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Some depth to the story.
Sleepin_Dragon13 February 2020
Podcaster Emilia Belmont returns to Stratford and calls on the help of Frank and Lu. She needs their help solve two mysteries, the death of her mother, and secondly the whereabout of a fortune.

Thoroughly enjoyed this episode, I thought the introduction was excellent, and the story itself was intriguing and well plotted. There was a depth that perhaps isn't always at the forefront. There are plenty of suspects, and some strong characters.

There are of course the usual moments of humour, the seduction of Sebastian was very funny.

Daisy Badger is great as Emilia, a very sincere performance.

Murder and a treasure hunt, a big thumbs up. 8/10
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All That Glisters
Prismark1025 March 2020
A podcaster calls on Frank and Luella. Emilia Belmont's mother died in a car accident when she was a child.

Her death might be linked to a search for a fortune led by a group of puzzle experts which have been trying to make sense of some cryptic clues for years.

When Emilia's estranged father is found dead, Frank and Luella find themselves as part of a murder investigation.

Poor Sebastian he takes a shine to Emilia but he does not get a mention in her podcasts. Nevermind he finds some interaction elsewhere.

At least Frank manages to make some connections with the puzzles. It all those years spent in the Mucky Mallard.

A bittersweet tale with some eccentrics and DS Keeler always a few steps behind.
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Loved every episode over 3 seasons until now.
mrg999926 February 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I like S&H as the plots are straight forward and there is the right mix of plot and humour, the time passes easily.

I found this episode quite dark and the acting quite stilted. Sebastian was quite amusing in his various guises but I found Frank just annoying in the first half.

Thankfully It got much better towards the end. Hopefully the remaining episodes will return to form.
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