssen will serve as the Laurie Strode of this story and the finale will be her fighting off the unstoppable villain, but in fact she barely comes into play in the rest of the story (unfortunately...). Our final girls are an old drunk and a sex-crazed teenage boy, that's pretty creative to say the least. The production values of this movie are also surprisingly high. For a movie that "only" cost four million to make, the effects look pretty amazing. The killings are just relentlessly gory, Dick Maas definitely burned the candle on both ends to disgust his audience. "Sint" is one of those rare horror comedies that manage to be both scary and funny, most can't even get one of the two right. A thrilling ride.
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I registered with IMDb just to tell you how bad this movie is
sasha-ivantic22 November 2010
We went to see Sint yesterday because we knew Maas' previous movies were pretty good. Also it is one of the most talked about movies in the Netherlands because of the controversial poster. Imagine a poster of a zombie Santa posted on a billboard in front of a Toys 'r Us. Well you get the picture.

So, we expected a lot from this movie, and maybe that's what clouded our opinion. But nevertheless, we were bored throughout the entire movie. The scare effects were the best part about it, but they were all shown in the trailer so you knew when something was going to happen. So watch the trailer and save some money. 'Cause when you've seen the trailer, you've seen it all.

The only good actor was Huub Stapel, but he didn't have any lines and he was unrecognizable. The other actors... mwah. Seems like they spent more money on special effects than on getting good actors. The idea behind the movie is very original, but Maas' could've done so much more interesting things with it.

To sum up. Don't go see this movie! If you really want to see it, wait until it comes out on DVD and one of your barbaric friends decides to buy a copy. Then borrow it from him. For the money we spent on this movie we could've had a really nice dinner. Juicy steak, nice bottle of wine. Heck, even dining at McDonalds would have been more satisfying than watching this.
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Strong Addition to the Holiday Horror Theme
gavin694214 October 2012
A horror film that depicts St. Nicholas as a murderous bishop who kidnaps and murders children when there is a full moon on December 5.

I have to say, this may possibly be the first Dutch horror film I have ever seen. Probably even one of the first Dutch films of any genre (the only other coming to mind is "Spoorloos"). I prefer to judge a film on its own merits rather than the merits of the country... but it is interesting to place a film in the context of its own film industry. And, frankly, I did not know the Netherlands really had much of an industry.

Many horror films have focused on Santa Claus, and a few have had the Easter Bunny, Jack Frost, or have focused on just about every holiday imaginable. This is the first (and only) film about the Feast of St. Nick, and for that originality they deserve some praise.

I loved the coloration, the camera angles, the "black Petes" as evil minions... I was worried about this one, but it turned out being pretty great. The obsession with the characters' infidelity in the first act (which has no bearing on the plot) is a little odd, as is the fact a teacher would allow sex toys to be given out in class. But this is easy to overlook.

In style and tone, this goes alongside "Dead Snow" and makes for a great party movie. If possible, though, get the subtitled version, as the English dubbing is horrible.
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Definitely worth while
srfcazemier23 November 2011
What I was expecting when I went into this movie was exactly what I got. Bad stuff vs. good stuff: There are somethings that are essential to the plot that are never explained, problems which could have been overcome with relative ease, so that was a bummer. Also, there are three main plots, and one of them, if it wasn't there I wouldn't miss it. Lastly, it is a short movie. This wouldn't be a point of criticism if it wasn't for the fact that it does tend to stretch itself out, like it was looking for feature length. The good stuff? It still is a lot of fun, being both original as well as something else compared to other St. Nicholas movies, the acting is good with most characters, the dialog is pretty solid, it's funny when it wants to be and scary when it needs to be. If you are into the St. Nocholas myth, you can't miss this one.
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Can I have my money back ?
Hendrik_Numiah7 November 2010
Went to see this movie in theatre yesterday, and oh my God, it's bad.

There are a two or three fright moments, but they were way to predictable. Making this movie into a long sit. The acting is very poor and makes you wonder if they are reading the script from an autocue. Judging on the cast that too could have been predicted. Huub Stapel is a fine actor with some real good movies connected to him, but in this movie he doesn't act at all. Also there is quite a lot CGI used, and for some reason the moviemaker decided to use a college student and some 90's equipment to create the CGI. It's nowhere near realistic, and the fakeness is quite entertaining actually. Sorry to say this movie is a waste of time and budget, because it was hyped to the max over here in Holland.
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Absolutely Terrible, One of the Worst Movies I've EVER Seen
AverageStalker6 July 2014
I'm not quite sure what to say here. The story is terrible and absurd, and is not funny at all. The acting is horrendous and laughable. The special effects are so bad that a high schooler could probably do better. Plot holes litter the entire film. It is truly difficult to watch more than 20 minutes into this movie. It was free on fearnet so I figured I would give it a chance, but I just wasted 2 hours of my life on this garbage. Maybe the makers intended this to be some sort of comedy, but it isn't funny. At all. I urge you to steer clear of this heap of rubble and watch something else instead- maybe even a documentary. Anything is better than this.
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