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Muddled and unclear
Phil_Chester27 March 2020
A very muddled and unclear documentary. There's a story in here somewhere, but I couldn't find it. It's clear that there is more science needed on this topic, but this film makes a very poor case for it. If you're looking for the definitive documentary about therapeutic cannabis, this isn't anywhere near it.
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Dirty walls & flies
yulaira9 December 2020
I was thrown off by the location in which the people in the documentary were being interviewed took place. There was flies flying around one of the women as she was talking and the walls in the background were dirty. The main guy repeated he's helped people but didn't go into detail how. Not a well put together documentary. I didn't even watch 10 minutes.

On another note Dr Sherry Yafai seemed pretty legit. I liked her stance on wanting to make cannabis more useful for patients. As far as dosage and manageability.
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Thoroughly enjoyed this documentary
samanthayoung-231406 December 2020
Warning: Spoilers
This documentary definitely aims to debunk the fear that's been left in peoples minds by the decades of scare campaigns about cannabis.

The documentary follows a healer, Pete, three of his clients and a pioneering doctor who is making Cannabis her specialty seeing as there is no actual real research into the use of the cannabis plant due to its criminalisation. Although many doctors are now beginning to see the benefits and challenging there outdated ideas about a plant that may well be a cure for cancer and a way to get millions of patients off of big pharma meds.

With 61 independent cancer patients in remission, Pete seems to have created the perfect medical use cannabis oil. A fact that three patients that had been diagnosed cancer, one with incurable cancer, or so he doctor thought. Until they meet Pete, a man that makes no money from his services and more often than not doesn't charge for the expensive medication.

This documentary is interesting and while we would all love more science, due to the global war on drugs, specifically cannabis, there has been no funding for the research. This documentary opens the door and I hope will intrigue enough people that we will make up for lost time. Definitely worth a watch.
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