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4 Jan. 2008
When Virgins Attack
The previously virginal Lisa has developed a voracious sexual appetite--with Jose the only one on the menu--but she finds herself in a dilemma with the pending arrival of an old crush.
11 Jan. 2008
I Don't
The straight-laced Karen gives everyone--particularly Freddy--a major shock with the arrival of a guest from her past: her husband.
18 Jan. 2008
Butt Naked
A game of streaking between Ophelia and Lisa ends with them stuck in the Dean's office where an unlikely sexual exploration ensues. Meanwhile, the guys try to figure out the secret of nerdy ladies' man John Silverman.
25 Jan. 2008
Happy Endings
The group plans a big bash for Ophelia who won her grant and will be leaving for Borneo in a week.
12 Jun. 2008
Welcome Back
James and Karen return to school only to find that their fraternity house closed and about to be blown up. They move into a house co-owned by Karen's estranged parents. Freddy, Lisa, and Jose have moved on. Ophelia comes back from Borneo with a new boyfriend. Karen's stepbrother, Larry, and a sexy French foreign exchange student, Emmanuelle, move into the home.
15 Jun. 2008
While Karen tries to mend her broken heart after Freddy's betrayal, she receives a surprise visit from an old friend. Meanwhile, Larry makes an art house film to get close to Sophie.
27 Jun. 2008
French Style
Karen is not ready for a relationship, she just wants to have fun. In an effort to get Cooper to forget about her and move on, Karen asks Emmanuelle to go out with him. However, Emmanuelle realizes who really occupies her fantasies.
4 Jul. 2008
The Hunt Is On
A scavenger hunt for tickets to the Minx concert leads to erotic adventures.
11 Jul. 2008
Rolling Royce
James challenges Royce for school president, but the real prize is Ophelia.
18 Jul. 2008
Star Whores
Larry and Ciara are struggling to make their next short film when Cooper steps in and spices it up with sexy women, sexy scenes, and erotic imagery. While this is going on, the school is buzzing about Karen's sex injury.
25 Jul. 2008
The Truth Will Out
Karen is paid a visit by her "husband" Guillermo. Cooper starts to suspect the Emmanuelle isn't really who she says she is. James and Ophelia go searching for Royce.
1 Aug. 2008
Educating Larry
Larry's film is up for an award. He uses his nomination to woo Sophie. While having sex in the show with James, Ophelia loses the ring. She see it as sign. The luckiest man on the planet, Cooper, has a menage a trois with Karen and Emmanuelle. However, it only heats Emmanuelle up. Who can cool her down?
8 Aug. 2008
Karen's divorcing parents show up to the house. Emmanuelle finally tells Karen the truth about being a French Exchange Student. James goes in search of the lost engagement ring.
15 Aug. 2008
Forget to Remember
Emily invites the house-mates to house sit with her at the home of a friend. The sexual escapades of James and Ophelia has caused plaster to fall from the ceiling. Larry finally realizes that Ciara has the real talent.
22 Aug. 2008
The Bachelor Party
James and Cooper have been grading strippers all week for the up coming Bachelor Party. The girls with the well endowed Seventh Wonder at their own Bachelorette Party. Emily and Guillermo continue fall deeper and deeper in love. Finally Larry and Ciara get it right.
29 Aug. 2008
Cold Feet
A Christmas Carol anyone? In a dream James is visited by the now dead Omega House starter Jake Marley. Jake tries to convince James not to get married.
5 Sep. 2008
I Do, Do I?
It's the Wedding Day and love is all around. Couples everywhere are making love, but James is nowhere to be found. Ophelia frets and contacts Royce. Emmanuelle and Guillermo make a different choice. Karen is ready for Cooper to be her man. Ophelia finds her one true love at the place where it all began.

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