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Season 4

21 Mar. 2011
The police investigate the murder of Alice Cullin, a young doctor who is found dead in the car park at the hospital where she worked. She was also pregnant. Her fiancé, Joe Nash, works as a porter at the hospital and from all accounts, is a very nice fellow. They find that Joe has been seeing a woman who lives near the hospital and they assume that he was having an affair. The woman turns out to be Daniela Renzo, a psychiatric social worker who is responsible for assisting Joe with his reintegration into society. The police get Joe to confess to the murder but for ...
14 Mar. 2011
The police investigate the shooting of 54 year-old Rachel Callaghan, a well-known high court judge, during what seems to be a car-jacking. They retrieve the car fairly quickly from a dupe who bought the car on the cheap. When they arrest the middleman in the sale, he points to a man named Eddie as the thief. It quickly becomes obvious that this wasn't just a carjacking and that it's likely Eddie was hired to kill the woman. The evidence points to the victims husband Dan but the victim tells the Crown Prosecutors that she will testify on his behalf if they proceed with...
4 Apr. 2011
Devlin and Brooks investigate the death of a four month old baby, Alex. It's initially believed to be a cot death or SIDS. The pathologist finds serious injuries however that are consistent shaken baby syndrome. Four people had regular access to the child including the parents, Suzanne and Michael Rains, their nanny Layla Merton and Michael's ex-wife and business partner, Andrea. Their initial focus is on the nanny, who it turns out had been fired by a previous employer. The police also get evidence that her boyfriend Lloyd Benson had spent the evening with her, ...
25 Nov. 2010
Duty of Care
The police investigate a suspicious fire that resulted in the death of 13 year-old Ian Parnell. His mother Megan managed to escape but the pathologist confirms that Ian died of smoke inhalation. The boy was severely disabled and unable to care for himself. They follow several false leads including an absent father who is behind on his support payments and a couple of neighborhood lads who were known to have harassed the dead boy. In the end, the evidence points to the mother. In court James and Alesha come up against a barrister who refuses all reasonable offers to ...
7 Mar. 2011
The police investigate the murder of a former professional footballer, Robert Nichols, who is found lying beside his car bludgeoned to death. He was on his way to meet his sister and was apparently replacing a flat tire when the attack occurred. The only thing taken was his very expensive watch. They manage to trace a passerby, Mike Jones, who initially denies having seen anything but eventually admits he was helping Nichols fix his flat. The police are naturally suspicious and believe Jones may have been the perpetrator. In checking into Nichols's background however,...
11 Apr. 2011
DS Devlin and DS Brooks investigate the murder of a 13 year-old boy, Sean Monroe, the son of a fellow police officer, who was killed and put down a storm drain. A note found on the body points to the work of Andrew Dillon, who was sentenced for an earlier racial murder and is serving his sentence. The racial motivation for the killing seems confirmed when a second boy, Dev Desai, is found strangled with the same note in his pocket. However, their investigation leads to a security guard, Marcus Wright, who admits to having encounters with both boys at the shops where ...

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